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The OUYA Team

  • Joshua

    no meltdown?

  • http://cniangel.net/ ▼▲Jolly Triangle▲▼

    Where’s Towerfall?

  • Nick Robinson

    this is a bad post

  • Joshua Racz

    Interesting Categories.. and good selection imo. Loved You don’t know Jack. Knightmare tower was the first game I bought! Flixter is great for those movies I get them blu ray code for, Minigore is simply mindless fun and Clark the best puzzler I played in a long time.

  • ufg


  • Matthew Martino

    These can’t be the finals. Fixster to watch video?! really?! What about xbmc or plex?!

  • Isaac Hyman

    Wow, take out Clark and replace it with the main reason to buy an OUYA- Towerfall or even Meltdown! However, the rest are perfect.

  • codythedragondude

    my top 5 ouya games of 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB_PAjZMaJw