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We’re happy to announce our list of Official Selections for this year’s 2014 IndieCade! Will you be in Culver City, CA — or the surrounding Los Angeles area — October 9 through 12? If so, make sure to visit relevant friends and family AFTER you hang out with the OUYA Crew at IndieCade’s OUYA booth!

We’ll be doing our best to stay cool in the hot hot heat — listening to cool music, wearing cool sunglasses, and trying our best to use cool phrases! :D

Got a minute? Then check out the special selections of IndieCade 2014 below. Are you a busy human? Well then here’s an expedited TL;DR:

Official IndieCade Selections –>

What’s that? “No, Bawb, I love to learn,” you say?

Well, then, friends. Read on:

Groin Gravitators by Hulk Handsome is an intense hug simulator that will have you laughing, crying and maybe breaking a sweat. Check it out, and attempt to make as much sense of it as you can before you give in to the LULz.

Read more about Groin Gravitators at IndieCADE

iO by Gamious helps you tackle real issues from big to small…or small to big — whichever seems necessary. It’s a nice mix of action/puzzle/futuristic coolness.

Read more about iO at IndieCade

Knight & Damsel by MK-ULTRA Games is a puzzle game that challenges traditional (x) saves (y) roles. Pick a knight or damsel and race to see who will save the day!

Knight and Damsel - 1_Titlescreen

Read more about Knight & Damsel at IndieCade

Sentris by Timbre Interactive is one part music, one part puzzle, and two parts just plain interesting. Progress through levels and create unique sounds and songs along the way.

Read more about Sentris at IndieCade

Thralled by Team Thralled deals with issues you may not even be aware of. Take the role of an escaped slave named Isaura as she faces down a variety of demons.

Read more about Thralled at IndieCade

Toto Temple Deluxe by Juicy Beast is a dashing, blocking, goat-stealing good time. It’s reverse hot potato — with a goat…that lays coins. :)

Read more about Toto Temple Deluxe at IndieCade

Join us during IndieCade so we can have fun and play games together. If you’re planning on going there, drop us a line so we can meet up.



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