Space Rover FREE

3.47 (15)

Control your Space Rover in this FREE level of alien blasting mayhem.
A 2D arcade action shooter that is challenging and fun to play.
Loosely based on the Williams arcade game Moon Patrol with many extras and obstacles along the way
There are 10 Levels in the Full Version (Coming Soon).

This is an Indie Game.

Things to avoid and collect...
collect the spacemen for 5000 extra points.
100's of nasty's. aliens, flying saucers, space ships & vehicles to eliminate
guided missiles, rockets, plungers, rocks & boulders, light beams.
plus much more.

Versions available for Android, OUYA, Windows OS

All comments welcome, there will be regular updates and enhancements to all registered users.

I hope you enjoy my first Android release

Windows version available from our website.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: Free
Released: November 2013
Developer: Wigsoft Development