The Adventures of Chris

3.85 (166)

"A hidden gem" -
"Oozes creativity" - ReviOUYA

The Adventures of Chris is an adventure platformer in the style of classic games from the 16-bit console era, returning to the days when a game could have simple, straightforward mechanics and still take you on a grand adventure.

Play as a nerdy, overweight kid that gets sucked up into an adventure - gradually becoming ludicrously powerful. Explore a variety of world locations, find and collect items to purchase special moves and magic spells, float like a balloon or bounce on enemies, and experience a comic, light-hearted story, while listening to an original, melody-driven score.

New in 1.1.9: Updated for Razer compatibility, AI tweaks for Buzzkill

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.1.9
Released: December 2015
Developer: Guin Entertainment