Get excited!!!

OUYAs will begin shipping to Kickstarter backers on March 28. That’s right. Parts are in the factory and assembly lines are buzzing. We’ll gradually ramp up production as we make sure things are working. (Our full launch is still set for June, which is when OUYA will be available in stores!)

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of you will receive your OUYA, and you’ll get to start playing right away. You will also get to watch OUYA evolve over the coming weeks and months. We’ll continue to add new features, refine our user experience, and bring on more games. As always, we appreciate your feedback (and apply it), so keep it coming.

Keep a lookout in your inbox for an email from us. It will have your tracking number and estimated delivery date. Might take a few weeks to get to everyone. We have a lot of OUYAs to ship!

Games! Games! Games!

“Yeah, yeah, but can you tell me anything more about what games are coming?” Yes, we can:

Kim Swift — of Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Quantum Conundrum notoriety — and Airtight Games are developing a brand new, exclusive title for OUYA! Kim writes: “We truly feel that this platform will give us the freedom to fully realize the funky, unique game we have in mind. Though the title will definitely appeal to core gamers in terms of skill and difficulty, it really has a completely unexpected, imaginative slant that’s totally at home on this console. Expect an official announcement soon!”

Minority Media, developers of the critically acclaimed Papo & Yo, will deliver their in-development adventure puzzler to OUYA this fall. This is the first game (that we know of) designed to take full advantage of the OUYA touchpad and buttons simultaneously. We’ll need a name for this new style of gameplay. Controlpad … Touchutton … hmm.

Ever play Killing Floor or Red Orchestra 2? Do you like first-person shooter puzzle games as much as we do? Well, we’re excited to announce that Tripwire Interactive is bringing The Ball to OUYA in March. They’re also working with OUYA on a new, exclusive title. I could tell you more but then I’d have to … well, you know how the saying goes :).

And last … if you’re anything like us, you believe that action and role-playing go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Right? RIGHT? … I’m glad we agree because ChronoBlade is coming to OUYA! We’re working with nWay to bring this beautiful new action-RPG to OUYA’s big screen TV experience. ChronoBlade looks great, and the skill-based combat system puts the “action” back in action-RPG.

Also (whew this is a heavy update!) we announced the winners of the 10-day game jam we did with Kill Screen, called CREATE. We were blown away by these games and can’t wait to see them on OUYA. Check ‘em out:

And just one more thing … welcome Kellee Santiago to OUYA

We’ve been looking for someone to lead our outreach to developers, someone who really “gets” how developers work, someone who can help devs bring their most creative, exciting work to OUYA. We are thrilled to share that Kellee Santiago, co-founder of thatgamecompany (the maker of Journey) and partner at Indie Fund, will be joining us to lead developer relations. We’re calling her OUYA’s DBF (Developer’s Best Friend). In her own words: “OUYA gets it. This is the first console company that really understands how important it is to remove the barriers to development. By freeing up the development process, OUYA is opening up new doors in console gaming.”
That’s it for now — can’t wait for you to get your hands on OUYA!
Now, we have some work to do …


The Head Honcho

  • AidanOrlando

    And what about minecraft?? anything about that yet?

  • Peer Linder

    What means “will begin on March 28″?

    I bought it to receive it in Germany within March – this is, what You promised

  • Veronica Scoggins

    YAY! I can’t wait to open my brand new OUYA console and showing it off to all my gamer friends.

    Thank you for making a real commitment to the users, by opening the doors to developers ;o)

  • Josh Burkhead

    Yes, Yes, and Yes!! Mach 28th can’t get here soon enough! Thanks for all the hard work OUYA team!!

  • Kobe

    Please bring Shaq Fu to the Ouya. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

  • Leonard

    Sounds like a great set of games coming!

  • Brynmor Campos

    Awesome news!

    When I placed my order in December 2012 the expected ship date was April… Will I then be getting my Ouya in April or June then? A little confusion about this? :-(

    Order Number: INV10b9abda6b1d3356b7228130b6286383
    Reference Id:ELCP7FEE2C95

    I even received an email confirmation to a query that I sent to Ouya Support about the April Delivery…

    Please can I update my shipping address as well?

    Kind Regards,
    Brynmor Campos

  • Nathan

    you guys are awesome.

  • Erin Winfree

    I am still anxious for you guys to confirm my change of address. I was told I would at some point be able to log in here and change it, but with the release date drawing ever closer, I would appreciate some sort of assurance.

  • Jorge Cruz

    I’m excited, I want my Ouya immediately!

    Congratulations for the achievement.

  • Fashdey

    I really hope the OUYA is worth my respect ^^
    My roomie is telling me it’s not that good etc. Just hoping I can show him that the Cup Sized Console actually is awesome! :D

  • Mauritz

    Hey , i preorder mine at Aug 24, 2012, dont know if it was on kickstarter or this homepage, when can i see my Ouya in mine livingroom? (:

  • Philip

    I really like Ouya. Please, can you tell me, if Ouya will be able to buy in Europe? Thx :)

  • Paolo

    OUYA really needs great games. Well, we all are waiting them!
    And talking about the production of the console, I please you to bet deeply on quality, and into quality control!
    Errors of the others, like the terrible Microsoft X360 “Red Ring Of Death” (Microsoft OWNED!) must not be seen again, in no place.
    So, go on! I can’t wait to see OUYA in action, with my preorder made in january! Keep up the good work!

  • Marc

    This is a good pack of news.

    • Relu

      I want to know that to… i hope that april order will not shifted in june :(

  • krazykain

    that’s some unexpected games, very exciting! if tripwire get a split screen enabled killing floor on there I’ll buy it in a heartbeat

  • Rafael Albani

    I purchased in when will be sent?

  • Gero

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!1one – Will the Kickstarter backers receive a DHL/UPS/FedEx/whatever tracking code once their packages are out of the door … ? :-O

  • Troy

    Are the pre-orders still on track for April? Thanks!

  • Codemonkeyalx

    I cant not tell you all how much I am looking forward to the release of this console. Right down to the point that I have at least $250 planned for the console and games when it comes time!

    To top all of this off I am considering Ouya to be my first real step into the world of building and coding games. Granted I plan on doing all of the code in tandem with a PC, Mac, Linux and Android release (Such is the power of Java! :D)

    I have recently adapted the philosophy of “In order to build the next big game, you need to see what it out there…” The ouya is the perfect way to test this philosophy so in a way Ouya’s free to try nature in its own way makes the gaming community a better place!

    I also have a few Open Source Ideas I want to try out that I think will fit perfectly on the Ouya as well but again this is all in the planning stages.

    Thanks for offering us all this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

    PS: I hope EA ports Real Racing 3 over! It would be AWESOME to play it on the big screen!

  • Natán

    Very Good News!!

    But I have a question…

    I bought my OUYA console 2 or 3 days after the Kickstarter campaign finishes (And I am veeeeery sorry for my delay)

    When could I be receiving my OUYA?


  • Luifer

    Awesome! Great news, keep your people with news please, we’re excited :D
    Greetings from Paraguay

  • Blake Hulbert

    March consoles is almost overlapping into April, when are April pre-orders coming?

    • Relu

      ( i clicked the wrong replay link :D ) I want to know that too… i hope that april order will not shifted in june :(

    • T3KN0GH057

      In may…and the June retail systems? last few days of June… almost July. Nah I’m not with the Ouya Team, so i don’t know i just know this system is so awesome and as much as i want it in my hands NOW i can’t say that the delays bother me as i want them to pump as much juicy goodness into this system as is possible, by the time it hits my grubby little fingers. (cause at that point it’s my turn to add to it all the stuff they missed, and the less they miss the less programming i have to do to make it what i want it to be.

  • Jacob Bianchi

    Great bunch of news; I’m so excited! How would I be able to get my console shipped to me from you guys? I backed it on Kickstarter, but not enough to get the entire console. Is there a way I should preorder it so you know I’m a backer?

  • Dan DeMarbre

    Will all the Ouyas be shipping at the same time? I got one of the Kickstarter Editions.

    Can’t wait!

  • SoldierMWS

    I have researched the Ouya as thoroughly as possible. I have to say that after 20+ years of avid gaming, I am more excited for the Ouya than I am for the Big 3’s next-gen consoles. I remember when the Kickstarter for Ouya was up and I felt like crap for not having any money to put in to the fund… then it took off to $8.something MILLION and I didn’t feel as bad.

    I have so much faith in the Ouya platform that I will very likely be centering my YouTube channel around it once I can get my hands on one. I am having so much trouble finding interest in the – Call of Battlefield of War on Halo that’s Uncharted with Mario Partykartworldgalaxysunshine 9999 – mentality of the Big 3.

    Unfortunately, my original HD PVR won’t work for recording the Ouya since it doesn’t have HDMI. Getting an Elgato won’t be easy on my budget and Roxio, though cheaper, makes a terrible product. Blah.

    Bottom line is that I believe the Ouya has an absurd amount of potential and I hope that I’ll have the resources available to help spread the word of what looks to be one of the most solid $99 investments ever.

  • Otário

    Push to april 1st, at least it’ll be a serious joke.

  • bassrockers


  • jotapecebe

    wow! this post made my day

  • Daddygamer

    Thanks for getting me super excited about my $99 investment! The last time I felt this way was 1980 when I was playing with my Nintendo Game&Watch. Try to maintain the gamer connection/dialogue. It’s what you guys have over the other consoles and will help you build momentum and loyalty. Thanks for staying true to my “peoples’ console” comment.

  • OUYA
  • Dallin

    Amazing. I knew I could count on you guys. Portal and Left for Dead are the two I’m REALLY looking forward to. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Valerie

    You should include a list of games available somewhere on your site so we can refer to it whenever instead of scouring every website when we want to figure what games there are. Also, I’M SO EXCITED!!!

  • Valerie

    *Ahem*, I mean:

    You should include a list of games available somewhere on your site so we can refer to it whenever instead of scouring every blog post when we want to figure what games there are. Also, I’M SO EXCITED!!!

  • SparkofHumanity

    Some people missed out on the Kickstarter entirely, because Ouya has been out of the public eye for some time. Are those people who missed the Kickstarter, but who have pre-ordered a console, waiting until April? Or are they in the March 28 release slot as well? Just curious, and keep up the inspiring work!

  • wombateer

    Welcome Kellee!

  • pixelplant

    so i’ve preorder on this page before feb. the 4th but did not back via kickstarter. will i still get my order in april.

  • Leon

    So I pre-ordered an OUYA on this website and it said it will be delevered at March, but I didn’t buy it on kickstarter. Will it be delevered in June or in March?

  • Peter

    Ouya box already ordered,
    finally a new flat tv has be organized for Ouya’s arrival :)

  • Magí

    buenas noticias :)


  • Yro

    nice to read all these stuffs…

    but i need to ask: some months ago you answered me, by email, about the release of Ouya in Brazil stores. You said that Ouya will be released on Brazil. The problem is that I cant find anywhere any informations about stores to be selling Ouya in our market and I cant find any informations from Ouya about releasing Ouya console in other countries.

    Please, answer this question in one topic just to clarify if Ouya will be in other countries other then USA, and, if possible, list all the contries that You will get Ouya on stores.

    (sorry about my english)

    • T3KN0GH057

      As long as these games don’t threaten to pummel my wallet with DLC (I prefer to have the entire game in ONE purchase, add-ons are fine as long its not something I have to have to finish the game) This is going to be awesome. I originally only wanted the Ouya for XBMC, but the more i see of these awesome looking games the more i want. (P.S. more talks with Square Enix. They have some awesome android games i would love to see on the OUYA and am willing to pay top-dollar for!)

    • Onion Ringz

      I know that it’s going to be available in Puerto Rico. Other than that, I don’t know any other country besides the U.S that will retail them….

  • UrbanSpawn

    March 28…

  • Nate k.

    i dont think this will replace my xbox anytime soon, but it will sit proudly next to it!

  • MarkS

    When’s the launch party ?

  • VintageDougers

    Get excited??? I’VE BEEN EXCITED!! I’m the only one of my friends to pre-order this little beauty, and I’m sure I’ll be glad I did. Can’t wait!


  • Jacob

    Excited to see this finally come in stores!

  • Jaxom

    I hope it is everything it says it is. I am a big gamer and my kiddos are starting to become gamers to so I hope it is epic. LOL

  • Larry

    Reapose to Blake, And April 28th almost rolls into May. This is probably the longest 8 months of my life.

  • Raymond

    Congrats to everyone at Ouya and especially Kellee!

  • Heavyoak

    will the humble bundle android app be on the ouya?

  • Rick

    Same question here. When can we expect the said delivery set for April to ship? Keep up the good work!

  • fallback

    when are April pre-orders coming?

  • T3KN0GH057

    Oh and please less focus on online and multiplayer online gaming and more focus on HOME gaming & local multiplayer. Some of us would not like to have to connect our OUYA to the internet everytime we want to play (yes some of still don’t have ALWAYS ON internet connections)

    • Daniel

      Very true! With this size and package I wanna take it everywhere, and that includes some places where WiFi is rare, almost absent, and the only alternative is tethering, and where I live its damn expensive to tether…

      • Craig

        I got it in the mail today and I’m trying to tether it now and it doesn’t seem to be working. It could be a problem with my phone because it keeps telling me to update my “su binary” but when I try it fails to update to the latest version. The OUYA isn’t picking up the signal yet our laptop, my desktop with a USB WiFi adapter, my friend’s new Xbox 360, and his iPhone can all recognize and pick up the tethered connection so I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong here. I hope you’ll have better luck with tethering than I did.

    • Dallin

      Please understand that your viewpoint does not represent the majority of people. As evidenced by its huge popularity, online gaming is extremely important to most gamers, myself included. In fact, my number 1 regret about the ouya is it doesn’t come with a headset packed in (ask PS3 if that was a good idea). Please DO focus on a good online gaming infrastructure with eventual voice chat. Please don’t skip it for the ouya 2.

      Having said that, local multiplayer is fun too, and there’s no reason you can’t have both.

    • JDSlimz

      I agree!!! I dont even HAVE internet yet but when I get it (soon) it will not always be on! More local Gaming!

    • Alijah

      Yes please. Games that require internet connections always make me wonder what we will do if we survive the apocalypse and can’t play our favorite games anymore. Gotta plan for these things.

    • Braille

      Man, I totally agree with you. Miss the days of having 3 other friends on a coach all playing local multiplayer. Also I agree with the other post that said, I want to buy my entire game at once. I don’t want in app purchases, I don’t want manditory DLC if I have to pay for it. Just give me my full game, that I can play to my hearts content until I beat it and move on to the next game.

  • Ryan Y.


    Can you put me in touch with Kellee? I’d like to speak with her regarding developer relations programs and throw a few ideas her way.

    Congrats on the upcoming launch!!! So pumped!


  • Blackclover4

    Can you guys create an MMORPG with similarities to .hack novels/manga

  • Julian

    One Cuestion… When you arrive in Argentina?
    I Am From Argentina, My English is not good.

  • lolo

    Ouya will sell consoles in Argentina? .shooters like black ops 2 whil be adapted for ouya?

  • oO Flowzilla Oo

    Can we see some pictures of the final product? Or a video? A video would be better :D

  • Simon

    When you say ‘backers’ will get it shipped on 28 March … what level of backing do you mean?

  • Mason

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they bring Kairosoft Games to the Ouya…. it will be the SOLE reason I purchase one. NO KAIROSOFT GAMES NO 100 $ from Mason.

  • Royal x Crown

    Hello Ouya Team I have a question. Can you expose GL_OES_depth24? The hardware supports 24bit depth. It would be easy for Nvidia to add in that support. Thank you.

    — Royal x Crown

  • angrygrunt

    t3knogh057 i second that comment. there were awesome titles that only had online mp only features that i wish had local mp like split screen or system linking capabilities(medal of honor, bfbc2 etc). rural alaska isnt the best place for online mp. would be even more awesome if this rubic sized console games would offer more local mp content without the catch of losin some or most of the games’ experience. other than that when i am able to i will get me this lil bugger of an entertainment device.

  • Dallin

    Please DO focus on online multiplayer. I think it’s abundantly clear that its wildly popular and important to most people. In fact my number one regret about the Ouya is no built in voice chat system or even a way to add it since the controller had no jack. (Ouya 2 addition please). Having said that, always online requirements are of course awful and local multiplayer is also awesome.

  • Mike Simonassi

    Hey guys, I absolutely love the ouya but I’m curious if you have taken into account massive accelerations of technology. Especially for mobile. Tegra 4 will be coming out soon and future phones and other devices will have it. How will the Ouya stay fresh for years to come or will you guys just release a new console?

  • Steve

    This system will bomb. Casual gamers may eat this up for a bit but please, you actually think this system is gonna overtake Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft? Can’t wait to watch this thing burn. And it will. Mark my words, it will.

  • Steve

    Ooooh android games, wow! Yawn. You want the best system ever released to date? Get a Wii U. You will NOT be disappointed.

  • Tony

    I’m curious how these will be shipping. I imagine we should expect them in a week or so after the 28th?

  • Jim L

    Anyone know how the shipments will be sent? FedEx, UPS, or USPS? And will there be tracking #’s?

    Super excited! :)

  • Michael

    Two very important questions before I commit to buy this otherwise VERY intriguing device:
    1. Does it support any kind of removable, physical media (SD, USB OTG, etc)?
    2. Is there any way of getting Adobe flash on there to work with the stock Android browser? (I don’t know what version of Android the Ouya UI is built on so if it’s pre JB then this may be a moot point)
    2. b) the only reason I ask is, I consume most of my TV shows via sites like 1channel and watchseries and unfortunately, most of the sites linked to it are flash-based video streaming services, and I’ve been looking for a dedicated device that can quickly and easily access bookmarks to those kinds of sites on my TV, while occasionally being able to play a few rounds of shadowgun, or the GTA titles on Android.
    If it can do these things (the second one being most important) I’ll take twenty.

  • James Jones

    please bring order out of the video game madness i hope you take it back to the days of sega were you bout a game to play not all the bs dlc and online play for every game that is out there and more 3rd person games would be grate

  • Zed Khan

    Mine came in today even though my tracking was not giving a specific date. Came via USPS (jersey) :)

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  • Frushi

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