WhiteWater 3D

2.61 (69)

Fun, fast paced down river whitewater kayaking game. Race against friends or go solo and unlock new kayaks and discover new unique items for your character. Fun trick / stunt mechanics and real water physics simulation make this river runner a frantic fantastic game to play with friends and family.

Works with PS3, XBOX and MOGAPro controllers.

Gather gold coins after completing a stunt to unlock new river packs, up to 15 rivers.
Gather Blue moon coins after completing a stunt to unlock night mode. Night mode will be playable for all rivers once unlocked.

What's NEW?!
-- New achievement system --
Multiple achievements can be completed in one pass down the river. Each river needs to be run at minimum 2 times. Second pass is to achieve "Beat your best time".

-- Points / highScore --
Gates and tricks now give you points. A leaderboard is in the works for highscores.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.9
Released: October 2013
Developer: Laughing Gull Productions