OUYAns:  Meet Soul Fjord!   Yes, this is the game Kim Swift and team at Airtight Games have been working on *exclusively* for OUYA. And we’re stoked to be revealing some of the details for this upcoming game!

Please make sure to check out the trailer on our YouTube channel!

Soul Fjord is a randomly-generated dungeon crawler with rhythm-based combat set in a fantasy universe where the genres of 70’s Funk and Soul meld with Norse mythology – complete with lounge Dragons, Disco Wizards, and one badass Viking named Magnus Jones. In Soul Fjord, you play as Magnus Jones, a legendary warrior valiantly slain in battle. When the Valkyries arrive to bring him to Valhalla, the hottest club in Yggdrasil, they reveal that Magnus has been left off the guest list–and won’t be invited to Ragnarok, the party that’ll end the world. Magnus must fight his way up the World Tree to salvage his reputation as the baddest Viking in town, and gain access to Valhalla.

In addition to the trailer, check out these  behind-the-scenes videos of  Kim and team on their development experiences so far.

As a fan of Portal and Quantum Conundrum, personally, I was REALLY excited when I found out Kim Swift and Airtight Games were interested in building an exclusive OUYA game — a free-to-play experience for the living room (and the Soul music references also speak to my heart :) ). Fellow fans will recognize the personality and craft that’s become the Airtight Games experience. I’ve played some early builds so far, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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  • Braldt

    How about some shipping updates!!!!

  • http://flamingmac.com emilio

    what a game concept, i love it!

  • http://hashbanggames.com Marco – Hashbang Games

    Love this! Can’t wait to play it!

  • Gustavo


  • James P

    Great news. Look forward to playing it..

    Would also appreciate a shipping update for the preorders shipping in April?


    • SMurphy

      I’ve seen a few comments asking about pre-orders shipping in April. Either I’ve missed an update about OUYA being very generous or your a bit confused.

      I’m sure the early units shipping just now are only for the Kickstarter backers. Thats our reward for helping make OUYA happen.

      If you did back the Kickstarter campaign then check your email, as I’ve been getting weekly updates on how it’s all going. Though no news of my one being shipped yet :(.

      If you did not back the Kickstarter campaign then I think you’ll be waiting till the official launch to get yours.

      • http://seriannidesign.com Serianni

        James P is correct. They did a pre-order on the OUYA site from January to February for a pre-order that would ship out in April. I am one of those that ordered then as well. Today is the last day of April and I haven’t gotten a shipping notification, or any email notification of any delay. I’m very disappointed.

        • http://seriannidesign.com Serianni

          Release dates:
          December 28, 2012 (Devs)
          March 28, 2013 (Kickstarter)
          April 2013 (Pre-Order)
          June 4, 2013 (Retail)

        • SMurphy

          Ah, I did not know they did that.

          I don’t know if the early pre-orders are being sent out with the kickstarter ones then, but the kickstarter updates say all should be shipped by the end of May (they are ahead of schedule though so thumbs up).

          I have not received any notification of mine being shipped either. I’m in Scotland and getting a limited edition OUYA with two controllers so think I’ll be waiting another couple of weeks.

          Just need to remember, although they started shipping in April there are 10’s of thousands of units to package, label and ship. I am disappointing I have not got mine yet as well but patients is a virtue :).

  • Derrick

    This will be awesome to play when my kickstarter console ships in a few months.

  • Jan Müller

    Great news! Finally a promising exclusive game that people will want to play on the TV, and not another port of a (decent or not) mobile game. Good job!!

  • Manaurys

    Im still waiting for a game in the ouya that is not crap or a waste of my time wish they were in talks maybe with gameloft to port some of its titles

  • http://www.budleiser.com David Bud Leiser

    That is the craziest theme concept ever! I LOVE IT!

  • Fluffy Bunny

    Looks awesome, shame that it’s free to play (the bane of good game design).

  • varun

    I’d love to play it – if my OUYA shipped! Never mind my neighbor backed you a month later, because I made the mistake of ordering two controllers, mine is still stuck in limbo. Gah.

  • Blake Hulbert

    When is my april pre-order going to ship? According to the email they sent me when I bought it it would be shipped in April! Please update us on this.

  • Ariel

    ¿Alguien puede decirme por favor como si es posible un reembolso y como solicitarlo?

  • James P

    I’m not too worried about the delay, I am still looking forward to the Ouya, it just is a little frustrating that I have not had an email or any official word on pre-orders since I paid. It’s going to be tough to get a good supply into retail partners on time for June 4th if the pre-orders and early backers aren’t all shipped yet. Thanks to the people whom posted replies. Cheers.

  • Fillipe

    comprei o meu assim que saiu a pré-ordem no ouya.tv, nenhum e-mail foi enviado e nada foi falado sobre a entrega, esperava mais… =/

    e nenhum dos meus comentarios é postado, fica aguardando pela moderação…

    bought mine so went to pre-order on ouya.tv, no email was sent and nothing was said about the delivery, expected more … = /

    and none of my comments is posted, is waiting for moderation …

  • AteOeight

    I think we need to start brainstorming about the questions we’re gonna ask Julie. Like, “Can you(Julie) tell us the distinguishing facts between “Early Backers” and Kickstarter Backers?” or “Since we supporters don’t like estimated percentages, what are the actual numbers of, said consoles, shipped/early notifications sent?” and “Have you(Julie) seen http://www.isouyashipping.com, what do you(Julie) have think/have to say about http://www.isouyashipping.com?” and “What was the initial problem holding back shipping in March, how long did the problem persist, and are there currently hardware issues with the OUYA console/controller owners need to be concerned about?”

    If we act like an angry mob, of course we’re going to back them into a corner to work silently on getting OUYA’s to their owners.

  • bassrockers

    today is 3 april where is my OUYA ? ;-P

    ok hehe when starting pre-order shipping?

  • Viper

    Question: How many of you would pay $50-60 for an upgrade kit that they swap into their current Ouya in order to give it a Tegra 4 rather than the Tegra 3?

    Ouya would benefit greatly from having a Tegra 4 inside of it rather than the current Tegra 3. So here’s what I suggest. Launch an Ouya 2 by Christmas for $150 that comes with Tegra 4 inside and offer all original Ouya founders/kickstarters a $60 upgrade kit. They simply open up their Ouya and swap out the insides of their Ouya with the internals in the Upgrade Kit, and viola, they now have an Ouya 2 as well.

    One major reason to do this is to give the Ouya enough graphical prowess that it can natively support the Oculus Rift. A dedicated Oculus Rift console that has a ton of appeal (no one wants to install all sorts of crap on PC and fiddle with settings for their GPU to get the Rift running, something like the Rift would be far better when it comes with a closed box that requires no fiddling with settings). Team up with Oculus Rift and sell a combo Ouya 2 + Oculus Rift package for $399 and watch as sales skyrocket.


    1. Tegra 3s gpu is based on a 7 yr old architecture. Tegra 4s gpu will be the first time Nvidia brings its modern gpu architecture and unified shaders to the mobile space. Tegra 3 produces semi decent graphics at smartphone resolutions only when there are minimal resources dedicated to things like framerate, physics, AI, number of enemies and having wide open levels. Pare it up to 1080p resolutions and ideally four person multiplayer gaming and no I dont see how the Tegra 3 is good enough to pull it even okay 3d graphics without massively sacrificing things like physics, framerate, number of simultaneous enemies and friendlies and large rooms (instead of small cooridors) all of which hurts gameplay. Tegra 4 offers unified shaders and a far improved architecture. By all indications it would allow for significantly better gameplay (lots of enemies, open levels, solid physics, 1080p/60fps). Tegra 4 also uses the a15 CPU which is a vastly superior architecture to the a9 architecture used by the Tegra 3.

    2. By launching with the Tegra 3, the Ouya team faces a real risk of someone releasing a Tegra 4 box late 2013 and eating away at the Ouyas sales. It’s a nobrainer for someone to do this given how much revenue the Ouya raised even with outdated hardware.

    3. As someone who forked down $130 for a device that’s wont be out for another 8 months, I certainly wouldnt mind having to wait an extra three months to get an exponentially better device. They already have the money. They should make the best possible device they can with it, even if it takes a little bit longer.

    4. The Tegra 4 soc goes into production mid 2013, just a month or two after the Ouya launches. The Tegra 4 soc costs $21, same as the Tegra 3 soc costs.

    5. OUYA is getting a 30% profit on each game sold from developers. The longer legs the Ouya has, the more money they stand to make in the long run.

    6. There is no need to rush the Ouya onto retail shelfs. I would rather they wait and get more dev support than rushing it out the door and see incomplete software being rushed to be the “first one in OUYA”. Any thing developed for Tegra 3 will run flawlessly on Tegra 4. A strong polished launch library would generate good word of mouth and give the console longer legs.

    7. This isnt a retail device with a large marketing campaign, the ouyas market is clearly one that keeps up with tech. It’s undeniable that more people will buy the Ouya next year if it features a modern soc with current architecture than a one yr outdated one built on a 7 yr old architecture.

    In summary, the Tegra 4 soc costs $21. Even if the Tegra 3s price drops to half that by the end of the year, the Ouya team would be well served in the long term to spend the extra $10 to go with Tegra 4. They could sell the Ouya for $120 after release, and it would still sell really well. It would also stay relevant a lot longer and thus have longer legs (continue to sell well into 2014).

  • Victor

    Delay on shipment is fine but visibility and communication is important.
    Let us know what happen and estimating when?

    I don’t know sent an update email cost a lot!

    Keep in touch with your customer that are serious and vital!
    I like OUYA and Tegra 3! I don’t mind waiting but let us got some idea on the progress!

  • Justin

    Pre Ordered Sept 30th 2012 – Still waiting – trying to be patient.

  • Lance

    I’m a backer who stall hasn’t gotten a shipping notice :( I’m wondering if I’ll see my console at all at this point :(

  • Shenzakai

    lol @ Soul Fjord. The game looks hilarious and just awesome!
    Can’t wait to play it, but I still don’t have my my sexy, little Kickstarter OUYA :(

  • Matthew Martino

    Looks like this is being released on Jan 28 2014… Should be an ok title but unfortunately it is free to play with IAP’s so not for me. I won’t buy a game that has IAP’s but hopefully you guys will sell the music outright cause I would love to get that instead

    • JFarceur

      Chill out. The IAP’s are totally optional. They’re meant to make the game easier, but if you got enough talent, you might not even see the point of buying them.
      This game is solid. Music, story and artwork are well blended into the gameplay.