Rionon: The Search for the Stone Statue

2.74 (19)

Years have gone by...

When you were young life seemed pretty wonderful. Your village helped grow the food for the entire region. There were plenty of jobs, and everyone had a roof over their head. Your nation knew prosperity and peace.

And then, it was gone...

Late one night, in the middle of a rain storm, the Stone Statue, the most precious relic in all the land simply disappeared. And with it, all the wealth and plenty you had known. Crops dried up, houses went in to disrepair, and people started losing their jobs. Some say the darkness stole the Statue. Some say the creatures that now infest the land had a hand in its disappearance. But most, most point to a mysterious cult that pops up every now and then, talking about a dead man named Jesus, Whom they insist is alive.

There are haves, and there are have nots...

With the loss of the Statue came the loss of everything... for you and the people of your village. For the psyche of the nation. The towers, once the proud home of the Army of Rionon, the greatest military power in the world, now sit disused, and rumored to be haunted. Meanwhile, life still continues in opulent luxury for the people of the cities, like Urusalim and Laodicea. Perhaps, if you can be the one to find the missing treasure you too can join them. Or even bring prosperity back to your home village of Corinth.

Would you do all of this?

Will you accept the call of your country, seeking fortune and the love of your people to restore it to its former glory? Or forsake these things to answer the cry of a lonely old woman who desperately seeks her missing husband? Based loosely on the book of Acts, with biblical themes throughout, Rionon: The Search for the Stone Statue is the new open – world action RPG over 20 years in the making. Get it for Ouya, today!

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.0
Released: October 2014
Developer: Disintegration Games