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FREE 4 players Classic Beat'em all !
Come with your friends to our virtual theater and see the play everybody is talking about !
In a theater-themed world, you are the actors, playing the role of the heroes, chosen to restore peace in the cursed world of Bastonnade.
With its non-linear level selection, and mission system, Bastonnade offers an hour long game with high-replayability, ideal for an evening with your friends !
Plus, the experience system allows you to choose the way you want to play : powerful, fast, tank...
Come and fight the numerous enemies in many different worlds !
Legend has that the chosen hero will be able to hold both the sword of light and the sword of darkness, but are you foolish enough to risk your life doing so ?

And, as a reward for reading the whole description, guess what ? THE WHOLE GAME IS FREE !No transaction whatsoever !

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.01
Released: July 2013
Developer: Nextmap Studio