Big news! I am thrilled to share that OUYA has raised $15 million in funding from new investors. This is a really important step towards being around for the long haul.  Our round was led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the same firm that originally backed Electronic Arts, and includes other great investors such as Mayfield Fund, NVIDIA (who also makes the chips inside of OUYA), Shasta Ventures (who backed great hardware companies like Nest), and Occam Partners.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means we’ve got additional resources to make OUYA everything it can be.  It means that we can increase production to meet our demand and continue to support game developers who are building innovative and exclusive games for OUYA.

Also, as you know, we’ve been shipping our early backers their units, gearing up for our official launch in June. The demand we’re seeing from gamers and our retailers is beyond our expectations, so, to meet all this demand, we are shifting our launch date by three weeks to give us time to make more OUYAs. Our official launch date will be June 25th. This change in ship date does not affect backer shipments. We’re still on track to have units shipped to our early backers – from both Kickstarter and preorders before the end of May.

It keeps getting better!




The Head Honcho

  • Massap2

    Thats awesome!

    • Alec

      Because we’re awesome for backing it early ;D

      • mazdajdavis

        Early backers put their money up before they knew if this even had half a chance of succeeding. Then when it started to break records the backers came in but only once they knew it was a for sure thing. That’s the difference. If it wasn’t for the “early backers” the backers would not have jumped on board. At least a lot would not have.

        • ManlyStump

          But that would suggest only people who backed before the kickstarter reached 100% are getting there’s by end of May.

        • NachoKingP

          That’s not entirely fair. I backed it as soon as I heard about it, but it became much more exposed publicly when it broke all those records and media began covering it, which is when I became aware of it. It’s literally impossible to know about every crowd-sourced project.

          • bagheadinc

            They state that early backers = “both Kickstarter and “. I believe they’re specifying early because there was a cutoff on where you were no longer promised to get your console early.

        • Torgamous

          I backed it a few hours in and I could tell when I backed it that the project was going to succeed spectacularly. How early does one have to have backed for them to qualify as an early backer in your mind?

          And it’s not like backing a project that might fail is a huge burden on Kickstarter. You only pay if the project succeeds. There’s no reason to only back a project if it’s a sure thing. Don’t get too full of yourself for taking the same risk that every other backer took.

    • Aaron

      Your not a nice person!

      • Kit


  • ManlyStump

    Must you keep using the term “early backers”? What’s the difference between that and just “backers”?

    • Alec

      Because we’re awesome for backing it early ;D

      • AnswersYourQuedtions

        Alec, quit acting like your 9 in your comments.

        • Doctor

          His 9 what?

          • David

            ahahaha! I thought the same thing. Grammar is the best!

    • Jeffms

      Because the $15 million comes from new backers.

  • Wilds

    Nice to hear! Also very good of OUYA to move the launch date to meet your goals!

  • Big T Rocks

    This is great news!

  • Brian

    Ha! Called it! Way to close to launch date to make so many consoles (while maintaining quality). Good on you, Ouya. Looking forward to my backer console.

    • AnswersYourQuedtions


  • Kim

    I pre ordered one just after the kickstarter had ended. Am i considered an early backer?

    • AnswersYourQuedtions

      No, you are not.

  • Anthony Caudill

    It means that you’re on the hook to make them money. This is bad for OUYA and will haunt it for a long, long while. It’ll mean higher prices for consumers as you struggle to pay these people endless amounts of interest on those loans. This investment will probably be the end of the company, as debts to creditors are normally what ends up shuttering companies in the first place despite profitability. You didn’t need this money right away. Now I’m skeptical of the project… between this and the automatic lockout of modded/rooted consoles from the official store, it’s looking more and more like Sony on the cheap. I wanted an alternative console but this ain’t it.

    • panreyes

      It doesn’t have to be like that. They can easily have the big companies doing games for their console and also the indies.

      I’m glad for them. I hope they don’t waste the money though.

      Keep it poor! :)

      • Anthony Caudill

        The financial reality is that investment firms invest to make money off the company they invest in. They care nothing for the company’s health… if OUYA doesn’t grow their revenue repeatedly, the APR will eat them alive. There is no repayment schedule… the idea is that they are expected to produce more and more return every year, until OUYA either pays them back or they go belly up and can’t pay. OUYA’s makers have set up a time bomb for themselves that they keep needing to roll back, but the only way to roll it back is to add more dynamite…

        Also pay attention to the balance of power here: the early backers contributed 9m, and these people have committed 15m. Who do you think will be listened to more, from a policy standpoint? You’ll get your OUYA on time, but the chances you won’t get the return you really expected have just skyrocketed….

        • This Guy

          “the early backers contributed 9m, and these people have committed 15m.”

          You’re comparing apples and oranges, and your general assumptions about the relationships between VCs in the valley (especially respected firms like Kleiner) and their investments are wildly off the mark.

          • Jacob

            Guild Software / Vendetta Online – one of the best games of all time, will be on OUYA. This was the reason I asked for an OUYA as a graduation present for my M.B.A., but I’m also looking forward to Soul Fjord and others… will enjoy playing together with my fiance.

        • Rhoa23

          Umm, What? APR? Where does it say anywhere that they got a loan?

          A lot of seed capital is raised through equity deals and other means…

          Investors do expect to make a gain in there investment, so the health of the company is vital.


        • Michael

          “nvestment firms invest to make money off the company they invest in.”

          Yes, but venture capitalism (note the word venture here), expects that 9 out of 10 investments fail, but the 10th will make them rich.

          So, odds are decent enough that they let Ouya continue the way they were.

          Now, if only I could get MY preorder console. Bit annoying that I was in <1500 backer and still haven't gotten a console.

      • Yro

        well, if you think about it for a while you’ll see that there is NO BIG GAME announced for Ouya, except for Final Fantasy, wich is an remake of an remake…

        Im not liking how things are going for Ouya. I don’t see any GOOD game comming and i don’t see any big company suporting it.

        Well, I’ll by my Ouya after June but I’m guessing that my Ouya will serve only for emulators and multimidia with xmbc.. sad but true till now…

        • Alec

          “I don’t see any big companies supporting it”

          Did someone just forget about Double Fine? It’s never gonna attract Activision and Blizzard, because that’s not really what it was about. I think you’ll find most backers are happy with the companies involved with Ouya development.

          • Dan

            Just like it was the end for Electronic Arts, Amazon, Google, and all the other “start from nothing” tech companies that KPCB have been early investors in, right?

            I think you’re injecting way too much doom/gloom/FUD into the equation over your personal disappointment.

            To be fair, there are some really slimy VC firms out there. But there are some that value their reputation and therefore have an interest in the success of the companies they help build.

        • DoubleD

          ” I don’t see any GOOD game comming and i don’t see any big company suporting it.”

          That’s the point for the OUYA, it is a console for the Indie developers, not for big AA titles.
          And to be honest, the Indie titles are usually games with a lot of thought behind it. Indie developers have lot’s of time to come up with something unique. If it is good or bad is just a opinion, but the uniqueness of a game is a plus. Indie is how every game company starts (example: Minecraft)
          Just because you haven’t heard of the title does not mean they are bad. I think you would be happily surprised with some of the games you will see on the OUYA, if you give it a chance at least.

      • Nathanm

        Kickstarter does not give IP to backers, what you get is a product. Yes it is likely you are valued i.e. they make sure to send you updates etc but you do not get money. It’s a common error with kickstarter to assume backers are like venture capitalist backers, they are not. Kickstarter is cool as it puts power to select projects in the hands of normal people, we can choose which projects are started and that’s awesome – you can directly select from a wide range instead of letting some corporation chose for you. It’s about getting products of the ground, the product is the return it’s not about IP and you do not get any form of stake in the project as a backer.

    • Daniel Lanigan

      This isn’t some Mom & Pop store taking out a loan because they aren’t competitive any more. She didn’t even say they took loans. It’s much more likely that a large VC firm like KPCB received stock in OYUA. You don’t need to freak out just because you don’t understand something.

      Even more than the money they’re receiving, they’re also getting the insight and partnerships (with say, NVIDIA) that go along with it. This is a huge step for OUYA as a company.

      • Anthony Caudill

        Preferred stock and loans are the same. 10% return year over year. Take a finance class if you don’t believe me. Besides what incentive did they have to risk their own assets if they didn’t expect to get a return? The biz types ALWAYS demand a return and they are explicit about what they expect it to be.

        • MikeyB

          Is there no chance of benefit to nvidia outside of stock value? Sometimes investments are made primarily to strengthen business connections. NVIDIA and OUYA’s existing relationship with eachother is essentially now set in stone. NVIDIA has a guaranteed customer to pick up any next-gen chips they might be planning. Ouya’s consoles will be “Powered by NVIDIA” for the foreseeable future (and probably forever).

          • JimmyJones

            Too bad. NVidia has a nice name, and generally better driver support vs AMD/ATI. But their mobile processors are iterative and sub par. Both Exnyos and Snapdragon are better, faster chips, and will most definitely take the Tegra 5, and most likely the Tegra 6 as well. What this really does is lock them into worse performance with a firm with good PR. This is probably NVidia’s attempt to get their name into some sort of console market somehow since ATI ended up in all the big boy consoles.

    • Dan

      Just like it was the end for Electronic Arts, Amazon, Google, and all the other “start from nothing” tech companies that KPCB have been early investors in, right?

      I think you’re injecting way too much doom/gloom/FUD into the equation over your personal disappointment.

      To be fair, there are some really slimy VC firms out there. But there are some that value their reputation and therefore have an interest in the success of the companies they help build.

    • Michael L

      It doesn’t appear you understand how businesses work.

      99% of businesses are created using loans or investors. It’s virtually impossible to be successful in business without a loan of some sort.

      Those who struggle to pay investors are most likely doomed to fail as a result of poor business planning or bad decisions.

      Money isn’t the cause of the failures. Interest is not endless, in fact it’s absolutely measurable and a good business person will understand how to manage the money in a way that keeps them from getting in over their heads.

    • Quazi

      No where in this update does it mention creditors. Investor does not equal creditor. They did not take out a business loan from a bank, they were given an investment from an investment firm (and a technology company). I will not go into the differences between creditors and investors as that is out of the scope of this this topic. I will give a basic statement: investment = investor takes the bulk of the risk (there is no guarantee that they will make their money back). Loan = loan recipient takes the bulk of the risk (the creditor is legally required to get their money back).

    • AP

      Wait, modding/rooting isn’t encouraged? Wasn’t that one of the promises, Ouya would welcome it? Huh.

  • AndyW

    Hey great news! Extremely excited for the Ouya! It’s now coming out a day before my birthday and I’ll be 25! I’ll definitely be having this on my pressie wish list!

    Good luck Team Ouya!

  • Brian

    What excites me most is that, if NVIDIA is backing OUYA to the point of funding the project, we can expect even greater hand-in-hand work to bring the latest Tegra processor at launch for the next OUYA. No more complaints about it using an “outdated” processor. OUYA is going to be big.

    • Anthony Caudill

      Nothing outdated about the Tegra 3, which has 4 cores at 1.4ghz each, and indie projects won’t be able to make much use of the Tegra 4 anyway because it’s made for high-def, and small studios don’t have the resources to render at high-def. I don’t want OUYA to be “big” because that means the big companies will just port their PS3 and XBox crap over to it. I’d rather they stayed out and made their Mass Effect and Call of Duty-type games. And that would be good for OUYA anyway.

      • asdsad

        Just make the textures bigger (it changes how the game looks greatly), add more lights, make more complicated 3D objects, add some FX and even in 2D you can easily use the full power of Tegra4 at 1920×1080.

      • Bodie

        Just because I hate to see incorrect info showing the OUYA to be less performant than it is, there are actually three variations on the Tegra 3: the T30L, T30, and T33. The T33 has faster 800MHz DDR3 ram, instead of the 533MHz DDR2 in the others, and its cores run at 1.6 GHz (up to 1.7 in single-core mode.) In addition, the OUYA’s T33 runs under a custom overclocking (I’m guessing to 1.8 or perhaps even higher.)

        • Delpee

          I think the part about overclocking has been proven a rumour, nothing more, on the forums! People tought it was overclocked, when it turned out it wasn’t.

          • JimmyJones

            Too bad. With active cooling and unlimited power, if NVidia really made a solid chip, this thing should be able to run at 33% over, be stable, and have a long life time.

            Perhaps NVidia’s agreement to sell Ouya the chip included a no overlcock clause, so as to not easily eclipse the Tegra 4 in phones?

  • grimm

    i wonder if ill be getting my backers copy before retail… I still have recieved no shipping confirmation, and we’re halfway into may soon.

    Should it arrive before the retail goes off, it will be a matter of days and thats just ridiculous.

    • Anthony Caudill

      You get what you paid for. You got it on the cheap so either the date or the quality has to give.

      • Jeffms

        The payment was high risk actually. The company never released a product before so you were basically funding the company. However my investment was to make this type of product even possible. Big companies wouldn’t even think about funding them and would rather focus on existing products which were closed and only accessible to large companies. This device is mainly to create a market for small gane companies. Now that the OUYA is shipping, I’m happy to see that my investment is paying off.

        • grimm


        • Noiroi

          I agree as well.

        • Philip

          I believed OUYA to be a great idea and I want to see it succeed. That is why I invested. As far a getting my console for being an early backer; I believe it is harder getting a custom case made for me and that is why it is taking as long as it will. I grow only prouder of being part of the beginning as time goes on. I am confident this console will change things in the gaming community. Hey, Indies . . . show me what you got. ;P

      • grimm

        What are you talking about? I paid as much as any other backer who got the basic $99 pledge. Date or quality has nothing to do with it. Its more down to the fact they got way more backers than they probably planned for and therefor are swamped with units to manufacture and ship.

        Doesnt make the fact many will get theirs very late change however.

    • Nick

      You will get it before because they are delaying retail launch until they have shipped the backer consoles.

      • Jaycephus

        Got my tracking number last week. DHL is a little flaky with tracking, however, so no tracking info is available yet.

    • Sankyou

      Just got my tracking number yesterday. Shipping from Hong Kong so it will be a bit…

  • Owen

    My birthday is the 16th.

    No Ouya for me.

    • Owen

      Still getting one when it comes out though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rulio

    I´m from Spain and backer. Actually we don’t know when will arrive our Ouyas to Europe, only “in the next weeks for international shipping”. I holy hope a reward produced by your delay in the shipping out US lines. Remember the backer option “99$ Ouya and controller” stimated March ’13.

  • Rulio

    sorry, only, no holy xD

  • Lars

    I’m from germany and my backer number is ~5000 and i haven’t heard anything yet. Same for a friend of mine.

    At the moment we don’t expect to get our consoles before the end of June :(

    Sorry to say that, but i really can’t believe that you are not delaying the shipping outside the US. Additionally i ordered mine with 2 controllers (and my friend did too) which is also contributing to the delay i guess.

    But well, this is what you have to live with as a backer. Because you didn’t actually by a product, you just gave money in hope of a change in console/gaming business. So i still hope the ouya will be great when it gets here…hoepfully this year…

    • jrronimo

      Backer #2124, LE + additional controller. No shipping notification yet.

      I guess LEs were only starting to go out this week, but I still haven’t heard. The week’s not over, though. And it doesn’t matter if it’s this week or next (or the next or the next…); it’ll show up eventually.

  • Jon

    So is my preorder from game uk going to be delayed till 25th now?

  • RikanMel

    If you’re partnering with NVIDIA why not upgrading the chip to TEGRA 4? All that money invested and not care about an outdated chip doesn’t make sense to me at all.

    • rem0te

      What, you want them to stop the press, recall all shiped unit go back to the testing board and and delay for a few month just to have a slightly better chip that will almost be already outdated by the time they finally manage to ship? no, just… no.

      • H0B0Byter99

        Agreed. Plus OUYA has already said that they’ll provide upgrades. From what I understand the OUYA is modular. When you want to replace the graphics part you open up the OUYA and replace the graphics part. RAM? Same process. Did I hear right?

        • Delpee

          I’m sad to say you didn’t. Most of the stuff is on the same chip (Google SoC for more info), which makes switching parts out almost impossible for regular consumers. There is however strong rumour of a yearly or two-year release cycle of new OUYA designs with faster hardware.
          I’m also wondering why everyone is grinding about the OUYA’s hardware so much. Most of the best and most memorable game-experiences of players have been on hardware weaker or on-par with the OUYA. Better graphics don’t make better games…

          • ITSAME

            Ouya could ship new boards for a slightly reduced cost. Not having to pay for controller or casing or even fancy packaging could mean $50-$60 for the upgraded board (before shipping)

          • cory

            unscrewing the casing and swaping chips might a bit beyond what most people would be willing to do even if its quite simple in reality.
            a future iteration of OUYA could maybe put key components (cpu gpu ram)on a removable chip disguised as a cartradge that could be swaped out for a faction of the cost of the console. its been done before to an extent with nintendo’s expansion pak for the n64 and most consumers only knew that it was required for certain games and had no itdea what it actualy was. yes the expansion pak was just a memory upgrade but its not too far fextched to pull off on a larger scale. retaining parts that tend to stay up to date longer such as the wifi, bluetoth, usb, sound controller power supply, and fan would help to cut the price of upgrades.
            however a upgrade module or somtihng similar might not have quite the same hype that a new console could build even if both offered the same performance increase

  • James Coote

    I hope this will also signal a change in marketing strategy. Meeting with investors and chasing VC might be fun for you, but the image of a “corporate” OUYA Inc. doesn’t fit well with the product actually being sold

  • adam

    OK what about games top do I have to wait another 3 weeks to get my system?

  • adam

    And bring call of duty and halo to the ouya make it like the ps3 and Xbox but on one console out do what ps3 and 360 couldn’t.

    • gd

      haha nice one.

  • DrSkull


  • David

    For all you backers that have not recieved your OUYAs, please check out Kickstarter backer OUYAs are definitely not shipping out in order of backer number. I received my pre-ship notification and my ship notification just this week. My backer number is 16702, but my order number said 16713. My order was for a standard console with no extra controller. When your OUYA does start to ship youll get an email from OUYA with the hashtag #myouyaiscoming Till then its anybody’s guess.

  • Eric

    I’m concerned with how this funding will affect the open indie nature of OUYA.

    VCs expect to earn a return on their investment. If they have to make a decision between what’s best for gamers and what’s best for investors, well that’s how we got the mediocrity of the big consoles.

    • Vauxhall

      Yep, I agree with your sentiments about how outside investors will influence the product. I’m certainly intrigued by who the investors are and their track record of backing innovative products.

      I got to this party late, and I’m not a backer. I’m looking for an android box that will play media and some games. Ouya seems to fit the bill nicely. If they blow up and are enormously successful that’s fantastic. If not that’s okay too.

      As an observer, all the criticism about an underpowered chip etc. just seems odd. I thought the whole point of the thing was a low barrier to entry wherein lots of developers could cut their programming teeth on. I’m sure there will be some real stinkers but the likelihood of someone creating the next Angry Birds is exponentially higher.

  • George

    Still haven’t gotten my email. Maybe I’ll be happier when/IF I ever get mine.

  • Robert

    Yeah. Great. Good for them and pocketing more cash. Can I have the one I backed 6 months ago now? Still waiting….

  • dave

    They pushed back the date to give them more time to ship to backers. This way They can say we did get all units out to backers before we went live.

  • Michael Tucker

    I’m happy they are pushing launch, it shows that what Julie said in the AMA about they have not made any retail units yet. They would be in a whole world of mess if that was true and they still needed to launch June 4, and we will ‘all have ours before launch’.

    It’s a little silly they put this on a blog post and no emails were sent (like Kickstarter updates do).

    Anyways, I look forward to getting my OUYA. But see Team OUYA? You’re pushing launch and admitting you weren’t prepared and everyone seems to be cool with it. Honesty is the best policy!


  • darkmorgado

    That’s nice, but when will I receive my early backer unit? You say they’ve been shipped to over 110 countries, but very few people have actually received them so far.

  • OUYA News

    Really great news, the OUYA could really be the next be thing. We are really looking forward on that.

  • ragnar

    They are figuring it out as they go so, relax whine less and use it or don’t. Iy will be good they are working their guts out.


  • V3T

    That is pretty awesome. My company works with KPCB, and we are setting up an OUYA for them today. I wish I had my limited edition one already, can I haz plz?

  • iamcreasy

    Wish Ouya had Opengl 3 support and better gamepad design…sigh…

  • Robert

    If you could pull your release day back just one day, that would make an awesome birthday present for me. Pretty please? :)

    I’ll survive if you don’t, since I’ll already have my limited edition anyway….right?

    • John

      I like it where it’s at on my birthday :D

  • Sashi

    Congratulations, Julie! :)

  • Gopal Metro

    Heck yeah! Congratulations!!! :D

  • Livermore-Dad

    Well I backed them on 7/10/2012, so 10+ months. I’m wondering how they are deciding who get’s their units first.

    I’m interested in seeing what it brings, but was in fact hoping for an open platform (that’s what it was sold as), but hearing about lock downs and other whispers, one has to question what this platform has already turned into, before it even hit the market.

    Sold as and invested in an open platform, if this does go the way of a Sony or Nintendo, than I would say we all got taken (regardless of any usefulness of the product), it was the idea of an open source type gaming platform.

    Since i don’t have one yet, I will reserve judgement and take everything here with a large grain of salt.

  • y not tony

    If they can get geometry wars on this it will be sweet. love that game

  • Mike Croswell

    Keep up the good work and make sure those other-country backers get their units soon!!! Thank you!

  • Will

    With nVidia funding you guys, does that mean future models with have nVidia chips inside?

  • bmulligan

    Wait, I don’t get the Android Play store AND my console will be locked out of Ouya if I mod/root the thing?

    So much for “open” consoles. This deal is getting worse all the time.

    • AP

      Yeah, wth, I’m not happy about this either.

  • Emil Lundberg

    That sounds great! Please make sure you stay true to the OYUA mission though: to create a truly open gaming system. I bet you can do it! ;D

    And all of you nagging on about shipments… what’s the rush? We’ve all been waiting some 6-9 months anyway, so I don’t see how a week or two would make that much of a difference.

  • Homer

    I so wish there were far far less clueless people with a keyboard that:

    1. Focus on and rate something by it’s tech specs.
    2. Focus on and rate something by the amount of $$ spent on creating a title.
    3. Focus on something only being good if it has a killer drawcard title.

    Seriously. The people that think like any of the above don’t understand Ouya at all. More closed source expensive trillion $$$ gaming won’t make games any better. More texels in your 978th iteration of “doom”, won’t make it any better. Gamin hasn’t hasn’t progressed since 3D became standard. If anything it’s regressed.

    For once someone has realised that creativity, openness, unfettered access and fun might just be worth something in the gaming arena. Why it is so hard for the young marketing fed gamers to comprehend this doesn’t amaze me, I just wish they’d not bother.

    Why they have to spout their negative drivel does annoy me though. Didn’t their mothers teach them if you’ve nothing nice to say, say nothing. What do they care if this is successful or not. They are obviously unhappy with their xbox, wii and ps3, wishing they were something more than they are, yet they bag an alternate because it isn’t the same?

    Reading the internet is sometimes such a negative process.. Far too many wankers with accounts and keyboards. I’d love to go back to the net of ’87. Where only intelligent people had accounts.

  • Kieran

    How do you know if you’re an early backer?!

  • Dan

    This is wonderful! I’ve been raving about the Ouya to every gamer I know! They are pissed they have to wait for the official launch, but I’m having a preview launch at my house once I receive mine!

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Well I’m still waiting for mine special ed. 65% delivered already but not mine already losing the carisma.

  • Paul Schofield

    Heh, its real nice someone put up 15mill for you, but why didn’t kickstarter backers get first shout (or even an offer of a piece of the action) – after all its in no small part due to us you got this show on the road, shouldn’t we be able to share in the future spoils

  • James P

    Congratulations. Hope the ouya continues to grow. I believe there’s more interesting news coming for ouya. Well done.

  • Pranxtor

    If they are shipping from Hong Kong then why did I have to pay $20 for international shipping? I live in Australia. If anything my shipping should be cheaper than someone’s in the US.

  • Pamela

    Aaron, learn the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ and your mail will be easier to read.

  • Derrick Coetzee

    I’m located in San Francisco and got my Ouya unit yesterday. I’ve been really happy with it so far – the form factor is tiny and totally adorable, it worked out of the box with smooth setup, and I was downloading and trying out games within minutes. I also signed up at the dev site and grabbed the ODK – it’s super cool that I can use my unit as a development unit as well.

    The only real trouble I had was installing batteries (included) in the controller – one of the sticks came off and I had to get it back on, and I didn’t realise at first that both sides of the controller had a battery compartment (my own fault for not reading the directions).

    Nothing quite beats the experience of just selecting Final Fantasy III, saying “I want to try playing that,” and it downloads and installs and plays – no disc or cartridge or PC required. Then purchasing it if you like it is just a one-click option on the main menu of the game. This new way of evaluating games is really exciting.

    All in all very happy with it. Hoping everyone will be able to get one soon, and start playing and developing too!

    • FakeKraid

      Man, it’s awesome to hear someone talking like everyone was before the shipping stuff. OUYA is an exciting, new product and I am crazy glad I got in on it. Got my email yesterday, and I am looking forward to having the same great experience as you.

  • Chris Hedley

    I’m just curious about this console, it’s not a top brand console but it does have some ready to go features such as… Fexibility, it’s android so you won’t get the RRoD BSoD or some other Microsoft problems, with that being said, I’m sure that “developer pack sent with every console” would basically say “we’re not going to make a developer edition console for us to hike the price”

    The only thing that I’m worried about is…
    A) Will you be making your own store similar to Google play or
    B) are you going to be using Google Play

    if it’s A) Will you be policing the buggy crapware that is just made for revenue and nothing else, such as “ebooks” for 99c that you can find somewhere else, advertisement software that has no other real purpose other than to deliver ads and false decorations what’s in the description.

    I don’t want to know the secrets of your company, I look for those when I buy consoles or upgrade to a better version of a operating system.

    Will you be allowing USB support for extra storage, such as “my 500TB uber storage system”

  • Damon

    Just found about the Ouya recently. I have to say I love the concept and I’m behind it 100%. Definitely planning to shift a game on to this in the future, and it’s exciting to see that I’m getting in so early. Fantastic work, looking forward to see what happens! :D

  • Gerardo

    I pre-ordered my ouya in January before the dead line so i was gonna get it in april. But now everyone is getting them in may and I have not recieved ANY emails from Ouya, like ever. So i was wondering whats up with that? No tracker number, no updates, nothing.

  • Christian Duncan

    The Ouya will just be delayed a few weeks more than expected so what. I pre ordered it last month and I can definantly wait a couple more weeks to get my unit ^.^ I’m looking forward to setting it up.

  • Blake Hulbert

    They must really hate me, I’m going to be the last person to get mine :(

  • CadmiumRED

    A simple message to everyone who pre-ordered the console would be pretty courteous. I feel lost in the dark in this whole thing. Someone also mentioned that the OUYA “isn’t” going to be open console? Where did you hear this?

  • Rodrigo

    That is actually pretty sad to me. I’ll be in the US from June 8th to June 22th. One of my main plans was getting an Ouya, since it takkes so long to arrive here in Brazil (not mentioning the customs fees). Well, let’s see now…

  • kwratster

    this is total bull crap.

    yay ouya got 15mil but really? pushing back the date to make more? why didn’t you make more when you were gaining the money? I think people who preordered it way early like right after the kickstarter should get some advance shiping..

  • john rink

    so if i ordered my ouya in mid april ill still get it on june 4th?

  • CadmiumRED

    I sent the OUYA group a hard-edged e-mail about why I haven’t received any kind of shipment notification. Believe me, I’m not a happy camper. Some sort of personal message via e-mail would’ve been greatly appreciated, but I feel we’ve all been put on the backburner far longer than necessary. This is an example of bad service.

    @ john rink: No one really knows until they get notified via e-mail. I don’t even know and I ordered my unit in October of 2012. I’m pretty PO’d.

    • Dan J

      I have sent them plenty of emails and never received a response, I was first very excited by this company but because of poor customer support I am really rethinking my order. Little did they know that only 2 minutes would save so many customers by simply responding to their emails. But I guess they are too busy to respond to people who sent them money months ago…. not happy with Ouya right now.

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