I’m so thrilled to welcome Ittle Dew by Ludosity to the OUYA DISCOVER family, and this week I sat down with developer Joel Nyström to chat about the game, and of course, other things on development and beyond.

Check out the interview to hear more about Ittle Dew, as well as the town of Skövde, the college-town where Ludosity is based, which has only about 50,000 people in it, but over 20 game companies! I’m considering relocating at this point. OUYA Sweden, anyone? We also discuss how to get into programming when you think it’s an impossible feat, and taking paying gigs while working on your passion project.

Ittle Dew is a puzzly adventure game from Ludosity, filled with secrets and shortcuts.

Professional adventurer Ittle and her sidekick Tippsie crash their raft onto an island filled with carefully crafted adventures, and they waste no time setting about to rob the locals blind of their gold. On the island they also meet Itan Carver, a trader and craftsman who promises to fix their raft, for a price…

You can find Ittle Dew in the FEATURED section of DISCOVER now!






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  • Max

    Picked this game up late last night, and I have been enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work OUYA and Ludosity!

  • Shenzakai

    This looks just awesome and seems to be heavily inspired by some little guy with a green hat ;)
    When I will finally receive my Ouya this will be one of my first games on it!

  • Jonas

    IF you relocate Sweden, please take with you the console I backed 2012/08…

  • Random User

    Totally off topic but where is the extra controller I ordered with my Ouya? The system and the first controller arrived but not the extra. It has been 9 days since submitting a support ticket asking the same thing…

    How do I get an answer?

  • Michael

    How do I get a refund on my Kickstarter order? I’m tired of waiting. You really stuck it to a lot of us.

    • http://www.cladjo.it Claudio Michelizza

      The nice service omiss some part of my address and my ouya is ?
      the support dont respond lol nice service….. realy!!!!!

      i email dhl for same answer …ouya support dont give nothing answer to my question

  • Stop Lying

    What is your real response to “Gonna fix this” from the kickstarter last update. Since them, some of us all stilling waiting their console or refund.

  • Tyler

    My tracking number for my order still doesn’t work, my email request wasn’t answered and my twitter tweets aren’t being responded too. Fail.

  • Kow

    Why can’t it purchase by a dollar basis in Japan?
    In the case of 99 pounds, it will increase 1.5 times of 99 dollars.

  • http://www.cladjo.it Claudio Michelizza

    Thank for wrong address
    Thank for erase my patient
    Thank for all
    nice service …………..i want back my money dam service.

    and someone can answer to my email!?!?!?!?!?!?1


  • adam

    add a review layout section so we can tell the dev. wats up with glitchs the n64 wont play pokemon snap and a lil buggy with with others…