We’ll be hanging on the 6th floor of PAX at Booth 6902!

Are you a fan of any of the following:

  • Random, unpredictable and completely irregular swag giveaways?
  • Firm and respectable high fives??
  • Meeting developers who make games???

Then you should come by and hang with us!

Matt, TimG, Alex, myself (Bawb) and some special guest developers will all be there! If you’re anything like us, you’ll be swimming through masses of humanity, scaling escalators, deciphering maps, getting in the way of impromptu cosplay photo sessions, trying to make eye contact with people gazing deeply into 3DS screens, smelling interesting smells, and PLAYING ALL SORTS OF GAMES YEAHHHH!

A few weeks ago, we put out an open call to devs to submit their games to be shown at the OUYA booth at PAX. We got a great response from tons of OUYA DEVS and had a difficult time picking who we’d show off this year.

We’re happy to announce the picks presently! If your game didn’t show up, don’t fret, you’ll have more event opportunities in the future!

The cast, in alphabetical order:

Amazing Frog? 2.0
Bears Can’t Drift
Big Action Mega Fight!
Chess 2: The Sequel
Dungeon Crawlers
Goblin Quest: Escape!
Hard Lander
Joan Sword
Johnny Scraps: Clash of Dimensions
Luxuria Superbia
Magnetic By Nature
Neon Caves
Neverending Nightmares: Beta Access
Read Only Memories
Rubble N Strafe
Rush to Adventure
Shuttle Rush
Skyling: Garden Defense
So Many Me
The Inner World
Time Swap
Toto Temple Deluxe
Whispering Willows


Would you like to know more?

Well keep reading/watching — we’ve thrown together a lovely collection of teaser trailers below:

Amazing Frog? 2.0 — That’s right! Two point zero. Get a sneak at the upcoming awesome from the team at Fayju. How can Amazing Frog? get any better than it already is? Well, check the video below and get ready for a more agile, tactile and throw-happy hero of Swindon!

Bears Can’t Drift — Or can they? We don’t know who’s calling the shots in the land where bears drive karts, but we’re calling shenanigans. Bears CAN drift on OUYA. Come find out just how.

Big Action Mega Fight! — BAMF, the award-winning, brawl-tastic beat-em-up is playable on OUYA now and at PAX. Collect cash and punch foes. Clean and simple.

Cascade — Fight Alzheimer’s with micro-frog-piloted spaceships! Are you confused? Don’t be. Come play the newest in-development version of CASCADE to see just how Team Fayju plan to educate and entertain, while staying rooted in science!

Chess 2: The Sequel — Yes, Chess has evolved! And it may not even be Chess’ final form! :P Pick it up and try it out if you even remotely like chess, you’ll be blown away. Seriously.


DUCK GAME — You quacked first on OUYA! Keep quacking on OUYA. Get a sneak peak at the newest version of DUCK GAME, yet to be released and find out what all the quacking is about.

Dungeon Crawlers — Love DnD-style, turn-based play? Then pick up Dungeon Crawlers. It’s fun for all ages with a mix of humor, tactics and adventure.

Goblin Quest: Escape! — Collect coins and avoid bad guys. Simple right? Not so fast. This aint your grandpappy’s snatch-and-dash game.

Hard Lander — This deceptively-cute, rocket-landing simulator is that perfect mix of punishing and addictive. You’ll see what we mean when you come play with us!

Joan Sword — OMG Joan Sword will have you laughing excitedly with the first cut scene. Come play this in-development, paperdoll, action-adventure platformer before it’s released.

Johnny Scraps: Clash of Dimensions — Hack n’ slash gameplay is about to get weird with the help of our pigly friend, Johnny Scraps!

Luxuria Superbia — Plummet (or ascend) through…something. You know what, just come by and check out this award-winner, and tell us what YOU think is going on…

Magnetic By Nature — Attraction, propulsion, puzzles, platforms and robots. What’s not to love? Show us your mastery of magnetism.

Meltdown — Nothing beats a good pew-pew-em-up shooter like Meltdown. Play solo or online with friends across platforms.

Neon Caves — Shoot, stabilize, shoot again. But don’t get shot. You’ll get it as soon as you start playing.

Neverending Nightmares: Beta Access — Come get scared with us! We’ll probably queue this one up with some headphones and put you on a webcam for all watching on to laugh and cheer you on!

Read Only Memories — Point and click adventure on your OUYA in future San Francisco! Check out what’s in store for the City by the Bay!

Rubble N Strafe — This flap adapt is complete with missiles, planes, guns and anti-aircraft artillery! Beat Alex’s high score and we may just have to recognize your supreme abilities!

Rush to Adventure — Rush to our booth and give this one a go! Swing, swords, swiftly and pounce along platforms to progress toward potential perfection!

Shuttle Rush — Your head’s going to explode. Run. That’s all you have to know.

Skyling: Garden Defense — Convert all the squares and avoid bad guys doing it! Simple and fun!

So Many Me — Collect your many, many versions of yourself and solve puzzles along the way!

Soccertron — It’s kinda like soccer — FUTURE SOCCER. With lasers and jetpacks and hazards and awesome music!

The Inner World — This beautiful adventure game is packed with humor and puzzles and everything you could really want in an adventure game. Honestly.

Time Swap — Traverse time and space in this cute puzzle adventure!

Toto Temple Deluxe — Zip through tons of colorful levels in pursuit of the coveted money-laying goat! Keep an eye out for your friends, they like money too. And goats. It’s about to get weird.

Whispering Willows — Collect special items and solve the mystery at Willows Mansion. If the suspense doesn’t kill you, the FREAKY MONSTERS might!



The Games Guy

  • Carlos Ortiz

    Cool, good luck at PAX. Wish I were one of the lucky gamers going, I’d definitely stop by to say hello and play. :)

    • Derrick Diaz

      Same here! I play my ouya more than my xbox 360,ps3 and wii u.would hope ouya can get some games like shovel knight,angry video game nerd game on the system.with xbmc on it it is up there with how xbox 360 was known for the one system to go to for all your needs.keep it up.