OUYA hit store shelves today! Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and GAME and of course worldwide on OUYA.tv.

With over 178 games live at launch — 40 of which are exclusive to OUYA — and more than 17,000 registered developers, OUYA is launching with more games than any other console in gaming history … and this is all JUST the beginning.

Did we mention the games rock? Check out what’s trending now on OUYA:

Final Fantasy III
Knightmare Tower
Chronoblade demo

It’s been a long road for all of us, and we are still navigating some of the bumps in the road, but we are happy that you came along for the ride and couldn’t have gotten this far without you all. On behalf of myself and the team at OUYA, THANK YOU.

— Julie



The Head Honcho

  • HitmanKB

    Just wondering when will the rest of us who purchased an Ouya back in August/September of last year get ours???

    • ryan

      yea what he said! ^ so pathetic, im backer 5xxx and i dont even have mine yet fucking pathetic!

    • Falelorn

      Ya Hitman I am wondering the same thing… I do not believe its the actual shipping company because the same one has delivered another package which was shipped after my OUYA shipped has already arrived from China. Plus I am reading that Canadians are needing to pay $60.00 Customs Tax at delivery! This part of the Kickstarter should have been mentioned before we backed, the OUYA should have been built and packaged in the US or Canada to skip those ridiculous fees. I won’t be buying the OUYA 2 or what ever it will be called when you update this one.

    • Moggie100

      Seconded. Still waiting with nothing sent to me except the order number…

    • Joel

      I guess I’ll be off to Target to pick another up whilst I wait for my pre-order to arrive in a few months.

      • Leo

        Craigslist…that’s where I got mine. :/

    • Edgardo Del Valle

      Sit and wait read post #3 how feels to be a fooled backer. Buy on E-bay

      • Mike

        It feels pretty frustrating to be a fooled backer. I can’t believe I fell for the hype. I was a big supporter too. Telling scores of people about it. The worst thing about it is, the company can’t even find the time to respond to one or two comments on their blog. Let’s face it, some intern is writing this nonsense anyway. I put a ticket inquiry a few weeks back, and still no response (other than automatic reply). Pathetic. This company is making a huge mistake. Don’t screw over your base supporters. I see a short future.

    • matthew

      Yeah I ordered mine back in March. I tried to talk with the support email they put in the order receipt. No response. I give them till next week and I’m going to BBB to file a complaint.

  • paco8

    It’s funny that you guys didn’t approve my comment on yesterdays entry, yet it was positive..?
    So I’m gonna try something negative:
    Where the hell is my ouya? I pre ordered yet no repsonse!
    How is that?

  • Dasrkrain

    I got my Ouya last month and as of right now I am very happy with it! Go Ouya!

  • kranshi

    Luego que pague la de 8gb lanzan la de 16gb ESO NO SE HACE, No la caguen como apple

  • Bb

    Woo! Can’t wait to get mine from Amazon!

  • Jos Spencer

    Just Curious, What program do you guys Recommend for changing the Boot Animatoin???

  • Jay

    Ouya takes flight for everyone but people who supported it for the past year. KS and preorders were a complete failure. Ouya pushed the blame to the distribution people.

    Pretty sure they have a say in how things are shipped, Did they do any upgrades…nope

  • Hamtarotaro

    Sure, whining on a blog post will solve that.

  • Josh

    What about apps like plex and xbmc. I thought they were supposed to be available at launch day.

  • IndieNarwhal

    I pre ordered like 4 days ago in anticipation of a SOLD OUT sign at every seller, i was wondering when it will ship? the email said june 2013, but is it shipping today, Tomorrow, When? im really looking forward to it!

  • Jeremy

    I love the ouya idea, I’ve been keeping up with you guys the whole way. That said, I’m on of those people that don’t like to buy something unless I have it in my hands, and it made me really disappointed to find out that no stores in my area will carry the ouya in store. not one best buy, gamestop, or target has the system and they all told me they won’t have it in store, only online. Make a push to get these things in stores and I will support and play the living crap out of the ouya. I will not order online, so please, get these things in stores! NW Ohio area!

  • Chris

    Any word on when you will be shipping preordered consoles?

    Frustrating that I preordered in March, but have not received the console, even though it is available in stores.

    I thought the point of preordering was to ensure we got the console on launch day?

  • jgibfried

    I came here to ask what HitmanKB did. I preordered my Ouya a few months ago. Is there a way to find the status on my order?

  • Flip

    Was released and the “pre orders” have not got your ouya,
    when “pre orders” will receive ouya? August?

  • http://www.mcfunkypants.com/ McFunkypants

    Congratulations! What you’ve done is a testament to all your amazing hard work. Sure, there have been glitches along the way, but no worldwide order fulfilment system works flawlessly on day one. You deserve to be immensely proud of what you’ve pulled off.

    Now begins the next step in the INDIE GAMEDEV REVOLUTION!

    Keep up the great work.

    Viva Ouya!

  • (Hopeful) Future OUYA Owner

    Just wondering how I can actually order an OUYA as I live in Australia? Cant on the OUYA shop as only USA shipping?

  • Whitemus

    Yeah, if we had know we could have bought one off the shelf before the pre-order would be here, then you wouldn’t have had the backer money to go forth. I’m super pissed about this!! I will never pre-order or back another anything ever again!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    You guys have screwed over more than just a few international Kickstarter backers, Uhrman’s lies to the press are infuriating. I pre-ordered in January through this site (to my NYC address), got an email confirmation at the time but have not heard one word since. Launch day is here, Ouyas are sitting on the shelf at Best Buy, and I have no sign of anything. My emails to support have been met with silence. What other company would simply not respond to customers’ questions about where on Earth their orders are, weeks later?! I loved the idea of the product, but Uhrman is seriously screwing things up by not communicating with the customers. She is clearly incapable of leading this company.

  • Mad_Dragon94

    Great start, I can’t believe so much fun comes from such a small package.

  • http://mcrae.me/ MikeTrike

    Yeah, not happy with the bumps. I still love my OUYA overall though. Please refine said bumps. Also be sure to get people their machines.

  • Dis

    Sure would be nice if I could install any of those games. 2G free, and it won’t install anything because it claims to be out of space.. (It won’t use the 32G usb for anything except emulators, because clearly a NES emulator needs a 32g drive. Instead of something like Bard’s Tale, which is 3.5G and pretty much all I still have installed.)

  • Peter

    I ordered my OUYA July of 2012 and as of today June 25, 2013 i still do not have my OUYA game console. How is it that there’s a big celebration of it being on the shelves in stores when you have thousands of backers from last year whom still have not gotten their console yet?

  • Steve Holt

    I quite like the fact that people who walk into a brick and mortar store and can get the Ouya right now. Even though I pre-ordered the magical box back in February. There are even people who pre-ordered it earlier who are still waiting for it.

    10/10 would pre order again.

  • Hippie

    I got mine today, right on time, whilst all the ppls complaining made me doubt, along with no shipping confirmations, but still, I got it RLS date, and I’m happy about that! Wish original backers wouldn’t have such problems, you are a beta learning experience for the company, and that sucks for you like a red ring sucked for 360s, though I doubt as many failed boxes vs MS

  • Stephen Fawkes

    My Ouya Keeps Crashing When I Try To Load Up The Store??? What’s Going On??! SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH

  • Matt

    I just picked up mine – I skipped out on my lunch…………………. break to get it from AusPost. Pretty excited – feels really good (weight/ quality), keen to get home and try it out.

    I’m not rubbing it in – I’m just saying I’m sure it’ll be worth it once you do get it.

  • Kathy Cover

    I love my Ouya. Thank you for making the best system out there. Graphics are not everything in the game but the fun is everything. I have all the systems and Ouya has something that the other systems do not have its called raw fun. I can not stop playing. :-)

  • steve

    I understand pre-orders not arriving for a bit, but i don’t get why original backers are all over and without their Ouyas. Get the Ouyas to the backers THEN to the world. Everyone else can wait a couple weeks.

  • Pest174

    Congrats on the launch! I’ve throughly been enjoying my Ouya. However, I was wondering if the plan to bring Onlive to the Ouya is still in motion, and if so, how will the controller function with the app? I’ve been able to download an apk of the app but the lack of ‘start’ and ‘select’ buttons make some games impossible to play.

    Hopefully the games will be optimized for the controller because I purchased a few games just to play on the Ouya.

    Congrats again, and looking forward to further updates.

  • James Gunther

    Love my Ouya. And I love the fact that I can email developers of games and actually talk with them. Been playing The Amazing Frog? I am getting quality, independent content from people as twisted as myself. Thank You!

  • Sam Mousa

    So let me get this straight… I pay more only to get my OUYA later than everyone else?

  • kelvin carter

    Is a credit card still required to download games

  • Matthew


    I purchased the Ouya from my local Best Buy this morning and, I must say, overall it’s really nice – I did have some initial issues with setup yet was finally able to resolve them.

    Over the course of the day, I’ve needed to submit a couple of Support tickets due to my not finding the information I needed in the Website FAQ. I eagerly look forward to someone from Ouya responding to my various Support tickets.

  • Charlie Goodman

    What’s the problem OUYA!!! Stop the lies and just send me my freaking ouya!!! STOP!!! the bullshit please!!! I have pre-order my OUYA months ago and now you tell me all this extra bull stuff!!! If I don’t receive it by the end of the month im going to cancel my OUYA!!! end of story!!! case closed!!!

  • TobiasFP

    I am looking forward to receiving mine.
    When i pre ordered it, i was of the understanding that the Ouya would ship on the day of the release (25th of june)
    Was i wrong?

  • Hernando Perez

    Games are ok when will we get games like shadowgun dead zone or blitz bridge?

  • Matt

    Meanwhile for those that paid during the kickstarter campaign and were promised it would be delivered well before retail release:

    – No console expected, at least for another month
    – We have tracking numbers that don’t work
    – Ouya support staff that alternate between canned response that is irrelevant because they haven’t read the question to just straight up lie to you (revealed when an even older request is finally answered by another support member, if the response had of come back then a solution could have been provided in time).
    – Not all of the items will be delivered so we get to do this all over again when the follow up package will all the controllers is sent out.

    But hey! Way to focus on the positive!

  • kurkosdr

    “Just wondering when will the rest of us who purchased an Ouya back in August/September of last year get ours???”

    I am a fan of Ouya, but I ‘ve got to admit this is bad behavior: Filling retail shelves before fulfilling preorders, in order to catch the release date. Isn’t the whole point of pre-ordering to have access to production units before retail?

  • Mike Tongue

    Shame that pre orders and backers didn’t get one in the mail as well. No point in a pre order if I can walk down the shops and get one faster. :-(

  • Roy

    I got mine yesterday, here in the UK, and I’ve got to say, it’s a brilliant little machine. My son is obsessed with an ice hockey game, for £2 (bargain!), my partner is in love with You Don’t Know Jack, and I frigging love Shadowgun, Polarity and a Bit of a Fist of Awesome. You folks have made something really compelling here, at a really good price, we all love it, so thanks!

    I’ll definitely buy the Ouya 2, and I’m pleased for you folks that you’re selling out everywhere!


  • Deltasalmon

    I have to admit I was surprised. I ordered my Ouya back in February and heard nothing from the company despite emailing the support team but lo and behold when I got home from work yesterday, there was my Ouya waiting at the door.

  • IceCarpediem

    Tracking number doesn’t work, support does not respond other then automated reply. Why the heck are those who actually paid money to have them reach this launch with a product are being made to wait? And they still went ahead with the launched when we the backers keeps waiting infrustration for the “beta” console while the final production version is snapped up from retail.


  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Pretty sweet gaming system. great graphic, great game slection for being a gen. 1, very portable, but the controler needs a little work but over all DEFINITELY worth your money.

  • http://ouyaboards.com Phases

    I’d like to order one, but they are out of stock everywhere, and stock isn’t mentioned here on shop.ouya.tv. I see these comments though, so I’m waiting.. :(

  • Damon

    So i pre-ordered my machine from Ouya.tv. When will i recieve it?

  • Damon

    I Pre-ordered back in February 2013 and mine arrived on my doorstep June 25th, no shipping email was sent out though.

  • vest

    Kinda crazy that it is $99.99 in the US and £99.99 in Europe. What gives?
    100 USD = ~65.09 GBP
    100 GBP = ~153.63 USD

  • Spenser

    BTW before anyone asks about a shipping confirmation i got my OUYA in yesterday and had never received an confirmation.

  • Marcus

    If it was not for the credit card activation process, I would have bought one without hesitation. Bummer.

  • Jake

    So I’m sitting here, scratching my head while trying to figure out why these are being delivered to store shelves before I receive my console. My reward for giving you an interest-free loan for over 6 months is having to wait longer than people who can just walk in a store and grab one off the shelf? Anybody else see something wrong with this picture?

  • Mike

    I find it rather disturbing that I ordered my OUYA on January 31st and have heard nothing since. I was lied to by OUYA which stated that if pre-ordered the OUYA before Feb. 5th I would receive it by launch date. I see a class action lawsuit in OUYA’s near future.

  • From Europe

    Why is it SO OVERPRICED outside USA? It costs around 120€ in Amazon (170€ with the extra game controller). Comparing the prices: 170€, if we apply the change into dolars is around 220$. The difference of price between USA (150$) and Europe is 70$!!! I can understand that being far means shipping cost but not that much (maybe 30$ or 40$ but not 70$ wich is almost the 50% value of the product in USA).

  • mattsoft

    Got my OUYA yesterday and am loving it. A few bumps for sure, but overall it’s a lot of fun. Congratulations on the launch!

  • TishonHeart

    I have to say over all I am very impressed, I haven’t even touched my PS3 since I got my OUYA, well done. I definitely love the fact I can play GBA and DS games on it, lets me play games I haven’t been able to play for years.

  • Mike Perry

    I’m an early adopter and I love my Ouya. Every firmware update makes it better and better. Can’t wait to see what tricks you have up your sleeve next.

  • Brian

    I got mine yesterday but the console rattles. I opened the console and saw heat/fan unit dangling. Oh well…. I still love my OUYA console and I will continue to stand by OUYA.

    I might as well run down to Target store and get another console today.

  • Kent

    I picked one up at Best Buy the girl at the register asked “What is this?”
    I am looking forward to publishing a few games and maybe an application or two.

  • Yaro

    What about the pre-orders, when will they be shipped?

  • Michael W

    Yes, it would have been great if this announcement included shipping dates for those of us who already BOUGHT the unit…

  • http://mattinatechnology.com/ Michael

    I’m glad I got an Ouya, overall I am happy with the system. I really like how all the games are free to try and it has some great emulators. However the L and R buttons feel very cheap on the controller and I wish stores like Best Buy received more systems on launch.

  • Joshua allen

    I pre-ordered my console two to three months ago and it arrived in the mail yesterday. I have not been able to use it yet but I hope this marks a big change from the very pricey console market we all see today.

  • Jason Pritchard

    I received my OUYA yesterday and I’m very impressed with the product. It was easy to setup and fairly simple to navigate the menus. I do have a few concerns I’d like to know more on.

    1) In the advanced menu there are still alot of Android settings that I cannot get to, like the USB settings when a device is plugged in. I was able to get to it in the notifications but I accidently set a setting wrong and had to do a factory reset to get the defaults back.

    2) Is a native Netflix app in the works? If we could run Netflix on this I could finally do away with the power hungry PS3.

    3) USB drive support? I’d like to be able to copy files to the OUYA but so far without going through the web browser and downloading the file from a website I have failed to be able to copy anything to the OUYA. It does not seem to support USB Drives, and when I connected it to my pc WIN7 was unable to find a driver for it.

    Keep up the good work, this is a great achievement in such a short time. I look forward to developing on the OUYA and supporting it.

    Thank You

  • braldt

    Still waiting on my april due ouya ????????WTF, better offer me free store credit this is unacceptable!!!

    • Edgardo Del Valle

      Hey was I in the same boat like you, 2 weeks ago request a OUYA refund and got mine new sealed in box special ed. from E-bay at $103.61 few bucks left to buy beers a see how boxed tablet with steroids works. By the way so disappointing the way these guys handle and prioritize the backer’s shipping because we were part of it in one way or another , got is faster from E-bay than the backer program I was “”proudly”” part of it when they came out at kisckstater last year.

      • Mike

        Where did you request the refund from? I don’t want one, but I’d like to know when I’m getting the system I ordered on Jan. 31st.

  • billford123

    yeah, ordered my mid-jan, still waiting. doesn’t seem too fair that others can get one and we cant.

  • Kevin

    Pre-ordered in December 2012 and got a phantom email saying it’s on the move two weeks ago. No Ouya in sight, no tracking information on DHL’s site. Now people can go into stores and buy them? What a huge huge disappointment. Ouya screwed their pre-order customers badly and no one there seems to care.

    How will you make this right?

  • Dewdunk

    The shipping error is a bummer, but that tarnish on the launch will fade away soon enough. I just hope the ‘indie developers wet dream’ lives up to the hype. All the hiccups won’t mean anything in the future, but the games matter and while some of the games are quite neat I hope some meaty games come soon. Looking forward to this interesting exparament

  • Jake S.

    Exciting stuff! :) When is the Onlive app coming?

  • notabrick

    I am anxiously waiting for my toy to show up, but I am more than a little put off that Ouya is putting new sales ahead of those who supported you 6 months ago. While I understand that the shipping issue might not be your fault, I do strongly believe that those of us who preordered your console should get some kind of credit as a show of good faith by Ouya.

    By the way, my tracking number still does not work.

  • http://sheegoth.com/ Eric

    Very cool!

    I’m an “indie” developer and plan on buying my own OUYA in the coming months to release some games on. This is great!

  • Ray

    After reading these comments, I find it surprising how unsupportive many of the Ouya fans are. Seriously guys. This is a very young startup. It’s a very young project. This is their first production. They’re shipping to tens of thousands of people. There are significant time crunches. There are going to be hitch-ups.

    So cool your horses, guys. I only recently got my Ouya (even though I was one of the earlier supporters.) Pulling money from these guys does nothing to solve the problem. From what I can tell, they are trying their damnedest to get units you the backers ASAP. In the end, that’s all you can really ask for.

  • http://www.adambradley.me Adam

    I purchased an Ouya on Kickstarter and mine just came in. I paid for four controllers however I only received one with my unit. I was wondering why I did not receive my extra controllers. I also can not log into my Ouya account on my game system. I am only able to on my computer for some reason. Please let me know what is happening with the controllers and my sign in.

  • IceCarpediem

    Hmmm… my comment was removed.. WTF??? Is this how your treat your backers? Agree with braldt that free credit to be given to backers who have been waiting for such a long time. Customer support has been terrible to say the least as well. If this continue for another week I’ll be requesting for a refund as well. Unacceptable!

  • adam

    Support told me they aren’t shipping to Australia anymore?!?!?

  • Phil

    The OUYA team sucks!
    You should offer all the pre-orderers something like a compensation for waiting longer than the rest of the none-backing world!
    Shame on you for your ignorance!!
    I am still waiting and it seems that “dispatching” in Hong Kong means it is going by ship for about 3 months?

    Without the OUYA I can’t work on my game….

  • Mark

    Hey Adam. I’m in Australia too and haven’t received any tracking number or confirmation it is even going to be sent as well.

  • Mario Gamboa

    i would like to know why is not shipping to australia anymore, and what happen with my ouya!!!!! and my 120 bucks

    • Damon

      Not posting here to australia!? Where is my hard earned money then!!

    • Domby

      Hi, they sure are shipping to Australia. I know when early adopters get in we are an excitable and keen bunch, so all I can understand some of the angst here. I think given how complicated a console launch is and dealing with a simultaneous worldwide shipment of ouya consoles, things are probably a lot smoother than some of the long standing big console companies and their past launches.
      If you supported ouya for all it offers in this space, please cut a little slack and think of the harm you could be causing to the very thing you have spent your hard earns cash on. We should celebrate the quirks and be a part of making this thing a true supportive community. I think, anyway. Happy gaming.

  • Jordan

    I heard about this system a few months ago and was intrigued. I have been interested to see it launch and fully expected some hiccups getting off the ground, I think that is pretty normal in many ways.

    I am still deciding whether to get one or not. Overall it seems like it has a lot of potential. However, reading the above comments is a bit troubling. I did not put forth any money ahead of time like many early backers did, however…how this thing is even getting off the ground is amazing, a wonderful way to show that the old status quo is NOT the only way to make things happen! BUT, this could NOT be done without these early backers handing over their hard-earned money and putting their faith in this start-up company.

    How this company treats those early backers will weigh HEAVILY on whether I make a purchase or not. When you reached out and asked for peoples money and faith, you needed to put those that responded at the TOP of your priority list. They should be the FIRST to get the system in their hands. Not only because it is absolutely the right thing to do, but that way they can begin to write rave reviews about it. So they can begin to purchase games and apps on it. So they can continue to feel like they are part of something special…AND so many of them can jump into developing games for the system which is probably why many of the early backers ARE early backers. As a potential customer that did NOT jump in early…I can wait for a bit. Handle things the right way and it will continue to grow from the ground up. Turn your back on those that got you going and you will send out a very bad message right from the beginning…that your company is no different than any other and therefore you have nothing new to offer either.

    I hope to begin reading that early backers are being treated like gold and that they are valued for their role. I mean heck, I do not even see a response from a company representative to the above concerns over the last few days. If I do not see you valuing or even acknowledging your early backers, how can I expect to feel that you will value me as a customer?

    I am more than happy with my multiple Nintendo products, my iPhone and iPad games, my computer and online games. Show me how innovative you can be, not only with the technology and the funding, but with how you treat the human beings that will make or break your company…Myself and my own hard-earned dollars await your response.

  • http://www.illage3.wordpress.com John Chorley


    I was wondering when Dead Trigger is coming to the Ouya, and what about Killing Floor Calamity?

  • Robert

    Yes i reside in Australia as well, i pre-ordered mine when it was first an option.
    Still waiting, waiting and waiting to hear from support.
    At the way things are looking for pre-orders if it is going to take too long to get here i want a refund !

  • Robert

    Nice one ouya moderators i make a comment about how i live in australia as well and give mr concerns about not hearing from support about the delay and if it is not going to be shipped or the delay is long i would rather have a refund you delete my post, well thank you so much for the extra support to us.

  • MiSchie

    Hello Ouya Team. It´s me ;-) again.
    Someone there who can see by Trouble Ticket # 40251?
    Is my Ouya already produced? Is my Ouya already arrived at the carrier? Was my Ouya already handed over to DHL? Why I still have no tracking number? It´s no Problem to wait a little bit longer, but talk to me.
    Yours Michael

    • adam

      add a start button for the love of god, or at least let dev. make it compatible for xbox 360 / ps3 controllers, and get some AAA tiles bc im sorry but 80% of the games on ouya right now suck the look like games from the 70’s come on ouya i want better graphics and better controller layout. at the very least add a xbox/ps3 controller layout i mean this is a open console with no limits yet you limit the dev. ?

      • http://mcrae.me/ MikeTrike

        The OUYA button doubles as a start button, single tap (though it could be an issue if you double tap it because it drops back to the main menu, they need to rethink that).

        It is compatible with PS3 controllers, they connect right up. Devs need to add support for them. Xbox 360 controllers work fine as well, you just need the USB adapter that you use for computer since they are not Bluetooth.

        OUYA isn’t about graphics, it’s about indie games. Most indie games have a certain style to them, if you want graphics go get a console that focuses on graphics.

        There are several games that I’ve played that natively support the PS3 and 360 controller perfectly. The native OUYA UI supports it just fine as well.

  • Peter

    OUYA takes flight!….Unless you’re a backer. If you’re a backer like me from July of last year then your money was invested in the game consoles which are on the store shelves today . My first and last time backing any projects. Live & Learn.

  • Bonardi


    I do not understand why stores (Amazon, Buy, etc) have had the product on the day of departure (25/07/2013) but the people of the pre-order have not received the product yet, much less a response.

    I honestly think they would have to give a better service product sales.

  • David Petrovich

    Confirmation order #7079 When will I receive the game console? You sent me two emails that are generic with no information on it. My son is waiting, please tell me when I can at least expect a tracking number?

  • http://www.gamers.hu/ Necroman Mk2

    OUYA is designed to be an indie console – so nobody should expect AAA titles (maybe some remakes, e.g. FF3). If you want to play “hardcore” games, wait for the others!
    Btw. I think it is not the software developers task to synch other controllers to the machine, rather the users, who know how to do it ;-)

    • http://www.gamers.hu/ Necroman Mk2

      Whops, this went to adam’s post!

  • jimi

    How does one cancel their preorder? This is the worst customer service ever. I had mine preordered in Dec. 2012, and they already took my money. No contact from anyone at the OUYA team. This is bull. Ouya is a scam, they take your money, and never deliver. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!! REFUND MY PREORDER!!!!!

  • Takuan Daikon

    Wow, there’s sure a lot of whiners and negativity amongst the commenters…

    Got my pre-order and am currently enjoying it.

    Thanks so much guys!!!

  • quet00

    I got my preordered OUYA on the 25th as promised but when i turned it on there were no listings of how much each game costs. I would like to buy Organ Trail and Canabalt but i would first like to know what they cost, other than that, I have no complaints the console is great! But seriously how could you forget to list the game’s prices, its a very big mistake!

  • Gerardo

    ive been waiting for my ouya since january. its supposed to arrive tomorrow but lets see

  • Alf Rehn

    Well, I ordered mine as a Kickstarter backer in SEPTEMBER 2012. Have I received it? Have I fuck. I couldn’t run a company this badly if I damn well tried. Oh, and I’ve stopped believing in anything Ouya says – so if they say 190 games, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say maybe 19 games, if that. After all, this is the company that GUARANTEED (a word that I guess means something else in the native language of Ouya than in means in English) that Kickstarter backers would have their consoles before they’re in stores. So it is pretty much proven that Ouya is run by lying fuckwads.

  • Sean

    still waiting on my pre-order. Not happy at all.
    Think it’s laughable that they’re still posting new blog entries preaching that all is well and merry with fairies and rainbows in the Ouya world without replying to any customer feedback. :-/

  • Tom

    Please. Respond. To. Support Emails. Time to call the law on you guys for taking our money and then not responding. Filing a complaint with the BBB right now.

  • bassrockers

    i pre-order OUYA 29-01-2013 and still waiting to shipping to Poland. My friend in England has console about 2 weeks ago. So when starting shipping to Europe?. I buy OUYA with extra pad, so maybe do site where i can check my order with order number and reference ID.

  • Fabrizio Cotone

    i am still waiting for my ouya and they i am in england… i hope they send me this dammed console soon

  • pitchdarkice

    Finally got mine. Preordered prior to feb 5. I got zero communication from Ouya on my order. It just showed up in my mailbox via USPS. However I’m still missing the extra controller that I ordered.

  • Josiah

    Just to calrify, The Ouya did NOT hit store shelves(at least not in my area). On the release date I went to Best Buy, Gamestop and Target and when they said they did not have any units I called the other best buys, gamestops, and targets within a 50 mile radius from my house. Every store I talked to said they did not carry the console but I could order it online through their store. And every Gamestop that I talked to said The only ones they had were pre-ordered, furthermore I cannot order through gamestop as they only deal with pre-orders? I had to lol because it was that ridiculous. I ended up ordering it online, the console through Target as Best Buy was out of the consoles, and an extra controller through Best Buy as Target was out of controllers. At the least I think this shows that the system was under projected by retailers and that it is more successful than anticipated.

  • Paul

    I sure hope those “store shelves” pre-ordered before I did (February 4th) since I haven’t even received a shipping notification, let alone the actual Ouya.

  • http://www.ouya.tv/ouya-takes-flight/#comments Alex Chinikailo

    so i paid $15 for shipping and the console still has not arrived. I’ve been waiting for several days now and i don’t think any company takes this long to ship. i have had free shipping faster than this (by a long shot). Ouya might want to hurry, a lot of my friends are having the same issue and they are not very happy either.

  • Randol C

    i was wonder about how the backers are going to get there tag name reserved but now everyone else can get it before them?

  • Xanzibaar

    Ordered and paid back in March no OUYA.
    Rename yourselves OHNO.
    You deserve to epic fail the way you’ve let people down who put faith in you delivering a revolutionary new console.
    Way to go Julie Uhrman, you gaming veteran!

    – one of many p1$$*d off would be OUYA owners

  • efm

    Hi, pre-order date 02/15/2013, still waiting shipping to Spain.

    Not a single explanation about the problem, it looks like I’m a retard and don’t know where I live so I receive a mail 4 days ago asking me to introduce once again my delivery address

    “We’re trying to get your OUYA to you, but there may be an issue with the shipping address you provided.
    Please click HERE to enter your address into our form; and please follow the instructions below: ”

    So I did, as fast as I could, becouse I really want OUYA,Still do not know if I’m going to receive an OUYA or not, but let me tell you something, my delivery address was as OK before as it is now.

    Please, take charge of what is happening, explaing people what’s going on. Do not blame others, be responsible.

  • Steven

    Really unimpressed and disappointed with the lack of information about pre-orders (no answer to my 6 day old support request) and that quite a few Kickstarter backers still haven’t received their OUYAs. I have seen the e-mail sent to Kickstarters but does this apply to pre-orders as well. I really would like OUYA to provide some kind of more detailed timescale for deliveries. Especially as they took my money upfront, instead of waiting till it’s actually shipped.

    Your’s disgruntled but still believing

  • Linux4au

    They are shipping to Australia, mine arrived today 28 June 2013.
    All working great.

  • CadmiumRED

    I still have received no reply about wanting a refund on this thing after waiting for about 3 days. OUYA, I’m not very happy with any of you right now.

  • mikey

    are you kidding me? i PRE-ORDERED and still haven’t received anything, not even a confirmation email. you however, received the money right away. i am going to demand a full refund, this is ridiculous.

  • Emanuele Di Saverio

    I am another one of the really pissed of customers.
    Bought in pre-order 2 months ago, not new no contact from OUYA support.
    Worst of all, opened two ticket to support an none actually answered.

  • Richard Elmore

    Apparently they don’t tell you, that you are *required* to have a credit card and assign it to your Ouya account before you can even play it. For those cases where it was a gift to someone with no credit card, your only choice is to ask for a refund. It would have been nice if they had warned us before ordering.

  • GroteGeer

    Today DHL has delivered Ouya console ! It’s running smooth. If you want to use xbmc – you have to download & install it by yourself. Please do this WITH instructions at: http://www.xbmchub.com/blog/2013/06/02/how-to-install-xbmc-to-the-ouya-gaming-console/ Jippie – I’m glad !

  • Jonathan

    What does it take for Ouya Support to actually answer the request tickets? Since no one at Ouya will reply back about the status of my order, I’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives back to the shipper today. Yep…UPS has issues delivering it because the shipper in TN didn’t fit my whole address on their labeling, so that started a cascade of problems. UPS is returning my Ouya to the shipper in TN despite my working with their customer service.

    UPS will send it back to me overnight at no cost, BUT NOT UNTIL the shipper is authorized to send one. I’ve provided the names and numbers of the UPS and CINRAM points of contact and even after I do that legwork for Ouya, no one will reply back.

    Maybe, just maybe, posting here on the blog will spur someone into taking a look at the ticket.

    Thank you, Ouya. You’re something else.

    Ticket #48794 & #49673

  • Mare

    I’m waiting for my console since april. how long shall I?

    • Mare

      ouya came yesterday thx

  • http://felideo.com.br Felideo Desittale Paravimnce

    When I bought in August 2012, had already consciousness that take the product to be shipped and that could still stop at the custom house of Brazil and remain in it for about 3 to 4 months … I already figured that would receive Ouya around August 2013, but …

    The limit for sending the product had to be June 25th!! It is the obligation of you have a minimum of respect and have posted the product on the 25th of June and send the tracking code!!

    And so far nothing … I guess I should have waited and bought the amazon!! Ja be here in front of me …

  • Roger

    Julie, I’m calling you out personally on this.

    Stocking Amazon before your pre-orders are filled is an insult.

    You are generating some serious ill will among your early adopters by showing us how little you value our patronage.

  • Simon

    Simply put, the Ouya founders are criminals.

    They are selling the property that we paid for which does not belong to them. I am hoping for long jail times for all of them.

  • Jaspov

    Nice way to thank the early backers and people who preordered. Mine is still in Hong Kong, due date unknown and I paid months ago.

  • bassrockers

    any response from OUYA? hey guys when starting shipping to rest people in the world?

  • J B

    WOW, I am SO glad I DIDN’t Back this fraudulent company up. I spent my $100 on the Lory theaters’ digitize efforts, guess what, right now as a type, I am wearing my rewards shirt for meeting the goal. and guess what? It didn’t take 12 months to get my rewards.. as for Ouya, I can’t wait to see the ENORMOUS class action lawsuit filed against them. it’s gonna happen.. My Money is better spent on PS4. Better console, better everything, yes this tiny box is open source, but that CAN be a bad thing. VIRUSES anyone?

  • Ron

    I backed this project 7/13/12 and was promised an ouya before it lauches in stores. It said Mar 2013 it will come. It didnt, which is fine.
    But that the stores and people NOT backing would get theirs before me and other backers is outrageous!

    It has still not showed up!

    But they withdrew the money for the funding on the right date as promised that was not a problem.

    i would take my backing of this project back if i could.
    Us kickstarter backers made this happen and belived in you,

    Thanks for not beliveing back and putting your backers in second place

  • Philip

    I’m another ouya sucker!
    My email states that my ouya would be delivered in April and still nothing, you should be ashamed of yourselves for releasing in the shops instead of delivering to the people who believed in your vision before anyone else. Plenty of consoles for the stores and push the people who paid you and believed in you months ago to the back.
    Severely let down by your behavior.

  • Michael

    I think it is a disgrace that these are now in retail stores and I and many others it seems still haven’t got a box delivered.

    Use your backers money to build boxes and supply into GAME / AMAZON.

    I will be sending you a bill for my % of the profits you are making selling these to retailers, without supplying my kit, and i urge everyone else to do the same, i just wish i lived in the USA where im sure by now you would be facing a law suit.

    I will also be charging my money back to my credit card for goods not as described, i purchased a unit to be delivered before retail as an early backer, this is not the case so cant see an issue with charging it back, you can either not deliver it, arrange for it to be picked up, or get it on ebay for 99p where it will be going if it turns up.

  • Sto’ cazzo!!!

    Proprio una gran bella merda!!!

  • Paulo Fernandes

    Good for you Julie and team – but how about showing some deserved respect to your customers that supported you even before OUYA was a reality and are still waiting empty handed??

  • Tim Ogle

    A big thanks to Julie and OUYA team for all the failed promises. You blamed supplies and manufactures for the delays but made damn sure the retailers got theirs for the console launch. Its because you already had our money, our sale it was all just for extra profit at the backers expense, the very people who funded and made it all possible.
    Still wont receive it til the 15th of July. Really thanks again. Actually how about FUCK YOU JULIE! & FUCK YOUR INCOMPETENT TEAM!!!

  • adam

    ok everyone is saying im a backer i should have got a console before gamestop best buy ect. well i hope u all know after that 900,000 $ tag you are not consider backers your considered marketers they gave the ppl that believed in the ouya before the 900,000 mark not you guys allu guys did was by the system from kickstarter to get the console before anyone and no it is not a crime to have you wait for a console so no jail time ether, however ouya plz do more for you dev. and add a more verity of controller input. if the ouya had a start button or even if you could use the home button as a start button just by pressing it and if you hold it for 5 sec in a game it sends u to the home screen ?

    • Gerdski

      I have an idea for this start button dilemma. If you push one side of the touch pad it will function as a start button and If you push the other it will function as a select button.

    • Mike

      There is nothing that says I am not a backer on the OUYA kickstarter page. I have been called a backer in every email that goes exclusively to backers, as well as my guarantee of receiving an OUYA before it was available in stores, which never happened. If OUYA considers everyone beyond the $900,000 mark to be marketers and not backers 1- they would have told us, 2- they would have paid us, 3- they wouldn’t include us in the 30 updates about all the things they have been doing (except getting us the product we paid for) that were exclusively for backers. Simply put, they no longer care for about their previous commitments to early backers, they are acting like a big video game company, just like the ones they are trying to change. It is true that DHL broke their promise to OUYA, but that doesn’t change the fact that OUYA brooke their promise to me. I realize that nothing will come from my complaints, just very frustrating that I can’t get a straight answer as to where my OUYA is from DHL, the tracking number show it left Hong Kong 3 weeks ago and hasn’t updated and I still have no response to any emails from OUYA. Just a disaster…

  • poosplats

    Just got my ouya! No e-mail came before it arrived. I did order a second controller that was not included, however. Ill wait and see on that one. Whelp, off to play amazing frog.

  • Wayne

    Well I am in the same boat here too. Pre ordered 1st / 1st / 2013

    Still no Ouya, still no delivery email and still no contact from Ouya, I am going to request a refund from my card issuer and I am forgetting about this.

    I am patient and don’t mind waiting but no contact from them! BYE.

  • Noklish

    I’m so excited! Just got mine! A bit late and I never got my shipping email, but I’m thrilled! :D

  • Johnny Thunder

    I got mine off Amazon had some free credit and early adopter selling his cheap!!!

    Item(s) Subtotal: $85.00
    Shipping & Handling: $3.99
    Total before tax: $88.99
    Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
    Grand Total: $65.99
    See tax and seller information

    Ordered the 16th and got it the 19th :)
    Never Trust Kickstarter’s it’s just a digital form of begging. Your better off giving your money to people asking for money on the street.

  • https://www.facebook.com/OuyaBackers Eric

    Hey everyone, I’ve created a facebook page for ouya backers still waiting on their systems. I know we’re all disappointed but let’s stay positive and show OUYA support! https://www.facebook.com/OuyaBackers

  • Matt

    if the ouya had a start button or even if you could use the home button as a start button just by pressing it and if you hold it for 5 sec in a game it sends u to the home screen ?
    I’m pretty sure it does do that – maybe its only on some of the games.

  • Zerq

    Hmmm… I can definetly understand a delivery shortage.

    and while its kind of sheeky to let retailers get priority i can kind of understand the reasoning though i might not agree 100% with it…

    I can only assume they are concenred with getting it to retailers to establishe it commercially and not get labeled as a special gimic…

    with their own store they have a slight dissadvantage in game store acceptance since selling a ouya might constitute helping a competitor so not delivering to retailers would further harm the ouya brand.. or so i assume.

    though really its no diffrent then the wii on this point.. and arguably the ps3s + membership thingy is even more damaging.

    All that said they should at the very least try to adress those whos wating and assure them the ouyas are forthcoming and when.

    I had to wait pretty long for my rapsberry pi so i can understand how production can be slow to get going…

    I prioritize the overall sucess of the platform mainly since i want to develop for it… and if it facing supply issue due to high demand then that just means a more strongly established console :)

    but still they need to contact people and assure them things are progressing and if possible give some prognosis on when deliveries will be….

  • Ryzer

    This is Awesome! Just found out about it and I’m stoked. Glad also you have an ethernet jack as well as Wi-Fi. Saw you had an N64 & SNES emulator as well, sweet thing too is adding our “own roms”, very innovative. :) I hope to see a MAME arcade emulator added as well in the future, that would be the cream of the crop. Relive my days spent at the arcade would be memorable as well as the other emulators.

    As I don’t shop online, I see Best Buy & Target in the US has the OUYA for sale. Please (on my knees, lol!) bring it to all of Canada through those same outlets, it would sell like hotcakes here. I can think of dozens of people who would buy this up right away, like I want to.

    Please consider this & the arcade emulator ASAP, as I cannot wait to get my hands on this. :D

    I’m awed… well done! :thumbsup:

  • kwratster

    Excuse me simon but where do you get the info that they are selling what we bought and makes them criminals? Yes they are selling ouya’s but we are also getting them ourselves. They only real way they would be is if they didnt give out a single consol to anyone yet they have to many people already. I advise you to cool off and shut up. The same goes for eveyone out there bitching. Yes they are selling the ouya when they announced it even though we were supposed get it first but THEY got screwed over by dhl. They gave out delats to ouya not ouya itself.

    • Zerq

      kwratster i can belive DHL screwed them somehow…’
      DHL allway fucks up things if they possibly can do so…

      its the shabiest delivery service in existence X3

  • Kyle

    Julie, you write that the Ouya has his the shelves of Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and GAME; but I have been to the stores and they say that you can only buy the Ouya online and they will not carry it in the store itself. If so, how are you ever supposed to advertise this product to get someone kind of player base for us developers to release to? You made so much off Kickstarter, shouldn’t some of that be for advertising this to the masses so we can get some players for our games? This is very startling.

  • Phil

    That maybe right buy the OUYA team could make a compensation offer to the pre orderers. Then no one would be angry… But they simply ignore them. …. and that is NOT ok!

    • Mick

      I wish i could make a complaint, none of my posts even make the blog, censored by ouya, i complained via email, got a automated answer.

      still no ouya, i have done a paypal charge back.

  • Emanuele Di Saverio

    I agree with Phil.
    Having some problems in shipping and handling manufacturing is ok, It’s a startup so some problems are expected.
    What’s is not expected, is carelessness: one or two email could have been enough for avoiding many upset people, just let us know that things are getting cared about.

  • Karl in Sweden

    Pre-ordered mine in late April.
    All seemed ok, order confirmation, Paypal receipt.
    Did not hear anything from Ouya until I decided this thursday the 27th, to drop support a mail asking about where is may order.
    Next day a get a mail that my order is on its way :).
    According to the tracker it should arrive tomorrow the first of July.

  • Fábio silva

    hello, you have intention to launch the console in latin america, but specifically in Brazil? I am anxious to be able to have my Ouya.
    Thank you.

  • Jifeng Lin

    Hey.When may I get my OUYA.The order number is INV653ef7bd55747bc63758eb3fa0fa69fb, supposed to arrive on April.

  • Ziqo

    Nice to see you’re making money of my investment. Just a huge fucking shame i haven’t gotten what i was promised for it. I understand there were issues in console production. But oh wait, you are selling consoles? HOW ABOUT SENDING ME THE ONE I’VE ALREADY PAYED FOR FIRST?

  • Marvolt

    me and my friend preordered an ouya too
    and still not have one so if they just gave us the promise off
    geting a little bit of store credit like 50 bucks or something like that that would be fine but seriously ? they got over 8 milion dollars from kickstarter and got problems with delivery i guess they may have choosen the wrong (cheaper) people to do the job so i wonder where the rest of the 8 milion has been spend i guess they bought a biger pool or something like that !

  • David

    OUYA, I’m getting pretty upset for a lack of better terms with out cussing at the lack of communication on my support request #43238. It’s been over 8 days since I’ve been contacted and I’ve tweeted J Hurman and Ouya support and no response. I would like a status on the resolution on both of my controllers.

  • Eli Lindsey

    Hello to all Ouya backers that have not received their systems… I received my Ouya yesterday via the United States Postal Service. I received no email stating my system was on the way. My assumption is that they are shipping without the help of DHL. This is probably only true for U.S. backers and they may still use DHL for international shipping.

    To Ouya… I actually like the potential of the system. However, you provided such poor customer service to me and all of the other backers that are in limbo waiting on their system. I understand that this is a start up, but ignoring requests for updates is not the appropriate way to do business. It is highly inappropriate for the system to have been released prior to the backers receiving their systems.

    So at the very least, update your supporters and confirm if they should expect to receive their systems in the mail or through DHL. You should probably post it on the main site regarding shipping to backers since you fail to respond to emailed requests and support requests.

  • http://www.albertkinng.com Albert Kinng

    Bunch of crying babies! Neither Ouya or you guys had an idea how business works in real life. You fund a product not pre-order one. Some Kickstarter ideas don’t offer anything as optional if you give money to support it. You want one now? Go to Best Buy. I bet this guys are having nightmares and lot stress just handling all the shit they are going thru and you just want your free console?? Get out of here! Get a life! Thanks for your support and grow up!!!!!!

    • chris

      Communication from OUYA would go a long way to squash the frustration.

      • chris

        Communication from OUYA would go a long way to squash the frustration.

  • dennymac

    You guys who are jumping up and down about your delivery times need to exercise some patience. You act like its the end of the world because your package takes a little longer to get to you. Mine just got here, and guess what? I’m still breathing. So stop trying to get something out of the OUYA team for your imagined slight and grow up. Second, you guys complaining about the performance need to get a clue and stop trying to compare a $99 system to a new Xbox or PS. If you want to play COD go turn on your PS3 and shut up already. As far as I’m concerned this thing is great. My kids love it and that’s all I really got it for. The games are simple and fun. The system is easy to operate which is perfect for a 8 and 5 year old. And I am really looking forward to seeing what new games are going to be developed.

    P.S. Maybe they wouldn’t ignore you if you had a legitimate complaint.

  • RIchard

    Add me to the list of early Kickstarter backers still waiting. I want to cancel and get a refund. I’ve lost faith in OUYA to deliver on promises. Or, well, delivery anything frankly.

  • Mikael Spoong

    Hi am a kickstart backer that was quite early to put in some money 2012-07-14 and I have only got promise’s about getting my console, I’m not happy at all that I if I get my OUYA after the hit the stores.

  • IceCarpediem

    And the month enters July… still my tracking number is not working, support still not responding… what is this????????

  • Jonathan

    Still no response from anyone at Ouya. Just checked to see if there was an update to the submitted tickets and they still say “being reviewed.” These tickets are three and four days old now.

    Seriously…this is ridiculous.

    What does it take for anyone there to be spurred into action? All I need is for one of them to make a phone call…that’s it. I even game them the name, telephone number, and tracking number of the shipment that was returned.

    Can’t wait until I can finally wipe my hands of all of this.

    (Ticket #48794 & #49673)

  • Mike

    Hey, kwatster. Why don’t you take a running jump at yourself. I don’t think it is unreasonable to be unhappy with a company who seems to think that customer service is better left to other companies. I was told I would have my OUYA by the release date. I still have not received it, and the company has made no effort to inform me of this delay. A simple email telling me that the shipping was delayed would have been enough to keep me happy. Yet, I had to email the company three times and wait three weeks for a response. That doesn’t make me feel to confident in the product. So why don’t you shut your mouth.

  • Wayne

    Very bad support

    Sam (OUYA Support)

    Jun 30 13:37 (PDT)

    Hi Wayne,

    As we continue to evolve here at OUYA, making constant improvements to our product, we want to make sure that we keep you — our community and THE reason we do what we do everyday — in the “know” and up-to-speed on our progress.

    As part of these important updates, and in response to the (literally) overwhelming response we’ve seen in sales activity since launching earlier this week, we wanted to share with all of you the latest ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ which we update and publish on our website @ http://www.ouya.tv/support.

    The goal of sharing this info is simple — if while playing OUYA, you come across something you need to troubleshoot, head over to our support page and, chances are, the OUYA Problem Solvers have posted a workaround to the issue you’ve encountered. If – on the other hand – you discover an issue we haven’t yet identified or published an answer to (which is totally possible given it’s early in the game and we have lots to learn still!), then simply open a new ticket @ http://www.ouya.tv/support. From there, our Problem Solvers will review, respond and update the FAQ’s regularly.

    We hope you find these updates helpful and if you can think of anything else we can do better, hit us up at savetheprincess@ouya.tv!

    Your humble servants (really we are here for you),
    Chad, Arsen, Chris, Ed, Derek, Terell, Sarah, and Jim
    M.P.S’s for OUYA


    You can find the latest FAQ here: https://support.ouya.tv/home

    Included in the latest update are topics such as:

    My tracking number isn’t working. How can I get the status of my order?

    – If you live in the U.S., use this link to track your OUYA order: http://bit.ly/16Tdh0e
    – If you live outside of the U.S., use this link to track your order: http://bit.ly/16Tdj8m
    [Note: For orders outside of the U.S., be sure to enter your tracking # in the second text box labeled ‘Item Cust_Ref’ field. It’s case-sensitive.]
    *Please allow more time for the tracking #s to bring back info, as in most cases, they’re being sent from overseas. Also, please keep in mind that we have received reports from some people who have received their shipments before any info. was returned by their tracking #.

    I’ve changed my address since I ordered my OUYA. What do I need to do to update my shipping information?
    – If your OUYA is being delivered to somewhere other than your current address, please update your address with your postal service so that it can be forwarded. If it is not forwarded, please contact us @ savetheprincess@ouya.tv and we will work with you directly to ensure it arrives safe and sound at the right doorstep.

    Where are the additional controller(s) I ordered?
    – If you’ve ordered extra controllers, you will receive them in a second shipment. We did this in some cases to get you your OUYA to you ASAP. If you only receive one controller at first, don’t worry, another one will be on its way!

    – Sam

    Wayne Jordan

    Jun 29 08:58 (PDT)

    Further to this, why have I not even received a confirmation of delivery?
    Order Number:INV014dfdc8726916d4c71c4230c3f7d8b0
    “Unfortunately, the vast majority of those who haven’t yet received OUYA are international backers. It just takes a lot longer to ship to some countries. All of these units HAVE left Hong Kong, and you have received your tracking email. So, based on the date of your shipping-confirmation email, your OUYA will arrive within 15 to 17 days from that date.
    I haven’t received or heard anything from you.

    Wayne Jordan

    Jun 29 07:31 (PDT)

    Can you please answer my query, you have a blog post saying its hit the stores but I am still waiting.
    If I don’t hear back from your I will be charging this back from my card and not be supporting the ouya!
    I sent a message 7 days ago and you said a response within 2-3 business days. So far your not doing anything with the time scales provided.

    Wayne Jordan

    Jun 22 01:51 (PDT)


    I pre ordered my ouya back in Jan thi year but have heard nothing from you.

    When can I expect delivery, I am getting concerned because its nearly 6 months

  • Gold

    I also backed this on kickstarter and still haven’t gotten my Ouya either… This is bunk.

  • Dillon

    After receiving the OUYA a few short days after its release, I can tell a lot of work and really good ideas went into making it. I can’t think of another technological venture that has been as fair and respectful to both consumers and developers as OUYA. I have no idea where the negativity is coming from. There may be legitimate cause behind these comments but most of them come off as entitled bickering from people who either have too high of expectations or have developed a feeling of betrayal for a product that has not yet earned it.

  • Chris Bowman

    It is interesting reading the comments on here. I understand the frustration of the backers from the second Kickstarter campaign, but everyone has to understand the development costs and timelines for a project like this.

    The XBOX 360 and the PS3 would have cost 10 times that of an OUYA to develop (Guestimating), and took years to create. The OUYA went from drawing board to finish in far less time, with a much smaller budget.

    And it is easy to assume they require retail launch sales to continue paying staff and continuing development. Since they have already pushed backed the retail launch almost a month, I am sure they couldn’t wait much longer. With such a short development time, I am sure timelines are super tight for getting these devices out the door to the backers and to retail.

    These aren’t excuses for the team, and they do not make up for the quiet approach they are taking. Maybe OUYA could step up to the plate, and be the awesome company everyone hopes they are. As Scott Stratten says: “When shit hits the fan, it’s time to be awesome”.

    Either way, the commenters and journalists that claim the OUYA has a lot of ground to cover to compete with the big guys are just nuts. Obviously an open platform that costs a quarter of the price is not designed to compete with next gen consoles on the big titles. The OUYA was designed for the indie game developers that are sick of the crap that they have to go through to develop for the big guys.

    I think the OUYA is a fantastic idea that has turned out to be a pretty impressive console. It’s tiny in a lot of ways, has lot’s of growing to do, but I believe it can.

    Kickstarted v2 backers believed once, let’s just hope they can hold out and give the OUYA fighting chance.

  • Jonathan

    Day 5…and still no response from Ouya Support.


    (Ticket #48794 & #49673)

  • http://candiba.net Guileh

    I’m not a Backer! I pre-ordered it in January’13, they had promissed to deliver in April’13. And I don’t have any information about when and how I’m going to receive my Ouya. They don’t even reply my e-mails. I have uncountable support tickets with no solution. I want my money back!

  • Mike

    Well, got my OUYA yesterday! I will say that I’m impressed. Yes, the buttons got stuck on the controller a few times, but nothing extreme. There are lag issues, but I foresee that getting fixed with updates. Stayed up too late playing games! So glad I finally got it. Did not arrive through DHL, but USPS. Thanks OUYA! I was upset, but all if forgiven!

  • larry

    I phoned eb games in Canada (they are owned by Gamestop)they are telling customers that the ouya is delayed or discontinued because it does not work.

    This upset me becuase ouya works great and they should not mislead customers, i was just looking for a prep[aid points card

  • SlicK Mojo

    Hey mine just arrived in the mail today!!! i ordered it online from OUYA.tv June 22, 2013.

  • Dave

    Load of ol’ bollocks innit!

  • Michael

    Where’s the graph of projected vs actual shipments now? I get more pissed every day. When I emailed Ouya, I got a generic response that directed me to the FAQ. This is bullshit!

  • Michael

    I feel like I got pooed on by u guys. And u ate Mexican last night.

  • Brian Roth

    There has been several firmware updates in the last few weeks. It would be nice instead of variable phrases being displayed while updating, to have displayed what is the update for. I rather know what the changes are so that if some feature is new or if something is supposed to be fixed I can look into this.

    Thank you,

  • Bob

    Still haven’t received console after waiting 8 months. And now the bunk tracking number, that doesn’t seem to have my name or address attached to it, says that it was delivered. It was not delivered to me or my address as I was there waiting for it all day. And I get no delivery confirmation and not even the address that it was supposedly delivered to. I wrote ouya support and they pretty much accuse me of lying as I try to get a refund. Now they just don’t respond.

  • Shenzakai

    Seriously, how long do I have to wait from now on? My tracking # is HKSHW0GDTFP01 and it’s on “Received & Dispatched” in HK since 6/25! I read all this awesome stuff about OUYA and the games and I still can’t play, even though I’ve backed it via KS :(

  • Adam Dawson

    Hello, I submitted several messages via Kickstarter, this site, and posted responses to each and have never once heard back from anyone. My most recent request was to ask for a refund of the kickstarter money that I paid, since I have not received a shipping notification and obviously don’t have my unit either.

    Please review and respond to Support Request #50451

    Thank you.



    • Giles

      I should also mention that I was one of the first backers. Before you were even half way funded towards your goal. Everyone else seems to have consoles. I feel very let down.

  • Magikarp

    Preordered my Ouya from Ouya.tv mid June. Received my order confirmation stating it will ship to me in June 2013.
    It is now July 10 and I havent heard anything since.
    Have sent 2 emails to Ouya support questioning the status of my order, have not heard a thing (Ticket# 46895).

    I don’t care that my order has been delayed, but at least have the decency to send a generic email advising that you are having problems with shipping and it will be delayed.
    I’ve had to scour these forums myself to find out what the hell is going on.

    I don’t care if you ship it to me in December just acknowledge that you’ve received my money and that you’re actually doing something about it. Rather than letting me me think this company has gone belly up and my order will never be dealt with.

  • Glen

    Glad I paid $20- extra for international shipping over retail, just to be told that it’s taking longer because, apparently, HK to Australia takes longer than HK to US.

    And no mention of delays on your blog – can’t go owning up to anything, now can we! Honesty and transparency are apparently anathema to you turds.

    What really burns my ass is that even when (if?) the damned thing arrives, I won’t be able to get any use out of it without supporting you, and to be honest at this point I’d rather flush my cash than hand it over to you idiots.

  • http://www.baby-gamez.com Baby Game

    I had no idea it was already out! I need to keep up on my research!

  • Giles

    Is anyone else in Australia still waiting our is it just me? A lot of the message boards have gone quiet, there have been no more emails to backers. Not cool. Not cool at all.