We just licked the stamps and waved a fond farewell to 1,200 OUYA Developer Consoles. These are the early versions of OUYA that developers will use to start making games. They’re on their way to developers around the globe – by land, air and sea. OK, only by air — we want you to get them quick. Devs, expect them on your doorstep within the next few days.

First to accurately guess how many units are in the crate above (and tweet the answer to @playouya with #ouyacrate) wins a Dev Console. No, seriously. **We have a winner!**

We know some of you just… can’t… wait. You’ve been checking off your calendar along with us. Forget the holidays! There are games to build!

If you’re like us, you’re frustrated that shipping companies haven’t invented teleportation yet. To scratch that OUYA itch, we made you a short unboxing video. Check it out:

Here’s a list of the Dev Console package contents if you can’t watch the video right now:

  • Jet-black OUYA Devs package — “Thanks for believing”
  • Official Developer Welcome Letter (Frameable!)
  • One frosted translucent OUYA Dev Console
    • Surprise! We included a Micro-USB port, for your computer-hooking-up pleasure.
  • Two frosted translucent OUYA Dev Controllers
    • Batteries included!
  • HDMI cable
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Power adapter

There you have it. The OUYA Dev Console – sleek, solid and…see-through! (We’re, ahem, open.) As we said previously, these kits are very special. They’re a one-off design – “rare drops” for the most discerning and faithful developers whom we’re looking forward to meeting in the coming months.

They’re a work in progress, so we want your feedback. (Yes, we know the D-pad and triggers on the controller still need work — the final version will be different.) There will also be plenty of bugs…help us find them so we can fix ‘em! Please leave feedback on our forums at devs.ouya.tv.

And a little bonus is that the Dev Console has an early early early (you get that?) version of what our console UI will look like. We’ve been working on it, and we think you’ll love where we’re going with it. For now, here’s a screenshot of what it might look like when Kickstarter backers get their consoles in March…

So if you haven’t already guessed it, we’re opening up the OUYA Dev Portal, where developers can get all the information they need to start making games!

Devs, now’s the time to jump in and give the Dev Portal a whirl! Log in with your #ouyausername, download the OUYA Development Kit (“ODK”), participate in the developer forum where you can give feedback, ask questions, discussify and get ready to test your game on your incoming Dev Console.

And, just to underscore our commitment to creating this platform together with you developers, we’re releasing our ODK under a free software license.

We gave away a bunch of Dev Consoles to aspiring developers in our #myouyagame giveaway — but if you don’t have a Dev Console, we have instructions on how to get started making games for OUYA with off-the-shelf hardware included within the ODK.

We’ll be living together within the Dev Portal from now until launch – answering your questions, applying your feedback, and generally getting to know all of you as developers. We can’t wait to meet you – so come say, “hi.” And make some great games now, kk?

Viva la revolución,

Juleskane and all of us at OUYA

The OUYA Team

  • Leon Keyv

    I’d say 480 units!

    • Edward

      I’d say 576 units :)

  • Lukas

    I’m guessing 864 units.

  • Ákos Bodrogi

    I’d say there are 600 dev consoles in there :)

  • Constantine

    120 units?

  • Jamile


  • Dillon Mabry

    My guess is 545 units.

  • Ágnes Bodrogi

    I think there are 432 dev consoles in that package.

  • David Shere

    192 units? Congratulations on shipping.

  • Martin

    Fun! My guess after serious consideration is 192 units! :-)

  • Shi Jia

    my guess is 400units

    • Ooi

      300 units

    • zahide kupeli

      300 units is my guess

  • Richard


  • Orlando

    I think that there is 288 Ouya units!

  • Dundeex


  • Alexander


  • Alexander

    192 sorry

  • LucaMag

    maybe 576 :)

  • Fuzzy Cthulhu

    36? Just guessing- looks like shipping labels on the side. Probably waaaaay off, since they’re so small.

    Looking forward to seeing the consumer models out in the world!

  • Siddharth Pradhan

    I’d say there are 192 units.

  • Siddharth Pradhan

    Maybe I’m wrong but my guess will be 144.

  • 11vagr

    Just wanted to say: So far, you are making a great job!!!! Hope I can get my unit in the next couple of months. I can’t wait. Keep it up!

    Viva la revolución

  • Ronny

    It is 72 units to bad I don’t have twitter :P

  • Ronny

    oh noes it is 108

  • Mark

    144 !

  • goblinzzz

    my guess is 154 units

  • Mike

    I’m going to say 192 per pallet.

  • Michel Boudreau

    12 units

  • KLoWn

    From the looks i am going to say 36 units.

  • Troy Randle

    I’d say 600 units.

  • Paul

    How do you pronounce the name of the console?

  • joe


  • john wilkinson

    I don’t have access to twitter… I’d say 72 units…

  • http://www.gta5cheats.com GTA5Cheats

    Bring on the public release!

  • http://www.studioevil.com XeviaN

    YEAH! Can’t wait to develop on it :)

  • Itai Etzman

    Hi There.

    I would say there are 36 Units, 3 units per box with 6 boxes.



  • David

    There’s any news about Unity3D compatibility with Ouya?

  • fifthof9

    I tweeted but I would guess 576 units per crate. I’m so excited to see android games on my big screen. The potential is huge! Thank you Ouya.

  • Itai Etzman

    Oops, I see we were meant to post on twitter, my answer was wrong and there was already a winner … oh well :P

  • http://www.SignedAdam.webs.com SignedAdam

    Can’t wait to see the end product, great work guys

  • Jared Newbold

    That’s 360 units right there.

  • Cobra

    I am super psyched to see this moving forward. I’ve been keeping a very close eye on this project since I found it on kickstarter a long time ago and it’s amazing to see how far it’s come!

    I am excited and can’t wait for it to be retail where I can buy one (I’m a gamer, not a developer.) and mess around with it! Keep up the fantastic work OUYA team :D

  • NSR4yd3r

    As I’m looking forward to March, great job guys.

  • Steve

    Please tell me you are going to fix those controllers or let us use bluetooth ones.

    1. Get real directional buttons, not that lame xbox pad thing
    2. move the sticks to the place they belong not one low and one high. If you need a hint go look at a PS3 controller or a thrustmaster.

  • tony

    OUYA team…

    This looks fantastic. I see the potential that OUYA has in the current market. The fact that providen an open SDK for developers is a killer feature. Honestly, OUYA might become the perfect tiny computer too. I am already planning to get one maybe with my next paycheck. Are you planning to also sell a keyboard for it? If I can run Google Chrome/Puffin browser, I would be in heavens.

    Good job…keep it up!


  • Hugo

    My guess: 288 units.

  • tony

    Also, for the next OUYA 2 box, you should add a SD card slot so users can have the flexibility to save more apps, music, pictures, etc… Roku has one..you should take this into consideration.

    …can you also add maybe later a motion sensor!? (“you are the controller”)


  • http://degreesofzero.com Charles Hill


    I’ll make a wild guess …. 192 Units :)

  • Skoobs

    504 units?

  • lyon

    I’ll guess 144.

  • Steve Couch


  • Nahman Jayden

    I really want to see Ouya’s hardware evolve over time. The console could redefine the way the industry operates into the future.

    Also, I estimate 360 units!

  • Pete Jod

    This looks awesome. I wanna try some game dev eventually! Also, I say there’s about 800 units there

  • Uch

    Uch…I sure hope those controllers end up a little less bulky. Man they are ugly and cheap looking.

  • http://www.wordpress.com/beatokko beatokko

    Is the console upgradeable like a PC?

  • Uncle Mike

    192 to 198 (192) is my choice number

  • Allain

    Congratulations on shipping.
    my guess is 180 units.

  • Uncle Mike

    Second choice 198.

  • Uncle Mike

    3rd choice is 288 which is prob the most realistic.

  • Jason

    I would say 120 per crate

  • Corey

    216 units.

  • Samuel

    My guess: 280

  • Jan


  • Maurice


  • baby_huey

    576 units!

  • Blake Hulbert

    I pre-ordered mine! I can’t wait to get it in April, I’m counting down the days on my calender. I’m really looking forward to this, and please make a Star Trek and Star Wars game.

  • Stacy P

    My guess is 288 dev units per crate. the pallet dimension is 48x40x5, the shipping box dimension is roughly 22x16x16, and the dev kit box dimension is roughly 10x5x3.5 if you do the math it equals to 288 units per crate.

  • Pace

    There are 768 units in the crate. Tweeted it also.

  • Maurice

    192 units

  • Joshua Reilly

    If by crate you mean one box, 48
    If by crate you mean all the boxes stretch wrapped on that one pallet, then 720 consoles.

  • Jerry Krech

    Sounds like open minded thinking to me…

    My guess is 180
    12 per box @ 15 boxes per pallet.

    Best wishes!

  • nicholas j forte

    there are 140 ouyas on that pallet.

  • nicholas j forte

    either 140 or 130 ouyas

  • Dura

    my guess would be 144.

  • Lyndon

    I’ll hazard a guess at 868 altogether on the pallet.

  • Bassmeant

    rough estimate =
    10,000 units.

    each box prolly holds a couple hundred.
    those things are small. like the size of a pack of cigarettes.


  • Dragontrainer

    If it’s period 1,200 units, but if it’s per box ….then 100.

  • roms

    I gess there are 250 consoles there :)

  • GKing

    I would say 144:
    (12 box/crate) * (3 rows/box) * (4 consoles/row)

  • Jordan

    I would say 135

  • Jplup

    168 units

  • http://zaman786ahmad@hotmail.com 768


  • Mohammed Al-Sharmani

    120 units

  • Abedia

    I say a good 950

  • http://www.sorryaboutyourcats.com Sorryaboutyourcats


  • Adam Jones

    My guess is 720 units. 3x4x5 * 12 boxes.

    • Adam Jones

      And awww man, I don’t have a Twitter. Oh well, guess I can’t win. =l

  • Ken


  • Joe

    I’d guess 54.

  • David

    I’d say 162. Nine per box.

  • g

    10 per box, 12 boxes = 120

  • joe


  • Robert


  • Andrew

    36 units

  • Mikey400


  • steve brown

    24 units is my guess

  • thien

    Looks like 96 units per skid/pallet to me.

  • Jason Rider

    I’m guessing 360 units and a quick question- you say the finalized consoles will not be made of plastic. Metal body panels or composite?

  • JeremyR

    Keep the 360 style stick placement, the Sony Playstation controller layout is terrible (which is why they are the only company that uses it).

  • Mike

    im going to guess and say 120

  • ps vita

    It should be about 144 in a crate
    I hope i win

  • Robert

    270 units

  • Yevgeny

    432 units

  • ololoshka:D


  • Max


  • James

    64 dev consoles per box, 768 total consoles per pallet.

  • Alexander


  • Elite

    216 i think

  • eSqube

    180= 30 boxes x each contains 6 kits

  • Suncase


  • Oleg

    There are 216 units

  • Nikkkol93

    In first box – 18
    In second – 18
    Total – 32

  • Nikkkol93

    In first box – 15
    In second – 15
    Total – 30

  • Jackson

    My guess is 288

  • Andrew

    36 + 36 = 72

  • Valnor

    64 units

  • brizahd

    720 units

  • Valdimir


  • gleb

    768 units

  • Ageo

    Hello, will this console be on sale on Mexico? As it is open source I see no problems running into law and sales. Might be just the FCC. Can you please inform me. Thank you

  • Talgat

    I’d say 288 units!

  • NeCrO


  • Oleksii


  • Gobo

    I guess there are 162 consoles crammed into one shipping unit.

    That’s because I guess 9 of the black boxes shown in the video get into one brown box, 6 brown boxes per layer, 3 layers tall.

  • Oleksii

    sorry, forget to add 6, so total 648:)

  • Anon

    Over 9000

  • Maxim


  • NoRFoLk


  • Ernesto

    I say its either 64, 72 or 98

  • ressurectionofevil

    500 units

  • Valeriy

    240 pieces (20 in each box)

  • Nurtas

    108 units

  • Regis90

    It must be 900..

  • Oleg Tereschenko


  • Nigel Deighton

    Any prize for pointing out that it isn’t a crate………..but a pallet?

  • chris

    I was going to say 216, but thats taken. 270 is now my answer

  • jofoo


  • Dirk

    Hi there,

    it´s 600 each. The 1200 on 2 Paletts

  • Alex

    in boxes of 240 boxes

  • Regis90


  • Phyfer

    I say 864.

  • Aragon

    288 Ouyas 24 per box

  • Spudsdude

    There’s 216

  • Aragon

    288 24 per box

  • http://Breztech.net Breztech

    540 is the correct number.

  • VegaThePunisher

    Hello: Congrats on shipping. I would say there are 192 units in there.

  • Stephen


  • Chris O


  • LikerRegit


  • Sean


  • Sean

    That’s 324 total, or 27 per box. I’m not sure what you wanted.

  • Joe

    I’m going to guess 684!

  • Will

    180 unidades

  • Tarik

    i Say there are 288 in that crate

  • Awesomeness

    Around two hundred fifty units is my guess.

  • Brian


  • John

    My guess would be 288

  • Zach


  • Marshall


  • trent

    156 is my guess

  • Jm

    Maybe….. 120 units are there

  • David

    I’d guess 216 units on that one pallet.

  • Mike


  • Thomas

    I would say 180. In each box, 5x3x2 consoles, and 12 boxes makes 180 consoles.

  • Eric S

    350 for the win!

  • Norikatel


  • Poul

    There is 144 units

  • Poul


  • Akakiy


  • Jseverin

    12 lol

  • GofL

    441 =D

  • Mackan

    I quess it’s 108 consoles.. :)

  • Joseph Prokopyszyn

    I would estimate 320 Ouya units on that pallet.

  • Paul


  • Slavik


  • Abi


  • ryan


  • Vitaly Bedros

    My calculation tells that there are 15 big boxes in that crate, each box having 10 OUYAs inside it.

  • Terence

    I am thinking 375

  • Jeff

    36 on each crate

  • axw30

    It’s over 9000!

  • MaxCong

    96 units :)

  • MrOkirikO

    In my opinion 48

  • http://Sane4ek96@rambler.ru 108
  • http://Sane4ek96@rambler.ru Aleksandr

    108 OUYA

  • wac


  • Nins


  • WorldWarrior

    Look it’s relatively simple.
    Given the size of the Black Dev Box.
    My guess 8 to a shipping box.
    And 15 boxes to a pallet.
    That’s 120 units each.

    Furthermore they’re shipping 1200 units.
    That’s 10 pallets.
    I just wish I new about this before, so I could have gotten one.
    Congrats, to those lucky few.

  • nick s

    Using the theory of emergence, the answer is most likely 428 units. Yes, I seriously calculated it with every number posted before me. Bonus points for dedication at least right? haha

  • Synoptic

    1288 :)

  • http://russboynick.ru Vlad

    2013 units

  • Nikolai


  • Headzup

    my guess is 240 :-) At first I thought 540… but 240 makes more sense :D

    But I don’t find my Twitter-Account, can’t remember my name or emailadress :D

  • Adakain


  • https://vk.com/victorshuktomov Victor Shuktomov

    Must be 43

  • Bob

    That screenshot looks an awful lot like metro.

  • Arsenty

    it is 36
    3 per box * 12 boxes

  • Jefferson


  • superzareth

    i solved! 360 units… (=

  • Yiannis

    For $100 it is worth getting it even as a media center pc considering that xbmc will work on it.

    I can see this competing upcoming boxes running with Steam for Linux

  • marko keskitalo

    i’d say 72pcs

  • Freebs2

    24 consoles X 18 boxes = 432 :)

  • Ryan

    Finally, the best console in a long time has arrived. Thank You for including an HDMI cable, that small little accessory shows how much you care for you customers.

    Thank You for getting it Right OUYA!

  • silvius

    I guess 1200 units in the crate.

  • http://mobilemoviestar.com MMS

    There are around 60 units!

  • Ryan

    I would say there are 90 units inside.

  • Danil

    45 штук pieces units

  • Anton


  • guizinpeix

    creio q haja 150 OUYA´S nesta caixa

  • http://Sane4ek96@rambler.ru Aleksandr

    162 ouya

  • Woody

    Now honestly, no one did any match? We have no winner yet? Or it has been announced on Twitter?

  • asher

    1200 units
    120 per pallet
    10 pallets

    go go go

  • William

    I say 288

  • matthew


  • rickosh

    Will the micro-usb be included on consumer boxes? I would love to port some of my Unity3D games to the OUYA, but I’m not sure if the micro-usb interface will be on my consumer box. I simply did not have the budget for a dev console, so I hope I can still get my games out there.

  • mali


  • Mario Gamboa

    I would like the final unit comes with the lastest tegra 4 processor would be great

  • Carlos Castillo

    How can i dev ouya games without console? :'(

  • Mario Gamboa

    hi guy checking the new release of nvidia tegra 4 chip would be nice ouya have a plan to sell a cpu upgrade because if we consider it an open platform and we could also expand memory in the final version or any future version I’d pay to be nice to always have a system which could be updated easily and without any other cost of buying a whole new console only and upgrade the processor or add more memory to new games or more hard disk space there as I leave wishlist

  • Kostya


  • Sergio


  • Phillip Fotineas

    540 units per pallet

  • Johns

    I would say there is about 192.

  • Cory Lonas

    432 with both pallets combined.
    216 per pallet.

  • http://f historician

    don’t like you’re using words “viva la revolucion” which are attached to this bastardo murderer Che Guevara.

  • http://binarystacks.tumblr.com Donte Boone

    144 units (12 cases, 12 units per case)

  • Hector Enderson

    I think that there is 288 Ouya units!

  • Cassia Andrade

    I think that there is 360 Ouya units!

  • Michael A. Jones Jr.

    I say 36 consoles!

  • keven bonda

    all of you guys are wrong because each box is 2 kits controllers too not just the consle itself i say 24 2 x 12=24units im so sure i got it right its not funny

  • https://frushi.pl/ Frushi

    I see you had a good time everyone :DDD