Santa's Special Delivery

4.2 (25)

It's Christmas Eve, and Santa is delivering presents. Gifts to good boys and girls, coal for bad boys and girls, and houses with milk and cookies? Tactical elves grab those. But then there are some people that are just so horrible, so rotten, that Santa needs to pop a squat on their chimney's and deliver his own special brand of holiday fury.

Santa's Special Delivery is the holiday action arcade game you've been waiting to play! Exploding reindeer, tactical crotch-grabbing elves, a pooping minigame! Your holiday wishes have all been answered right here - Merry Christmas, one and all! (Except those of you who have been rotten... keep the toilet paper by your chimney).

Content Rating: 17+
Version: 0.52
Released: December 2014
Developer: Cerulean Games, Inc.