We make this kind of stuff that we like to play…and that’s the kinda bottom line.” – Gaz Bushell, Fayju

So I recently had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Gaz Bushell, man one of the two-man team that is Fayju, responsible for the many giggles and gaffaws in living rooms around the world. Turns out, he’s an artist! Go figure. We got to talking about the similarities between the art world and the gaming world, making games just ‘cuz, and, of course, how Amazing Frog liberates us from the fear of failing and invites us to just give it a go.

You can check out more on Amazing Frog and the other projects Fayju has cookin’ on their YouTube Channel, and check out Gaz’s artworks at squid soup!






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  • Hippie

    Is the business model to ignore any RMA’s until they are out of warranty? It sure is starting to feel like it… Do I need to post a new RMA daily or more, just to pester you? I have a fucked up controller, this shouldn’t be an ordeal, its an easily fixed problem… GRRRR….

  • braldt


  • Andersen

    This game makes me want to buy an Ouya. Wtf. Do you guys ship to Germany, or do I have to wait for a domestic release?

  • greggo901

    I cannot get out Amazing Frog without shutting down the system. Why?