4.4 (1,130)

Play YOU DON’T KNOW JACK – the irreverent trivia party game - Social Game of the Year!

Play by yourself or, using your SMARTPHONES* as controllers play with up to 4 players. Discover a wide load of offbeat question types like Who’s the Dummy?, Funky Trash, DisOrDat and the Jack Attack!

Find The Wrong Answer of the Game to win virtual prizes like air-conditioned underwear!

There’s a free version to try freely for free at absolutely no cost, plus a huge expansion pack of episodes to upgrade to. Play with 1-4 players – you can even use your phones as controllers! WHAT?!

It’s “the best quiz-show game ever made” according to The Onion A.V. Club. Are you ready?

*Download the free JackPad™ app to seamlessly interact with YOU DON’T KNOW JACK on the OUYA console. JackPad™ is currently available in the GooglePlay store and is coming soon to the Apple App Store.

Content Rating: 12+
Version: 1.3
Released: June 2013
Developer: Jackbox Games, Inc