Ready to join the OUYA team?

OUYA has an awesome team of Android and Ruby-on-Rails engineers with experiences across web, game, and mobile development. We’re always looking to add to our San Francisco Bay Area based team.

Who we are

We’re disrupting console gaming by making the first open console. It uses Android, and our server is written with Rails, but starting to dip our toes into front-end frameworks like Angular.js.

Who you are

You’re an experienced and talented developer, taking great pride in your creativity and passion. You’re comfortable learning new technologies, but ideally have multiple years of experience with Android and/or Rails development. You love to own feature development, but also have no qualms spending days squashing bugs. You value learning and personal growth, and have both a breadth of skills as well as a depth of knowledge in a particular area. You love writing tests as much as writing code, and of course play well with others. You’re even more awesome if you’re a gamer.

What we want you to do

We’re working on lots of great features. Here are some things you might work on with us:

  • Customizing Android, digging into the framework itself
  • UI and Android app development
  • Streaming audio and video integration
  • Improving our application security
  • Continuing development on the auto-updating and patching software
  • Device diagnostic tool development
  • Analytics services for developers
  • Authoring sample games and documentation
  • Payment processing and billing
  • Recommendation systems
  • Community integrations
  • Database design and optimization
  • Customer-facing web development
  • Server management and scaling

To apply, please email