Syder Arcade

3.99 (210)

Syder Arcade HD is a free scrolling multi directional shoot 'em up. A love letter to '90 classics for the Amiga and PC. Designed as an uncompromised old-school experience, Syder arcade is a furious and challenging action game that will bring you back in time, when games were all about skill and perseverance.

Our retro-inspired shmup is a simple game, just shoot aliens and be awesome in space with bullets made of neon. Syder Arcade has no grind, no player exploiting multi-layered upgrade systems, no IAPs. Just 6 levels of fast paced challenge, featuring beautiful visuals and retro-electronic soundtack.

V1.31 release notes
- Added analog stick support
- Added xbox 360 joypad support
- Mule shield back to 100%
- Minimum speed increase (10%) to match pc/mac version
- Better memory management
- Better music quality

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.1
Released: July 2013
Developer: Studio Evil