There’s no denying the abundance of innovation within the gaming industry since games jumped out of the arcade and into our living rooms in the 1970s. Although I wasn’t around during the 70s, I have been fortunate enough to witness the progression of video games and the consoles they’re played on for the past 20+ years, and boy has the landscape changed.

Movie producers are seeking to capitalize on successful books in order to produce scripts for multi-billion dollar movie franchises, while AAA programmers and developers are being treated like rock stars. It just doesn’t make sense. Personally, I don’t enjoy being told where my attention(s) should lie. I’m independent. I want to decide for myself and take others along for the ride.

That’s where Ghost Volta comes in. I’ve spent some time at GV striving to deliver a fresh, unbiased, and straight-to-the-point (no B.S.) commentary on the state of the video game industry. I also provide random opinions such as who would win a fight between Batman and Superman if Zach Snyder were to have directed the next installment. It’s that ability to let my inner monologue run free that literally had me chomping at the bit to write for GV.

But it wasn’t until I was introduced to the team at Golden Tricycle (makers of CLARC) that I really experienced pure bliss. Here was a team of less than 5 people, spending 2 years working 13-hour days apiece to build a quality game for less than $200,000. They blew my expectations out of the water. Before talking with Golden Tricycle, I’d like to think that I had a general idea of what OUYA was. It wasn’t until I played CLARC that I knew what OUYA was capable of doing.

Then I started exploring a bit. My version of “a bit of research” differs heavily from other people’s definitions, but to each their own, right? I read blogs, reviews, developer interviews and opinion articles (i.e. whatever I could get my big geeky hands on). I already knew what I liked: artistically formatted, story-driven, action-packed, intelligent, funny, emotionally-orchestrated video games. Sure, I’ve experienced that from games on other consoles in past…

But with OUYA it’s different.

Gaming on OUYA allows me to have a deeper connection with an indie developer that just isn’t as profound on other consoles. Each gamer has a different perception of value based on his or her own personal preferences. Every console serves a purpose to every type of gamer. OUYA ownership shouldn’t be used as a personal statement towards your friends and peers as to the fact that you may or may not be disenfranchised by AAA franchises. It should be a supplement to your indie addiction.

No more of this “them vs. us” mentality. We all like playing games. Some like RPG. Others prefer FPS. Whether you’re into chillin’ in your beanbag chair, flopping around the streets of Swindon, UK as Amazing Frog or uppercutting talking bears in the woods as Tim Burr the bearded lumberjack in Fists of Awesome – there’s definitely a niche somewhere on OUYA’s open-source platform for you to enjoy.

Check out Ghost Volta’s picks for our TOP OUYA GAMES.

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Blaze Chastain, Ghost Volta

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Special Guest Developer

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  • Ben Farr

    Please correct the spelling of CLARK. It makes me sad.

  • Stephane C

    I tried e-mailing tasty poison about what I think about Neon Shadows. But I think they should add more levels or more dlc to the game. Its not long enough I feel. Can’t install the captcha.
    Will there be a neon shadows 2 or a dlc for neon shadow as I felt the game wasn’t long enough unless I’m mistaken is it 6 levels long? Cause really old school fps is suppose to be over 20 levels of game play or more. Just wondering if also there will be another tasty poison games FPS game in the near future? Cause I feel there isn’t enough 3d fps games on the OUYA.