Regular Ordinary Boy

2.95 (81)

Regular Ordinary Boy is a retro action-adventure sidescroller.

* Hit stuff with swords
* Kill monsters, collect gold and other loot
* Purchase new swords and armor at shops on your journey
* Defeat epic bosses
* Find hidden treasures

Can you defeat the evil wizard who burned your house down?

* 10 unique monsters, each with 5 levels of difficulty
* 4 bosses to defeat
* 7 unique levels to explore
* Action based side scrolling gameplay, kill all those monsters!

Retro Style

* Retro graphics
* Old school sound effects
* Retro sounding chiptune music

"Pretty goooood"

"Reminds me of my old school consoles!"

"I played it, and I liked it!"

Content Rating: 12+
Version: 1.0.2
Released: March 2013
Developer: Matt Dalgety