We’d like to introduce you to Robert Bowling, president of the game developer Robotoki, and an early backer of our Kickstarter. You might recognize Robert from his work with the Call of Duty franchise.

Earlier today, from his Twitter account (@fourzerotwo), Robert hinted that he had some news.

Well here it is: OUYA gamers will get FIRST access to the ravaged world of his post-zombie-apocalyptic game, Human Element.

Robotoki is the first studio to commit to building a game exclusively for OUYA: an episodic prequel that will set the stage for his eventual release of Human Element in 2015.

Welcome to OUYA, Robert!


Check out Robert’s exclusive OUYA – Human Element video and photo below!


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The Head Honcho

  • Johannie

    If only i knew about kickstarter before the deadline :( at least I’ve already pre-ordered since August :D