Grid Iron Thunder and Elementary, My Dear Holmes! have hit their Kickstarter goals making them the first two games to secure matching contributions from our $1 million Free the Games Fund!

Gridiron Thunder is an immersive pro football experience from MogoTXT that surpassed its $75,000 goal with 13 days left.  Elementary, My Dear Holmes!, Victory Square Games’ unique spin on Sherlock Holmes, reached its $50,000 goal with 17 days remaining.


We launched The Free the Games Fund August 9th as the first-of-its-kind fund offering $1 million in matching funds for Kickstarted games for OUYA, ensuring a steady stream of inventive and creative content into the living room and for all you fans for years to come!  To date, we have more than 30 projects registered eligible for the program and 11 campaigns are already live!

If you are interested in participating, you can find more information here:  

The OUYA Team

  • Spaktor

    And when are those games going to be available for download?

  • Richard Carver

    Elementary My Dear Watson was suspended on Kickstarter on suspicion of fraud.

    You want to update this story?

    • DavidEssex

      I’m hearing that they had their friends and themselves put in the kickstarter money to FRAUD the other half out of the OUYA people. Horrible. I hope they get put in jail.

  • DavidEssex

    Wow. I was very curious about the guy with the NERD glasses putting on a show. It will be nearly impossible to come back from THIS kind of news.

  • Alex Stevenson

    This entry really needs to be updated. Neither of these projects have received funding support: Gridiron Thunder “opting out” and Elementary being suspended by Kickstarter.

  • Huntsman1230

    This silly company will be out of business soon. It’s all in the numbers.