Hey Folks,

Our newest update, “Chupacabra”, is now live for you to check out!

The most notable improvement is that we now support Audio Passthrough for XBMC. We’ve heard your feedback and made this a priority for us to deliver a solution. Check out the full notes below for details.

You’ll also see a lot of visual changes on the console – we’ve revamped PLAY and Details pages based on feedback we’ve received from our community. We’ve got 740+ games (!!) – so now it’s easier to find and track games you love through our new Favorites feature.



Check out the update notes below to get full details on a whole slew of new improvements:

  • Audio passthrough is now supported in XBMC! Once you have the newest OUYA update, make sure you download the latest copy of XBMC on DISCOVER and you’ll have audio passthrough support for AC3, DTS, and AAC.

  • Redesigned the Details page to provide a cleaner new look and feel.

    • Now text is easier to read and screenshots are easier to navigate.

    • Reduced screen clutter to make navigation more clear.

    • No more stuff scrolling off the screen and looking like an overscan issue.

    • Page is now more versatile to support various types of pages like the Developer page discussed below.

  • Reorganized PLAY to make it easier to find games.

    • The top row will function as PLAY previously did.

    • We’ve removed the Thumbs Up system (too much overlap with ratings) and added a new “Favorite” system. Games you Favorite from the Details page will show up in the second row of PLAY.

    • Added a category for Purchased games, so you can more easily find games you’ve purchased (installed or not).

    • Added a category for Recent Downloads which will show currently downloading games plus the 10 most recent finished downloads.

    • Added an A-Z category so you can find games alphabetically.

  • Added Developer-specific Details pages (and support for other generic Details pages).

    • Now you can learn more about the folks who make the great games you love. Get to know your favorite devs!

    • These pages also allow an easy way to access all the games from a specific developer.

    • As Developers fill out their profiles, you’ll start to see these pages appear on the console.

  • Genre sections are now updated to have multiple rows.

    • Instead of the previous “bucket”, Genres now have rows like the main page of DISCOVER, allowing the display of Featured games, New Releases, etc.

  • Added a simple “download manager”.

    • Games that are currently downloading will appear in the Recent Downloads section of PLAY (in addition to the places they previously appeared).

    • By pressing U on a game in the download queue, you can move games to the front of the queue to set the order in which you want your games to download. It will pause any current downloads and resume them from where they left off when the prioritized games are finished.

  • Game developers can now choose if they want their games to be Free to Try or have a price up front.

  • Made pairing of Bluetooth media remotes easier.

    • Using the PS3 Media Remote as an example:

      • Navigate to the Android Settings located in Manage > Controllers > Pairing > Bluetooth Settings (Alternately, you can reach this by navigating to Manage > System > Advanced > Bluetooth)

      • Activate “Search For Device” to begin looking for pairing requests

      • On the Media Remote, press and hold START+ENTER buttons until the PS3 button begins flashing

      • When the device appears in the Available Devices list, select the BD Remote Control from the Available Devices list

      • The BD Remote Control should now appear in the Paired Devices list as connected.

  • Added an option to keep controllers turned on (no timed auto-shutoff) in select Media programs (like XBMC). This can be found in MANAGE -> CONTROLLER -> SETTINGS. This new option will be enabled by default.

  • Improvements to the new user flow

    • Gamers no longer need to confirm their password as a new user

    • Added a date of birth field and optional gender field for new user signup

  • We’ve made it more clear that if you are a user that would like to use PayPal, you can always purchase vouchers from OUYA.tv – pay there with PayPal, enter the code under MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PAYMENTS, and you are good to go!


For the cryptid, we’ve gone with good ol’ Chupacabra: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chupacabra

Chupacabras are quite the media stars, having been featured in Scooby Doo, Dexter’s Laboratory, the Fantastic Four – and now OUYA =)


We hope you enjoy the update and please keep giving us feedback! Hop on over to OUYAForum.com and join in with the community!


-James, Producer Dude




Producer Dude

  • Harry Smith

    Can we please have an update that removes the HDCP so we can record OUYA gameplay?

    • BAWB

      Hey hey! What device are you using to capture? We use an elgato and it works just fine.

      • Matthew.Theoson

        What about a roxio game capture?

      • Harry Smith

        I use an AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable. When I press the button to start recording, it says “Recording failed. This content is copy protected.”

    • phinn

      Good call. Coincidentally, PS4’s upcoming 1.70 update removes this.

  • Stephane C

    Can we please have a APK file just like the amazon market and install the ouya market on our android devices so we can play them with the ouya remote since its bluetooth right?

    • Matthew.Theoson

      They are already working on OUYA everywhere. Its kinda like that.

      • Stephane C

        Still i would like for my ouya games to work on my phone or even most likely android tablet pc im going to buy in a week.

        • Matthew.Theoson

          Yeah I understand that. You could dig in OUYA a bit.

  • DarthPugz

    Before the screaming starts, remember that you have to uninstall the xposed framework before updating or the update will fail. Reroot with “root my ouya” after updating and re enable xposed.

    • tozeleal

      i have CWM. Its dangerous making a system update?

    • Sam Fisher

      Because that makes sense? It’s ridiculous they would release an update that’s so unstable. It’s obviously a terrible update.

  • S D

    PS3 BD Remote (Actually a Logitech Harmony Hub emulating it) is still a no-go for me. Same issue as before the update.

    – Device shows as BD remote after scan is initiated
    – Click it, asks for pin, only accepts 0000
    – Shows it is added but not connected, a second later the ouya freezes. Remote does not show successful pair
    – Restarting the ouya, it freezes on boot logo.
    – Fixed by entering recovery and doing a factory reset

    I believe prior to this update, I needed to use the Japanese BT Pair app to manage to get it to pair, the console did not freeze but the remote did not work and when reset, it would get stuck on the boot logo.

    • Juggler00

      I couldn’t even get the hub to show up. I’m using the Harmony App and have made the OUYA “visible to all devices”. Nothing appears… Anything special you did?

      • S D

        It didn’t for me at first either but after deleting the device it showed. The hub wouldn’t even show on my phone so it wasn’t set as visible, even though it should have been. It seems to usually show up but once paired, as I said it doesn’t work. I wanted to try setting it up as a wii controller instead but the hub refuses to become visible as a wii controller for my phone or the Ouya. I never used to have the issue with the hub not being visible when it should be.

  • j0bb13

    “Game developers can now choose if they want their games to be Free to Try or have a price up front.”

    I thought the games in the Ouya store should have a free version… Didn’t you advertise with that quite a lot?

    • Luke Meyers

      Yeah, seemed to me like that was a major selling point of the platform. I can understand if they’re struggling and see this as a necessary move to keep the platform viable, but it’s pretty shady to just bury it in the release notes like this.

  • Ephriam Zachary Knight

    Except for the abandonment of your founding principle that all games must have a free to try component, this is a very awesome update. I really like the new Play menu updates. That will be a really big help for me. The new game info screens look great too.

  • Omar Cusce

    Good update, still under test, but right now i can tell that the ES Explorer versión 3.0.4 (the only that worked under Jackalope) now crash every time i try to start, the same with the latest versión from Play, and sadly, the same with Astro, so now im searching for a decent file manager that can run under Chupacabra (a DECENT file manager, not the one that all you know). Sadly, MOGA emulation is still non functional, but i will do more test.

  • Scott Fisher

    Not a good update for me. My XBMC has not worked properly since this updated was forced on me. First I would prefer if updates were optional. My ouya has been running great without this update. Now every video I play is in Slow motion including the audio. IF there is a fix for this please lt me know asap (northfloridaqualitygoods(at)gmail(dot)com) Thanks

    • roy

      its the same for me, what do we do now?

      • roy

        if someone has sent you a fix please share

        • Scott Fisher

          I installed Gotham beta apk. It runs fine but mash up isn’t working on it.

          • roy

            i’ll try it thank you

          • roy

            you downloaded it to your laptop then to the ouya?

          • Scott Fisher

            Use the ouya browser and Google search “download Gotham beta” and download the android one.

          • Dac Mcbibs

            I still have passthrough issues when using DTS, even with the latest updates , latest Gotham release, etc

  • Brad Meier

    Is the Plex App going to be updated with audio pass through as well?

  • jared

    my system stayed rooted after the update? Awesome.

  • Adam Krawiec

    When the update ran my audio stopped working….wtf

  • Adam Krawiec

    Update caused all audio to stop working

  • David Larsen

    Thank you so much for the Audio Passthrough feature, as someone who uses Ouya primarily as an HTPC this has been a long sought after addition. The only problem is that now half of the videos in my local library (seemingly at random) cause the XBMC App to crash and dump me at the Ouya home screen.
    Not sure if this is an Ouya issue, XBMC issue, or a combination thereof… any help would be greatly appreciated. I am running the Ouya Discover stock version of XBMC, all updates applied.

    • David Larsen

      FYI – Upgrading to the latest nightly build of XBMC 13 Gotham resolved the video playback crashing issue — though in XBMC 13 I seem to have all AC3, DTS, and AAC audio passthrough functionality. All my receiver is getting from XBMC/Ouya HDMI now is stereo where previously I would get Dolby Digital EX

  • Kupiakos

    I still can’t get multi-channel audio working on the official app with the new update (no passthrough). There’s obviously still something in SPMC that’s missing in the new XBMC. Ideas?

  • Lucas

    Pongo para actualizar mi sistema y me dice que está en su ultima version lo cual es falso. Como actualizo a Chupacabra mi ouya? vivo en Argentina. Saludos

  • Andrew MacLeod

    The newest update actually made my XBMC more unstable. Yes AC3 audio now works but literally hundreds of files both avi/mp4/mkv that used to work now crash XMBC hard to the main launcher. I sideloaded a version of Gotham beta, but that is stuttering in speed. I would rather have no AC3 support and my files work than support for AC3 and I can’t watch anything. Is there a way to downgrade the in system application of XBMC until you can make it more stable?

    • Not Drinking The Cool-Aid

      I have the exact same issue. Mp4s and some mkvs just crash xbmc when it worked perfectly before the update.

  • Listhor

    Is there any way to stop ouya’s fan when in sleep mode? I don’t understand why it is on – regardless I use button or soft switch, ouya is a kind of warm with a noisy fan on…

  • http://www.nextgenandroid.com/forums Dax Hax

    Had this rooted since it’s launch and with each update some things slowly stopped working. Now with the recent update I can no longer launch the Google Play store. I love this system, but I’d like to be able to play the games on my phone on my TV, this is why I got the OUYA.
    I love my hand held device when I’m on the go, but When I’m home I’d like to be able to play the same game on a larger screen and with G+ I can link my ID between devices and continue the same game and save file between devices.
    Hope the next update will fix this issue. =^_^=

  • Sam Fisher

    If you’re rooted, don’t update. It’s a never ending loop that may require a factory restore. I have tried to post a thread in the forums but have been attacked by all the stock fanboys and admins. They are trying to turn the Ouya into a closed marketplace not the OPEN source android platform they first sold us on. If they weren’t trying to do this the update would work fine for those of us that are rooted. Point blank they’re now trying to discourage rooting for Google Play so that people won’t shop there for games. Here’s what they need to know…if you have great games people will shop for them but as of now i can’t because i can’t install the update without a factory restore and i’m simply never going to do that.

  • YaroMan

    Has there been a fix for the Ouya randomly muting media volume after XBMC is run? That’s a big issue

  • Roy Cruz

    seeing as this is the only place to actually talk to people that have ouya, have a ? for u fine folks

  • Roy Cruz

    why cant i pair my controller tried every thread online and every video on youtube my controller only blinks the four lights never goes to two

  • Roy Cruz

    continually gives me a incorrect passkey pin message