Hey Guys and Gals,

I’m James, the Lead Producer for OUYA. As we release our 3rd major update since our launch, I wanted take some time to give everyone some insight into our updates.

We’ve been moving a million miles an hour to bring constant updates to our community. To us, it’s vital that you see constant improvement on your OUYA. Every few months, we hope you look back and are impressed by the progress we’ve made.

In the update, some of the more notable areas of focus are:

1) We’ve got over 400 games, so it kinda sucks to open up DISCOVER and see a bunch of games you’ve already downloaded. To address this, we are marking installed games and moving them to the end of their rows in DISCOVER. You also have the option to manually move games to the back of a row through a feature we call “Bury”.

2) We’re focused on bug fixing. Some of these bugs might only affect 5-10% of our user base, but it’s important to us that we give a solid experience to all of our users. We know we’ve got bugs, so we’re shifting into extermination mode. The major fixes are listed below, and there are a bunch more minor fixes that aren’t listed too.

3) We’re laying the groundwork to make the OUYA more accessible… we’ve built the foundation for accepting more currency types and also for redeemable codes specific to individual games.

4) We’ve even had our intern put a few fun easter eggs on OUYA =)

Full Release notes (9/19/2013):

  • Installed games are now moved to the back of their row in DISCOVER, so now it’s easier to find games you don’t already have.

  • You also have the option to Bury (manually push a game to the back of a row) by pressing the right thumbstick (R3). DISCOVER is your playground…go nuts!

  • The OUYA now informs you when a game has finished downloading and when it has finished installing. Because knowing is half the battle.

  • Our intern has hidden an “Easter Eggs” menu somewhere on the OUYA… can you find it?

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a system update would cancel and not inform the user, so only a blank downloading bar would appear.

  • Fixed an issue where high bandwidth could actually cause performance issues and crashes while navigating menus.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the OUYA to overheat in some cases.

  • Fixed a handful of crashes that could occur after browsing DISCOVER for a long period of time.

  • Added currency support for Pounds and Euros. This will be enabled NEXT WEEK. Existing accounts will continue to transact in US Dollars, while new accounts will transact in the currency appropriate for their region.

A note on external storage:

  • We understand everyone wants this feature (we do too!), so I just want to let y’all know that we are currently working on it. It’s not a simple feature to do right, so know that we hear your feedback and are working on it as our top priority. It’s coming =)


Our small team is committed to making the OUYA the best freaking console out there. Thanks for supporting us in that endeavor. We read your comments on reddit, twitter, the forums, etc… we appreciate the compliments, and work to fix the criticisms.


-James, Producer Dude



Producer Dude

  • Stanislav Berghici

    Please add microphone/Bluetooth headset support!

  • David Cot

    Easy to use samba support would be great too.

  • http://www.youtube.com/pixelfreakgames Pixel Freak

    I’m assuming the codes in #3 are similar to promo codes, which, as a reviewer, is a great addition. I’ve run into a number of Android/Ouya devs that are hesitant to just hand out APKs for fear of enticing piracy. Redeemable codes will surely help. Can’t wait for this addition and wish Google would add something more streamlined like this to Google Play. The current “Beta Tester” system is a burdensome work around. YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/pixelfreakgames

  • Felipus

    HSF+ support would be good too.

  • jrronimo

    Is there a way to make my Ouya stop turning on randomly? It seems to turn on when I turn my TV on, even if I’m not going to use it. I know Ouya doesn’t use much power, but anytime it’s on rather than sleeping it’s costing me more money than necessary.

    • Tyler Earles

      Best fix for this is holding the power button for a second until the “shut down” menu comes on, and shut down the ouya every time you turn it off.

    • Brandon

      Have you tried switching to a different input after shutdown? That seems to work for me.

      • SeattleJeremy

        That hasn’t worked for me. I found it running several times after unplugging the HDMI cable form the Ouya (to plug back in to laptop).

    • SeattleJeremy

      I’ve had this problem too. After using the menu buttons to to “Shutdown”, I’ll go by my TV later that day and notice the Ouya running. At that point I just unplug it. Which turns in to an extra step next time I want to play it.

    • David Larsen

      I actually thought this was a feature, it works well for home theater automation =)

      • David Grenier

        You have to turn on the controller which incidentally would turn on the console anyway… how useful is that feature really?

        I have to go in the menu, align my cursor to pick shutdown console, turn off my TV, at which point I can’t see the screen but trust that the cursor is in the right place and I haven’t touched the controller then press whatever button to activate the selection and turn off the console.

        • David Larsen

          Many people are using universal remotes to control their OUYA with a Flirc to convert the remote control signal to USB keyboard input – that circumvents the need for the controller (for media at least). I’m not sure if you could turn your OUYA on remotely without this ‘feature’.

          • David Grenier

            I’m very much interested, any particular product you’d recommend. Indeed only using my Ouya for XBMC so far seldom gaming – that’s until I release my own game.

          • David Larsen

            http://flirc.tv seems to be the best looking through the ouya and xbmchub forums

    • Gale Wind

      when you shut down from the controller, you put the ouya to sleep instead of shut it down. An active HDMI will cause the system to wake up.
      The way to prevent this is by powering off from the console power button (hold for 1s, then when asked to turn off say Yes). That will power down everything until you hit the power button again.

      Until (or even if) they change the way it works, that’s the only way to prevent HDMI “wake-up”

      • coffeefuckyeah

        No big deal, I will just climb down my 10 foot bunk bed every night after using my Ouya, to turn it off.

        • Zink

          you have a bunk bed?!?!?!

          • coffeefuckyeah

            It’s Metaphorical

          • http://romeroabelleira.com/ bbbird

            You have a metaphorical bunk bed?

          • coffeefuckyeah

            Yes. Wanna come over.

    • Frans

      Given that the console uses 4.5W while gaming (or running XBMC in my case), if it’s on 24/7 or not doesn’t make all that much of a difference. For reference that’s about 3.24kWh per month.

      • David Grenier

        Gotta agree 4.5w is very low, for the sake of comparison a Cree LED 9W Lightbulb will cost you a dollar of electricity per year leaving it on 3 hours a day. At 1W standby, 24h/day you will come out to about a dollar as well so I might as well leave this on 24/7.

    • James

      We’ve got this issue tracked in our bug database. For a timing reference point, the same engineers working on external storage will be taking a look into this issue… so resolution will be some time after external storage support. Thanks for reporting it…seeing feedback in this form helps us adjust priorities.

      • jrronimo

        You’re welcome! I definitely think that external storage is the #1 Most Important Thing Ouya Needs To Address, so I’m glad to see that you’re working on it. The power thing can definitely wait until they’re done, in my mind. :)

        I can just unplug my Ouya or shut it down by walking up to the system in the meantime.

  • BAWB

    Yah! Thanks James. :)

  • http://www.seganerds.com/ Chris Powell

    Thanks for the great work, James and OUYA team.

  • Alex Stevenson

    Fantastic update. Thanks for the hard work… it may not have all the kinks and issues ironed out yet, but it’s now looking more like a professional product.

    I’m really glad that the overheat issue has been addressed – I had that happen to me once, and it was more than a little disconcerting. The menu looks slick, and I love the new look of the Discover section and that you can Bury games. Nice touch.

    Still one issue up front:

    * Exiting a game (Black Square) left the music running, and there wasn’t a way to see / close it. Even running other games, the music was still playing over them

    • James

      Thanks for that bug report, Alex. I’ll pass that along to our review team and we’ll work with the developer to address that issue

      • Alex Stevenson

        Good stuff. Thanks for that.

  • Steven Carrie

    Good to see currency support. Should I make a new account to switch to GB£ or wait until there is a way to migrate existing accounts from US$?

  • Brigitte Sue Arms

    TY so much for all your all’s hard work. I am SUPER impressed with my Ouya. We have 2 now & working on getting another :).

    • James

      Sweet! Thanks for the support! We love to hear people that are having fun with their OUYA and we’ll keep working to make it better and better.

  • SeattleJeremy

    I wish Ouya would higher PR people to write these.

    • http://thenewyawker.darkbb.com/ Congslop


      • Floflo

        higher -> *hire

  • David Larsen

    Great work, thanks for the update! (pun intended) =) Any progress on Bluetooth remote control reliability like the PS3 remote?

    • James

      Thanks, David =) It’s something we’ve discussed, but honestly we’ve been more focused on core features and bug fixing for the OUYA. So it’s not on the near horizon yet.

      • David Larsen

        Thanks for the reply, I know you guys are super busy. Keep up the good work!

      • Jean-Claude Cottier

        Hi James, sorry to contact you this way, but I can’t find any email for contacting the Ouya team. I’m JC from Ovogame and I would like to get in touch with a dev relation person at Ouya. Could you put me in touch with the right person please? My email is ovo@ovogame.com Thanks

    • Guest_2672

      The sooner the remote control comes the better, myself and a few others I know won’t be getting an Ouya until there’s a remote for it, I & others plan to use it mainly for streaming.

  • artnik

    Good evening James, thanks for the update. Is OUYA still working on an overscan fix? Would it classify as a major or minor bug?

    • James

      artnik, can you please provide specifics on exactly when you see the overscan problem? Is it just when playing games (which games?) or in OUYA menus (which menus?). How does the problem manifest itself? What TV are you using? We’ve made a few fixes in previous updates, so understanding the exact issue will help me tremendously. Thanks!

      • artnik

        Seeing it in some games that don’t respect the guidelines. The TV model is a VIEWSONIC VT4250 LED. I don’t see it so much in the menus anymore since you made the interface adjustments a couple updates ago. One game for sure is Minisquadron.

        I know in a lot of online discussions the ability to manually adjust the edges of the screen has been suggested, and there’s at least one mod that allows this (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2359390) so it would seem that it’s not a technical hurdle. I just would prefer to not root my console.

        • James

          by the way, thanks for this info! We want to get a good experience for all users, so we’ve been reaching out to the developers of specific games that have overscan issues to help them resolve the issue. That way we’ve got consistency across the platform and people aren’t having to adjust the screen for 1 game and then have it look not as good for others.

          As a point of note, we now check this as part of the game review process, so you shouldn’t run into the issue on any new games in DISCOVER. It’s just a matter of reaching out to games that were approved before we did this checking.

          • artnik

            Cool. Thank-you – improving the review process is a great way to address this. BTW – Another game I noticed issue on recently was “Zombies Stole My Toaster”. I have over a dozen consoles I could play but OUYA is getting almost all of my gaming time. Congrats on a great product!

  • Pablo Q.

    Hey, my OUYA has worked great for me from the start. Keep up the excellent work.

    One thing I ask is to make some different backgrounds that are a bit easy on the eyes.

  • Paul Romero Ramirez

    Thanks for do this James, we really apreciate this. On external estorage, thanks to work on that, a few people on XDA forum make some mods to make external estorage whith Link2sd, i personally use it and work great, you can use it for base to work on that. I love your work, still do it so good. hugs from Costa Rica!

    • James

      Thanks for the info, Paul! Glad to see some love from Costa Rica. I was down there on vacation a few years ago (near Tamarindo) and it was awesome :D

      • Paul Romero Ramirez

        Your welcome James, if you come one day, let me know! I Would be happy to meet you. Keep doing so well! xD

  • Greg Quinn

    Nice, keep them coming :)

  • Tasweb

    Any idea if there is a fix coming for the HDMI sound issue? I used to be able to work around it by starting a video in XBMC (official or side loaded) and then when the choppy distorted sound started I turned my Yamaha amp off and then back on again. If I paused video the problem would return and I had to do it again. I haven’t tried this update to see if it is fixed yet.

  • adam

    can you make a update to where u fix controller lag, and how nova 3 lags a lot, and modern combat 4 lags a little but its bearable, I just really want a good fps that looks good with out it lagging (nova 3) or the controller lagging because I’m to far away (3-4 yards).
    I love the ouya but the emulators need to be fixed up a bit too but I fully support this console :)

    • http://thenewyawker.darkbb.com/ Congslop

      Yeah the N64 one needs work for sure

  • Jeremy Badessa

    This is an excellent outline of the major changes and bug fixes! Please fix the OUYA randomly turning on bug. It appears that I’m not the only one – it seems to be universal, as I have a friend who has one as well and it keeps happening to his, too.

    • Chris Dickson

      I have this happen all the time, I have to leave my ouya unplugged or it will come back on (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours)

  • WookieFan

    Looking forward to the external storage.

  • PaleRider

    I can almost bet that the external storage isnt available because of piracy

  • Sab

    Awesome! and now, HDMI CEC pls…

    • Aaron De Vries

      yep really disappointed this hasn’t been implemented yet

  • http://www.videoedtechreviews.com/ wwinter86

    Yeah more storage is coming, when a new Ouya is released with more space! so people will buying another one. At this stage I’m very doubtful about external usb storage.

  • http://thenewyawker.darkbb.com/ Congslop

    Had an Ouya for a couple weeks now and I LOVE it!! Re-ignited my love of gaming.

  • Alessandro Saiko

    Thanks for the update (blog and OUYA-wise ;-)) James!

    That is the right way how we want to be informed. On-time and with all the necessary details.
    Good system update, I had the overheat issue once and reported it to Zak.
    The new features for Discover are a good addition in my opinion.
    I’m excited for the Easter Eggs :-)
    While I’m disappointed that we still don’t have support for external storage I’m glad you guys ‘n girls are working top priority on this one.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hampus Sjöberg

    Please do not use smileys. Seriously. =)

  • Guest

    I’m sorry, but the only news I wanna hear of at this point is Where will be the promised xbmc port officially supported?

    • http://www.MyTabletLife.com Chris Garcia

      Um.. XMBC came out for OUYA weeks ago.

  • Nathan Spotts

    Got this update this evening, and now I can’t install anything from any source. What happened?

  • Nadim Alam

    Thanks for the update, however it didnt fix the major audio bug.

    Please get the team working on this bug as soon as possible, as its the only real drawback of getting OUYA, especially as a XBMC player.

    The bug in question is described best in the end posts here:

  • Brett Knighton

    How’s that Netflix & Hulu support coming along? If GameStick is getting a dedicated app shouldn’t Netflix be able to just make some small modifications and get it shipped for the Ouya as well? Are you guys still talking to them? Haven’t heard a single update in months but it’s my only hangup with the Ouya. Other than that I love it but its a big deal for me. (Please no one tell me to sideload the apk because I’ve already done that. It’s a work around not a solution.)

    • David Larsen

      Netflix is a big deal for me as well, the sideloaded workaround is very limited in quality (especially at the start of a streamed video) and very awkward to control. The inclusion of more native internet video and music apps, particularly those not native to XBMC, would be a huge boon to OUYA’s cred among media center enthusiasts. Just my $0.02

      • sheldon

        use an actual lan cable…. net flix works perfectly fine hd for me.

  • Tobias Feldballe Petersen

    You should start thinking about making an Ouya 2 IMO.
    Or maybe a controller upgrade (I am one of those who actually likes your controllers), to which the controller could have phone like sensors, so that you could also play a lot of other android games with the controller.

    • David Larsen

      I would love to see a remote control offered and supported by OUYA, since so many people use it for HTPC with XBMC. Maybe OUYA could design a remote control with an accelerometer and gyroscope to kill two requests with one dev?

  • Alain Lebret


    Is there an ouya app I can download? also can I control the ouya with a logitech harmony ultimate?
    Thank you


  • Saulo Daniel

    Could add the Brazilian Portuguese language support on the console? The Brazilian users vain ficer extremely grateful …

  • Walt Wright

    Glad to hear external storage is a priority. My only remaining issue (and for me it’s sort of a big one) is the lack of overscan control. I run my Ouya on a 60′ Mitsubishi DLP which has no overscan control of its own. XBMC allows me to tweak the overscan but this needs to be implemented at the system level.


    i just got a used ouya and i managed to install xbmc from the discovery store.
    That was 2 days ago.
    Now when I turn it on, it connects on my wifi and then it asks me for existing user/new user.
    I have registered as a user, and I enter the information and then the payment window comes up.
    I don’t want to enter the credit card information. Is there any way I can avoid inputting the credit card information. I seem to be going in an endless loop here. I unplugged the power supply from the ouya, then signed onto my wifi, it connected, and again it asks for payment information.
    Is there a home button for my ouya which takes me to Play, Make, discover etc screen? If I can access that, then I can access my xbmc app.
    I have tried all kinds of combinations but ultimately it comes back to the payment window and I am stuck on that.
    Is there any way we can escape that credit card information page? I hate giving that information out.
    Thanks so much

    • jlibster

      PRKASH, I’ve been all over this at the Ouya forums form the beginning (original kickstarter backer). Many people have asked this question. And the answer is: No. You are allowed to bypass. People (including myself) has repeatedly requested a bypass of this confidential information being entered. The most they would say is “your credit card won’t be charged” which is not terribly reassuring. You can enter fake data to get past this screen, but it is not a proper solution. I just today downloaded an update to see if they had even attempted to address this overzealous greed procedure. It is no different then it was months ago and it’s clear the Ouya execs have no intention of changing it. So if you believe this is wrong, put your Ouya on Ebay to make a statement. You have to “pay to unlock” or at least pretend to to get your console to do anything. Even asking fake data of this kind is wrong and asking you commit what is basically credit card fraud is also worng. SO..tell them that, and if no response, don’t use it. I’m in the same boat. Indie developers are getting fed up with Ouya as well, saying that Sony is much more responsive than Ouya (Just read an article about Rose & Time, they are withdrawing from Ouya completely). Hope that helps.

  • Ephriam Zachary Knight

    Here is a suggestion based on an experience my brother had. His two year old decided to just fiddle around with the Ouya and ended up performing a factory reset. Would it be possible to put that behind the parental controls? Maybe the whole manage menu?

  • Tyler

    I just got my Ouya from Amazon Canada yesterday. I got it up and running with Doom 3 (I side-loaded DIII4A Engine and added the game files that I own) and The Conduit HD sideloaded onto it (I also own that :p. I don’t pirate anymore.) I’ve gotta say that after playing a couple first-person shooters and a good selection of the games from discover, I don’t understand *ANY* of the complaints about the Ouya controller.

    Now, there is a bug I encountered that I have no idea what it was. I would turn my Ouya on only to have it give me on-and then off white static. I could see fine, then it would turn to static and then be normal again repeatedly and would eventually stop. I tried turning off developer options and it appears to have stopped. Would the “force GPU rendering of 2D” option cause this?

    Oh, and I have 2 small suggestions by the way! 1: Could we maybe get the ability to change themes or wallpapers? 2: How about a little clock for the top of the screen on the ouya? :P

    And thank you SO much for getting to work on the subject of memory expansion via USB; I was looking into trying to do this myself through some crappy / complicated guides and gave up and ended up seeing this update. Also, do you think that this expansion would support generic SD/SDHC-USB adapters? I have lots of 8GB usb sticks but I have a 16GB SD card that would be more useful for me and maybe other people too if it’d be possibly.

    Long live the Ouya! :P P.S. Its REALLY nice to see someone actively talking to the community about whats up. I feel a little bad for not having backed the Ouya when it was on kickstarter, but then again I was broke. :p Love you guys!

  • john long

    can ouya conect to internet wirelessly?

  • Nathaniel Bennett

    How about controller lag? Haven’t really been following up on it – I don’t actually experience any lag myself – Just have seen/heard a lot of people giving up in the OUYA down to controller lag, that’s all…Oh, and sound lag … and poor wifi reception… (Again, I haven’t personally noticed any of these artefacts? – apart from bad wifi reception, which I get on all my other devices too.)

    Also, Me wants some proper C++ Native Android API’s! Would make native development easier by leaps and bounds… Not too much work either…

  • Noel Santiago

    looking foward for android 4.3 update to use Full HD on Netflix

  • dan

    i bought an ouya today, really excited to start using it. Ive downloaded the first update when you first switch the console one, but its been on the “Your OUYA is upgrading for well over an hour now, is that normal?

  • sheldon

    My ouya’s sound no longer works after last update :(

    using an RCA tv.
    and yes all volumes are at max in settings…

  • Peter Garcia

    Same sound issue with mine, well on my LG tv works fine on my toshiba

  • Peter Garcia

    Fixed the sound issue on my LG 50PG4000 by:

    Going into the TVs hidden EZ Adjust menu (hold down menu on
    remote and on the tv – when asked for password type 0000). Once in I went to
    EDID D/L and pressed ok on start. Everything came back as ok. Rebooted tv and
    ouya console and the sound played perfectly :-)

    Hope this helps other people with sound issues?

  • Lahoma Stapleton

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