Rush Hour Mayhem

3.14 (85)

Are you ready for the ultimate retro hardcore challenge?!

The Hardcore edition is here!!!

If you like crashes, explosions, flying trees and the odd airborne Pensioner or cow then Rush Hour Mayhem is for you.

Eyevoree "two thumbs up"
Grizz 711 "A really addictive game" 5 out of 5
TippyAphid "Shooting cows has never been more fun!"
NTitley3 "Full little game to pass the time"
Tozeleal "Play this game"
JetmanUK "looks like Spyhunter, but is a unique shoot em up"

A combination of old school top down driving titles mixed with over the top crazy power ups, all combined with great pixel graphics.

Features and Highlights:
- 27 mental vehicle to choose from
- Each vehicle has its own bullet type and firing pattern
- Addictive one more try gameplay
- Crisp 16 bit style graphics
- Fire everything from breakfast to goats
- Environmental destruction
- Use special traffic, Cows and the elderly for big scores
- Simple and precise controls
- Playstation controller compatible
- 13 insane Power Ups including an UFO Abduction
- Randomised traffic means its different each time you play

V2.1 Update Log

- Hardcore mode added
- Bug fixes

V2.0 Update Log

- new traffic car type
- 7 more power ups
- 4 more vehicles
- money bags collectible added
- purple cars bounce more now
other general improvements

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.0
Released: April 2015
Developer: Monster Finger Games