Hey Guys and Gals,

This is our final mini-update for this month (and the year!). We formally launched at the end of June and have released 6 substantial Updates in the past 6 months – with a few hotfixes sprinkled in for good measure :P It’s all about constantly making OUYA better. This update has primarily under the hood improvements (speed, bug fixes, foundational work), and we’ve also got some sweet changes that’ll be more visible to you:

  • Improved recommendations in the System Menu to dynamically give recommendations based on the game you are currently playing.

  • Added settings to allow you to prioritize bluetooth or wi-fi based on their needs. Default settings will automatically prioritize bluetooth with 2 or more controllers connected.

  • Navigation performance improvements in DISCOVER – This is an ongoing effort, but you should already see noticeable improvement.

  • Tweaked the position of the active row in DISCOVER to better show rows below it.

  • More External Storage Open Beta bug fixes

    • Added spinners to USB dialog boxes to make it more clear that an action is taking place and it’s not stalled.

    • Fixed an issue where ejecting a USB drive sometimes reported that a download was in progress when there was no download.

    • Fixed an issue where entering game details of an installing game would display no information.

    • Fixed several cases where a bad removal could require a console restart to get USB functionality back.

  • Added the ability to ask survey questions in the System Menu. Your feedback is incredibly important to us, so keep an eye out for these questions.

  • We’ve got improved error reporting and have added the ability for our Customer Service team to work with gamers to get better log information.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause gamers to get an incremental then a full update when they shouldn’t (fixed going forward).

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Update Notes wouldn’t display after an update.


If you don’t get this update right away, please go to MANAGE -> SYSTEM -> SYSTEM UPDATES.

Also, as mentioned in our last update blog post, we are looking into XBMC Audio Passthrough and CEC support as our next tasks. We know y’all want it, so we are working on making it happen =)

Thank you everyone for your continued support! We check out the forums, reddit comments, and livestreams. We appreciate all the positive comments and constructive criticisms. Whether you are checking out our server responses to scrape Update Notes a few days early (Hi, RiotingSpectre :P) or live streaming your first few play sessions with an OUYA on Twitch (nice work, Mungry) – you guys make our community awesome and we are grateful for that =)

Keep an eye on this blog in the New Year, as we’ll have more cool announcements and will start giving you a look ahead at our plans for the year!



Producer Dude

  • Matthew Martino

    Good to see you guys noticed all the work RiotingSpectre has done for our community lol. Great update. DTS licensing for XBMC would be nice too. Thanks for all the hard work

    • jm9843

      +1. I’ll be happy simply with audio passthrough (using an avr) but I know others would like the ability for the OUYA to decode the DTS itself.

      Perhaps OUYA could sell the DTS license through the Discover store similar to how the Raspberry Pi sells MPEG-2 and VC-1 licenses through their store?

  • carminee

    Any chance for supporting microphones in an upcoming update?

  • Al B

    This update doesn’t want to install for me. I’m stuck in a vicious loop of downloading it, installing it, rebooting etc…

    • Matthew Martino

      Try shutting down and powering off completely. Then unplug the system for a minute or 2. Then boot up and do that update. This always works for me when I get stuck in a loop. I wish they would add a reboot function already lol.

      • Al B

        Nope, still no-joy. I get the Ouya screen of exclamation mark and back to the vicious cycle

        • Al B

          Yup, definitely not working. Thank you for bicking my Ouya just in time for the holidays. Just awesome!

          • Matthew Martino

            If you are rooted then the custom recovery CWM will block any OTA updates on all Ouya’s. You will have to boot to recovery and install the new system via flash. It does the same for all android devices when you have custom recovery. Rooted users also get a full image each time instead of incremental updates because of changes to the system files.

    • westc0ast

      are you rooted? if so you need to go to exposed installer and “clean up(complete removal of the framework)”.do the same in modules.that should then let you update.

  • carminee

    Question: If I use ethernet instead of wifi. Do I still need to go into this setting to pump up the bluetooth.. or will the system automatically do that if I have an ethernet cable plugged in?

    • Matthew Martino

      No you do not have to “pump” anything up. The issue is that the wireless and bluetooth are sharing the same chip. The theory is that if you use either net then the wireless with no be running and there should be more resources for BT audio. Chances are it is not that simple and we will just have to wait for them to support it.

      • Jim

        You mean ethernet I’m sure. I thought it had to do with controller lag with the bluetooth controller? I know I don’t want to add anything else to take away any signal from the controller…

  • westc0ast

    How do I go about updating if I’ve rooted my ouya?

    • codythedragondude

      well first updating breaks root second if your getting the exclamation mark you will need to wipe the data in safe mode by plugging in a usb keyboard as the OUYA starts to boot, hold down the alt-sysrq keys and press i once in that menu screen everything should be easy to figure out

      • westc0ast

        nope i already posted the fix.

        are you rooted? if so you need to go to exposed installer and “clean up(complete removal of the framework)”.do the same in modules.that should then let you update.

  • westc0ast

    well the update keep failing.downloads,prepares for update,turnes off then red !

  • westc0ast

    update fail with red ! exclamation mark?

    are you rooted? if so you need to go to exposed installer and “clean up(complete removal of the framework)”.do the same in modules.that should then let you update.

  • popeydc

    This software update corrupted the USB stick containing all my games. I was in the middle of playing (switching from one game to another) when the Ouya suddently went into update mode. When it finally rebooted all my games were unplayable because the USB stick is corrupted. Was fine 5 mins before the update applied. Do you actually test these updates?

  • 17Studio

    Upgrade your version of android that there was no delay sound in games. This is the most important thing.

  • Craig Beattie

    Hi – can you sideload to internal drive now after placing something to external. Originally it said you couldn’t but I would rather i could choose! Why can’t i? What’s the reason ? And is there a way to move something in external to internal that is a side loaded app like XBMC night build