This week Kellee sat down with Nicoll Hunt, creator of Fist of Awesome.

Nicoll tells us how he began developing the game, why OUYA intrigued him, and how he received his funding (another Kickstarter success story!). He also describes some of his influences while he enjoys one of his favorite pints — and believe it or not — there is a “Love Story” that brought Fist of Awesome to life.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the game, here’s the skinny:

FIST OF AWESOME is a time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up, a sorely underrepresented genre by anyone’s metric. It’s a modern homage to classics like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, but with more time travel and lumberjacks.

The hero, Tim Burr, is a forest dwelling tree feller who gets caught up in a needlessly complex interstellar plot to enslave Earth by populating history with homicidal wild animals  The game takes place over a number of time periods, features original 2D art and animation throughout, and is to my knowledge, the only game that lets you punch a full grown grizzly bear in the face.

To find more information about the game, please visit:

Follow Nicoll @nicollhunt

Also, if you haven’t already, take a look @ Nicoll’s video that he put together for us:

Enjoy OUYA’ns and have a solid weekend.


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  • Serianni

    Let’s play a cool game called SHIP THE OUYAS!
    It’s apparently really challenging. Many have tried and many have failed.

    • Hicsy

      You may have missed the point of backing hardware startups on Kickstarter…

      • Alucard

        Pre-orders were supposed to be shipped by the end of April which is actucally still on the OUYA website so no need to be ignorant buddy. It happens, if Serianni wants to be sarcastically mad so be it. What is your excuse?

        Also nice video Kellee but no one uses floating heads for interviews anymore unless its national geographic. I lost interest at the two minute mark. Have someone in film preferably or PR take care of the video and editing and don’t use Skype! Get us excited not anxious.

        Also hicsy, two of my cousins backed ouya in kick starter. 128 and 645. 128 has no updates on anything but 645 has his. I know ouya isn’t scamming people because I’ve seen it but something is amiss. Either we’re getting better ones since the recent backing or there has been a change in production since. Kick starter doesn’t guarantee you’ll have it any earlier so don’t give people false hope. I’ll probably buy one from GameStop before mine even reaches my doorstep but at this point who cares. Its $100 and worth it so I can just give one out as a gift. June is right around the corner, everyone please shut up about the damn shipping updates! If you’re that mad, pick one up in store when its out and grab a box of tissues while you’re at it. Everyone expects stuff for free or faster just because they complain. Not happening temper tantrum generation.

  • Dawoyston

    I just stumbled across the Ouya, completely by accident on the store in the UK. Pre-ordered one on the spot; what a fantastic idea! Keep up the good work folks!

  • travis augustine

    Is the ouya a emulator console in how can you play a emulator if yeah can t support roms that does nt make any sense!! I love playing my classics games!

  • Gamesboro

    Love A bit of fist, can’t wait for the full release! Is it going to have campaign co-op? I hope so!

  • James P

    Good to hear about the new games coming soon. Look forward to it.