Publish before March 28 and we will tell your story to the world.

First of all, hello! This is my first official OUYA blog post, and I couldn’t be more excited to work with all of you.

Devs, as of today, any game you upload to OUYA on will be available for real on OUYA when units start to ship on March 28. This means the games you have in the store after today will be in gamers’ hands when they receive their OUYA units — starting first with our Kickstarter backers, and continuing on through June when we launch to anyone and everyone who wants to get OUYA.

Those of you who uploaded a game during our test period — thank you for helping us work out the kinks — we are now resetting the store from those early uploads and starting over fresh!

Here’s how it will go down:

  • You submit your game on
  • We will review submissions (as quickly as we can!). See our Content and Review Guidelines on the dev portal — that’s what we’ll be checking it up against. Don’t worry, it’s a pretty brisk read.
  • You will be notified by email when your game is ready to go live, or if there are any issues.
  • After you go live, OUYA allows you to update your game, as often as you like, at no cost to you.

And here’s where it gets interesting!

We want to help developers make their games known. So, if you publish your game before March 28, you’ll be eligible for a special promotion.

We will take the top three games (by total gamer time spent playing during the first six weeks that OUYA is in gamers’ hands), and… make you famous! OUYA is investing in a series of short documentaries to tell developers’ stories. We want to share your process, ups and downs, everything that goes into making the thing that you love — and that game we love to play.

If your game is one of the top three in the first six weeks, then one of those documentaries will be about you. We will rely heavily on these documentaries to tell people about OUYA, and we’ll share them far and wide as part of our launch marketing in June leading up to the holidays — everyone will know your name, your game, and where to play it ;)

Can’t wait to play your games! We’re truly honored to have you as our inaugural developers.

– Kellee



Dev. BFF

  • MMORPG Project

    I’ll definitely be submitted the most talked about MMORPG for Android to OUYA!

  • David Tian

    Congrats on the first blog post!

    Out of curiosity, how long is the estimated approval period? And if we upload by next Friday (assuming we do a reasonable job following guidelines), is it still very likely to have it out by March 28th??


  • Greg Hastings

    This is cool promo, however, I’d like to hear more details on how you will advertise my game as Backer? That was listed in my rewards, but no further details about what that actually is were provided so far.
    Thanks for the communication;-)

    Greg Hastings

  • Christopher Thigpen

    I cannot wait to be able to develop for OUYA. I am very excited about recieving my OUYA in the next few weeks.

    Best of luck. You got my kickstart, you have my initial product purchase.

    Now…I hope to be one of the 3 that you feature.

    thank you!


  • Rich Siegel


    I’m so excited that you are now involved with Ouya. Video games are art damn it! Yours are… and mine certainly is… We will definitely not be done by March 28th, but we’ll be submitting to you as soon as we’re done. I’d be happy to give you a build if you’d have interest in playing it. We got a very good response at Magfest. Thanks for your time and everything you’ve done for the community.

    – Rich Siegel

  • dgu123

    Hello ,

    That is a superbe news !
    We have been working for a year on some games , and we will be ready the 28 mars !!!

    see you


  • drMikey

    Hi Kellee

    Still haven’t been able to find any info as to whether OUYA will support AIR for Android games without a problem, and am without a Dev Kit to test. I would love to get some of my games working on OUYA day 1. Any info?


    Mike Stanton

  • OUYA News

    Sounds really good.

    It´s great that you are supporting the devs so much.

  • Chris

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to receive our OUYA and start developing for it!

  • Jason

    That sounds great and also a great way to boost financial teams to the top and kick the the smaller indie devs :)

    Why not instead showcase different developer situations.

    Full Team and established small company
    Start up Team
    Solo developer

    otherwise this “contest” is not a contest, but instead a purchased winning spot.

  • phil


    you should update the info text on:


  • Chaosprower

    “The size of the initial Game’s download (the .apk file) should be 750MB or less. If a Game requires additional files or assets, they should be delivered via your own servers.”

    This is bad news for big-scale games :(

  • Guus Hoeve

    Hey Kellee!

    First of all; congratulations on getting this awesome job at an awesome company!

    I really like the incentive you give us to make a great game, it’s something that can make a big difference for us devs who need it. However I have one comment on the single variable this “competition” is measured by; ” by total gamer time spend playing”.

    Surely more popular games will be played more hours, but the nature of the game sometimes doesn’t require alot of playtime (rpg vs arcade for example) for one or a couple of playsessions. Next to that, maybe someone really likes your game, but doesn’t have the time to invest to show his/her support.

    Surely a small game gets massive playtime if players play more sessions/levels, but shouldn’t there be another factor taken into account like how many times people recommend this game/ liked this game / rating/ etc? Because then you can also show your support even if you don’t have the time to spend.

  • Stephen Brown

    Great to here. We’re still hopeful of a release ready by the 28th.

  • Harry Moran

    Hey Kellee
    First of all, congrats on the new job! Must be awesome to work with these guys on a something you all have such a passion for! Anyway, I’m looking into making an Ouya game, but it’ll definitely not be ready by the 28th so I was just wondering if you’ll be making any more of these docs? I think it’s an awesome marketing idea for both you and the devs.

  • BingoMion

    Awesome! very exciting!

  • Roy Hatcher

    I have been following your development and am so very excited about the prospects of the OUYA and the future of Indie Game Development with it. I hope that you like our game!

    -Roy Hatcher


  • risecreature

    About promotion. If my game not finished yet (and I hope to release the game by the end of the year), I lose part of the year of promotion as backer ? Not fair…
    If everyone had early access to SDK, every OUYA is devkit. So my predge on kickstarter was for nothing.
    The only difference is “founder emblem”. Not too much.

  • Royal x Crown

    So….Uhm… Anything new about the GL_OES_depth24?

  • damon

    hi just wanted to know i preordered the ouya and just wanted to know when will it come out when will i recieve my ouya

  • John

    Hey there, awesome to hear that people can start uploading stuff to the store now!

    I’d like to make a couple of comments about your Review guidlines. First of all, “Violence: Do not encourage real word violence, in any way.”, I’m assuming you meant to say “Do not encourage real WORLD violence”?

    Secondly, what exactly does that mean? Does that mean first person shooters won’t be allowed? Or just games that specifically say go out and shoot people?

  • Rick Hegdahl

    Will the Ouya have any streaming apps onboard like netflix or iHeart?
    I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my console!

  • Seth

    Will you be at E3 this year! You need to represent with the big three!

  • bassrockers

    nice to hear ;D


    I have two questions;

    1. Will the SiriusXm app be available on the console so millions of people can listen to Howard Stern while playing a game like on my tablet?

    2. Since I already have a android tablet and paid and downloaded some awesome games, can I just use my email and password to migrate the games I already have to the console, or will I have to pay for the games again?

  • John

    Any idea if you guys are gonna have a presence at PAX this year? Thinking about getting a system at the retail launch but I’d like to get my mitts on one to try first.

  • Peter

    When is this released?

  • Uri B.

    This is the cleverest marketing idea I’ve seen in a long time.
    Well done guys.
    (+ can’t wait for my console… )

    • Nana Duodu


      will this device be a 100v – 240v for power input?
      I’m looking at using this for a Gaming Center in Ghana and we don’t use 110v devices. All our electronic devices run on 2220v-240v…Keep up the good work.

  • Kamil

    Hi guys, do you count submitting a game before March 28 or does it have to go through the review process and be actually published in a live store?

  • Cielmer

    Nevermind E3, haul ass to Penny Arcade Expo 2013!!

  • Fillipe

    March 28 will be sent when the consoles around the world? or only the U.S.? When you come to Brazil for those who bought the pre-order in Can not wait to my hands on this little beauty …

  • Serianni

    The units shipping out the 28th, are they they kickstarter pre-orders, or the original site preorders that were estimated to arrive in April?

  • Scyfox

    Can’t wait to get my OUYA.
    Greetings from Chile (South America)

  • Spenser Border

    Will we receive another email about when we can expect our ouya if we ordered?

  • Michael Jones

    Man I hate that I didn’t become a backer on in time. I have to wait til late June. Aww Mannnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!! :(

  • Clay

    Starting to see traction in the real world — now there’s a comic strip:

  • Charles Hadeed

    if we make a game but dont use the Android Library (i used the Slick2d library), but still programmed in java. Would it work on the OUYA?

  • D. Gibson

    Wewt! Can’t wait for my Pre-order, and I hope this ushers in a new era of budget multiplayer for the casual gamers! Not everyone wants to plunk down $400+ on a DRM locked console!

    None of this “Oh we just dropped backwards compatibility garbage!”


  • Michael G.

    When do you ship pre-ordered ouya’s? I pre-ordered it 2012-12-29. In the pre-order notification mail you said April 2013. Is that correct? I can’t wait to get my ouya :D

  • Joel

    I’m confused, you can order the console and have it by June it says on the webpage, so who will be playing on March 28? Just us backers?

  • Backer

    No word in the final hours?

  • Darnell

    Is the release date March 28th still or is it June 2013 as stated on the front page?

  • Auld_Monk

    It really is a smart way to promote the system.
    Though I’m not sure how effective it is for pushing consoles I’m pretty convinced that it is a huge gain in community goodwill.

  • Jones

    I can’t wait to get my Ouya!!! Congratulations to the Ouya team for making it to your goal and getting the console out in time! I’m really pumped!

  • jocuri copii

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