Hey Guys and Gals,

The New Year is here, and we’ve got another System Update coming your way.  The improvements were based on feedback and survey results that you all provided over the past several months. It’s vital that we provide you the best experience possible, and that starts by listening to your feedback. First, I’ll break down the changes in this build, then talk a bit about HDMI-CEC, and finally I’ll talk about where we are headed in the next few months.

Full Release Notes:

  • Added a 5-star rating system for games to help gamers find the best quality games.

    • Total rating will be shown on each game’s tile and on the game details page.

    • You can rate a game from the System Menu while in-game.

    • We’ll be changing the criteria for getting out of the Sandbox to incorporate the number of quality ratings.

  • Based on gamer feedback, we’ve added the ability to postpone a system update. Now you don’t have to wait for the update when you’ve got a group of friends over to play Bombsquad.

    • For future updates, you will get a prompt asking if you want to download the update now or later.

    • If you choose to postpone the system update, you can play games but you won’t be able to access DISCOVER or update your games until you perform the update. This is to ensure the best possible experience for these features.

    • We’ll give you a reminder about the system update each time you return to the Home screen because updates are important =)

  • Changed functionality of O and U buttons for downloaded games. O now goes to Game Details and U will launch or update a game. This is to make buttons more consistent within DISCOVER.

  • Better support for navigation with bluetooth and IR remotes – we now respect the “Enter” key in OUYA menus.

  • Based on gamer feedback, added an “overscan compensation” option in the advanced settings under HDMI.

    • A reminder that all games now submitted to OUYA are checked to make sure they are within the safe area. This option is mostly for people running sideloaded apps and older games.

    • This option can impact the visual quality, so keep that in mind when using it.

  • Fixed an issue where the downloads folder in STORAGE wasn’t appearing for some users.

  • Added rank numbers to the “Trending Now” category to make it clear that these games are in O-rank order.

  • Added a quick tutorial for new users to inform them how to properly bring up the System Menu.


If you don’t get this update right away, please go to MANAGE -> SYSTEM -> SYSTEM UPDATES.


A Note on CEC Support

As mentioned in some of our previous posts, we’ve been looking into HDMI-CEC support for OUYA. Unfortunately that investigation has revealed that we’ll be unable to support HDMI-CEC in the current generation of OUYA (as provisioning of the HDMI-CEC pins was never a part of our original hardware spec). For that, we apologize. But now that you’ve made it clear that this is a feature that’s important to you, we’ll make sure that HDMI-CEC support will be a default feature of our next generation of OUYA (note: this is not the recent 16GB OUYA. It will be in our next major hardware revision). And in case you’re just wondering what in tarnation HDMI-CEC is, you can read here for more info. In short: it’s a cool feature that allows you to control a bunch of HDMI connected devices using the same remote / controller.

“So, what about remote control support for current devices?” you may ask?

We are doubling down on supporting IR and Bluetooth remotes and will also be working to develop a mobile/tablet remote app for both Android and iOS. This update already has a few improvements for navigation with Bluetooth and IR remotes.

If you have specific remotes you’d like supported please chime in on the OUYAForum thread.


So what does the future hold?

First, a little insight into how we plan: we don’t have a big year long schedule where we try to map out how every new feature falls into every milestone. These schedules are difficult to maintain and very rigid, so you can often find yourself implementing a feature that you promised 6 months ago, even if it’s not the best feature for your product. By contrast, we tend to look in detail just a month of two in the future. We obviously have high level goals for later in the year, but our approach allows us to incorporate feedback and re-evaluate what’s best for OUYA on a weekly basis.

Our current big feature in development is an Achievements system. We’ll be reaching out to our community of developers and gamers for their feedback on our implementation so we can incorporate it into our design. Because of that, there’s no planned date for achievements yet…but know they are coming =)

We’re also focused on improving discoverability of games, bettering recommendations, and solving the Sandbox issue.

As always, bug fixing will continue to be a priority for us. We’ve seen OUYA get more solid each month, and we intend to keep that trend going.

If you have specific thoughts on next steps for OUYA, hit me up at james@ouya.tv or go post your thoughts on OUYAForum.com – where there’s a great community sharing ideas for OUYA.

For example, there’s a great thread on what you want us to accomplish in 2014. Tell us more!



-James, Producer Dude



Producer Dude

  • Bob Lafresh

    It keeps getting better and better!!! Doing an awesome job keep it up!

  • Indy

    And stereoscopic 3D still doesn’t work from December’s update…

  • Tinwarble

    Ok, so no CEC, but I didn’t see anything about audio pass-through or anything about fixing the handshake issues.

    • DarthPugz

      This! I could care less about CEC. I just want DD/DTS passthrough to work. Considering it does work by turning the receiver off/on, it really shouldn’t be much more than an HDMI bug to squash.

    • febox

      Yeah, it looks like they are giving up on audio pass-through too (without talking about it). So disappointed. =/

    • Blackegg13


  • jrronimo

    More than achievements, some social features like a friend list and the ability to send a message to these friends (online or offline) would be cool. That said, there aren’t a ton of online games where this would be useful yet (i.e. “invite jrronimo to this session of bombsquad”.)

    • Barry Csonka

      Yeah. Achievements are a bit of a waste of time when literally nobody besides you is going to see them.

    • Scott Zupek

      Ouya needs to STOP. Take deep breath…gather themselves and fix what is currently broken. Repair Kickstarter relationships they have crushed (in a general sense). Get back to the idea of creating a 99% functioning product and then focus on “growth”. Growth is a finiky thing, you can’t achieve it if the mass view of your product is “i lied to and duped”

    • Matthew Martino

      Yeah I would have to agree. If they do implement achievements, then I hope your not forced to use them. I just want to play games. Don’t need any social BS to slow down my system. If I want to socialize, I have friends to come over and play lol

  • Konaju Games

    Four polo shirts over a t-shirt? He really wears that?

  • peter

    have not been able to watch xbmc since this morning ..new update crippled xbmc ..cant watch one movie been here for 4 hours now and need some help

  • peter

    please help ..frustration is overwhelming ..i have 3 ouya boxes here and not one can get me one movie to play on xbmc since this morning …just bought them yesterday ..and wife is killing me over this ..worked very well yesterday ..now i get no audio and not one movie plays..please help i got about 20 min before i take them back to store for refund

  • Scott Zupek

    I am sorry to do this (im sure you have plenty) but any gamer, kickstarter, future buyer wants to know 1) how OUYA didn’t see the Controller signal problem before launching 2) why even after a “rivised” problem fix (the one where the triggers were tightened and texture was added to the thumbpads) the interference or “lag” issue (which is a bad term because it’s not accurate) is still such a large problem. It’s embarrasing to bring your Ouya to a LAN party, be 10 feet away from your OUYA with N O T H I N G in the way (physically) and every single one of the ouya controllers (retail and kickstarter) still doesn’t work as it should.

    Did this update fix this? Don’t call it “lag” because it’s not lag. It’s a complete signal loss. Give details. For instance the way the controller is designed electronically if the left battery is getting low on power the LEFT thumbstick has a smaller motion of range, which can be seen as lag. (same if the right side gets low while the left battery is fine). This isn’t the issue everyone is complaining about though.

    We, the buyer / kickstarter, don’t care if WiFi and Bluetooth interfere. The update to prioirtize didn’t fix it. PS3 didn’t have this problem, why does OUYA, which is NEWER than PS3? Don’t be sparce, don’t think silence a good option (its actually REALLY pissing people off). Don’t give the canned “call customer support and they will get you a fixed one” (cause it’s not fixed, i’ve already done that). Don’t say “the retail version is fixed” because I’ve already bought 2 of those too. If you don’t get out in front NOW, you won’t have OUYA2 customers to sell to. I am only trying to help because the OUYA PR isn’t helping themselves with silence they are hurting themselves.

    If it’s not fixable, stop hiding behind it, admit your mistake and move forward. You’ll get more long term sales and possibly more developers by doing so. Plus you have a Linux kernel that can’t be developed on Linux without an expensive engine (Unigine) and NO you can’t develop ON Linux for w/ Unity. Stop trying to patch and hide and start admitting the largest mistake(the controller mess that is currently still happening).

    • evil nick

      Im going through this now with them. What annoys me is the new system comes out right after a LONG wait to get a new controller that still doesnt work. The wait pushed my return policy with the store past its time and Im stuck with it now.
      Had ouya just told me a new console was being released in a week instead I would have returned this retail one and bought the new version with the fixes. My ouya is SEVEN feet away and the controller sucks, its hard wired and on its side.
      The worst is when I stop pressing a direction and my game just keep walking or eventually the character just irractically starts walking and looking everywhere. This is abysmal. They cant fix this with software, everyone with a launch retail is screwed.

      • Matthew Martino

        One thing you could do is ask them for a replacement. I have seven Ouya controllers and 3 of them had issues. I emailed Ouya and they sent me some. One still had issues so they sent me more. If you guys do not want to try and get them fixed… well you can complain about past mistakes all you want but all that means is you will be living in the past while the rest of us move forward with working controllers lol. IDK hope they magically start working for ya.

    • t1oracle

      I think it’s the metal. The PS3 is plastic and likely also has a pricier antenna.

      Regardless, point the top of the Ouya at wherever you sit and it works better.

      Or you can just buy the 16GB model.

      • Scott Zupek

        Still happens… I did that right away…. Even if it is the metal, OUYA Team needs to do their due diligence, find the EXACT problem, PUBLICLY state what it is and HOW TO FIX it… Or, as stated above, if it can’t be fixed, PUBLICLY STATE “We &&&&&d up”

        • t1oracle

          If you bring the Ouya closer to you the lag will disappear. You can also try this solution (I haven’t): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws9C95XN5Gw

          For me turning it on it’s side was enough for most games. I do have to keep the clutter away, but with that I can sit 8 feet away and play Clark, The Cave, and other games. The Cave will sometimes lag, but not enough to break the game.

          • Scott Zupek

            great, now where is the official answer from OUYA? This is all about trust now and OUYA buyers (the ones that will make or break the longterm life of OUYA as a company) don’t have a lick of Trust towards OUYA. They’ve lost hundreds of thousands of sales because of bad press (which is the same as NO PRESS, which is OUYA’s typical answer)

          • t1oracle

            Ouya is a new company with inexperienced management and marketing. They will get better with time, but in the meantime, this is the cost of a start up. They have to start from somewhere. You can be upset about it, or you can be realistic about it. Considering their circumstances, their results are incredibly remarkable. When was the last time a start up company came anywhere close to what Ouya is achieving in the console market?

          • Scott Zupek

            I agree with you that OUYA is new and they are allowed mis-haps. However, they have had PLENTY of time to ask themselves “what are we doing wrong”. They’ve had plenty of time to have professional PR people (with decades of experience) to say “You need to get out in front of the problem before you have no-one left to sell your hopes and dreams to”. Indie developers (including myself) WANT this to succeed. Fool us once… blah blah blah.

            An answer of “We let the community figure it out” isn’t an answer. Hell, they don’t even ACKNOWLEDGE they know about the problem. It’s not asking much for a company to follow basic “duh” strategy.

            If you purchased a TESLA vehicle and it turned out to not go in reverse, would you chalk that up to “well they are new”? If they offered you a free replacement and the same thing still happened… still “they are new” mentality? No, you’d be upset and frustrated trying to figure how something so freaking simple can not be addressed and continously overlooked / ignored.

          • t1oracle

            1) Elon Musk is an exceptional genius, so it’s not fair to bring up Tesla.
            2) While they may be missing the boat on the PR here, I think their long term strategy is focusing more on the next Ouya.

            I don’t know if focusing on the next Ouya is the right move or not, but I am certain that they are learning from this first version, and I am confident that the next one will reflect those lessons learned. I was a backer too and I really want them to succeed, but I don’t know what the best path is to making that happen.

          • Scott Zupek

            The only reason I used TESLA is because they are a new product that took a risk. Releasing a console without a working controller (including dependable w/o hacks) is pretty much equivalent to releasing a car without the option of going in reverse.

            The costs may be significantly different but the principle is still the same. Developers / Content isn’t going to save OUYA. Only OUYA can do that.

    • Nitrogen Widget

      It sounds like you were just unlucky & got one of the bum consoles / controllers.
      I picked my OUYA up at Target before Christmas & I honestly haven’t seen any of these issues with mine at all.

      Also, your rant about the Linux kernel & developing on Linux? It’s ANDROID. OUYA made it no secret it was based on android. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to research what type of android development tools are available on Linux.
      Makes me wonder if you really know what you are talking about I’ve also lost all sympathy for you.

      • Scott Zupek

        oh if you only knew what you just did there… Thank you.

    • Nik Harron

      THIS. I just received an email from OUYA asking where I’ve been. Where I’ve been is playing on my other consoles where my controller doesn’t randomly cut out and wreck my game. This is the ONLY reason my OUYA is collecting dust.

  • willpowered

    Can you give us some info on the new controller bundled with the black OUYA? I know it’s refined and all that, but can we buy it separately?

  • Robert Fractaltribe

    I was forced to update, upon restart of my console i am stuck in a … clockworkMod Recovery and wont boot up????? anyone?

    • Djilali Rez-Kallah

      same problem with my Ouya I’m stuck in Mod Recovery after boot up

      • Robert Fractaltribe

        been working on it for an hour, have you found a fix yet!?

        • Djilali Rez-Kallah

          no not yet, may be by tomorrow something will come up.

          • Robert Fractaltribe

            mine seems totally f*cked.

          • Robert Fractaltribe

            Click the up arrow under the picture so that it climbs the blog in importance and people see it

    • juan marquez

      Your console got a mod installed, that’s why it brings you to CWM recovery, for the new update to go threw you need to 1) disable the mod or 2)make sure you have a USB keyboard connected to the back of the OUYA before it updates( when the console is off) or when it starts updating, then when you end up in CWM recovery use the keyboard arrows “up” and “Down” to navigate CWM and navigate to install zip from sd and hit “enter” and it’s going to give you a warning asking you if your sure you want to install the zip or something like that, just hit “Enter” then just wait for it to finish installing, once is done navigate to reboot system and hit “Enter” then your gona get another massege asking if you want to disable the custom recovery or something like that and just navigate to “yes” and hit “Enter”…

      • Robert Fractaltribe

        I did have a keyboard plugged into it (as i do all the time) and can be seen in the picture up above. I did all the things you mentioned in your well detailed tutorial and this is the error i am getting. The install stops mid way through and all I get the two errors listed in that image. Ive been working on this now for 5 hours. Even installed an SDK rev21 to install ouya drivers on my mac to put the update on the SD card with micro usb, Still no dice. Very upset and disappointed.

        • James

          Hey Robert,

          Thanks for the report. I spoke with our Customer Service team and it sounds like they’ve already got a ticket for your issue.

          We don’t officially support these mods, but you’ll be in good hands as they walk you though how to get back to a workable state.

          • Djilali Rez-Kallah

            did you guys found a fix to Robert’s situation?

          • Chris

            Hey Guys,

            As another user mentioned, this is an official recovery mod. To get past it, you will need to plug in a USB keyboard before proceeding with the update. Once the console restarts, use the arrow keys and select YES to install untrusted zip (which is the update). You will also select NO for the stock rom fix. Once the update is complete, the console will restart and you should be good to go. In the future, please keep in mind that we can take care of support requests (although limited for mod issues) at:




            Happy gaming!

        • Djilali Rez-Kallah

          Did you get it updated yet?

  • http://www.computeregames.it/ Vincenzo Conte

    Why this update is very insignificant? we wont social features…paypal payment…louch improvment..also you can add a very very stupid features like battery life on screen..or control screen setting controll audio setting when perss U twice..also the clock on screen is important..sorry for my post…i’m a super fan…believe me!

  • Fly bye

    Pete shake this ouya either going in a bin or eBay, in future ill make sure that i never buy anything that says ouya.

  • Farm Peeps

    Thanks for the update. Especially happy about the additional Bluetooth and Controller support.

  • gohan

    Please support any of these popular class of remotes (MCE remotes):


    I think the kernel just needs to have this set

    # CONFIG_IR_MCEUSB is not set

  • Ron Goldberg

    Is there a way to put this update on a USB stick? My ouya has been trying to D/L this for the past 2 1/2 days

  • Richard

    Can’t lie kind of disappointed about no cec support……but on the other hand if more types of ir receivers were supported and mce remotes i would still be happy and buy a couple more

  • James

    My Ouya doesn’t have any audio since doing the latest update today.

  • ufg

    Why don’t you just use like/dislike like youtube does? It’s basically the same thing seeing as people usually only rate either 5 or 1 star

    • Matthew Martino

      They had using “like” since the beginning. No one used it so nothing was getting rated and sorted correctly so they switched to this.

  • RealDeal83

    I just got my Ouya, it forced this update on boot now Wifi doesnt work and my OUYA is a paper weight. Thanks, great work!


  • Ahmad Byagowi

    Hey, if it is just the matter of pin connections, is there any possibility to wire the HDMI pins to any exposed serial port pins from the chip to accomplish the CEC feature. Please do not say no without checking the schematic and the PCB. I wish I had access to the PCB and schematic of the OUYA.

  • Stephane C

    Maybe this is just my first post in this. How about being able to stream steam from OUYA from a more power house computer? Did you guys ever think about that. Valve is open to new deals and possibilities. Allow your tv based ouya to steam in-home games from your steam account will be a PLUS for all Ouya customers and as a steam user I will be glad to get this ouya machine installed with steam. Since its going to be a linux based OS in the first place. I’ll just hook up my ouya for a SSD and get it working with STEAMOS if you guys aren’t going to deliver on this steam idea I suggest everyone that owns a OUYA to configure them to steam from steam accounts your games. I bet its fast enough and powerful enough for streaming on your tv. Else then that Is the new OUYA console coming out soon? If so it should already be having this feature in it.

  • Stephane C

    Buying a Ouya in a week or so. I hope the service isn’t going down anytime soon like I keep hearing from other sites and comments :( I really like the games on the Ouya and would appreciate to keep it that way. I already have my account set up and all that just waiting for the console and controller now. Actually two controllers. So hopefully like I said it won’t go down in a few months from now At least. GO AMAZING FROG. That’s the first game I’m going to download :)

  • Hoque

    HI James
    is the current Ouga sold at amazon has latest HW. You mentioned that new version of the HW will have HDMI CEC support.
    So, if I buy it from amazon will it have HDMI CEC control? I just cancelled my order becasue I was not sure.

  • Fly bye

    hahahahaha hdmi cec in next genration….. i gave my ouya to my 3 year old son and his bashing the hell out of it, i will reward him when he destroys it lol!. What makes them think I’m going buy next generation because of hdmi cec, amazon fire is the way forward.