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Our friends at Duxter are taking a spin on the ole’ OUYA blog! Check out Duxter’s Top 10 favorite OUYA games on the DISCOVER storefront right now and read below on how they’re connecting fellow OUYAns at duxter.com.

What is Duxter?

Duxter is a social platform where gamers and game developers build communities around their favorite games. The Duxter team hated talking about gaming on Facebook and was sick of poorly-designed forums and ad-infested wikis. We set out to build modern and beautiful social tools that empower gamers, and that is exactly what we have done. With a team of eleven, our Seattle-based startup has touched millions of gamers and has provided a home for dozens of game communities.

BSquad Announcement

Our OUYA story

As you might expect, we are a team full of gamers. We are not crazy loyalists that only play one game for years on end. We like to play all sorts of games from all sorts of genres on all sorts of platforms. Several of us backed OUYA on Kickstarter because we believe in the fundamental mission of democratizing games. More games in the hands of more gamers is a value we all share. As soon as we received our first OUYA, we were immediately hooked. It became an office tradition to play a few rounds of BombSquad, our favorite game, before the day was over.

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Community Development

Shortly after becoming BombSquad fanatics, we reached out to Eric Froemling the creator of BombSquad. We loved the game and wanted to help Eric build out an amazing community around his hit title, and The BombSquad Portal was born (check it out). The BombSquad portal offers a game specific newsfeed, a wiki, forums, videos (imported from YouTube), and a hall of fame app (a contest app to share videos/pictures and win prizes). The community is accessible through web, mobile, and the Duxter app. Currently, we are working with Eric to build leaderboards and video-sharing integration to allow BombSquad players to post their highlight videos to the community directly from the game.

We are excited to be working on our own OUYA app which will allow OUYA gamers to have access to their favorite OUYA game communities directly from their device.

Why is community so important?

We believe that all games should embrace their community. When we look back at our favorite games our fondest memories are often of the games that had the best communities. The games that we share and play with our friends, the games with the easter eggs, the games that showed us how much they cared about us as gamers. For game developers this isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a great deal of time, focus, energy, and technical chops. At Duxter, we seek to make game developers’ lives easier by providing community tools built just for gamers. Unlike Facebook, Reddit, and Google Plus, Duxter is built solely for gamers, which means our tools are customized to fit gamer specific needs. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best developers in the world to help them craft communities just for their gamers. We look forward to working with OUYA & OUYA game developers to deliver world class communities for the greatest gamers in the world.


Adam Lieb

Special Guest Developer

Special Guest Developer

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