We came across this video over the weekend and wanted to give our friends at MobileGeeks and MiniPCPro a shout out for their support and for the great video review!

The OUYA Team

  • http://skoggy.se Skoggy

    Nice, just a note here. The sandbox is not for games that are “kind of not working” as described in the video. In my understanding the sandbox is where all games start until they get “enough” likes or downloads to get bumped up to the genres right?

    • http://www.facebook.com/annel.personal Annel

      it seems that way.

    • Tim

      Skoggy, you’re absolutely right — O-Rank will determine whether or not a title bubbles up from the Sandbox — good catch and thanks for clarifying!

      • http://www.mobilegeeks.com Nicole Scott

        Hey Tim,

        Nicole here from Mobile Geeks, we backed Ouya with $275 … we back them, this wasn’t a special press deal!

  • andy

    what about getting the consoles out to the peeps who gave u $9m to get the thing started in the 1st place these are the people who gave u the most support .still no e-mail

    • Tim

      Andy, I obviously wish every early backer was already playing their OUYA and sorry to hear that you’re frustrated. Hit us back at support@ouya.tv with your order info and I’ll see what we can find out for you.

    • Michael Christenson II

      Sorry you haven’t received yours yet Andy. I was a founding funder like you. Mine came last week.
      with them.
      I did get an email a couple weeks before, but the tracking number failed. Called DHL two days before it arrived and they said it must not even been in the US yet. DHL failed miserably in knowing anything.

      The Ouya arrived safely in a couple days and it works pretty well. My kids love it! I’m learning my way around it. I will be developing for it with them.

      I hope you get yours soon and can enjoy it as much.

      • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

        glad to hear your kids are loving it, Michael — thanks for the update. can’t wait to see the project you’re working on!

    • http://www.redantgames.com/ Jason McMillen

      Even as this post is still in moderation, I have finally got my email response with tracking number. Thank you very much. This makes me quite happy. I just needed to know what was going on.

      I know every person behind OUYA cares deeply and I hope that you guys get the extra help need to get you through this insane initial hump and are able to continue on to become a hugely successful staple in the gaming community at large.

      All the best folks!

      • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

        Jason, thanks again for your patience and apologies for any frustrations as they relate to slow responses from our team. We’re cranking through as best we can and truly appreciate everyone’s patience and support!

  • Matt

    Looks great.

    However, I pre-ordered my Ouya back in April and am very disappointed not to have heard anything since.

    Where is it guys?!

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Hey Matt, I’ll do my best to get you an update using your email listed here, but please also follow-up with a note to support@ouya.tv and my team will look into getting you an update ASAP. Thanks for being patient and supporting us!

  • http://stolk.org Bram Stolk

    Bonus points for showing ‘The Little Crane That Could.’

  • vgtre

    If they bring a new OUYA every year, they should also bring a cheaper “Indie Update Kit” which includes the new internal hardware to install it for yourself!

    I would love that!

  • CadmiumRED

    I was e-mailed that my OUYA was in the way, but there’s been absolutely no word on a tracking number, and that was last Sunday. I’m not too happy about that.

  • Martin Terreni

    What about an internet browsing option? I sow it in a previous video an it is not here…

  • HiDef90

    Got my email :D with a tracking number but it’s not up on DHL, not too fussed though, I know it’s coming. I’m just happy it’s coming! Yay!

    This a brilliant video, it’s going up on my facebook for sure. Good solid fair and understanding review! Whoever bought this console thinking it was gonna bring down the big guys, they are fools! So keen for Super Nintendo titles and 64 titles all in one place! DON’T forget my server powered with an OUYA and XBMC. AWWWW SHIT!

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Thanks for your support HiDef90!

  • Erik

    I too am an early backer from the Kickstarter that STILL has not received the console I paid for. The console that was supposed to be delivered to all the early backers MONTHS ago. The console that was promised to be received by all early backers long before (already pushed back to try and save face) retail release day. So far all we get is empty promises of “your OUYA is on it’s way” and mind-numbingly vague line graphs that are a complete farce.

    Myself and 3 of my friends/coworkers haven’t even received shipping emails from these people, and as I’ve read in the hundreds of disgruntled comments on the kickstarter page, many others are in the same boat. Apparently it was more important to plan a guerrilla PR campaign outside of E3, and try to gain more corporate support instead of taking care of the people who got the ball rolling on your funding in the first place. Great business model, team OUYA!

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Erik, I’ve sent your email on this account to our CS team to review and they will get back to you tomorrow (at the latest) with an update. I also am sorry to hear you’re frustrated — our team continues to do everything in our power to get early backer OUYAs to doorsteps as quickly as possible and truly wish EVERY backer had their OUYA at home and fired up at this point. Thanks for your patience — we will continue to learn and get better as we go so thanks again for your ongoing support of OUYA!

  • Noel

    Hey only just got wind of this. Looks intresting, very intresting.
    Is this open source gaming, software?

  • Crosbot

    Still no sign of mine, there was a promise that everyone would have their console before they get to stores “Guarantee we will have one available for you, before it gets to stores.”

    Get the money, then lie – that’s the ouya way!

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Crosbot, I’m sorry to hear your frustrated and I’ve sent your email on this account to our CS team — they will get back to you by tomorrow at the latest with an update. We’re doing everything we can to get early backer orders completed as quickly as possible and, again, apologize that you’re not receiving the shipping communications meant for you. I’ll make sure you get an update ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

  • Frank

    Your customer service has been absolutely horrible. Why has there been no Kickstarter update in over 2 weeks when clearly there are disastisfied backers who STILL haven’t received their Ouyas, despite the fact that you claimed that “100% have shipped”?

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Frank, we continue to work with our distribution partners to get all of our orders moving as quickly as possible and I’m sorry to hear you’re frustrated with the (lack of) progress on your order to-date. I’ve sent your email (attached to this account) to our CS team and they will respond in the next 48 hours with a personal update. Although we have successfully shipped 100% of our early backer orders, it’s the unfortunate truth that getting product from our Hong Kong facilities to distribution centers around the world has proven to take longer than we had originally anticipated. Again, our team will connect with you directly in next 48 hours and thank you for your patience and for supporting us — we are committed to learning quickly and getting better every day and couldn’t have made it here with your help — so thank YOU!

  • M

    Why have u stopped updating Kickstarter where still over 7000 peple havent recived their Ouya ?

    Only thing people wanted was communication and the truth.
    Us, the people who funded you have been asking for weeks for information and the last public update you did was to say that every Ouya has been shipped when it really wasnt.
    This makes everyone concerned and even more anoyed when all emails sent being ignored.

    Projects can have hickups, but atleast be open and truthfull bout it.

    Make an honest statement to the lasr 7000 KS investors and tell us all why things got messed up.
    Its ok to do that, no shadow will fall upon you. It will though if the backers who invested in Ouya are still being kept in the dark.

    And for the remaining ones of us who wont recive the consoll in time as promissed.
    Will we be comoensated, such as free credits in the Ouya Game Store or similiar ?

    Best regard

    Hope you clean up the mess you left and that Ouya has a great future.

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      M, thanks for your note and my apologies that you’re frustrated with progress and communication to-date. I’ve sent your information (email on this account) to our CS team and they will respond within the next 48 hours with a personal update on your order. I understand your frustration and I truly wish every backer had his/her OUYA at home and fired up already — unfortunately not quite the case though we’re getting closer by the day. We appreciate your support and please know that not a day passes that the team here at OUYA reflects on the fact that none of this would be possible with your support! We’re doing everything we can to make our backers proud and appreciate your patience as we work through the early backer shipments still en route. Thanks again and please look for an update from one of our CS folks very shortly!

  • Troncoso

    I’m in the same boat as Cadmium. Except I got my notice on Saturday. I find it hard to believe that it’ll make it here in the 2 weeks promised if it still hasn’t shipped yet.

  • tiF

    Same here… I’m a backer and I didn’t even receive a shipping notification. Emailed support 2 weeks ago and no answer. I want to believe in your project, but for now, I’m not satisfied at all. We were promised to get our console before retail, and guess what, it will not happen.

  • Andreas

    Hi. just wondering when the ouya will begin to ship to those who pre-orderd it in may.

    My order #5550

    Cant wait to bring some friends over when i get my ouya and start showing them the greatness :-)

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Andreas, I’ve sent your information to our CS team — please look for an update in the next 48 hours. Thanks for your support and patience!

  • Harry

    Unfortunately still waiting on my OUYA – even though I got my shipping confirmation mail weeks ago – with a non existing Tracking link and non working Tracking Code.

    Very disappointed – hope to get it soon or to get my money back.

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Harry, I will check on your order and get back to you ASAP with an update. Tracking numbers typically take 2-3 weeks to activate and then the time between that point and arrival to your doorstep has been pretty quick. That said, stay tuned and I’ll let you know if we can see anything more detailed / specific on our end. Thanks for your patience and support!

  • Etienne

    #myouyaiscoming (order 38191
    ”Your OUYA has arrived at our distribution center and we expect it to land on your doorstep within the next two weeks (give or take a day or two depending on your location)”

    <– That was on May 23.

    We are on June 18, no tracking number, no email, no OUYA. What's up with you guys? I've just looked on your Facebook page and we are hundreds, if not thousands in my situation. You should explain to us what happen; the total lack of communication is extremely bad for you. I emailed you already with no anwser.

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Etienne, I’m sending your note to our CS team directly. Sorry for your frustrations and we’ll do everything we can to get back to you with an update by tomorrow. The fact that you received your shipping notice is a good sign, though — product continues to (literally) fly through our distribution and mailing services 24 hours / 7 days a week so appreciate you being patient as we work through the process. Thanks again for supporting OUYA!

  • celebrim0r

    The OUYA isnt shipped from the US it is shipped from Hong Kong by DHL to the user, but the shipping from the factory to DHL is done by several other local logistic companies, DHL doesnt pick them up themself. So if you received the mail that your OUYA is on its way, it has been packed and waits for pickup by this local logistic company. it still can take up to three or four weeks until it reaches DHL and before your Tracking Number is created.

    This exactly happened to me, i had asked the support and they confirmed it.

  • Robert

    I´ve Emailed you guys 3times last 2weeks and noone have answered me. I know there are people that mailed in the same timeframe and gotten respons, are you guys ducking mail regarding where peoples ouyas are? Im a the point if im wondering if preorder through you guys was a hugh misstake and borderline fraud.

    Can someone give an answer and not just the “soon” answer. You gotta have some clue right?

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Robert, thanks for your note — we’re cranking through updates for all of our backers (via personal responses) so apologies for the frustration / waiting! I’m sending your email attached to this account to our CS team and they will contact you directly for an update. Again, apologies for the delay in responding and thanks for you patience and support!

      • Robert

        Thx for atleast noticing i exist, i’ll await the email then. But seriusly, preorder was huge misstake? I was expecting my console to be here before / same day the release, thereof the preorder. Instead im rewarded with what looks to be a month extra wait while people can get it retail.

  • Nouya

    So I ordered my Ouya 11 months ago on 19 July 2012, backer 36612. I experienced all the same delays and BS updates as everyone else, but it seems that most people have actually received their device. But not all of us. Julie Uhrman sent an email to us unlucky (unluckier) ones on 8th June, this is it:

    I can tell you that everyone is pushing and working hard and YOU are important to us. If for whatever crazy reason you do not receive your MY OUYA HAS SHIPPED email by Wednesday (6/12), we will email you. We will keep you in the loop. PROMISE.

    Of course, I didn’t get my MY OUYA HAS SHIPPED email, nor did I receive the “PROMISED” email to keep me in the loop. Now, after reading more or less the same BS for months, I didn’t for a moment think that what she said would be true. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not annoying. I emailed support@ouya.tv asking for some update (after all, Julie ‘promised’ me an update), but I’ve had no reply, like many others, it seems.

    What should I do if you don’t keep your promises, and you don’t answer me?

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Nouya, I’m sorry to hear your frustrated and wish it weren’t the case. I’m sending your info to our team directly now and we will respond with an update today (to the email on this account — assuming it’s the same one you used to place your original order). Again, appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the final stages of delivering early backer OUYAs and know that we are sincere in saying — we couldn’t have made it this far without you guys and that we TRULY WISHED executing the production and shipment of these early units was smoother. We’re learning and getting better every day and appreciate you guys sticking with us — thanks for your support!

    • Nouya

      Wow, thanks for the speedy reply Tim, and yes that’s the same email address I used to place my order. And sorry for my sarky post, but the broken PROMISE email from Julie was the last straw.

      I look forward to an update from you guys…

  • Leonard Herndon

    I hate that this is the only place people seem to get a reply, but I have also received no response to the multiple communications with my pre-order. At this point I am losing confidence that the Ouya is even going to be at retailers on June 25th. And if so, will you be refunding my pre-order so I can pick it up from the store? I’m just really excited to play/dev on it, and the lack of personal communication is frustrating.

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Leonard, thanks for the note. I’ve sent your email info to our CS team who will be in contact within 48 hours with a personal update. Although I understand the frustration you’re experience, we truly appreciate your support and patience as we continue to work 24/7 on getting early backer orders to doorsteps as quickly as possible by pushing our various distribution partners. We couldn’t have made it here with your support and thanks again for your patience!

  • Nouya

    I also meant to say, it’s not the inevitable delays that everyone is pissed about – we all know that kind of thing happens, c’est la vie – it’s being literally promised an email by the founder of the company but not receiving it. And just generally being kept in the dark. All most people wanted was to be kept updated and informed of what was going on. I think nearly everyone could live with delays.

  • wombateer

    Got my tracking number, so it can’t be far away. Can’t wait to get going.

  • Nouya

    Hi Tim – thanks for moving this along, I got the “myouyaiscoming” email from Chad, but there are 3 things wrong.
    (1) The order number quoted in the subject line is not mine.
    (2) The address is wrong, and includes a part of an address in Hong Kong.
    (3) My order is not right, I pledged $225:

    Kickstarter exclusive. Reserve an OUYA plus two controllers — each with your username ETCHED into it, so they’re uniquely yours. (Same shipping costs, and you also get to reserve your username and get a founder emblem.)

    I replied to the email but I’m worried that it won’t be processed in time…

  • Nouya

    Please disregard, Chad already replied, it seems to be in hand. Thanks.