Hey Guys and Gals,

We’re stoked to release another system update, filled with a bunch of improvements that our engineers have been working their butts off to complete.  Our areas of focus have been:

1) External storage “Closed Beta” – We’ve been focused on this feature as our top priority and are just about ready to put external storage into a testing phase.

We’ve chosen to do a Closed Beta for a few reasons. It’s a big feature and there are a ton of different types of external storage out there, so we felt it was best to roll it out in stages. The staged rollout allows us to easily gather feedback and achieve the best possible product in the end. We’ve got a passionate community and we know you guys will come back to us with great feedback and creative bugs.  Additionally, we’re looking for ways to get our gamers and devs more involved in what makes OUYA tick. If this Beta is successful, it can pave the way for us to try and introduce more features earlier in their lifecycle.

If you are interested in participating in the Beta, please fill out the form here:


We’ll start our first round of Beta invites next week.

2) Video Support – Now game detail pages can play videos! Often times some good ol’ moving pictures and sound are the best way to show how awesome a game truly is. We know this feature will help out Gamers and Developers alike. If I were more business savvy, I might even call that a “win-win” :P

3) Bug Fixing – As I mentioned last time, bug fixing is important to us, so you’ll see a whole slew of bug fixes and user experience improvements in this update.  We even found a way to address that HDMI wakeup issue since some of you brought it up as a hot topic.

Below is the full list of changes, as well as an explanation about the name of the Update.

Full Release notes (10/08/2013):

  • External Storage will enter Closed Beta next week! Interested in participating? Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jIMULlQuv4BZ1MjWNdZ4mX_R2fyeL3VaMRqGHWMfm34/viewform

  • Added the ability to display video (for game trailers and footage) in the game details page. Developers can now upload videos to Vimeo and submit a link to show that video on their game’s page. If a video exists, it will display in the first screenshot slot.

  • Added the ability to download a game without entering its game details page.  Just press the U button while highlighting a game’s tile to download.

  • Fixed HDMI wakeup issue. If your TV was mysteriously waking up your OUYA, it should no longer do that after this update.

  • Added “forgot password” option to the existing user sign-in screen. Now you’ll actually know where to go, if you can’t remember your password.

  • We’ve changed “Download” to “Free Download” to make it clear that everything is free to try.  Not everyone knew that they wouldn’t be charged for a download, so now it’s crystal clear. It’s free to try ALL THE THINGS.

  • Enlarging a screenshot (or video) now goes full screen (instead of just bigger).

  • We now highlight the search substring when doing a search so it’s much more clear why you are getting each result. We’ve also moved game titles that start with your search to the top of the list. It’s way better.

  • Improved performance (speed and smoothness) in PLAY with lots of installed games.

  • Added a pop up message upon starting the console to remind users how to connect a controller.

  • Changed sorting of buried and installed tiles in DISCOVER. It used to be Uninstalled, followed by Installed and Buried (mixed together). Now it’s Uninstalled, followed by Installed, followed by Buried.

  • Devs: When uploading apks, it’s now more clear that you can use your previously published apk if you just want to edit text or screenshots…. or VIDEO =)

  • Devs: you can now hide or change the mouse cursor in your games and apps.  For more info see the ODK Controllers document.

  • Added Terms of Service to the console. Yup, it’s annoying to click through, but it makes the legal types happier. Think of the lawyers.

  • In case you missed it, multiple currency support is now turned on! If you want to switch your wallet currency, there’s more info here: https://ouya.zendesk.com/entries/26777317-How-can-I-change-the-currency-of-my-OUYA-wallet-

  • A bunch of other small bug fixes and optimizations.


So, uh… what’s up with “Ogopogo”?

Well, we realized that just naming each update after the date it was released was pretty boring, so we’re giving our updates a theme: Cryptids. One of our engineers, Jon, came up with the idea, so give him a virtual high-five (if not for him, the updates might have been named after Hall and Oates songs! :P)

A Cryptid is “a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but is not recognized by scientific consensus” (thanks, Wikipedia! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptid). There are a lot of really neat Cryptids out there, so now we can hit you with some random knowledge every time we update.

Our first Cryptid is Ogopogo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogopogo. We’ve got a few Canadian employees that were excited to have a Canadian Cryptid featured. I guess that means that Ogopogo is a very polite Loch Ness monster that loves hockey, eh? (I kid, I kid)

Thanks for all the continued support! Please keep on giving us your feedback and we’ll keep improving this labor of love we call OUYA =)

-James, Producer Dude




Producer Dude

  • Adrian Nabarro

    Nice work guys – by far the best update yet!

    • Julie Uhrman


  • lecanardzero

    Nice! This looks amazing. I’ll be downloading it tonight. :)

    • Julie Uhrman

      Yeah, tell us what you think!

  • Greg Etopio

    Always glad for an Ouya firmware update. Onward & upward!!!

  • WalaWala

    It’s so amazing, my Ouya is downloading it for the second time ^^ When I can use it again I will have a thorough look at it!

  • t1oracle

    I’ve been waiting for this! I hope this USB stuff works out.

  • Ephriam Zachary Knight

    For the next update request, can we separate the games we have paid for from the games we have just downloaded in the play menu? I think that would make navigating that menu a lot easier. Especially considering it is just two rows.

    • Julie Uhrman

      Great suggestion — will tell the team. Thank you!

      • krazykain

        I imagine having every developer handling what constitutes a sale in their own way might make this complicated (especially if a game is completely free with optional donations). Another option would simply be to allow us to customize our play menu by creating categories and having it display by category. This way, if we want to display “Owned Games” and “Demos” it’s just a matter of moving something around after purchasing it, but if a game is totally free we can move it manually to “owned games” without having to donate something just to dump it in the “paid for” list. Plus if we want to go into further detail with our categories (games I own, Games I’m considering buying… or RPGS I own, FPS I own ect….) we totally can do that if we want

        • Ephriam Zachary Knight

          I was actually thinking about that after posting my comment. Some games have no pay option, but are games that are still fun to play. Being able to create our own lists would be great.

      • Brian Cuellar

        I’m with KrazyKain. An easy implementation would be to use the trigger buttons to separate pages and categories. Having a rename-able “My List 1″ and “My List 2″, etc. that can be accessed by using the trigger buttons would be a nice, neat way to organize your library (especially when your library grows with USB expansion). You could create a submenu in the details page of a given app that allows you to move to a list.

        The trigger buttons could also nicely move the Sandbox and other categories into their own page on the Discover menu.

      • spino1970

        Hi Julie.
        You wrote:

        “We’ve changed “Download” to “Free Download” to make it clear that everything is free to try. Not everyone knew that they wouldn’t be charged for a download, so now it’s crystal clear. It’s free to try ALL THE THINGS.”

        To be honest, for me it is not clear… it should be not better on the info page put 2 buttons? One with Try for Free and another to Buy?

        Because no one knows whe download something if it is a totally free (and full) or just a light demo.

        And, most important, it could be nice know the price of the full version on the info panel…

        Thanks for listening ;)

        • jrronimo

          Definitely agree — this would be very handy. That said, it might just not be possible due to the way the Ouya is structured.

          Plus, there are some games that I’d like to just buy rather than have to go into the game and /then/ buy. Or maybe it’d be convenient to just buy a game if I’ve already played the demo.

      • adam

        CAN WE PLEASE GET A GOOD FPS, and for a request why not make a spot or new releases such as games that came out that day/week, and instead of a android settings list type deal why not like a ps3/xbox set up i hate haveing to use the touch pad in settings too.

    • spino1970

      Totally agree,,,

  • http://invadergames.net/ Manuel Etchegaray

    Just to let you guys know (and see if I can get a straight answer), since version 1.0.4 of the ODK I think it wasn, I am unable to install the framework or launcher apps in my Nexus 7 for testing.. this is a real big bummer :(

  • Jonathan Gardner

    Keep up the great work OUYA!

  • myxlmynx

    got “Server encountered an error.” with DISCOVER since the update :(

    • Carlos Aguilera

      me too!!!

      • James

        @Myxlmynx and Carlos

        We are looking into this issue right now and think we’ve identified the cause. We should have a fix deployed shortly

        • James

          The fix is now deployed (was server side), so please post if you are still encountering the error. Thanks!

          • Prof. Luis Eduardo

            My Ouya can’t connect with Ouya Servers after update. I don’t know what i can do. The console connect to the router, i can ping his IP address, put fail in Ouya Servers connect. Other computer in network in connect to internet.

          • James

            Luis, this may be caused by a rare bug where the system time gets set backwards. We have a fix in for it that we’ll push with the next update. For now you should be able to resolve with the following steps:

            -From the main menu, go to MANAGE -> SYSTEM -> ADVANCED
            -scroll all the way down and select “Date & Time”
            -select “Set date”
            -use the touchpad in the middle of your controller to move the mouse over the year and double click it until the year is 2013 (you can also do this by plugging a USB mouse into your OUYA)

            It’s not the easiest set of steps, but should resolve your issue. We can’t wait until the fix gets out in the next update =)

          • James

            oh, and set the month later than June, too

          • Prof. Luis Eduardo

            I can’t go to the main menu. I’m locked in Network screen. The ouya try make update, and fail. It’s go to Network screen. There is a shortcut to goto to the main menu from there?
            I’m a expert. I’m a android programmer. Don’t worry about complicate solution. I can deal with them. I just wont my ouya back! Help me, please!
            Maybe I can do a remote console access?

          • Prof. Luis Eduardo

            I got! I did a complete reset using this script to go to recovery mode: http://forums.ouya.tv/discussion/1380/recovery-mode
            After that came all in the start and managed to pass by the screen update.
            Thanks anyway for the attention.

          • James

            sure thing! I’m glad you got it to work. In the future (or for others reading this), you can also get into the advanced settings by hitting Y from the network screen =)

        • spino1970

          it happen to me too, late night… after half an hour was up again… I was thinking you expelled italians :P

  • Niklas Rosenqvist

    When will you fix the issue with the controllers? My OUYA still has problems recognizing several controllers, it thinks it’s the one and the same (same number of lights is on sometimes).

    • Dan Wood

      Never had that problem with mine, faulty unit?

      • Niklas Rosenqvist

        Perhaps, but it seems more likely that it is a software issue. It’s not specific to what controllers I use (I have 3)

  • Carlos Aguilera

    Server encountered Error since update!!!

  • http://akwanet.olympe.in/ nakwada

    Thanks for your hard work guys ! Loving and tweaking my Ouya since the first day :)

    There’s still an issue in the Android settings, and it is easy to recreate the bug :
    1 enter android settings
    2 go in a submenu, Application Management for instance
    3 go back to the settings by pressing ‘A’
    4 try to scroll down -> You can’t ! You have to scroll up and make the ‘elevator’ on the right move to be able to scroll down again :)

    Maybe I’m not the only one encountering this minor bug.

    Cheers :)

    • Bob Lafresh

      No your not the only one using the controller and trying to scroll down in the system menu is a pain you have to scroll up a bunch to get a good running start to get it to scoll down past the first page.

      • http://akwanet.olympe.in/ nakwada

        Ah ! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I hope Ouya team fix this someday. I wonder if there’s the same issue on other android devices. Gotta try this tomorrow !

        • James

          Thanks for the bug report nakwada =) We’ve got this in our big database, it just hasn’t bubbled to the top yet.

  • Dafojk

    Incredible that you keep pushing forward with great fixes. Especially looking forward to the final update with external storage – glad to see it going in to beta.

    Not mentioned in these patch notes, but I hope you are working on the licensing issues regarding sound / xbmc. Good luck!

  • http://bennyborn.de Benny Born

    Little offtopic but: What happened to that nice UI we saw in the Kickstarter-Campaign? It looked so much better than the current UI ;)

    • James

      I can’t say too much, but we recently got a new designer who is awesome :D Expect to see some kick ass visual changes before the end of the year…

  • ggaspari

    Looking forward to the inevitable Chupacabra build. Released 10/31?

  • http://cweiske.de/ Christian Weiske

    There are several issues with this update:
    1. The terms of use ought to be available on the net at https://www.ouya.tv/discover-marketplace-terms-of-use which they are not.
    2. I did not accept the terms since I’m not ok with OUYA remotely deleting applications I installed. I got logged off and cannot use my OUYA anymore, not even to play games I already installed. I’ve got a brick now. It’s ok if you shut me out of the store/marketplace, but let me continue to use my ouya as I could up to now.

    • Cel12997

      #2 LOL!

    • John Wu

      I strongly agree that it would be good if these Terms of Use were available online as well. It’s a huge pack of text thrown at ya when forced upgrading late at night (can’t delay that till the morning…), and one might want to review later what it all was one was agreeing on again.

      Actually, the Terms of Use document _is_ readily available online somewhere from ouya.tv. It’s not too hard for someone running Eclipse & various debugging tools while developing on his OUYA to spot where it’s being loaded from.

      @ someone from OUYA (perhaps @julieuhrman:disqus ) : would it be okay to post the full URL to the Discover Marketplace Terms of Use? Or is that considered Doing a Bad Thing?

      • http://cweiske.de/ Christian Weiske

        > It’s not too hard for someone running Eclipse & various debugging
        > tools while developing on his OUYA to spot where it’s being loaded from.

        This would violate the new TOU, which forbids reverse-engineering the Marketplace or its API.

        And actually the TOU displayed on the OUYA *did* give the URL I posted in my original comment; but that’s a 404.

        • John Wu

          > This would violate the new TOU, which forbids reverse-engineering the
          > Marketplace or its API.

          Interesting… of course one sees a lot of stuff (marketplace, purchases) just rolling past in Eclipse/adb logcat. I’d say pretty common for any developer to take notice of without actively looking for it.

          It makes me a little sad they deemed it necessary to close off the marketplace like this. I understand wanting to forbid circumventing protection on purchases etc., but I feel such things should be taken care of with a secure implementation instead of an agreement.

  • carminee

    Any way to get microphone/voice into an update? I have voice chat in my game in all versions (except for OUYA version). I’ve tried several USB microphones (and bluetooth headsets). It looks like “android” finds them, but the microphone does not work in unity.

  • Paulo Gobbato

    Awesome! I hope you guy fix HDMI-CEC and help XBMC team with their audio issues! Also, it would be nice to know if a game or an app has purchases to be made inside and/or if it is just a demo.

    • johnz1

      Yes! Another vote for HDMI-CEC! Controlling XBMC with a game controller works fine, but it’s inconvenient to have to pick up a controller when you just want to sit down and watch a movie.

  • Bob Lafresh

    Could you please allow a sort by date or something that posts the newest uploaded games to the front of the list. Scrolling through some of the playlists looking for whats new is a little frustrating esp when the sandbox is full.

  • http://about.me/esoltys Eric James Soltys

    Happy to see videos added to game detail pages. I wondered why you chose to go with Vimeo and not YouTube?

  • ZepFan

    How do I shut off automatic updates? Sometimes I just want to play a game when I get home rather than have to wait for the update.

    • lapieza

      Yeah, that would be great.
      Also sometimes the internet or the electricity in the house maybe failing, and having to autoupdate becomes a real pain.

  • SuperSuckSuck

    The lack of professionalism surrounding the ouya is astonishing.

  • Mário Pertile

    Updating now! Thank you guys (and Julie girl ;) for your hard work. I’m really happy with my Ouya console and the Ouya Scene. You really know how to make the things better.

  • MrLockett

    The Update works Wonderful!!! Happy that the HDMI Wake issue is fix, works great, my OUYA never wakes from sleep now unless I use the controller. I do have a Future request if possible, anyway to make the OUYA Sleep by holding the OUYA button for like 10 Seconds on the controller? Would be great to do if I already turned off my TV and just want to put it to sleep. Just a suggestion I know I would use since I keep my OUYA in the closet. Thank you for all of the hard work. I love this little thing!!

  • Sab

    awesome! getting better n better guys. keep up.

  • Tasweb

    Please fix the HDMI sound issue in an upcoming update. Games are fun but I want to use XBMC most days. Using XBMC on OUYA in front of friends has that wow factor that would sell units if only it wasn’t for the ear shattering white noise and mandatory amp restart when I press play or pause.

    • kevin

      i concur.. yea, i play games, but you’re crippling the XBMC on Ouya functionality.

    • Scott Peters

      Yes please fix the sound issue it’s a major pita.

  • joek86

    Headed in the right direction, but there’s still some things that could be improved. Prices should be in the game description with option to buy on the download screen with like have a button that says “try it” and one that says “buy it.” Also, add the ability to rate instead of just like. I would also preffer that the main menu have my most recent games or apps or possibly a favorites list. A social level be nice too, like an actual Ouya forum app or the ability to make a friends list and send game recommendations to one another. I love the unit, but I think these touches could help in a big way.

  • Issa Ouachtouki

    Awesome update, I would say that if apps and games were separated in the PLAY menu, it would help also adding a download section to see the games you are currently downloading and maybe fixing up the advanced settings menu and make it more appealing to the eye.

  • Brendan Charles

    So… Any update on the whole breaking XBMC thing?

  • FrostyOne

    After todays update both my brand new controllers are acting crazy, they scroll in all directions whenever they want.

  • Mário Pertile

    Hi guys, a suggestion for a future update.

    To categorize the games and apps with a icon or add 2 categories that some way identify the games “totally free” and the games that must be payed.

    Other suggestion is the user to be able to organize the apps/games in the play menu (to make her own categories and to put the games in)

    btw, this last update was awesome :)

    Thanks for your attention.

  • Mário Pertile

    Hi guys, a suggestion for a future update.

    To categorize the games and apps with a icon or add 2 categories that some way identify the games “totally free” and the games that must be paid.

    Other suggestion is the user to be able to organize the apps/games in the play menu (to make her own categories and to put the games in)

    btw, this last update was awesome :)

    Thanks for your attention.

  • jrronimo

    Very excited to try the update out. Wasn’t expecting to hear that the HDMI wake-up was already fixed! That’s great. :)

  • Sackajeweeya

    A few Suggestions to make the interface more geared towards the user? (I don’t expect any of these to take flight, but I hope they can help)

    1. To have a changelog button for a person who downloaded a specific application next to the ‘Free Download’ Button (such as an emulator, as this would both benefit the dev and the user, since knowing new things changed would be a good thing)
    2. A small amount more customization options of the PLAY section, as what application I want to use randomly loves going to the back of the list. Maybe like a favoriting system? or a sorting system? Either would be lovely.
    3. When changing from photo to photo in fullscreen, experienced alot of lag, and my internet is pretty nice, so I don’t understand why it’d slow down like that. (bug…?)
    4. This isn’t really a suggetion, more of a nitpick/overall goal, but maybe slowly throughout the future updates, try to move away from the android “Advanced Options” and eventually replace it with an Ouya-made beast of awesomeness. That’d be easier to navigate instead of the touchpad (I’m really bad with that… :S )

  • lapieza

    You should put an option to easily disconect from a wii-fi network.

    I’ve noticed that when the wiifi is slow it somehow makes the controller of payer one lag (soo I got to change the wi-fi password soo it doesnt connect and then go to the controlles menu to stop the lag).

    Also it will be nice to let the user manualy chose when to update (sometimes you don’t want to wait to play, or you have an issue with the internet or electricity and you don’t want to brik your OUYA).

  • http://www.completelaunch.com Jonathan Milton

    Great update guys, this update fixed my ouya from turning on whenever switching inputs on my tv.

    1) When watching video on my ouya the video will pause after about 21minutes whenever my ouya controller goes to sleep.

    2) Force volume to always be on max. Sometimes the sound will turn off completely. I have to go into advanced settings and sound to turn the volume up.

    3) Add auto off feature, automatically turn ouya off after 3 hours of inactivity.

    4) When double tapping the ouya button during gameplay it should pop up a dialogue box asking you if you want to resume game, quit the game, turn off the ouya, turn off the controller, show current time.

    * KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!!!! Like Steve Jobs said keep working on your product and the press will follow.

  • http://www.offiserv.com/ Przemyslaw Berlinski

    Any chance to get USB DAC support? This is amazing piece of hardware with great capabilities but USB DAC support could be a cherry on the cake ;)

    • Guilherme Mauricio

      Indeed, I’m looking forward to buying an Ouya to serve me as a Media Center. Things I’d like to see included in a next Ouya version (and temporary fixes I might be able to do with current the version):

      * Analog audio out (support for DAC would do it, if I can make sure I can use an USB DAC with it)
      * Bluetooth support for A2DP/AVRCP profiles (ie receive audio like it was a headphone, needs some hack in the Bluetooth stack)
      * Support for AirPlay and DLNA (easily accomplished with Android software)
      * More USB ports (an USB hub will do)
      * HDMI-CEC support (will get a remote control with air mouse and qwerty keyboard for now)

  • Blackegg13

    What would realy help as well, is to have enter on USB keyboard to emulate/behavie like O on controller. At the moment to navigate trough menus (not XBMC) you need to use controller to select, while enter is not reacting at all.

  • Offray Luna

    Hi. I have enjoyed Ouya so much and I think is fighting an important fight for the future of the new tv. As soon as I’m back at home I will test this upgrade. I think that there is a lot of ideas on how to organize list because of the Free to Play policy of Ouya. I think that the best way to solve is to offer personal list and the possibility of sharing them (think something like grooveshark lists). So offering a default lists and letting the people publish their own list would allow to see what is people caring for and how the users community is dealling with sorting stuff in the catalog.

    Keep the good work!

    PS: I have posted something about my experience with Ouya here:


  • Jason Lee Dennis

    If you can’t fix the XBMC problem with Ouya (the AC3 issue), not only is this thing being thrown in the garbage but you can safely bet every person I know will hear how this $100 paperweight is a waste of money. You have no idea the level of anger this is causing.

  • Tyler

    I’m not sure who to address this to, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll stick with addressing Julie Urhman I guess :p. Julie, personally I think theres a number of changes or additions that many people could certainly appreciate. I know this is going to be long and I don’t want to sound demanding or snoody; I just wanted to give some honest detailed feedback on what might help make the experience feel more polished and sleek. I’ll start with this:

    Could you please make some sort or requirement or standard that has developers posting what the price to buy the game would be? It bothers me terribly downloading and enjoying a game, only to feel bad and uninstall it when I realize they want $15-$20 for the game. I feel like its a waste of my time, my bandwidth and your bandwidth, too when stuff like this happens.

    An other thing that would very much be nice would be the addition of a system-theme setup. You know, changeable wallpapers, maybe some font selection and..please please..a system clock on the main page would be wonderful.

    Going back to the download page, it would be very nice to see a “Comments” feature on the page. This way, consumers of applications and software could give feedback and notify other users of what they thought of the title in question. It helps build a sense of community around a game and makes you feel more informed on what you’re putting on your console.

    As for getting a sense of what you’re putting on your console, I think maybe a rating system aside from “number of thumbs up” would be really appreciated. I know it makes all games look less crap if you don’t show any dislikes but if an app is bad people still wont buy it. Either way, it’d be very nice if we could have (for one) a number of downloads counter, and (for two) a like-dislike bar, ratio, numbers, star-system or something that displays the general opinion of a title. It will help guide people away from less favorable software and towards more entertaining and useful applications that people will more likely want to buy and download.

    For the play menu, I know somebody else mentioned having a slight way to sort your games you bought from those simply downloaded; could we get a full-on icon-arrangement system? Something maybe like the Nintendo 3DS where you can make it a long 1-line of icons, 2 lines (one ontop of the other), 3 lines, 4 lines etc… where more of them stack on the screen and are sortable? Or at least some sort of manually adjustable sorting system?

    One last thing I’d like to mention is that while in the resource monitor int he android settings, I noticed that a nice half-gig of system memory is being eaten up just at the menu. Could this be due to optimization issues? If so, do you think any work will be done to free up and speed up the system? Perhaps some of this in-game lag could be aleviated if the Ouya wasn’t munching up half the system memory at any given time before gameplay even starts. :P

    Anyways, I know this has been a terribly long post but I really wanted to give you my opinion on this, whether it matters or not. I bought my Ouya a little while ago, got excited and a list of things brought my down to a level of severe disappointment and I almost sold my Ouya…but I changed my mind and decided to hold on and keep my faith and wait it out. I really want to see the Ouya truly take off with the developers AND with the sales figures. Now that I have an Ouya and I’ve decided to keep it, I will not get rid of it. But changes like the ones I mentioned above would make it so much more pleasant and user-friendly and consumer-friendly and would make it far more interesting and appealing to use.

    I love you guys! Keep up the hard work, I’m rooting for you! I really hope you take some or all of my ideas into consideration (at any level; I just hope it doesn’t go ignored :p). And on the off chance that Julie happens to respond to this post, I will have felt honored to have communicated with the CEO of the revolutionary little indie console. Good luck, and I will keep tabs on the latest news and updates relating to the Ouya.

    Sincerely, Tyler Collins.

  • t1oracle

    I’m in the closed beta and so far it is working wonderfully. I love this fix. I hope it becomes official soon. I left my feedback in the form.