Hey Guys and Gals,

This is part one of two mini-updates we’ve been working on for the month of December. We’ve been implementing a variety of bug fixes and general improvements to the Abominable Snowman update, and wanted to pass them along to you as soon as possible.

We want to thank all of you for continuing to give us your feedback.  This list of improvements was based heavily on making sure we react to the feedback our community provides:

  • External Storage Open Beta bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented gamers from installing large games (like The Cave) to external storage.

    • Fixed an issue where gamers could get stuck on an orange screen when booting with external storage plugged in.

    • Fixed an issue where gamers could not download from the browser to the internal drive.

    • Fixed an issue where sometimes an external drive would report out of space when it wasn’t.

    • Fixed an issue where the OUYA as MTP storage was showing up empty

    • Fixed an issue where sometimes gamers could get stuck on the ejecting USB prompt.

  • Based on gamer and developer feedback, we’ve moved the icons for installed and buried games down to the title bar.  That way they don’t cover up any tile art.

  • Gamers can now bury installed games.

  • The BUY button now shows in Game Details for all gamers.  Previously it was being A/B tested. Data and feedback showed that it was a good improvement for gamers so we’ve enabled it for everyone.

  • Fixed an issue in the advanced settings where gamers couldn’t scroll down after backing out of a menu.

As a point of note, we’re also actively looking at a resolution to XBMC audio passthrough issues. This build doesn’t yet have a fix, but it’s a high-priority item for us.

If you don’t get this update right away, please go to MANAGE -> SYSTEM -> SYSTEM UPDATES in order to run it.

Thanks for your continued support and look out for another set of fixes later in the month!



Producer Dude

  • DanTilly

    yes! now I can hopefully install the cave to external!

  • lecanardzero


  • Alexander von Gluck

    Glad about more improvements… But these updates are slow! 1 hour+ to install when my other Wi-Fi devices get 18mbit down on the same network.

  • David Larsen

    Great work! The Ouya is still not able to recognize either of my NTFS 1TB drives (one self powered, one USB powered) – I have tried direct USB and through a powered USB hub. Any ideas? It recognizes my 32GB usb drive fine, is there a maximum size?

    • James

      There is no maximum size. If you don’t mind, can you please pass along the make and model of your drives? Then we can take a look internally. Thanks!

      • David Larsen

        Thanks James! One is a Western Digital 1TB 5400RPM 3.5″ (WD10EADS-00M2B0) in a RoseWill USB 2.0 Enclosure, the other is a 1TB Toshiba Canvio USB3 2.5″ Drive.

    • Nikolaj Vind Andersen

      some times you need to formate the harddisk with a thirtparty program (i use http://download.cnet.com/MiniAide-Fat32-Formatter/3000-2094_4-75701815.html)
      try first to formate the harddisk as NTFS but if it dosen’t work try to formate it as FAT32

      • David Larsen

        Thanks Nikolaj, unfortunately the drives are both nearly full so reformatting is going to be a long process (I have backups, but restoring will be a pain). Also, I thought both were NTFS but I forgot that I had reformatted the USB2 3.5″ WD External as FAT32 a while back, the USB3 2.5″ Toshiba Canvio is NTFS

  • Alexander von Gluck

    OK.. Hooked ouya up to Ethernet. Update went from 1hour to download to 6 minutes. Yeesh there are some rf issues with the ouya. Little request ouya? The screen in between the update download and update application is dumb.. It means the ouya can never apply updates on its own. I never get to play my ouya as every time I try it started an hour long update download cycle I then had to approve and wait another 15 minutes for.

    • Johann de Waal

      The Wi-Fi issue is probably my number one concern with regards to research and development on OUYA 2. Using Ethernet makes for a huge improvement, as you’ve mentioned. Unfortunately my OUYA is far from the router, which means using a particularly long cable, which tends to annoy certain other members of the family. :-)

      • Robert

        i think there needs to be a recall on the device because of the wifi…. not a purchase of a new console….

        • Johann de Waal

          Honestly, I wouldn’t go that far. It’s a basic design flaw, or perhaps even a problem with the particular model of Wi-Fi connector being used (in the console), whichever it is, Ouya Inc. are aware of this issue.

          A recall could finish Ouya Inc. and I’d rather that did not happen. They should carry on with developing the software and hardware, applying updates where possible (easier with software than hardware), keep us consumers as happy as possible, and then launch OUYA 2 late next year with improvements across the board.

          I’m having a good time with OUYA. Keep the price of OUYA 2 at $99, with Tegra 4 powering the device and all of the hardware and software issues ironed out, and I’ll buy it (provided the software line-up continues to grow and improve).

    • Benjamin Jimenez

      I’ve never had any wifi issues, but I am only about 5 feet from my wifi. If I get more then 10 or 20 feet it starts to get bad, and if there are walls in the way forget about it.

  • youmax

    Exellent team!!!, HDMI-CEC for remote control is possible now?

  • Noam

    Ouya is missing 2 major things for me:
    1) Responsive controller
    2) Local PC streaming (yes, kainy does it, but not well enough. I think this should be a core feature of the OS, like steambox / nvidia shield)

    • Johann de Waal

      There is a revised version of the controller out. I havn’t tried it myself but I’ve heard it solves most issues people have had with the original version.

      Note, I’m using the original controller (Kickstarter model), and I havn’t had too many issues. My main problem with it is that you can’t have anything between the OUYA and the controller (or even around the OUYA), otherwise the signal gets interrupted or distorted, leading to lag and interruptions. As a possible fix, the Meltdown devs have recommended you put the OUYA on its side to improve Bluetooth reception. I havn’t tried this yet though.

      • Noam

        Well, if I have 2 controllers, “applying this fix” would cost me 100$ + shipping. Not sure that it changes anything for me…

        • Johann de Waal

          Well, I have four controllers, bought in readiness for Killing Floor: Calamity. I’ve only ever used one extensively, and that one appears to be working okay. I can appreciate your pain though. At least they’ve started selling OUYA in Germany now (where I live), which means I should be able to more easily pick up one of the new controllers if need be.

      • Nick Lewis

        I had my controller replaced under warranty recently.

        My pre-order controller (basically identical to Kickstarter units) was never very good. The thumb sticks would ‘stick’ in the last direction despite them centering themselves fine and the touchpad was dodgy and difficult to use.

        The replacement controller is perfect and works flawlessly. Noam, I would recommend contacting Ouya to see if they’ll replace yours. They were really quick and efficient, I can’t praise their customer service highly enough.

        Oh, and I got to keep the original controller to take apart, tinker with and look at it’s guts! :)

  • Alex

    Great update! Fast too (under 4 minutes in my system and wifi connection). I should also point out that this update fixed the erroneous internal SD storage remaining the system was reporting ( 2 Gigs missing).
    Keep´em coming!

  • Johann de Waal

    This is an awesome update. Thanks, OUYA! I couldn’t update The Cave before. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  • Anderson Roberto de Carvalho

    How about Brazilian Portuguese localization

  • Robert

    I have to say the wifi is god awful terrible on this device. I have a macbook, apple tv, ipad, ps4, ps3 and a desktop that all pickup on full wifi while this device doesn’t allow a connection saying it’s too weak- nonsense- all my other devices love my wifi (because its great). Biggest problem is i dont have an ethernet connection next to my tv…… what do i do now? Return the device?

    • Johann de Waal

      Supposedly you can unscrew and remove the OUYA’s casing, which reputedly will improve Wi-Fi reception (by a huge margin). Note, I havn’t tried this myself. The Wi-Fi connection is (in my opinion) good enough for general purpose functionality. And when I want to play on-line or stream video I use the Ethernet cable. The latter is merely a major hassle.

      • RealDeal83

        Tried the case removal trick, nothing. All my other devices have fulls signal strength. Ouya can’t even see them. What a piece of junk. Guess I’ll be returning it.

        • Johann de Waal

          I’m fairly disillusioned with OUYA as is. Less so with the hardware than the software.

          We’ve had two months with only one major software release – Killing Floor: Calamity – and that was a dissappointment. (I say that as a Killing Floor fan who really wanted to like the game. Calamity is just missing far too many features.)

          Until these people figure out that no platform is successful without high quality software I can’t see OUYA succeeding.

  • Johann de Waal

    Okay, OUYA people, I appreciate the effort. But I still can’t download and install The Cave. I left the OUYA on overnight and the download hanged at around the 30% mark. This morning I try again and the download bar activates but the download doesn’t actually start. The Cave is, if I remember correctly, the only game this has ever happened with. I’m looking forward to playing The Cave.

    • Johann de Waal

      Okay, I managed to download and install the game last night. I did however notice that if I ran anything else why the download was going on it would reset back to zero. At least I have the game now. Hopefully I’ll have time to play it tonight. Really excited.

  • kuhn rocky

    i cant use my controller after the update any ideas as to why ?

    • Benjamin Jimenez

      mine is messing up too. my system button doesn’t work right

  • DonDebatt

    BIG problems with system update on my OUYA. Loops the download again and again for hours without getting to install it. The controllers (yes a have two of them) for the Kickstarter editon are not responsive at all and hopeless to use. Sending these back to the US to get new ones, not an option from Norway. The Wifi is really shitty too.
    Well I kickstarted this for others and really hope the OUYA survives and get better but it´s not usable for me here in the outskirt of Europe and far away from the US.

    • Johann de Waal

      I notice you’re having a whole throng of issues. Have you tried OUYA Support?


      Log in and file a support request. (Make sure to log in; don’t file the request anonymously.) The OUYA support staff have always been super helpful in getting issues sorted out (in my experience).

  • Benjamin Jimenez

    Now that I installed the hotfix I can no longer back out of a running game with the system button. It just doesn’t work unless I keep pressing it repeatedly. This is really annoying.

  • Benjamin Jimenez

    Can you guys also fix it so I can use my mouse to select and start games from the Ouya launcher? At this time it doesn’t let me.

  • James

    We REALLY need the option to skip installing updates!!! I’m not fully using my Ouya yet (It’s a Christmas present for the kids) but I wanted to try pairing the PS3 controller I got in the mail and when I hooked it up, I was forced to wait 30+ minutes for it to update. Something that should have taken just a few minutes and went back in the box! :(

    • Johann de Waal

      Slightly off-topic:

      I recommend you buy your kids Bomb Squad and Towerfall; download those now so they’ll have some cool multiplayer games to play Christmas morning; with you playing along, of course :-) .

      For single player I recommend Ittle Dew, Pizza Boy, Mystery Castle, The Cave, Happy Vikings, etc., depending on your kids’ ages, of course. These are all brilliant, family-friendly, puzzle-type games that you’ll likely also enjoy.

      • James

        Will do, thanks for the heads up. I’ve already got it pretty full, but I will be sure to check the ones you listed as well. My kids are 7 (girl) and 9 (boy) so only 9+ games show up in discover. I showed them Dub Wars (on youtube) before I bought the system and my daughter seemed pretty excited about it.

  • David Mulder

    Great update… It’s still downloading (don’t have an option to use ethernet). This forced update rendered my device useless. Thanks Ouya…

  • Bryce

    I know this question is out of the ordinary, but when will you make a better Nintendo Ds emulator?

  • MadWolf


    i have a Seagate 2tb hard drive sometimes the ouya detects the hard drive and scans for installed apps other times it tacks a couple of attempts to get it working but i think the problem is the usb connector on the ouya and not my hard drive

  • AxelNL

    I read that much people have problems but i dont have any problems.

    Keep up the good work ouya.

  • Walt Wright

    Needs overscan compensation.

  • Andrés Schwartz

    I still have the mtp issue, empty at all.

    When I create a folder or transfer a file from my computer that file appears alone as if the storage was empty at all but only have the latest files that I copy or create.
    When I move or delete that from inside the OUYA (using FilePwn), the files still remains in the list of the PC (umounting before or not the mtp filesystem), but they are inaccessible from the PC (of course if they really does not are there, that raise I/O error).
    So, It appears that there are a completely separated file and folder list for MTP that is not updated from the real content of the storage in the OUYA.

  • Andrés Schwartz

    Ah, my Wifi device is non-existent at all. When I updated for third time the OUYA, the WiFi not worked anymore.

    But I don’t care about that because I prefer to use ethernet cable and maintain the 2.4 Ghz free from the console because bluetooth is same band. So, that is ok.

    W/ThrottleService( 320): unable to find stats for iface wlan0

  • t1oracle

    Awesome update, the Ouya UI is looking really slick and professional now. Everything is smoother and the USB stuff has resolved the lack of space issues.

  • Fly bye

    hdmi-cec is a must for me to control xbmc. I’ve had my ouya at least 7 months and i played around with it around 3 days, now its just sitting there collecting dust. atv is the best streamer. i just got sucked into the hype. i knew there where flaws before i backed it. once bitten twice shy.

    • jm9843

      It’s a matter of priorities. They are working on audio passthrough and CEC next which is rather charitable if you ask me. Reminder: this is a crowd-funded, open/indie game console that is constantly iterating. It seems that you came into it with unrealistic expectations.

      • Fly bye

        There was no unrealistic expectations, i really knew at the time, but I had hopes because xbmc dev were going to work on it. I was really pushing for I.R and media remote togather. They could of charged us bit extra for it. That would of killed two birds with one stone. Ouya could of been best media machine on the market well as best indie game machine. This would of defiantly push their sales higher. And not only that everytime I’ve turned on my console it was defiantly for xbmc, also at the same time and i bought apps like psone emulator, bombsquad (can’t remember the exact name), and shadowgun. To me it’s not charitable lot of us has bought the console giving priority to media side than game side. If not i may aswell flog it on fleabay (which i may do very soon). cut my loss and get something that suits me.

  • t1oracle

    Ouya needs to market internationally. I think the developing world would really appreciate an open console that they can easily develop for and hack.

  • Clare

    After this update:

    Neon Shadow does not respond to my Ouya controller, it’s as if the controller is off.

    Shodow Gun responds to the D-Pad, analog sticks but not to the buttons, I can start the game using the touchpad, but whilst in the game I cannot fire etc.

    Other games appear to work fine such as The Cave, A zombie Stole My Toaster, Super GNES & Syder Arcade, so my controller is fine.