“It’s just like when you make music – you need a good band name, and what genre you’re gonna be playing, and then you can start learning instruments.” Such is the Mad Hatter-like design processes of Redgrim and Grapefrukt, developers of the two-game local-multiplayer bundle available on OUYA now, MRS.DAD vs KÖRV. If you’re enjoying Towerflight, pick up this one, too, for only $4.99 — and you can play with multiple controllers, or share with one!

The developers smooshed together on their couch in Sweden for this PIXELxPIXEL interview, in which we talk about how game developers prepare for parties (hint: it’s not by getting food or drinks for everybody), how to start a turf war (none of us really know), and in a PIXELxPIXEL first, they publish their game LIVE during the interview!

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  • Timothy Flash

    Just ordered my Ouya, I was wondering when I would get an update with my tracking information.

  • Jonathan

    How about Ouya hold off on the whole PR thing and focus on taking care of the folks that purchased their Ouyas long before they were ever available in stores. Not only am I still waiting on my Ouya to actually arrive, I’m now almost at day 6 from submitting a ticket to Ouya Support and I’ve gotten nothing in terms of a response. Ouya Support’s twitter, the Ouya G+, even Facebook — all are filled with customers who are either still waiting on their Ouya, waiting on a response from Support (many are waiting for both). Every single one of us deserves to be treated like the kind of customers who would pre-purchase your console before you had a product on the shelves. Most companies would keep that in mind from the very beginning, and now, Ouya is more focused on the store shelves rather than the support tickets growing in number every day.

    Your priorities are mixed up and you all need to make this right, rather than offer posts on developers and “proper turf wars” like the post here.

    Does the comment belong here? No, it doesn’t. I’m sure the developers are good folks, but nothing else seems to ensure any attention on the part of Ouya. What else can ANY of us do?


  • Michael

    Oh where oh where can my Ouya be? Still waiting for my backer console. Meanwhile the folks who didn’t care enough to get involved can get one at the mall. UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fred

    How about delivering the hardware before bragging about the games? #Kickstarter

  • Mark

    I finally got mine, a little late, but i got it. This thing is pretty good. All it needs now is some of the bigger titles and apps such as Netflix, Hulu.

    • HitmanKB

      Did you get a tracking number? Did you know it was coming?

  • IceCarpediem

    I’ve still yet to get mine, tracking number still doesn’t work. No respond from ouya support. I’ve just asked for a refund.


  • Josh

    You guys did not deliver what was promised. You promised a completely hack able system and even the ram is soldered in. Also the 8 gigs you put in lasted a week before it ran out and I try to add an external hdd and it wouldn’t let me.

  • Mark

    I opened a tkt with a request to cancel, then two days later they gave me my tracking number. Three days after that it showed up. I still believe in the system.But i wish ouya would learn to treat their supporters better then they did. Its a shame.

  • Timothy B

    I ordered mine the first. If I do not receive a tracking number in a few days ill be requesting a refund on paypal

  • Timothy B

    Also I’ve commented multiple times and nothing is being posted… guess they don’t value our opinions.

  • phil

    forget the tracking numbers…. they are bullshit! mine shows the same status without changes ….. and it seems that my ouya arrived at the customs… so the tracking number is just a fake!


  • adam

    Is there anyway we can send u the console and pay u to put the tegra 4 chip in I really want ps2 emulation and gamecube. The ouya would be great and can u make a new controller ? Mines been messing up a lot.

  • Truman

    Finally got mine (without the 2nd controller) but it won’t let me enter my cc so Its essentially a brick connected to my tv.

    Thanks OUYA!

  • Jordan

    Finally got mine today, but I’m devastated… It won’t let me get past sign-in without giving a credit/debit card number, and I don’t have either. :(

    There’s an option that says “redeem code”, but I don’t how, or where, I’m supposed to get a redeem code. Can I enter the code from a Google Play Store card as a redeem code.

    Can somebody please help me! I’ve really been looking forward to finally playing on my Ouya!

  • http://www.OuyaOpenWorld.com James P

    Yeah.. or should I say “oh yeah!”

    I received my ouya a few days ago… my tracking number never worked.. and unfortunately still no sign of the extra controller I ordered with it.

    The power adapter stopped working same day but luckily I had a adapter that had same output and works ok.

    I have really enjoyed a number of the games I’ve tried and have happily purchased three titles so far..

    Also a friend is buying one after seeing mine…

    Overall, I’m glad I supported the console, even with the roller coaster rides we had waiting for delivery.

    I also tried the ps3 controller as I read online and worked very well..



  • Raptor78

    Finally the wait is over, my January Pre-Order arrived in the UK… all is forgiven… except when I opened the box I had been sent the wrong power supply and having to fork out extra money to collect the ouya from Royal Mail I dont really fancy forking out more money to send back the US power adaptor and request a UK one.

  • X51

    So, after originally pre-ordering back at the beginning of February, and not getting so much as a response to my service ticket, I finally gave up and tracked one down in stores. I paid full price for the console and an extra controller. I promptly headed home to give it a try, and to my surprise, find a box sitting on my porch. It was my pre-ordered Ouya. Now let me clarify that this was just the console, still no sign of my extra controller. I have to say, as a first build it isn’t terrible. I like the features and feel of the controller, the style of the console is sharp and minimalist. I have a couple of issues with the fact that there is no audio out, other than HDMI, as some of us use monitors instead of TVs, as well as the lack of a MicroSD slot for expanded memory. I get it, down the road make a 16gig option and an 8gig option so you can charge more, just doesn’t feel like the open source hackable machine we were all promised at the get go. Overall, I can’t complain with the product itself, just disappointed that it took the threat of a call to the BBB to finally get my console, and still no additional controller.

  • http://www.baby-gamez.com Baby Game

    Wow, from the sound of all these other replies, it sounds like somebody needs to get their act together. Indie games FTW! Indie gaming console? Maybe not so much…