Hey Guys and Gals,

This only affects you if you are one of the earlybirds got the Abominable Snowman update in the last 2 days (from 10am yesterday to about 4pm today – Pacific Time). You can tell if you are in this group by going to MANAGE -> SYSTEM -> CONSOLE INFO.  If it says “Build Number: 1.2.667_r1” you should keep reading.

I wanted to notify you of a bug that may impact your ability to get future updates in a timely manner. It will also affect downloads queued from the web.

We’ve discovered a issue in the Abominable Snowman build that sometimes prevents it from grabbing future automatic system updates for a period of time.

We’ve already got a fix for this, and getting it is easy. Just go to MANAGE -> SYSTEM -> SYSTEM UPDATES and you’ll get the update right away. You’ll eventually get the update regardless, but this ensures you’ll get any future updates right when they happen instead of having to wait.

We’ve also got the set of users affected by this, so we’ll contact those that don’t update over the weekend to let them know =) It’s very important to us that we give our gamers the best possible experience and part of that is letting you know about issues like this. Apologies for the inconvenience!


-James, Producer Dude




Producer Dude

  • Mário Pertile

    Thanks for the hard work :)

  • Joe Ceresini

    How can I set it to not automatically update at all, or at least prompt first. I’m getting pretty frustrated with it installing an update when I just want to watch a quick video with XBMC before bed. I’ve un-checked “Updates” from System->advanced->accounts->ouya and it re-checked itself at some point.

    I know updates are important, so if you want to require an update to play certain games or something that’s fine, but please just prompt me and let me choose whether or not to wait.

    • Brian Cuellar

      I wholeheartedly agree with this. If we choose to postpone it, we can just look for the update in the NOTIFICATIONS section of the OUYA menu.

    • surfad

      I also agree, I rarely use the thing now because of lack of games. now whenever I turn it on I need to leave it half an hour to update, the wifi’s faulty and it needs to be constantly monitored and it wont let you play your games until you update them.

      it’s amazing how disappointing it still is even after 6 months of release.