Our first investor, former IGN president Roy Bahat, has agreed to be chairman of our board.

Roy believed in OUYA from day zero. He loved OUYA from the start for a bunch of reasons – one is that he cares about teaching coding skills (he’s on the board of a nonprofit called CodeNow that teaches underprivileged kids to code). So many people learned to code by making games but, until OUYA, it was hard to do that on a console.

I worked with Roy at IGN which he ran for five years. He loves startups, and has been involved with a bunch (Revision3, Flixster, etc.). He’s also on GameStop’s digital advisory council. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s a lecturer at UC Berkeley, where he teaches media.

And we’ve filled our technology leadership roles…

We hired the guy who ran development for RIFT at Trion, and Tiger Woods at EA, Steve Chamberlin, to run our engineering. Steve loves games, DIY electronics, and homebrew computing projects (his are internet famous!). We are thrilled to have him. Steve started his career in the defense simulation industry, we don’t think that’s relevant (yet?) but we do think it’s cool!

Raffi Bagdasarian joined us to lead software product, including user experience and our services for game developers. Raffi led product for Crackle at Sony Pictures Television’s Digital Networks Group, working with Xbox Live, PlayStation, Roku, iOS, and Android. He’s a gamer. He’s a tech junkie. OUYA combines the two. It’s pretty much his dream gig ;)

Meanwhile, in the last couple of weeks we’ve continued talking to lots of game developers about putting games on OUYA – over a thousand have been in touch with us since our Kickstarter ended. We’ve kept building our product (we’re making choices about things like what materials and finish to use). And we’ve been fielding requests from distributors who want to carry OUYA (more than 50 have applied from all around the world!). Lots to do…

Ciao for now, and join me in welcoming Roy, Steve, and Raffi!




The Head Honcho

  • Jarett LeBlang

    As one of the Kickstarter backers, I can’t wait to see that box at my doorstep next year!

  • http://www.androidjelly-bean.com umar satti

    I like your work OUYA keep it up :)

  • Davide

    Good luck from italy =D

  • Jim

    This is really exciting news, never been more excited for a console in my life, and getting info like this along the way is part of the fun. Keep up the awesome work!!

  • Pete Wanless UK

    Hey that’s some great team members! working on OUYA, my question is:

    Are there plans for a UK distribution service (if more than 50 have expressed interest from around the world is there a UK one?)… If so , when will you be releasing details of this?

    Some of us may know “buying groups” interested in the product !

  • Nathan

    Its nice to see a system that is pointed towards developer and the gamer. It will be nice once I get this pre-ordered and at my house ready to play.

  • Jente

    Let’s hope that all these hirings result in a great product by March 2013. There’s a lot of work and sweat ahead but I’m sure you guys can make it. Show Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo the future of gaming.

  • Flo

    Can’t wait. I just got a 40 inch TV for my room for this full experience. I doubt this will disappointment me in the least ;) I hope perhaps maybe the OUYA staff will love us and send us a surprise :D! but that’s just me being a hopeful giddy gamer.

  • SD

    So more management, less actual engineers and designers. Can’t wait for the release!

  • Nabeel Hyatt

    Congrats, glad you roped him in officially

  • http://yannstr.wordpress.com/ yannstr

    good news

  • Ichiroku

    As both a backer and inde game developer student, I can’t wait for this console to land in my house. As soon as the SDK goes free online, I’ll be working with that forever and ever <3.

  • luis

    Good luck from portugal!!!!!!!
    I loved this project from the beginning.
    I’m expected to be launched in Portugal.
    I’m tired of the games that are coming out for PS3, because the most famous games are taking advantage to exploit the wallets of players. Reached the point of releasing expansion packs in paid online store before launching the game.
    I hope OUYA succeed and end this abuse of the companies that throw incomplete games to force us to buy the rest of the game online.
    Desire a huge success and continue to develop more consoles!

  • Chris West

    This post just made OUYA seem 10x more real to me, I know am 100% sure it will succeed, and cant wait to get it!

    P.S. – When will the Username email for OUYA kick-starter backers be sent out?

  • Adriano

    I’m beginning to learn how to code software, and I can’t wait until I can develop games for this awesome console!

  • hunti

    will definatly buy one

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  • Scott

    I’m so ridiculously excited for Ouya to come to market. Makes me really excited as a hobbyist developer who’d like to branch out a bit more. Glad to hear about these killer new hires. Go Ouya!

  • http://zerosleep.com ZeroSleep

    Awesome. Roy was a great leader and it makes me happy to see him involved. Can’t wait to play with it.

  • Juan Grajales

    Waiting for OUYA!!!

  • Les

    I am very excited about OUYA. I own a PS3 & 360 & will still continue to play them, but i’m very excited about what OUYA is bringing to the table.

    More games is better for everyone.

  • Papo Nitrous

    OUYA is the future of the consoles and is gonna be the best console ever Android is the future i always say it.It will be better than xbox 360 and ps3

  • Den0matic

    We love the updates. Thanks a lot. It’s very exciting to follow something from inception to fruition, I hope you make it big.

  • MrRoper

    Looking forward to this. Now that Boxee has alienated their entire user base, you have a great chance to capitalize on that disenfranchised group.

  • TexasDave

    When will the general public see more of what is going on with the development of this console? Photoshopped images, videos that show nothing REAL, seem ….not real. The mobo shown in the video is a developer board for something completely different, and NOT actual OUYA anything… the controllers are faxe, and not even a working mockup is shown. I hope people aren’t crying come march when theres a big announcement saying ” well, we tried, and couldn’t make the hardware work, or make the price point, or get developers, so yeah, no refunds here guys.” I foresee it happening. Julie, feel free to contact, and make me a believer. I will order one on the spot once I am convinced it is real, works, and has and will do everything you say it will.

  • Nze

    I can not wait to get my hands on this beauty (OUYA).