3.73 (103)

* New main character looks
* Tweaks to Ninja Mode
* Lots of bug fixes

An isolated S.E.E.D. bio-weapon research facility located on a small island has ceased all communications following a brief distress signal. Something has gone horribly wrong and S.E.E.D. Command fears the worst.

As a former S.E.E.D. scientist you have been recalled into active duty and sent to the island to deal with the problem.

X-S.E.E.D. is the latest release from Wide Pixel Games, based on a design by the lead developer's 5-year-old son. A unique mash-up of dexterous platforming, frantic action and extreme botany, X-S.E.E.D. gives 'flower power' a whole new meaning!

* No Nonsense! No Continues!
* Unique Flower Planting Weapon System!
* 8-Directional Platforming!
* Epic Boss Fights!
* Online Hiscores!
* Multiple Endings!
* Donationware!


Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.9
Released: June 2014
Developer: Wide Pixel Games