The 2014 Game Developers Conference is fast approaching! For those of you headed to San Francisco for the show in a few weeks, we’d love to see you. We’re demoing a ton of exciting new games at our booth — everything from twitch, couch-gaming multiplayer to experiential projects that push the boundaries between games and art.

Here’s the TL;DR of  games we’ll be showing off:

  • TOTO TEMPLE DELUXE — Juicy Beast 
  • DUCK GAME — Landon Podbielski
  • THAT DRAGON, CANCER — (UPDATE: Ryan Green and Josh Larson will not attend GDC 2014. More info below.) 
  • CASCADE — Fayju
  • LAZA KNITEZ!! — Glitchnap
  • THRALLED — Thralled Team
  • BROKEN AGE — Double Fine
  • WHISPERING WILLOWS — Night Light Interactive
  • KNIGHT & DAMSEL — MK Ultra Games

Many of the developers themselves will be at our booth too, so if you’re interested in getting hands-on with any of these games, check us out on the show floor at BOOTH 316. For more detailed info on each game we’ll be featuring, peep the videos, assets and game-descriptions below.

Toto Temple Deluxe, Juicy Beast

From the makers of Knightmare Tower, Toto Temple Deluxe is a 2D platforming local multiplayer game where up to 4 players must hold on to a goat for as long as possible, while their friends jump and dash around trying to knock it out of their hands. Exclusive to OUYA and launching in April, Juicy Beast’s next game is great local multiplayer fun – make sure to grab a few friends and one of the couches at our booth to try it out!

DUCK GAME, Landon Podbielski

Quack your way to dominance in this quirky local multiplayer arena deathmatch game. Gain arial superiority by combining your tiny wings with a mini gun, or take your opponent out–old school–with a giant boulder. A seemingly endless arsenal of weapons combined with one-shot kills and frantic, quick-burst rounds make DUCK GAME super fun — like, super-duper fun. I’m not kidding. Play this. Exclusive to OUYA, DUCK GAME launches this spring. Play the demo at one of our couch stations.

That Dragon, Cancer, Ryan Green and Josh Larson

UPDATE 3/14/14: Following tragic news, Ryan Green and Josh Larson will not be attending GDC 2014. Our thoughts are with the Green family during this difficult time.

That Dragon, Cancer is an interactive retelling of Ryan and Amy Green’s experience raising their son Joel, who is fighting terminal cancer. An intensely emotional gaming experience, players relive the parents’ memories, their joys, heartaches, and hopes. At GDC we will be demoing new game content that has not been shown publicly before. That Dragon, Cancer is slated for release later in the year as an OUYA exclusive.

Cascade, Fayju

From the creators of the massively popular OUYA hit Amazing Frog comes Cascade, developed with the help of a leading Alzheimer’s researcher, the game lets players explore interconnected worlds, saving them from a Cascade of annihilation. Created to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and communicate important research in this field through a gaming medium, get a first demo of Cascade before it hits OUYA exclusively later this year.

Reagan Gorbachev, from Team2Bit

From the makers of Fist Puncher and the winner of IGN’s The Next Game Boss season one, Reagan Gorbachev is a side-scrolling beat em up and puzzle-solving adventure set during the height of the Cold War. Ninjas have attacked a peace summit between the US and Russia, forcing Ronald Reagan and Mikhael Gorbachev to work together and fight their way to survival. Not yet announced, GDC is your first chance to get hands-on with this upcoming OUYA exclusive.

LAZA KNITEZ!!, Glitchnap

Winner of the 2012 Nordic Game Conference Indie Sensation Award, LAZA KNITEZ!! is a fast paced and hectic 4-player local multiplayer game where futureknights take to spacesteeds to do battle in the void. Gallop around a 2D arena, grab powerups, and shoot and stab your fellow knights on your way to cosmic victory! Launching exclusively for OUYA on March 12, be sure to grab a few friends and do battle on an OUYA booth couch!

Neverending Nightmares, Infinitap Games

A horror game with a branching narrative, Neverending Nightmares was successfully Kickstarted back in the fall and will be console exclusive to OUYA. An intriguing game inspired by the creator’s own battle with mental illness, demo Neverending Nightmares at our booth, but fair warning to those who scare easily…

Thralled, Thralled Team

Thralled is an interactive experience that portrays the surreal journey of Isaura, a runaway slave separated from her newborn child and tormented by memories of a painful past. Set in 18th-century Brazil, Thralled follows Isaura as she traverses a nightmarish representation of the New World, reliving a distorted reminiscence of life in captivity and the events that led to the taking away of her baby boy.

A chronicle of the unfaltering love of a mother and the sacrifices she makes to protect her child, Thralled seeks to set foot in the unconventional realm of interactive art and create a heart-stirring experience for all audiences, gamers and non-gamers alike.

Thralled, which will be launching exclusively for OUYA on Fall 2014, will have its first public demo available at GDC.

Broken Age, from Double Fine

Tim Schaeffer’s return to classic adventure games is coming to OUYA! A new demo of the acclaimed Broken Age will be available to try out at our booth, and the game is set to launch on OUYA a little later this spring.

Whispering Willows, from Night Light Interactive

A horror game blending creative puzzles and exploration, Whispering Willows is a 2D adventure game where players switch from human to spirit form to solve puzzles, connect with ghosts, and avoid danger. Born out of the OUYA CREATE game jam, get spooked by playing the demo at GDC, and keep an eye out for the game’s console exclusive launch on OUYA later this spring.


Knight & Damsel, MK Ultra Games

Not every damsel is actually in distress, and not every knight is good at rescuing! This clever and innovative 2D side-scroller from MK Ultra Games pits two players in a split-screen race to rescue the other from danger. While a knight journeys toward an evil castle to save a damsel in distress, said damsel escapes from said castle and heads the other way. Who will rescue who? Find out by playing the game’s first demo at GDC before the game launches exclusively on OUYA this summer.

That’s almost a dozen great games on display at our booth, and most are only going to be found on OUYA. Swing on by with a group for some couch gaming, or expand your mind with serious, artistic games pushing the envelope of interactive experiences.

We hope to see you at the show!




The Games Guy

  • Thierry Allard

    Wow great line-up ^_^.

  • Jim

    I was just about to get broken age on steam since it’s on sale, but maybe I’ll wait so I actually have something worth playing on ouya.

  • Jeremy Peeples

    I’ve spent some time with LAZA KNITEZ over the past couple of days, and it’s absolutely perfect for a booth – it’s very easy to pick up and play for short bursts.

  • Carlos Alexandre

    Quando sairá jogos DSA Gameloft, Glu, EA para o Ouya?

  • jaredcovington

    Very impressive–Thralled and That Dragon, Cancer in particular are at the top of my list…

  • Jeff

    wow what a bunch of garbage. put the system to work if your going to make games. i have seen prolly 4 good games on the ouya the rest look like crap. So people will have to browse through hundreds of pages of crap to find what games are worth while playing.