Triv-ology First-to-BUZZ!

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First-to-BUZZ multiplayer VS trivia game for your TV! Triv-ology™ contains 5000 quality researched questions. Up to 9 players can challenge each other.

Everybody can play!
- Gamepads
- Keyboard
- Triv Pad app for phone, tablet, iPad, etc.!

Get the FREE TRIV PAD app to play using your phone or tablet! Search "Triv Pad" in Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore.

We want to support every possible input device, blutooth or usb. Let us know about any input devices that aren't yet working with Triv-ology:

The game has 4 rounds:

Round 1:
First-To-Buzz for 8 questions. Last winner choices next category.

Round 2:
Players bid on 5 questions only seeing the category and difficulty.

Round 3:
First-To-Buzz for 8 questions with double points!

Round 4:
Final round, each player (from losing to winning) choices a category and makes a wager.

- 5000 quality, researched trivia questions.
- Up to 9 players can play using remotes, gamepads, keyboards, phones, and tablets
- NO user submitted questions.
- NO multiple choice.
- NO lame questions.

We love to hear feedback and ideas.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.2
Released: March 2015
Developer: Make It So Studios