3.27 (45)

[game updated to support more controllers!]

Tutankham is an excellent arcade exploration game where you will need fast reflexes!

Try to stay alive, pick up treasures and shoot monsters if necessary. Avoid the various traps that are scattered throughout the piramids.

You can use teleports, move blocks, use switches to create new passages, avoid lasers and use keys on locks to find your way through the piramid.
Find the chamber key to open the chamber lock to move to the next chamber. In the last chamber of the piramid, open the Pharaos Sarcophagus to move to the next piramid.

- All 100 original rooms from videopac/odyssey2 version are intact!
- A whole new piramid with 100 new rooms with brand new traps is added! A total of 200 rooms to explore!
- Brand new traps and items!
- Enhanced monster A.I over the original!

There are 200 rooms to explore, devided over two piramids!

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 3.5.2015
Released: April 2016
Developer: Scorpion Software