Heya Everybody!

I’m Ryan Carson from Refresh Creations Ltd, and I’ve recently released a couple of Games onto the OUYA last week, including my personal favourite Super Grid Run.


Super Grid Run holds a special place with me as it’s my first game I’ve made in a long time that wasn’t done in a game jam and is also my first commercial release. It’s a fairly simple concept, you are flying trough a tunnel and must last as long you can, collecting bonuses and avoiding walls, spikes, etc.

During development I found myself losing hours playtesting it and testing game builds with my friends which gave me the confidence to release it, initially across mobile platforms and then onto OUYA.

I really like the OUYA and was keen to get behind it on Kickstarter. That you can develop and test builds on the retail unit with little fuss is so handy, and I’m looking forward to making some more retro-style games, which will better utilize more of the controller’s buttons this year.

The OUYA support team have been a great help on email and the dev forums and have really helped me to iron out those last few kinks in the game, much appreciated! The only thing left on my OUYA wish list as a developer is that I’d love to see some sort of Scoreboard / Achievement System linked up with user profiles on the OUYA in the future. It would be great to compare scores with friends from within games. Until then though, I’m happy enough with hosting my own highscores :)


I had an awesome time developing and playing Super Grid Run and I hope you do too! In-case you’re wondering, my High Scores on Super Grid Run so far…

My best times are:

Easy Mode: 79.8
Normal Mode: 52.10
Extra Mode: 75.8

In the meanwhile, I’m going to stick to making games that I want to play, it keeps me motivated and hopefully results in games that lots more gamers enjoy playing too! My next game in the works is a space-shooter called They Are Everywhere, targeting OUYA and mobile devices. You can find out more about it and updates on the game’s progress on my twitter account.


Ryan Carson, Refresh Creations


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Special Guest Developer

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