We’re forging ahead to China, blazing a path through the game-publishing wilderness and setting up a pipeline to publish your game on Xiaomi and Alibaba partner devices.

We’ve set up great relationships with Xiaomi — “the Apple of China” with 5+ million connected TV devices in 2014 — and, more recently, Alibaba – “China’s biggest online commerce company.

What’s more, we have a better rev share to offer you than if you went alone.

Unlike U.S. revenue deals you’re familiar with (where Developers take 70% of the revenue), Chinese platform fees vary greatly. It is our goal to provide you the same, if not better terms than if you went direct. In the case of Xiaomi, working with OUYA will net you a 5% better return than if you went direct. Every little bit helps. We break it down a bit more here.

We will also assist you with the submission, translation and government-certification processes to bring your game to market (BONUS!).

This is huge and we want you to be a part of it. The China game market is exploding, and not just on mobile. Until recently, console gaming was illegal in China. It’s a “gold rush” of pent up demand to play games on the TV. Some numbers to make your eyes bug out:

  • An estimated 266 million Chinese gamers play at least 2 hours per month

  • China’s online game operators made $13.5 billion in 2013

  • 649 million Chinese are now connected to the internet

The first device we’re targeting is the Xiaomi Mi Enhanced! We’ll have a special feature tray in the Mi Enhanced storefront, where we will feature awesome OUYA games. Check out some of the early mockups we’ve been working on:


The specs are similar to OUYA (Cortex-A9, Quad-Core 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM), and we’re making the technical-implementation process as simple as possible.

Here are a few steps to help you along the way:

  1. Get your game OUYA EVERYWHERE compliant. Recall that OUYA Everywhere is our simplified, engine-specific way of getting your game to audiences all over the world. This should only take a few hours to a half day, if you need help, ask!
  2. Localize your game. This means supporting alternate languages. In the case of Chinese gamers, you’ll want to translate to Simplified Chinese (let us know if you need help with this). Check out this GDC 2014 talk on the benefits of localization.
  3. Reach out to OUYA about taking your game to China. Show us your game!

These last few weeks, we’ve worked closely with a handful of devs to get the first wave of games up and running on Xiaomi devices. They’ve been exceedingly patient and supportive, and they continue to help us smooth out the bumps to make things easier for devs to follow. It’s safe to say, this incredible opportunity wouldn’t be available without their efforts, so we’d like to send them a special, “thanks!” They know who they are. ;)

The OUYA Team

  • http://www.gunsofthehelghast.com Carlos Ortiz

    Good luck in China, Ouya. :)

  • Stephane C

    I just hope that there will be a future for ouya, I know lots of people are commenting on it but I still believe this little console can make it :)

  • Janoriacorven Resident

    Ouya as a console, i think is well and truly (sorry to say).. not going to make it. what i DO THINK though, is that they are following a super smart trend. and making it go global. software based. Release their own controllers. make it all fun and cool. i like this direction.

  • http://www.visualnovelgames.com Lex

    This is good news, but I would like to see a greater effort to sell more consoles in the western market. We need blockbuster titles on OUYA only. I’m worried that efforts to sell in the China market are a distraction.

  • Kathy Cover

    Sorry When Ouya started to put there money in to China It really turned me off from Ouya. That is killing USA.

    • AGamerAaron

      Yeah, wasn’t one of the selling points is that it was fully operated in the USA?
      And now they are partnering with hardware developers that want to use non-proprietary hardware without controllers? Weak.
      I might as well just release to Android if I’m going to do that!

  • Hans Olo

    I love my Ouya, proud supporter, when I contacted Razer to see if they would discount or give some credit for Ouya owners, they sent back a generic response thinking I wanted it FREE. I think I am done with Ouya, use to write articles promoting it but Razer customer service is a joke.

  • Harley James

    Hey just dropping by to say fuck you Ouya, it sucks dick.

  • Reaper1219

    LMAO this aged poorly

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