Super Pixalo

3.43 (216)

Super Pixalo is the story of a pixel from a 1960s Rock & Roll themed arcade cabinet. Join Pixalo as he travels through over 50 years of pop culture in a journey of self discovery.

"Super Pixalo is to OUYA what Mario is to Nintendo" - OUYA Brew

"The retro geek in me rejoices at Pixalo's simplicity and old school controller-throwing challenge!" - Chris Downing

“Tough and very rewarding - precision platforming at it's best!” - TinyPixxels

“Super Pixalo is the finest platformer on the OUYA!” - Jeremy Peeples

“A great and enjoyable platformer that you can find yourself getting lost in for many hours.” - Otaku Punk

- 127 levels
- 124 pixel art collectables
- Two game modes
- PS3 and XBOX360 controller support
- Original Soundtrack by Saad Ali

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.2.5
Released: January 2015
Developer: Philip Royer