The controller’s the thing. We’ve been working from the beginning to make the controller experience as honed, fast and precise as possible.

Since the release of the OUYA Dev Console last month, developers around the world have sent us a ton of emails, comments, videos and forum posts… all about our controller. A lot of the feedback underscored things we were already changing, some comments were totally new, but ALL were great to hear.

With our latest build, we wanted to share some of the tweaks we’ve made:

D-pad: OK, OK we heard you :). We’ve changed our D-pad from a ‘disc’ to a ‘cross’ style. W00t! Gone are the days of the “accidental” diagonal move. Accuracy and precision are back.

Thumbsticks: The Dev console thumbstick top caps needed more grip, so we’ve added a rubberized top. This will give better traction and just feel better than the current design.

Touch Pad: It will be more responsive! The final material will help a lot. PRO TIP: In “Settings”, you can set the cursor speed to the fastest level to make it even more responsive.

Triggers: Take two — these weren’t *there* yet, so we’ve improved the design and mechanics. We heard you want them a little more flush with the body of the controller. So that’s what we’ve done.

Battery Bay: We’ve secured the battery for a snug fit! And the pull tab will be made out of a higher-quality material.

So there you have it. You talk. We listen (some of the time, at least :) and OUYA keeps getting better. Thank you.

Oh, and one last thing — we’re constantly pushing our controller to be as fast and responsive as possible. If that means setting up our lead engineer with an oscilloscope to test the button-to-screen latency of our controller down to the millisecond, so be it. Check it out:

We’re serious here. We want to make OUYA the best it can possibly be. So don’t stop telling us what you think — we can’t do it without you. You know where to find us… at, or via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Google+.


The OUYA Team

  • Tony

    Dpad looks good. That’s been the 360’s biggest downfall — if it’s not set up like that internally, I will be very happy.

    • Ricky Bobby

      I agree, but why isn’t the D-Pad matte? It is all glossy. Look at the Analog sticks, grip and function, they are matte. The best D-Pads have a matte texture/feel IMO.

      • Brent

        I agree, the d-pad really should be matte. Better feel, by far. Glossy buttons always stand a greater risk of feeling cheap.

    • jgotsch

      Agreed. Shiny plastic D-pad button = sore thumb. Please make the button with a matte finish.

    • Matt A

      The glossy finish is probably tradition, but I prefer it because I glide my thumb over the dpad to switch around, while I grip and pull the joy sticks. Static comfort feel, I agree with you, but dpads seem like a kinetic feel.

      • Dave

        Totally agree, the Dpad/left analog should be made so the user can change them with a little tweaking under the hood if they prefer the PS3-style controller, which i personally do.

    • Christian

      I would like to see a D-Pad PS3-Style and on top D-Pad and left Analog-Stick with switched positions. Yes i prefer the PS3-Controller before the 360. The Analog-Stick is in the “Relaxed Finger Position”, on the 360 you have to stretch the left Thumb a little bit up the whole time. Not comfortable for long sessions. But will be to late now to change for production. Awating 3rd Party with switchable Stick/D-Pad layout.

      • Marcus

        srry i could have edited that last post better considering it was part of 3 different paragraphs, one of which i just so happen to find.

        i hope to get OUYA day one.

      • Daniel

        I agree with you ps3 contoler is much better than xbox

    • Marcus

      i would like for the touch pad to be more like that of the WiiU controller, or Vita screen cause it would provide for the ability to make more detailed adjustments to character models.

      I hope that they produce some good game making programs so that people with out any programming (or very little like me) can produce games.
      I make crappy games but if I have the chance to get people playing them I would put in so much more effort! Im getting one and look out for my first game soon.

      apone hearing the news of an Ouya being released every, yr i was sourly disapointed.

      every 3 yr.’s i’m ok with, but not very yr. how do you expect big publishers to commit resources to a console that doesn’t have a solid life cycle?

      i love the idea behind this console as i’ve wanted to create games myself, but with an upgraded sysem, likely with power even closer to PS3. i wouldn’t want to buy the first Ouya knowing i could get better visuals out of one slated to release in the next yr.

      i was also wondering if Ouya would be upgradable by chip set.

  • Nicholas Grimm

    When are you going to post some videos?
    A video of that oscilloscope would be cool…

    • Sal

      I agree with everything you just said. Please. Concave thumbsticks. Pretty please.

      • Webb

        Yes, concave thumbsticks! Please!

        • ChunkySoup

          I need to add my push for concave thumbsticks as well…please or maybe switchable caps

      • Austin

        YES YES YES! Concave thumbsticks! I was reading the update and literally thought, “The only thing that could make this better would be concave thumbsticks.”

      • NeRvD

        Concaved thumbsticks, please please please.
        and a more traditional Dpad. the 4way rocker disk of the 360 has been subject to much hatred from gamers everywhere. I also agree with the matte finish of the Dpad, yes gloss does aid in sliding your finger around however after extended gameplay this evolves into unwanted slipping and that is unacceptable.

        • Øystein Jakobsen

          +1 on concave thumbstics and matte D-pad.

          Also the touchpad section seems to be slick and oval rather than matte and flat… any particular reason for that?

          • Andrew McLean

            +1 concave thumbsticks

        • Paul McElroy

          Recessed Thumbsticks would be really helpful for the ball for your thumb to catch onto.

          I agree with this. I hope something like this happens.

          Great job on the rubberized coating, btw!

      • Hayley Morris

        Interestingly concave thumb sticks would be a fantastic idea. Recently I was playing Bartley’s hackpack onthe ps3 and I struggled with constantly rotating them due to small hands, I literally dug my nails in. On the vita it was actually a lot easier due to the small size which was ideal. Why do they always make rounded thumb sticks? Surely the 3ds has taught the slightly concave slide pad feels better and has a greater grip.

    • Chris M

      Yes Concave thumbsticks please and maybe take a hint from the newer model of 360 controller and have the d-pad twist to change from disc to cross i love that ability on my Gears Of War controllers

  • Terin

    I don’t have a Dev-kit, but I would personally recommend doing the analog-sticks similar to the “OnLive” controller. I don’t know what the difference is, but those sticks just feel absolutely perfect, in regards to their range of movement. Something about the sticks are just really “smooth” when they rotate, moreso than any other controller I’ve used.

    Also, I don’t know how feasible it is in terms of cost, but I would absolutely ADORE it if the face-buttons and D-pad used microswitches. Membrane buttons aren’t the worst thing in the world or anything, but you just can’t beat the feeling and precision of microswitches.

    • Dan B.

      I disagree on the button type. I prefer the buttons with multiple sensitivity levels and you don’t get that with microswitches. The analog buttons on XBox and PS3 are beautiful when the developers take advantage of them. Granted that’s still a bit rare, but if OUYA put some marketing into it developers would use it.

    • Bunn

      I’m just posting to agree that buttons with microswitches are way better than the mushy ones. I’d love to see them in the OUYA controller!

  • andy

    wow it now looks the biz cant wait till march
    keep up the good work all devs and ouya staff


  • Frederic Suares

    Awesome. Waiting for the release date announcement though ;)

  • crazedhatter

    Hey, question on the Triggers… are they going to be pure digital, or will there be analog triggers as well? Kinda curious given the fact that Driving games will likely be a popular option on Ouya, and having more pinpoint control over acceleration would be good.

    • staxx6

      Analog triggers would be realy nice!

    • z30x

      please make it analog triggers, is a must be for good driving games.

    • Marco Williams ( Hashbang Games)

      @crazedhatter Currently the input is both setting off button events and axis events, at least from the unity side of things. So I think you can use it as both. I don’t know if Ouya plans on changing that. But I agree, having both is better.

    • Solet

      crazedhatter is absolutely right, soft triggers are a must, otherwise its just a shoulder button. Soft triggers are amazing for many things: driving accelerator/brake, shooter scope zoom settings, shooter firing variance, puzzle jump height/run speed…. the list goes on

      • Bryce

        There will be analog triggers. See the documentation here:

        Which says:
        “One of the huge advantages of the OUYA console is that gamers get to use a real controller! The OUYA controller has:

        four digital buttons (O, U, Y, and A)
        a four direction digital pad (D-Pad)
        two analog joysticks (LS, RS)
        two digital buttons that activate when the joysticks are pushed straight down (L3, R3)
        two digital bumper buttons (L1, R1)
        two analog triggers (L2, R2)
        a touchpad, configured to behave as a mouse input (Touchpad)
        Note: The analog triggers also act as digital buttons, with a threshold of 0.5 for the analog value.”

    • Hicsy

      Yes they already were analogue and as pointed out here, they are now improved. The L1/R1 are digital as per pretty much all consoles, the L2/R2 are analogue and can be used in either mode. The d-pad hardware is like the PS3, NOT the cheap xbox one… see:

    • Andre S

      Analog triggers would be absolutely wonderful. Driving games would require them for sure. Also, having a matte dpad would be better than glossy. More grip.

  • Jibreel

    It seems that the OUYA console only has a hdmi port, so it doesn;t support standard definition tv’s. I think this would be a big upset to the ones, including me, who dont have access to a HDTV. Can you fix this?

    • Bryce

      1. You should probably get a new TV :)
      2. If you really don’t have the money, then you can buy a converter I bet

      • Jeffrey

        Neither solution works for anyone.

        No one just buy’s a new TV. Especially people that like the idea of a $99 console. Most people don’t get a new TV until the last one stops working.

        Have you looked at the reviews for that converter you linked to. They’re *bad* because it doesn’t *work* because it doesn’t convert to Analog (Which SDTV’s need) from Digital (which is what HDMI is). For that you signal converter box that supports HDMI to Analog conversion which could cost roughly the same as OUYA itself.

        No OUYA should just include a AV-out like the PSP and most Camcorders have.

        • Xjph

          While I agree with Jeffrey, I couldn’t help but chuckle at:

          “No one just buys a new TV.”

          In fact, yes, that is exactly how people get them. ;)

        • konaya

          Generating an analogue signal is really, *really* annoying from an engineer’s point of view, especially if you want to keep size and cost down.

          • Jules

            Not putting features in a product that extends it’s market to the consumers who are most likely to purchase it is really, “really” annoying from a consumers point of view. I honestly fear this inconsideration will have a pretty big negative effect on Ouya sales in stores.

            This is the perfect console for children in lower middle class families. A low cost system that grants them the ability to play a multitude of expanding game titles (most they are already used to because of low priced smart phones) while opening the door to learning about open source, modding, upgrading, developing games et cetera. Except for the fact that most parents in those house holds wont purchase it from the store because they don’t have the adapter on their tv to connect it. They will instead spend half the price one one of those old system emulators you see a lot in electronic stores or twice the price on an Xbox 360 because those systems will plug into their tv sets.

            I have an old rear projection big screen tv that doesn’t have an HDMI slot and I will not be purchasing another tv for the Ouya. I’m excited to get it but because the HDMI has limited my options I doubt I will be able to convince my friends to come over and play with it because they don’t want to stare at a computer monitor to play a console game which will make it even harder to convince them to support the system by purchasing one.

            I can understand how in rush development this was over looked but when one stops and thinks about the state of the economy and who the vast majority of consumers beyond the Kickstarter supports would be it sort of screams “fix me”

            In every other way, Love The Ouya!

        • charles

          33 bucks and will work fine for you. i was looking into it for the av input devices for game boy advance.

      • Bubba Ho-Tep

        “No OUYA should just include a AV-out like the PSP and most Camcorders have.”

        Nah, HDMI out is fine. Your not buying a PSP or a Camcorder.

    • Hicsy

      you can buy a HDMI monitor for the same price as the OUYA… time to do that first mate ;-)

    • adit

      That cable will work ONLY if ouya will provide analog RGB signals on their HDMI , which is NON standard, but supported by some devices. HDMI is digital and RCA is analog and the cable you see does not have any build in convertor (just read the reviews). If you want a cable with a convertor it will cost something between $60-100.

    • Jeremy

      Spend the left over money you would have spent on XBOX 720 and buy a 19 inch led Sceptre for $99 on amazon and several games. I use Sceptre for my Mk808 and its almost as clear as my computer monitor.

    • Not_Jeff

      Why are you buying an hd console wothout an hd tv? The entire poiint of ouya, and why I backed it, is that it is a really small HD cnmsole, uses a hdmi port(as every tv made i. The last five years has, as do pc monitors), awesome controllers , and an entirely digital dist. system for the games.

      See the HD part? Do you own any lther consoles, but have them all downscaled and blocky plugged into a big crt or somethkng?

      That’s like buying a pc game, then complaining it doesn’t work because your pc is “too old.”

      You need one for the other. Old Consoles reqiure old tvs. HD consoles need HD tvs.

      And like Bryce said, an HD TV costs the same as an ouya, even without any games or controllers.

    • Ricky

      It is a sin to use this console on a 480p resolution!!!

      May the dark spirits of the High Definition hell burn your standard resolution soul.

      Buy at least a 720p. These are dirt cheap now.

    • sep332

      You can technically do SD video over HDMI. I guess what you’re saying is that you don’t have an HDMI port, right? So what ports do you have?

    • PosiCat

      $20 on Ebay will get you an HDMI->VGA adapter w/sound, then go out and get an old monitor at a thrift store, and speakers and you’re good to go.

  • Jimmy

    So it is now basically an XBox clone controller! :p

    • Hicsy

      * xbox controllers use single-PCB builds to dodge cost… OUYA does it properly, * The triggers are mechanically nothing alike, * The buttons are of higher sensitivity, the sticks are convex not concave, * There is a touchpad, * There are no ‘sync’, ‘start’, or ‘back’ buttons, * Xbox shoves the batteries in the middle for cheaper build rather than palms 4 good weight distribution, * The buttons are labelled ‘O’, ‘U’, ‘Y’, ‘A’ not ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘x’, ‘y’, * OUYA uses open bluetooth not proprietary 2.4Ghz, * The triggers are wider and flatter, * The controller is nowhere near as heavy, * Xbox uses rumble unlike OUYA…

  • Uvve

    Hi guys,
    how will OUYA perform in comparison to XBOX 360 or PS 4 is it possible to play games like GTA 4 on it at some point?

    • mike

      GTA 4 no, the ouya used the tegra 3 graphics chip which still can look pretty good IMO but defenately not as powerful as an xbox 360.
      You can expect games to look like this on it though.

    • Masaaki

      It will not play at the level of Xbox 360 or PS4.
      It can, however, be pushed surprisingly far. You can, to some extent, get normal-mapping/(almost) realtime shadows/etc. Requires lots of optimization, hacks, and cheats, but hey – so does every game, amiright?
      We can at least expect near-Source-engine-quality games (Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, etc) to be able to run on the OUYA. And that’s not bad at all for the price.

  • Mark

    Argh – I was hoping the thumbsticks would be changed to be Xbox 360-style, with an indent on top for thumbs (concave instead of convex). Oh well, this version looks much improved!

    • Webb

      I second this!

      • Chris

        haha… brazil nuts

  • Gustavo

    I’m here in Brazil nuts for this stuff to be released soon, I know a lot of gamers who are super confident that the console will do for all who enjoy a relaxing moment on tv.

  • Daniele

    crazedhatter, the upper triggers (R1 & L1 on a sony controller) are digital while the others (“R2 & L2″) should be analog. At least this I what I remember from an early Ouya video.

  • Ali Can Boysan

    Good job ouya team , it is good to see you listening the customers and “customers to be”, to improve your product more and more each day. I don’t have a developers kit so I don’t know about the battery life of the controllers. It seems like a minor issue but it is important a lot in my opinion. So I would like you to improve battery life as much as possible. I already pre-ordered an OUYA with 2 controllers and I hope I won’t get disappointed with what I receive. Work hard guys , people expect a lot from you . You might be the ones that will start a new era for gaming , and indie games developers. Bring the bestest of the best you can to us and let the gaming revolution begin !!

  • z30x

    Looking forward for this, emulators on ouya will be the real thing

  • Shane

    Analog triggers would be awesome.

    • Masaaki


  • IronicSonic

    I second that ^

  • Sonny

    It says you changed the Dpad to a cross, but it looks like a disk with a cross. Or is that an old pic? With Nintendos patent expired on the Cross, why wouldn’t EVERYONE use the cross??? It’s so much more entertaining and precise! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD… THE CROSS!!!! … <3

  • Jonathan Mercer

    will “pushing” the analog button (like L3 and R3 on the playstation) be available?

    • Masaaki

      RTM. Yes, yes it will (if you’re referring to “clicking in” the thumbsticks)

    • Jonathan Mercer


  • freedom810

    This will be a day one purchase for me, I like the way you have gone for a larger controller over a small. It fits so much better in the hand.

    • jackloeffler76

      no delays i want it now

  • Caleb

    i love u guys i just wish it was MARCH
    Keep devolping and Changing for the BETTER

    if for some reason you need to delay Ouya like 5 to 9 Months
    i will STILL Rather the Delay then NO Delay

    One problem with the Game Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    was that it had NO Mewtwo and NO DLC

    i loved the game but had they Delayed the game another few months to JUST ADD Mewtwo it would be worth it

    Remember That Ouya
    if for some reason You NEED TO DELAY
    Let it be done

    or maybe Give us DLC or an update

    we will wait

    and it is WORTH the wait
    i am Just Impacient and Anxious

    i want my ouya

  • Tom

    its true bout ouya will use next generation of NVIDIA TEGRA 4?

    • Masaaki

      THe current version uses Tegra 3. THe next version, presumably, will use the Tegra 4.

  • Luparta

    You should add a charger to the ouya controll
    not necesarly a box where you put the battery you should do a cable to connect and charge the controll in the ouya or in a wall plug that would make the controlls more viable to buy in the aspect that you wont need batteries to buy in a long time you may also add avatars not very difficult like the wii ones or x box i mean more like your face and thats it so you can have your account with your games and your proggress i also recommend to have an adapter for wi fi if it doesnt have one :) good luck with your project i will wait until its finished and i hope i buy one

    • Nathan

      well….Mr Zee it is a OUYA. its most definetly hackable.
      im pretty sure after a couple of headaches one can add a Leap Motion device to it and play that way. xD

  • Mr.Zee

    The controller should have a Motion Sensor so it could move according to the players hand movements. That would be sweet!

  • Ceecilion

    Some XBox-Controllers use a system, where you can turn the D-Pad cross by 45° to turn it into disk mode. A similar System might be a good compromise.

  • Fashdey


    I know that the machine isn’t capable of recharging like 4 controllers, but wouldn’t it be possible to make a “Charger” function, some separate tools, to connect the Controllers to a Power socket, in that way it is possible to get rid of the batteries!

    I hate batteries :(
    Always when I wanted to play on my Wii I had this problem that my batteries went out or was at low power when I wanted to play – I would be sad to re-experience this with OUYA…

    Best Regards,
    Niclas ‘Fashdey’ Andersen
    – Kickstarter

    • Jack Mcslay

      And I hate li-ion batteries on controllers. I can buy a bunch or pairs or ni-mh batteries and just swap to a charged one when it runs out.
      With li-ion batteries I either have to buy overpriced proprietary batteries for spares, or be stuck with the one inside the controller, and be dead on the water once the system is obsolete and the batteries are no longer available.

      Of course, unless they would change the voltage levels so the controller uses li-ion cells instead, which you can easily find on e-bay, and provide an internal charging circuit so you can charge/power with a micro usb charger. That would be awesome.

  • nakwada

    @Gustavo : According to the second picture (where you can see a hint of white plastic just before the triggers, just like inside Xbox360’s controllers), it looks like we’ll have analog triggers.

    • Bryce

      See my comment above, it will have them for sure.

  • Paulo Whitaker

    Eu já encomendei o meu em Dezembro.
    Não vejo a hora dele chegar aqui na minha casa (Brasil).
    Aqui muitos se “preocupam” se terá sucesso “dentro do Brasil”. Eu pouco me importo com isso, afinal, eu terei. ;)
    #Go #ouya

  • brett sanderson

    delaying something is better then releasing something that isnt finshed.

  • Yro

    You guys Rock!!!

    Im waiting for OUYA in Brazil… Ill buy 2 or 4 OUYA with extra controllers. One for myself, another one for my kids and 2 for some family.

  • Masaaki

    @crazedhatter: The lower two triggers are, in fact, analog, just like an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller (ofc some games will use them like standard buttons such as FPS games for firing)

  • Catfish

    This is rather cool. I’m glad real gamers/developers have input into how the hardware is designed. I’m not a big console gamer, and I know the OUYA won’t be as powerful as the competitors’ consoles but I am buying one of these because of how it has been developed, supported and put together.

    Hopefully if it all goes well, OUYA can then do a more serious console and take mobile/home gaming to places it hasn’t gone yet.

    My biggest hope though is that OUYA allows players to play with any control system they want. If I play FPS, I want keyboard and mouse control. I want others to control with what they like too, playing the same game against me. So we can go head to head and there can never be any excuses!

    • Morlock5K

      “My biggest hope though is that OUYA allows players to play with any control system they want. If I play FPS, I want keyboard and mouse control. I want others to control with what they like too, playing the same game against me. So we can go head to head and there can never be any excuses!”

      I agree 10000%

  • Gravislord

    I want to further the comment of Crazedhatter with regards to analog triggers. Having the past worked on the Gravis Xterminator gamepad, which had analog triggers specifically for driving games, it worked very well for that. Not only is it good for acceleration, it is also very important for braking. Naturally, the developer will need to take account for analog buttons to be mapped for gas / brake, but that is trivial and the pay-off would be huge. Understandably, changing from digital to analog, is no easy thing to do and adds cost to the controller. Maybe a “pro” controller down the road? ;)

    • Psyckosama

      And an absolutely horrible one at that….

    • Psyckosama

      Sorry, replied to the wrong message… Moderators, please disregard this and the other Gravislord reply.

      • ed

        [quote] Let’s be totally honest, the controller is likely to feel a bit cheap and nasty [/quote]
        I do not see anything cheap or nasty. The 360 controller is the cheap one here ;)

  • NeilR

    Let’s be totally honest, the controller is likely to feel a bit cheap and nasty in comparison to the PS3/360’s so here’s an idea, why not scrap the controller and write working drivers so we can use the PS3/360 controllers, the money you save can go towards a choice of skins for our OUYA etc etc.

    Just an idea guys.

    • Psyckosama

      And an absolutely horrible one at that….

    • konaya

      The PS3 Sixaxis controller is already pretty much supported by the Linux kernel, so hacking support in OUYA for it should be pretty easy as it is now.

      But seriously, abandoning the native controller is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard.

  • Roman

    There are two most widespread type of consoles: XBOX and PlayStation. Their gamepads have one noticeable difference. PS gamepad has two analog sticks in lower part and D-PAD on top of left stick. XBOX gamepad has left stick and D-PAD swapped, compared to PS gamepad.

    And there is a one type of gamepad, which is compatible with these platforms: Cyborg V3. It has removable D-PAD/Stick module, which can be switched and inserted according to gamer preference.

    Can you make changeable D-PAD/stick unit, like Cyborg V3 gamepad?
    I think that it would be good for gamers not to change their common grip.

    • Jack Mcslay

      It would be much easier just to add drivers so that PS3 controllers can be used like ouya controllers than to put a weird engineering gimmick that will undoubtely rise the controller cost quite a bunch

      • AndiDee

        Not everyone already has a PS3 or 360. Are you suggesting that we should all go support the big game companies and buy those controllers?

        Personally, I’m happy that the OUYA team is working to make a *good* controller!

  • Brian

    Any way you guys could add a start+select buttons somewhere? that would be nice :) also, any possibility to made hard drive space in the console?

  • James Barr

    Will there be a “mouse cursor mode” so you can use the analog sticks to move a cursor around on the screen for browsing the web? What I’m imagining is hooking a microphone up to the Ouya (or using headphones with a mic) and being able to reply on web forums using voice and a mouse cursor without the need for a keyboard.

    • Jordan P

      There is a touchpad so that can be used for the web browsing instead of the joysticks. Probably easier to use that way too. I’ve tried the PS3, PSP, PSVita, 3DS, and Wii browsers and in the end the 3DS, Wii and PSVita browsers won in UX because it was far easier to use the Touch Screens and the Wii’s IR Mouse then using the Joystick on the PS3 and PSP.

  • MightyRabbit

    We started implementing some QTEs in Saturday Morning RPG and noticed that the O,U,Y,A buttons, while a cool concept, are kind of hard to recognize on a split second basis. The U and the Y look relatively similar and since the colors are only on the letters it makes instant recognition of the buttons kind of difficult. If it’s possible to re-evaluate the designs of those buttons, that may work out to the benefit of everyone in the end. Keep up the good work guys!

    • Jordan P

      Yeah, maybe making the buttons themselves more colorful would be better. But I do find that once I have the controls down in order to play a game or browse the menus, I don’t need to check the letters anymore. However, I do see some people(especially the Under 6 crowd) needing easily identifiable controls.

      • alainvey

        They’re talking about QTEs, i.e. onscreen visual prompts for button presses. Has nothing to do with looking at the controller – they mean that it is difficult to quickly distinguish between U and Y onscreen.

      • curtis

        any controller is the same (In a way) so adapting to the buttons is easy all I need is a quick glance at where the letters are and then I just need time to adapt to the sticks d-pad and triggers if they are in different places, for example: use a nintendo controller for about a year without using anything else and then you play a playstation 3 and use that controller, it is an annoying switch and I still remember how my wrist felt after that adaption.

    • Bryce

      Who looks down at the controller while playing? You just memorize what the buttons do per each game, and it doesn’t really matter what they say…

      • MightyRabbit

        It’s not about looking down at the controller, it’s about the representation of the button on screen. If four things look incredibly similar and you only have a split-second to process them, your mind won’t work as efficient as it would if said things looked totally different. The reason the PS buttons work so well is the symbols are super easy to differentiate, the Xbox buttons work well for the same reason – with the added benefit of color coded buttons. The big problem with the O,U,Y,A buttons is that they are all black with rounded letters on them. The letters are colored – but not brightly enough for that to work when it comes to split-second differentiation. There’s a reason Nintendo chose A,B,X,Y with the SNES.

        • Masaaki

          One thing that could work: Instead of your button icons having a black background like the real controller, INSTEAD do like the Xbox does and colorize the background. I don’t think players will really care that they don’t look exactly like the gamepad, and they will be easier to recognize.

  • Kappische

    Cool stuff people!
    Really looking forward to try out the new gamepad.

    I wrote a preview of the current dev one if that is still interesting:

  • Sawyer

    Finger print magnet

  • Rulez

    If you insert onto the sticks a circular through, it would be better to play, because you couldn’t glitch too easy off the sticks.

  • Donald

    I love this. It really shows how much the company cares about their launch. I have been looking forward to this gaming console launch more than any others in my entire life.

    Also, it would be awesome to see a slideshow of all of the different stages of the controller development. Especially with notes about why each change was done.

  • nicereddy

    Can you publish more pictures of the new controller? I want to see it in its full glory!

  • zugu

    That d-pad looks like the one on the Xbox 360 controller. And even if that is the best controller in the world, its d-pad is its weakest spot.

    There is strong agreement among gamers everywhere that the ideal controller looks like a 360 controller with a DualShock-like d-pad on it. Yet you choose the inferior design.

  • Graham

    The D-Pad looks very similar to the Xbox 360’s. Which I have never found to be accurate. Will this work in the same way?

  • Techni

    “We’ve changed our D-pad from a ‘disc’ to a ‘cross’ style”

    I still see a disc there.

    • Mario

      Convex you said?…convex means Playstation mode, and concave is a hole like Xbox style.

      Mmm, I prefer the xbox one for more traction.

  • Antonio

    You should really make the top of the analog-sticks convex and not concave!

  • Viktor

    I was developing our game for the OUYA CREATE contest and felt need for a “start/pause” button… And each controller should have a different cursor on screen when using the Touch Pad.

  • Zudz

    I can see that your far left button is the “U”. I’m sure I’m not the only person who starts reading on the left (instead of the top or bottom, wherever you’ve put the “O”). I guess it’s not technically wrong, but it looks off.

  • http://Brazil marcio

    Congratulations Ouya now only expected to arrive in Brasil.voces will make many success here. will pass the greatest big videio games.fã Brazilians then expected you guys.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Muffi, i have a few questions, can you answer it?
    1 – The final version of the Ouya controller will be bluetooth too?
    2 – Being a bluetooth controller, can I pair it with my PC/Notebook and use it to play PC games? I would be really really happy if this possibility comes true. If not, you could consider this possibility. It could be really great.

  • Azrael

    What are the actual dimensions of the pad? how does it compare ‘size wise’? cause judging by the pics its relatively small (ps controller) where most people seem to prefer a bit chunkier (xb / n64 size)

    Still pushing for theme park / theme hospital / retro style games :D

    And just to say well done, obviously loads of us believe in you and say thanks for the opportunity to be part of this gaming revolution

    • Jack Mcslay

      23millimeters. the same as an X360 controller

  • Marcus

    Ok, I might be a little late, and slightly off topic, but here goes…
    Don’t you hate it, when you’re sitting in the sofa playing games with your friend and you use different controller or camera settings. It’s a pain to go into the menus and reconfigure each time you pass the controller around. It would be nice to have some standard way to configure stuff like “inverted Y axis” or sensitivity. Preferably a switch on the controller to change between profiles.


  • Remco

    Can’t wait to get my hands on IT!

    If ouya would ever consider opening an office in the netherlands please keep me in mind ;)! I would love to be a part of this project to create the best possible for an incredible affordable price to make gaming available for everyone and finally bring back game development to the people for unique concepts!

    Good job on the controller upgrade so far. I hope you will be able to manage faster connecting speed aswell. Allthough i do understand this is hard.

  • Timo

    The D-Pad right now recognizes all 4 directions when you press down in the middle. Will that be fixed in the final iteration?

  • Johnny

    I play a lot of fighting games so it’s great to see that you have someone testing button-to-screen latency. Fighting games have timings down to single frames (just frames, one frame links, etc.) This is an issue that almost no one knows about until they face it. Most will either just accept it or rely on adjusting mechanics ala Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

    That said, are there any plans for a wired controller? Even if wireless controllers have great response time, there’s nothing guaranteeing the consistency of said timing. On top of that, I think some of us don’t want to bother with batteries. I think it feels weird playing on a controller without the “tug” of the wire.

    Thanks for the update!

  • Dave Mac

    Im really looking forward to the Ouya and the possibilities it has, since the end of your kickstarter its amazing how many copycats appeared and yet still they cant match you for quality or awareness.

    I run a small independant gaming site and was lucky enough to be able to do a smallish feature on the OnLive console when it arrived, i was overjoyed to hear that you would be including OnLive as one of your content partners, they have a great streaming solution that can bring super console quality graphics to your sleek little machine.

    Ive had my pre-order in for a while and im looking forward to reviewing the hardware myself and playing some of the fantastic Ouya developed games such as Rival Threads, Evilot and Echoes of Eternea, i truely believe that some of the best and most exciting games to hit your console will come from kickstarter which is how it should be.

    Im going to book a week off and really get into the console and the games it launches with and i really do believe that you have a chance to make it. You carved yourself a place in the console market that no one else was using, the guys copying you are all creating poor quality replicas and as far as i can tell, you are the only ones with contracts with Namco and Square, this is truely going to be a great year for gamers.

  • Seth

    when I think of the ideal trigger I think of Gamecube’s it had a push in and then a (click) feel to confirm that was as down as it gets.

  • thecoach

    if you watch this video, he takes apart the controller and you can see that the triggers are, in fact, analog. A great feature imo.

  • Jason Maki

    If the power button is moved to the back of the controller, the original placement can be used for a start and select button

  • Seth

    When the next Ouya or maybe this one come out would you please upgrade to usb 3.0?

  • Jack Mcslay

    Development-wise, are you doing anything to enable receiving absolute touch position from the touchpad? It would be so much more useful if we can get where exactly the player is touching

  • Jack Mcslay

    Also I noticed there’s still no groove for the touchpad. please add a groove so we can feel the borders of the touchpad while using! I even fear some players will be wondering where is the touchpad, or even not knowing it exists if there is no hint of it being there

  • Matthew Petchesky

    One large thing still missing about this controller system…. Reachability ! every toy, game system controller, or other handheld electronic now a days has a rechargeable function.

    Even if you only include rechargeable batterys and a plug for the remote to charge the batterys in the remote making them easy to replace that would be fine.

    It is going to cost a tone in batterys or a ton in a rechargeable unit, at least 40 dollars or more. (A little under half the cost of the OUYA)

    Please tell us you have considered this… Nothing special needed or no need to make a unique battery for the system so we cant replace or easily find new ones just rechargeable batterys that can recharge via the controller and a plug.

    Other then that the updates look great, i just hope it will have some weight to it and not feel cheep.

  • RikanMel

    You want to make OUYA the best it can possibly be? Upgrade to Tegra4 before the release and you make a lots of people happy and it WILLbe the best it can be.

  • Joe

    Can you make an alternative version of the controller with symmetrical analog sticks? Basically, offer two controller models, one with off-set analog sticks, and one with symmetrical sticks. Remember, a lot of games will be using the Dpad, and for many, the placement of the dpad is important as well.

    Options are always a good thing!

    • InvaderGUI

      Oh god I hope not. I don’t ever play FPS on a console and rarely use the Dpad. I cannot stand the PS style of controllers because I hate it when my thumbs clak together when ever I try to use both analog sticks. I will never buy a PS as long as their controller is setup that way and if the OUYA had a PS style controller I would pass on it too. Because of this problem they should support 3rd party controllers as well as the one they are designing for their console. Options are always a good thing.

  • Fábio

    Any chance for a controller designed for us non-FPS fans tho? As in the D-pad in the analog stick position?

  • Simon

    Until you listen, and change the Tegra 3 to a Tegra 4, this is going to be a outdated, and under powered, very short lived crappy console. Do what is right and fix it now!

    • Joe Abbey

      I’m wondering, since it can be opened, if you could buy a Tegra 4 (I know it is very unlikely) and put it in like you could change the desktop Processors? Just a question but I don’t know much about how those processors are put in so it could be something that would take an expert with a soldering iron or even a completely new board but it would be neat if we were able to upgrade it.

  • Keyboard + Mouse

    The only support I hope and beg for is keyboard + mouse.

    If you guys support that – you will get a ton of gamers that use their PC´s for that very reason, the accuracy of a mouse + keyboard cannot be beaten by the greatest d-pad ever.

    Fingers crossed.

    • Jack Mcslay

      It already supports that, it’s all up to the developer to support it.

  • mazdajdavis

    The triggers ARE ANALOG AKA SAME AS ANY OTHER MODERN CONTROLLER. SMH do some research people. Don’t just talk to see your words on the screen. Read watch some YouTube. All your ?s have all ready been answered. WiFi & Bluetooth their too. Jeez. Come on people. It’s called google use it. You have all this info at your finger tips yet most of u seem clue less. Wouldn’t make good students. Study a little, you’ll be surprised what you learn. Then u wount make or ask dumb comments.

  • Ator

    Catwalk version…

  • Thomas King

    I have a suggestion. Please stop saying “w00t!”

  • Andreas

    Diese News gibt es wie immer auch komplett auf Deutsch:

  • Romesh A

    Amazing, simply amazing controller, A++! Keep it up Ouya!

    Finally a question from a potential buyer:
    My colleague says he would definitely buy one, if the controllers a sort of on-board mini-keyboard opposed to an on-screen keyboard.

    Would this be a feasible and popular choice, as I’m sure we all know how crappy Windows 7 On-Screen Keyboard is without a touch screen! He fears this would face the same problem – hence put off from buying one.

  • matt m

    Control pad looks great to me, the direction pad is a cross not a disc look closely people please.
    Can’t wait to receive my limited edition Ouya , Tegra 4 would be a very nice surprise but I’m not to bothered.
    Good luck Ouya team

  • matt m

    Also would like to see smart glass app on Ouya so we could use the keyboard on our tablets :-)

  • matt m

    A smart glass type app :-)

  • José Salavert

    So, all in all, the dev controller was horrible…

    The touchpad was horrible… now it is not.
    The D-pad was horrible… now it is not.
    The thumbsticks were horrible… now they have a rubber cover.

    Just put shitty chinese thumbstick joysticks/D-pad instead quality ones (like nintendo classic controllers feature) and see what happens next, gamers are not stupid…

  • fleshtwister

    Is there any chance of a keyboard and mouse being used with the Ouya? It would allow for easier internet browsing and other android apps could then be used on the Ouya as well.. It would be awesome if we could use things like Facebook, and office applications, etc on the tv.

  • Ron

    Will backers of the Kickstarter campaign receive the new controller?

  • Blake Hulbert

    Hurry up April!!!!

  • ayat

    I think the design of the controller may need a more beutifull and atractive design, like razer ones! by the way you rock OUYA team, a big tnx from IRI

  • Mario

    Hi, my only one observation now:

    Just making CONCAVE STICKS instead of convex.
    Because: we can with put our fingers inside for better traction in caso of a quickly and stronge emergency movement.

  • Terence S

    Can we get before & after pics of the controller update?

  • Nilbud

    I like soup. Is there any way to incorporate that?

  • Bernd
  • http://Brazil marcio

    I Ouya coming soon? here in Brazil

  • http://Brazil marcio

    playstation + xbox = Ouya is 10

  • A. Venning

    The only thing that irks me about the design is the glossy touch-pad. Please change it to matte. Everything else, to me, is OK. I can easily adjust to almost any controller since I’m not that avid of a gamer, more (semi-)casual.

    Also will there be another limited edition sale? Sadly I missed the first and adore the wooden texture finish.

  • A. Venning

    This is to the commenters, do you read thoroughly what is written on each page or do you see words and follow that degrading acronym “tl;dr”? Do these creative minds a favor and not ask the questions already answered in front of you.

    Also if you don’t have truly helpful suggestions but instead snide remarks please keep them to yourself. It’s not hard. Thank you.

  • Patrick

    Is there going to be a wired version of the ouya controller? In my opinion, that would make this the best controller out of all consoles.

  • Jeffrey

    You should just use regular action buttons (eg. A, B, X, Y) like everyone else and put the OUYA branding somewhere else on the controller.

    Also, like everyone else said, you should include support for the other controllers out there especially the PlayStation and XBOX 360 controllers.

    Other ideas:
    Include a AV-out port for the many people who still have SDTV’s.

    Allow Downloading and transfer from PC to OUYA for those that don’t have Wi-Fi configured in their home (or not working adequately).

  • Elliot

    Copy the SEGA Saturn’s dpad. That is all.

  • Joe Abbey

    The console will need more than 8GB of storage so I was wondering if there might be an sd card added or if it will allow games to be stored on Thumb drives like the Xbox (what would be really cool is if you could work the SD card slot into the wireless controller so it can wirelessly via bluetooth send media to the console if you wanted to plug your phone’s SD card in and play music from it kind of like the N64 style controller with the game memory)

    • kwratster

      it says that there will be an ability to use external storage such as a harddrive

  • Josh

    I’ve played with the playstation controller and the xbox controller and can say that hands down, concave Thumbsticks wins. Please fix this!

  • Sulayman

    Make it look like the unreleased PS3 Boomerang Controller!

    (Sorry, just can’t stop wondering how cool that would have been)

    Don’t worry, I guess this will just be one of those comments you guys can just ignore :) !

    (Cries his eyes out) :(

  • Shin-Oni65


  • Shin-Oni65

    Wii U Gamepad (L&R) (ZL&ZR) (ABXY) (+&-) (Home) (+Pad) (Concave-Rubber-Analogsicks) (Rechargeable Battery) [][][][][][][] Xbox 360 Controller (LB&RB) (LT&RT) (YXBA) () (X) (XPad) (Convex-Rubber-grip-Analogsticks) (Duel Battery Pack) [][][][][][][] PS3 Duelshock 3 (L1&R1) (L2&R2) (X O ▲ ■) (=Select Start⇒) (P) (←↑→↓D-pad) (Concave-Plastic-Analogsticks-L3&R3) (Rechargeable Battery) [][][][][][][] Current OUYA Controller (4 Unamed Shoulder Buttons) (UYAO) (U) (Slightly-Flat-Rounded-Rubberized-Analogsticks) (+Pad) (Spread Apart Battery Compartments)

    There’s only one thing to describe this… you gotta re-invent the wheel to avoid lawsuit.

    Plus a possible Patented Steam Box Controller. OUYA Development team I salute you for the magic that is happening behind those publicly know development doors. Good Luck to all of you!

  • strider_mt2k

    I’m in!
    Just pre-ordered.

  • kwratster

    so i doubt this will be awnsered or viewed or even known it was replied back because im getting no updates even though i signed up twice on the site…but…

    i know this doesnt talk about the controller but the fan on the ouya… how is it suposed to work with out something to let the air flow in and out of it? only points are where the cables would connect…

    also i dont own a tv with a hd plug… could i use it on my laptop or use a converter? ya i know i could buy a tv for a cheap but id rather let my old one die first before anything.

  • Colin

    Hey, regarding the new graphics chips asus or whatever released….is there any way to sneak that in the ouya, or is it too late?

  • Peter Soliman

    Replaceable batteries? At this stage in the console races (and I count this as a serious contender) there is no reason to not an internal lithium ion. I know it costs more but replaceable batteries makes a console controller feel cheap.

  • Bowser’s Blog

    We have just one request.

    Please make the joystick’s internal parts like a Wii U Gamepad, GC or PS3, not an Xbox 360. 360 joysticks tend to list lazily up or down (usually the second joystick) after about 2-4 weeks of normal use. Which makes your camera in 1st and 3rd person games slowly creep up or down.

    360 joysticks seem to be the only ones that ever have this problem. It’s happened on every S style Xbox and every 360 pad I’ve ever owned, as well as our friend’s.


  • Slingshot

    Looks great to me.

  • jjwinc

    When attempting to play games that require directional movement on my tablet, the on-screen controller is sub-par (at best).

    Assuming the OUYA controller will be Bluetooth, are there any plans for an app to allow cross compatibility for tablet gaming?

  • Nicohlas Conrad

    Great work, I’m looking forward to getting my OUYA as a kickstarter backer, though I am disappointing at the prospect of leaving a trail of AA batteries behind. I have purchased 3rd party charging bases for the xbox and wii, but I doubt there will be such an option available for OUYA.

    As for anyone complaining about lack of SD support; you’re wrong. I’m not saying you need to be on the cutting edge at all times, but HDMI has been the standard for over A DECADE now. I for one am happy to have the space and cost savings associated with an HDMI only solution.

  • Wyatt

    Oh, thank you for fixing the D-pad! Though I have a question about it… I have a tendency to use “sliding” motions on other good pads fiarly frequently, and I’m a little concerned about the raised plateau and concavity of the actual cross that you show here. Will this be friendly to such action?

  • emlun

    I would also prefer a concave top on the thumbsticks. The X360 thumbsticks are awesome, and the PS2/3 sticks are uncomfortable if you ask me. The GameCube stick worked, though, so I guess it’s not a very big deal as long as they’re still reasonably flat. Still, concave tops would be much preferred.

    • Vitriolicism

      I second that!

  • Moises

    Does Ouya will emulate snes or N64?

    • AngeDeLaMort

      It’s android, so check the online store (snesdroid for instance).
      So, I suppose it’ll work. If not directly, I’m sure we’ll be able to find some emulator for the ouya.

  • Brae

    Aww noo! The controller layout is more like xbox than ps3. i don’t know if i can get use to having the d-pad in that spot. Please NO concave sticks, the d-pad location s bad enough T-T

  • Tanner

    I have no choice but to assume the Playstation D-pad is patented because no body in the entire world would tell you its not the best D-pad ever made. you literally CAN’T accidentally hit a diagonal direction (unless your fingers are that of a giant’s).

    The idea they had is to put the clunky diagonal pieces of the D-pad UNDER the plastic frame of the controller. Genius.

    Replicating that will make every single OUYA owner happy!


    P.S. Nintendo has similar design to keep those pesky diagonals from showing up unexpectedly.

  • David Shaw


    Firstly, good to see the team moving at such a good pace! congratz!

    And also ..I would just like to leave some feedback and ideas here.

    My ideas might not be feasible.. but heyho what can I say, I’m an idealist!

    I agreed with concave sticks. I use a modified 360 controller when I PC game, it has one ‘KontrolFreek -FPS Freek Infinity’ on the right stick and the left has a special edition MS stick, the grey rubbery soft one. having a taller right stick brings the controller closers to mouse sensitivity. and being honest, I do not like fat sticks. they inhibit view movement, and are not my taste for feel.

    There is something on my mind about the material for ANY gamepad..I have been thinking it since the PS2 days, 10 years ago..

    Gamepads get hot in your hands after a few hours play, a work around is to have a fresh pad waiting for you, but that’s not a solution! ..they get hot, sticky, brasive, and quickly become unpleasant to hold. I have often wondered why no-one saw this and offered a gamers a material that kept cool for much much longer?

    I am no materials expert, but at times I wondered if a metal controller would keep cooler longer.. (I just googled this, and it seems stone is the best retainer for cold.). impractical solution I know.. but the problem is an on going one for all console/gamepad users.

    Thanks for listening to my feedback/ideas and GL everyday and on launch! :D



  • Vitriolicism

    Just to quickly add to the tally:
    I think I’d prefer a matte based controller too, ie – matte finish on the d-pad, and maybe even on the touchpad (considering how sticky it might get).

  • Zekian

    I think concave thumb stick tops would help, But I also think the D-Pad is still a bit off.

    When playing tekken on a playstation controller, you sometimes need a VERY short delay between directions, and you can slide off of one directional button onto another. I think that directions being separate button is very important, but I could be wrong…

  • Brent Marvich

    Was really looking for a better thumb stick design. Something like the speedfreak horned stick so I don’t have to put too much pressure on the stick at all. I am old and have arthritis which makes it difficult to play games for any length of time from pressing on the thumb sticks.

  • Daniel

    All those improvements are nice but i have no idea why the controller is not rechargeable. You should include a charging cable and the capability to charge the control via the Ouya. Disposable batteries suck, if I knew that the Ouya controller used rechargeable batteries I wouldn’t have bought it.

  • Perihelion

    The d-pad should be big and friendly. Not a finger biter that is hard to play on (dream cast). It should allow fine analog control. You could suppress the ridges and enhance the sweep and have a fine tool to steer a ship or select from a diverse inventory. It should have a nice responsive touch, as if it were balanced on something, a spinning top. Controller slippage is an embarrassing thing to explain to observers. I find the ps3 has better face buttons and the Xbox has better analog sticks.


  • Steven

    I don’t know what recharging the controller will be like, but don’t make the same mistake Sony did with the PS3 with the USB port. I do really like the updated Sony controller charger with the adaptor that plugs into the USB port and makes snap-in contact charging work with the 2 controller charging dock. I immediately threw out my older 4 controller charger that required the controllers to be pushed onto the USB plugs. The update charger is far better. Hopefully the OUYA controllers have a contact based charging solution – WAY BETTER.

    Sigh… not a Tegra 4 solution… have you considered the ability to retrofit the OUYA box with an upgrade… most likely just a new box that uses the same peripherals… can’t wait.

    • Adamantus

      Tegra 4? I’m impressed it even has Tegra 3. Lets not forget the way Sony/MS do things is all wrong. Too commercial with much focus on the hardware and not enough on having an open gaming platform with zero barriers to entry. All they make for PS anymore is first-person shooters because it costs so much to make a game that no one gambles on anything else. I think with the Ouya things will be different and even if it can only cope with 2d platformers it will be a breath of fresh air.

  • Russ

    Has there been any decision on whether or not there will be TOSLINK audio as well as HDMI?

  • Johan

    I would like to see a poll for concave of convex thumbsticks. Of course I prefer concave – it provides a much better grip in the sweaty heat of the moment.

  • Apostel13

    The controller/battery should indeed be rechargeable without taking it out every time. Include a charging cable and the capability to charge the control via the Ouya or via an adaptor. I agree with Daniel: ‘Disposable batteries suck!’ :)

    My two cents!

    Really looking forward to this!

  • Elliot

    My main concern is still the RAM. Being an android device which takes up space for every single app running, making 1 Gb kind of small for a gaming console.

    • Braille

      I think we’ll be fine. The Xbox360 acts as a media center for a lot of people and it only has 512mb of RAM so only half a gb.

  • Heri Sim

    I would like to see some INNOVATION going into the D-pad. Maybe one with a 8-sided star shape? I always can’t hit the diagonal precisely on D-pads. It just sucks when you can’t even feel the diagonal “click” as it sinks.

  • Adamantus

    Dpad and U button still look unfinished, they don’t look as smooth and professional as say a dual shock is. (This could just be photography.)

    Having said that the controller has come on such a long way since the initial dev prototype. When that came out I was seriously worried about whether I’d be interested in having on anymore! Now the whole controller looks so much better.

  • jgotsch

    Seems like there are a lot of comments about batteries — should they be disposable or rechargeable? If they are rechargeable, how should they be recharged? A feasible solution might be to add a micro USB port on the bottom of the controller for recharging purposes. The controller doesn’t need to ship with rechargeable batteries (the Wii didn’t) but having the option to add rechargeable batteries that could be recharged via micro USB might be a reasonable compromise. It’s not “contact charging” as requested by some of the comments — but I’d say micro USB has become pretty common for charging devices and could be used OOTB. Unlike contact charging, micro USB wouldn’t require you to wait for development and purchase of a third-party recharging base/dock.

    • emlun

      Since the cornerstone of OUYA development from the very beginning has been openness, I expect that OUYA will use standard AA batteries. There are rechargable AA batteries and chargers readily available on the market for cheap, so there’s absolutely no reason for the OUYA team to reinvent that wheel. Standard rechargable AAs work great for the X360 and should work equally well for the OUYA.

      • kwratster

        That may be true but those batteries require a long charge time and hardly last 30 minutes or so

  • Spellblade

    Will there be a sans-wireless variety of the ouya control, for those of us that dont want to be bothered with changin batteries + rechargeable packs. . . ?

  • Twoh

    I love what I’m hearing. And I also support the push to have concave analogue sticks, simply because rubber wears and then you have no grip and no control. Longevity requires concave analogue sticks.

  • Shin-Oni65

    This may seem unnecessary, but there is a small simple thing you can add to make the Controller feel more natural like an average Console Controller. Add some sort of mini design to the Analogsticks. For example, the Xbox 360 controllers have 4 little dots in the Analogsticks that seem to give off a nice legit feeling, while the Wii U has a simple circle that goes around the Analogsticks. Plus it should be alot easier to design it since they now have a firmer rubber grip!

    Just a thought really…


  • Rich

    Ugh, another Xbox controller, pass. I rarely play my 360 anymore because of the controller. Ps3, to me, has the best overall design. I want my tumbsticks right next to each other, not spaced out this crazy with a ‘D’ pad in the middle.

  • BonusWavePilot

    Looking good, OUYA folks!

    I would also add my voice to the concave thumbstick brigade…

    Some kind of in-situ recharging option would be nice as well, but I understand that reworking power hardware is not to be undertaken lightly.

  • Controller is…bad

    Have played around with the ouya controller from a dev-kit, and compared to both PS3 and X360 controllers…it is pretty s**t to be honest. It’s “blockey” and “edgy” kind of design really do not help at all. Look at the X360 and PS3 controller. They are both very rounded where you hold them in your hand. Not the ouya controller. One would think that the good designer would have used the industry standard at least for reference, but alas not.

    Already ordered my Ouya…Please make it so that I can use my X360 controller wire-controller with the unit…

  • Derek

    Wait, a cross D-Pad… it looks like a disc but when you look closer, the raised cross isn’t connected to the corners…

    Aw man. I was hoping it was gonna be a disc style like the Sega Saturn controller. I actually can’t use cross style D-Pads for any lengthy duration due to a damaged thumb. They actually hurt my thumb as I position the joint in the middle and over time the sharp edges start to dig in and gaming becomes painful. I have a permanent scar there right on the center of the joint from an injury years ago when glass cut to the bone. I’ve tried playing games with the tip of my thumb on the center or tried moving it around but I just can’t do it. My thumb makes heavy use of the diagonals on circle pads, and I mean intentionally.

    If you keep it a cross, can you at least make it thick? Thinner ones like Nintendo ones are unusable for me, and the PlayStation pad I can’t use for more than 10 minutes before it feels like someone jammed a knife in there. The one pictured above looks thick but I don’t know the scale of it, so I don’t know if I have a valid point or if I’m just blabbing on without knowing how it really feels. But I’m just expressing my concern.

    :( I understand I’m like one in a million people who have a damaged thumb but it’d be nice to have a controller accessible to everyone. I’m also, unfortunately, one of those people who tends to play games that don’t use sticks at all. I like intense platformers and bullet hell shooters which can wear out your thumb quickly, so it makes sense that the D-Pad is the biggest concern of mine.

    Wish I could just try it and see for myself if it would hurt.

  • Ash

    How about an option to remove/unscrew the thumbsticks, so you can put in different ones? Even if the bit under the thumb part was removable, rather than unscrewing it from more inside the pad. Does that make sense? :/

  • Jason

    What crap. The only reason to buy this is to play emulated games from fourth gen systems and older. But they decided to output hd only, so you have to have a new tv to play games in a standard aspect ratio. HD tv’s are a load of crap, hold on while I drop $500 down to get a tv that will have a highly reflective screen, non-glass surface, display black-bars on the sides of my games, and have a fraction of the life of a 480p tv. WOW.

  • Shenan

    I wanted to add my voice to ask that the d-pad be similar to what is done on the nintendo or playstation controllers, that is, that only the actual 4 directions be exposed to the fingers. That way you eliminate or reduce accidental diagonal movements.

    I like concave sticks like others have mentioned too, as well as long travel on the triggers, for things like acceleration and braking on racing games.

    Finally, to the other posters, you know you can get really good rechargeable AA batteries! No need to over-complicate this thing or make it more expensive to manufacture.

    Thanks and good luck!

  • chris

    the best d pad by far is the playstation d pad .

  • The Bored Gamer

    Ok, what you guys do, is something companies really need to do. It’s great how you take all the feedback and go back and redesign. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Ouya in April!

  • Mike Edwards

    I’ve not been happy with a Game Controller since the Advent of the Nintendo 64 Controller, which to me has yet to be beaten for ergonomic design and precision. Rhe Three pronged design gave 3 positions of hold, and it meant that certain games (We all know I’m saying GoldenEye here) had the shoulder Aim button, the single Analogue stick, the ability to Straffe with a button rather than a Stick. Dual stick has never allowed me to ever come close to the level of speed and precision I had with the N64 Controller. The Control stick directly above above and the opposite side was perfect. I know it’s too late to redesign, but for Hardcore fans I think this was the best controller ever made.

  • Jared Rose

    Do the joy sticks have buttons underneath them?

  • shadow1w2

    Personally I prefer the Sega Genesis/Saturn style d-pad disc but those were good because of the size of the overall d-pad.

    The 360 ones trouble was being too small in my view.
    For fighting games a large d-pad disc works but a small doesn’t work for much.
    The cross is better even when smaller but larger and it gets worse for things more than a single tap.
    Overall a cross works at the right size.
    I was more afraid of seeing a D-buttons style the sony machines have. Really don’t like those.

    So far I think it looks good but I’d like to see what the triggers look like.
    Also no mention of an motion or gyro sensors.
    I know those cost money but a lot of android games use it and it would be nice to see that as an option, least for us trying to get our use of our android app collection. (xperia play *cough cough*)

    Either way not too bad.
    Though if only there was a cheap way to swap d-pads from cross to disc and still be cost effective to produce.
    Something bigger than the 360 ones at least.
    Its a thought anyway.

    Good job so far.

  • Mihail Panayotov

    OK, use regular rechargeable AA batteries, but make the controller recharge them via micro USB plug!

  • santi

    Well, it seems to be awesome but i have a problem with the controller. I only saw images and th circle boton on the right its likelly falling from the controller. I would move the bottons a little bit to the left or make a bigger controller. BUT it’s only my opinion

  • Ashish

    I want matte finish or i am not buying this and btw how much will a simple game cost and are there free games or not???

  • David carvalho

    hi my name is david, I’m from Brazil and I’ve been following you guys, for more information OUYA.
    And want to know if it will be sold also in BRAZIL? I want to buy a lot more OUYA not have to go buy one in the USA. Thank you.

  • Michael-Neo

    There should be fully custom design controller. Such as change any thumbstick and D pad. Or make it look like Xbox 360 or PS3 controller by move thumbstick place to place. It will be really cool!

  • Connor

    Many people are used to Xbox or Playstation controllers, and those used to Playstation wouldn’t be as comfortavle using the controller due to the layout of the analog sticks. I suggest developing another controller for OUYA that mimics the Playstation controller layout, as well as the Xbox-style one we see here. Then give consumers an option of which controller they want when they buy it, or maybe even let people trade in one style of controller for another in-store.

  • kwratster

    The ouya is not even released and yet sony has ALREADY ripped off the touch pad idea from ouya.

    • Adamantus

      It’s okay, it’s not like they’re going to get far with a “share” button! I think this is it from Sony, I’m sick of them.

  • Nadine

    I second concave sticks and a matte finish for the d-pad, if possible. If concave can’t be done for whatever reason, I think Shin-Oni65 has the right idea; texture on the thumbsticks goes a long way in making them more comfortable. It looks great otherwise, though.

  • Joe B

    PLZ put the analog stick back where the d-pad is now it would be 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.99999999999% better

  • ETeeski

    I hear what people are saying about the pros of having standard AA batteries and removing the need to buy special batteries and how there are already rechargeable AA batteries on the market. Still though, managing AA batteries is a huge pain and it can sometimes stop you from playing your games entirely until you take the time to go to the store. I think a good compromise would be to add a usb optional wire to the controller and allow the controller to bus power off of the console. I see a lot of electronics do this and it would keep the flexibility of standard AA’s.

  • Braille

    I am also for concave analog sticks as well as a matte d-pad. Another thing I would also like is that with these free to play games is that the free part be demo’s and not a free download of the game with In app purchase, I could see that being a turn off with lots of consumers. I want to feel like I’m playing on a console, not my computer. Another thing is, I would prefer new Ouya game consoles come out atleast every 2~3 years and not yearly, or else that has room to jeoperdize it’s own market. Another thing with the market. I think having multiple statistics to find good games would be sweet. For example, allow users to rate their games 1 to 5 stars, and have a list for top rated games. Also, most downloaded games as well as a section for most played games. I think that would make it easier to pick out some good games for us newbies. Also, I think implementing a channel to allow users to see a video of weekly game highlightx would also help us decide which games to check out. Also, will the controllers have no start or select buttons? If so, what do we do to pause? How will we save in rpg’s?

  • Killer

    Would be nice if the controllers look would be easy to change, changing color on different parts making the controller truly your own.

    + It would be nice if it would be possible to have the option of using a cable instead of batteries when playing (i.e. when the controller would run out of battery and you don’t have any spare)

  • Jonathan Mercer

    has anyone tested if the OUYA controller works like an xbox controller on the PC program “motionjoy”?

  • Saad

    please add audio out to the console.

    • Betfoyet

      yes that will be perfect! and its not that hard… an audio out

  • Jeff

    start and select should be there as well (even with different names), while the (U) button should work (as it does now) as the ps3’s (P) button.

  • Jarntazecht

    People are saying that the console should have an AV-Out and I agree with this, but not for the same reasons. HDTVs are becoming more and more common and it shouldn’t be too hard to go out and find a little LCD for 50 bucks. HOWEVER…A LOT of people I can imagine are gonna be getting the Ouya specifically for the emulators, and when it comes to old games, it doesn’t matter which console- you gotta play it on an analog TV. A lot of people will say you can get converters but it’ll be hard to find one that really works well.