Julie and I returned from a bustling Eurogamer packed with Dev friends. It’s exciting to see the new projects people come out with every convention. I feel truly blessed to work with so many passionate people. Here’s the breakdown of some of our encounters:

We caught up with I Fight Bears’ Nicoll Hunt–an all-around awesome guy and creator of Fist of Awesome. Nicoll was one of the first developers to have his game up and running on the OUYA storefront last March. The final edition of FOA is out October 17 (read: 17, October) so we’re all gearing up to punch bears back at the OUYA office in California.


Along with Nicoll, we finally met the omnipresent James Coote–of Crystalline Green, Developer of Executive Star and a good dude who wants us to be our best. He’s chockfull of ideas and dreams for our little box and we’re happy to have him in our corner!

Niffler‘s Barn Cleave was also out and about–he showed us the progress on Chuck’s Challenge, OUYA Edition. The colorful puzzler is looking great, and it’s sure to delight (read: challenge and potentially frustrate) fans of its PC predecessor, Chip’s Challenge. Barn had the pleasure of educating me that good English ale is best at room temperature. I couldn’t quite wrap my American brain around that notion–hence the half-pint in my hand in the image above. Yes, I expect the Internet to make fun of me…again.

Also in the pub: Funky Android‘s Al Sutton–who reminded me that I need to make another video. Bethany Aston from Team17, Daniel Da Rocha of QUBE (which will be a fantastic addition to OUYA in the near future!), Andrew Smith of Spilt Milk Studios and Scirra Construct 2 developer Ashley Gullen.

Last and never least, we met up with Richie Enticknap of UKIE.


Pictured above are Richie, myself and the entire team of Fayju–makers of The Amazing Frog, Cascade and Goldilocks and the 3000 Bears. Gaz and Hal from Fayju demoed Cascade live at Eurogamer Developer Sessions and also gave a sneak peak of the Amazing Frog update–packed full of cool features, vs-modes and a bunch of craziness.

Check out Gaz’s sneak peaks, and Julie’s short Dev-focused talk:

To round things out, Julie met up with Thomas Was Alone Dev Mike Bithell, which was nice. He’s happy we made FTG better, Julie’s happy that he’s happy, and I’m happy that everyone is happy.


That’s it for me, Internet: a media-packed, link-loved update on my visit to London and Eurogamer. I’ll be at IndieCade this weekend with Team OUYA and a bunch of talented, passionate Devs and Gamers and plan to make a video from the event. If you’ll be around, please reach out and meet up with me!

Bob Mills
OUYA Games Guy



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  • Anton Monakov

    Where on earth is my console?

    • Chad Makings

      Anton- we replied to your support ticket. Please respond to that and we will get this cleared up. Thanks!

  • Glenn Dobson

    October 17th can’t come soon enough! I need to fight some Beers! I mean Bears!