3.87 (92)

Soccertron is a fast-paced soccer-based action game for up to 2 players.

"... It succeeds at something many other fantasy sports games do not." -
"Super fun!" - Dan (
"Just one more match..." - Everyone

It's a local multiplayer party game centering on 1vs1 matches with intense action. The game mechanics are simple and accessible but matches are fast and unexpectedly fun, leading to friendly rivalry across the different game fields:

• Soccertron: Futuristic soccer-like game
• Shrinkotron: Reinventing the old-classics, shrink the other player's goal to win.
• Basketron: Basketball! With neons! In the future!
• Tournament: The winner of 2 out of 3 matches wins!

Ideal for parties and "king of the couch" sessions! Soccertron features a competitive bot player but this game is meant to be played with friends on a couch!

• Fast-paced soccer-based action!
• Play solo or with friends on 3 innovative game modes.
• Above the mean AI player!
• Multiple controllers models supported!
• Jet packs! Super jumps! Explosions! Neons! Uncontrollable obstacles!

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 14.10.3
Released: October 2014
Developer: David Erosa