So… we made a game console.

And by “we” I mean you. OUYA wouldn’t exist without you.

Just last summer, we shared an idea for a simple, beautiful, powerful game console that lets any developer publish a game for the TV. We were driven by our love for couch gaming. And when you (and the rest of our early supporters) rallied around us, you inspired us.

We got here together.

Today, we honor you. Today we start shipping our early backers their OUYAs. And at our unveiling event this evening, the first of you will get to see OUYA in the flesh (or, metal, as it were).

Thank you.

Thank you for your encouraging words, for your belief when doubters doubted, for your feedback and ideas, and for your trust. And, I have to personally thank the OUYA team for the sleepless nights and sacrifices they’ve made to make OUYA for you.

A couple things our team wants you to know when you get your OUYA:

  • When you first boot it up, you’ll experience our first update :) This will either be super fast (seconds) or allow you to get a drink (minutes) based on your connection speed. Eventually, we want to do these updates in the background…
  • You’ll need a credit/debit card to download games. All games are still free to try. Your card will only be charged if you buy content you love. We do want valid payment information for everyone. This is to ensure that game developers can get paid when you love their game.
  • OUYA supports up to four controllers (you can always get more at And, because we support Bluetooth, you can pair other devices as well.  We are testing now and will start publishing a list of devices soon.

This is only the beginning.  Today begins an exclusive preview period as we gear up to launch in June. We’ll continue to add features, refine the user interface, and keep building the software as we head toward our retail launch — now announced for June 4.

We hope that you, our founding backers, continue to shape OUYA as we prepare to launch to the masses. Your feedback, to date, has been incredibly helpful and as you know, we’ve acted on many of your ideas and suggestions. We want your feedback on these first units. You know how to find us — but we are also creating forums keep the convo going.  In fact, we are planning an “AMA” (ask me anything) on Reddit to get your ideas. We’ll do this in April (date still TBD), after you’ve had time to give OUYA a whirl.

Start checking your mailboxes daily as these units roll out over the next few weeks. You’ll get an email when your console ships out of our factory. Keep in mind, it’s a rolling shipment, and consoles will be arriving at houses every day for the next several weeks.

Once your OUYA arrives: get playing!

As of 7:59 p.m. PT, there are already 104 published games on OUYA (all still free to try), like Final Fantasy III and some new surprises we think you’ll love: Beast Boxing Turbo, Stalagflight, Knightmare Tower, and even one called Save the Puppies. There are already a few entertainment apps, too. You can watch the TV shows and movies you already own with XBMC and Flixster, or watch games streamed through TwitchTV.

And developers are releasing new games for OUYA everyday. Eight thousand developers have created developer accounts with us so far.

Our hope is to see these game developers express their most creative ambitions through OUYA. We can’t wait to see what they unleash on our TVs.

OUYA on…


P.S. In case you missed it, as part of making OUYA the most open game platform around, we just announced that we published all the diagrams you’ll need to 3D print an OUYA yourself! Thanks MakerBot (who has a sweet 3D printer, and runs the Thingiverse community site)!



The Head Honcho

  • Patrick Corrigan

    Are these being shipped by backer number or at random? If so I’m 50K something or other. :( Also, I ordered a second controller, will that have any influence on when mine ships? We were promised a DELIVERY date of today and it was not met and there was no communication via this site or kickstarter about it until today. There’s a group of us that are pretty upset. Hopefully we can get these soon, I know there will be bumps in the road with any thing. Hopefully shipping goes smooth and everyone gets theirs in a timely fashion.

  • DarkWaterSong

    Why no paypall? I never really like to give my credit card directly to anything. After all, what if it gets stolen? With paypall I can change my password, and create a new account. It is a LOT harder to do that will a credit card.


    Cant wait to receive mine.. :)

    Thank you so much lads..

  • Charles Hadeed

    June 4 is my birthday! thanks for this awesome birthday present, guys!

  • Chay

    Are orders being shipped out in backer order? If so is there anyway of finding out our backer numbers?

  • Ash

    Hip Hip Huzzah!
    Hip Hip Huzzah!
    Hip Hip Huzz-Ouya! :)

    So excited it’s finally here. Woohoo!

  • Jason Hammond

    so is there any chance of telling how many of these are shipped a day?

  • noctanvol

    hi, I’m concerned that a credit card is required to create an account on your store, this shouldn’t be.
    For example on google play or on itunes you can create an account without a credit card… this is too bad


  • Bugsquash

    AAAARGH!!!!! We just bought a new house and we are in the middle of moving. What if it doesn’t get sent in time ?????

    So excited, but so worried…

  • noctanvol

    Ouya moderator you are such a disapointment. keep going on and delete comments that you dislike…

    anyway is it possible to create an account WITHOUT a credit card ??

  • ian

    i think i speak for all backers when i say….WOOHOO!

  • Kenneth Christiansen

    When will you start shipping the pre-orders? I pre-ordered in August.


  • Bedroom2Boardroom

    Good luck Ouya. We have had our Ouya developer unit since last year which we have been working on. People who are getting their units now will not be dissapointed. Join us at if you have any game ideas or want to get togather and make some games.

    • abc

      I’m collecting great game ideas too. If you have any, please send.

  • Alex

    Hey There Julie,

    Will there be (any kind of) support for the gadget in Romania/Eastern Europe countries? Will we/I be able to access all the games, similar to iOS software?


  • Brian Roth

    Congratulations on hitting your milestone!!! Many successes!!


  • gfdsa

    When that itching feeling gets to the record levels

  • Artie Hopkins

    Hey guys! I just wanted to congratulate you guys on getting this done! So.. Congrats!! and I am so exited for this to come out It will take me a couple of paycheck to pre order (because i’m a student) But i’m going to! There is a lot of hype around here (Massachusetts) I hope its worth the wait! again Good job guys!!

  • Steven Pignataro

    When can we see the list of available games?

  • John

    Great job everyone!
    We knew you could do it.
    **drools looking at mail box**

  • Jeremy

    Awesome… I wasn’t early enough to back this on kickstarter, but I was early enough to pre-order before the store announcement and price increase. There hasn’t been an update for people in my situation… but I’m assuming mine will ship in April? I sure hope so!

  • John

    where my console at,

  • Solet

    How many weeks is several weeks?

  • Ariel

    I pre ordered the Ouya in early January, I’m from Argentina, has any estimated date to receive it?

  • Diego

    waiting …. I can’t wait much longer …

  • Sean Dunford

    It’s my Ouya and I want it now!


  • Matt

    How many OUYAs are shipped daily?

  • Adam

    I’m slightly irked, not because I may have to wait weeks, but because there has been a disgusting lack of communication with your kickstarter backers for the past month. Perhaps you can post which batch of backer numbers you ship on the daily?

  • Flux Morz

    I just pre-ordered with 1 extra controller, but I have to say its a worry to me that there is not already an active forum on this website as I think having that solid community outlet BEFORE launch is a pretty key ingredient in this kind of ‘for the fans, by the fans’ project. I also don’t understand why there’s no ‘games showcase’ and/or web storefront happening.

  • Dan

    Solet, obviously if they knew they wouldn’t use the word “several”. Have some patience.

  • Some guy

    Will there be a capture card or an ability to capture the screen in OUYA?

  • David Lodin

    Hello. I helped the foundation kickstarter early in the beginning. Placed my order and since i payed i havnt got any mail or a tracking number. I feel like i´m left behind and beeing forgotten.
    Any1 feel the same? Looking forward for the console!

  • Neil Cribbs

    Congratulations to the entire team as well as the developers that have worked hard since January. This product gives me hope for independents far beyond the realm of gaming. Can’t wait to receive mine in the upcoming weeks!

    Neilbo Baggins

  • bassrockers

    When start shippin international?

  • gobbli

    don´t think that you get an answer. Have written to support and ask for an CE-Sign for EU maket. Didn´t get an answer yet. Sorry, that isnt the support i want.

  • T3KN0GH057

    Why can’t payment information be put in on purchase, i don’t feel secure having my card info stored on ANY internet accessible server

  • T3KN0GH057

    besides i don’t use a credit card or debit card for any online purchases I buy gift cards (meaning there will be NO remaining balance for you to charge to on that card after a few purchases) I really think this credit card dependency should be fixed before retail launch. And if you go with a “OUYA gift card” model like Google/Xbox/PS3 have then for christ sakes don’t use a “point system” use a direct monetary value system… i know those point systems are made to confuse consumers of their actual spendings

    • AnaLisse

      PS3 has always used direct monetary value system. Just for your info. I do agree that it needs to be like that as well.

    • DukeTop

      If you go on the Visa gift card website and register the card to your address, you can use them for verification just like a credit card. (it will even work for the $1 verification fees for some websites…) Some pre-paid Visa gift cards can also be reloaded, this allows you to have a directly controlled cash limit on a card, with the info saved to your account.

    • Waldo

      Come on, get real, the devs need to make money, and have to be paid somehow. Credit cards is where it is at. This is the 21st century cash is old hat. You get free access and play, how did you expect to pay for things you like, in fact, how did you pay for the system.

      Don’t like this, sell the system to someone who gets it. While an OUYA gift card system may be something to look in to in the future, there is no real reason a small company like this should waste money on that infrastructure now, they cost a lot to administer and track. If you really fear providing your credit card information, i first wonder how you buy anything today, as cash has become an issue online, and then i wonder why people are so paranoid, especially with antifraud and getting credited for fraudulent payments being an advantage of using credit cards online.

      It may be an issue for kids who can not get a real credit card, but then they probably should not be using one, at least until they can pay their own bill…

    • lelouis

      Wondering the same thing.

    • anon_replier

      One of the benefits of using a point system though is that it makes currency conversion simpler.
      It’s easier to display that it costs x points, then it is to deal with your complaints that the price keeps changing.

    • Matt

      some time in april

    • Zaf9670

      You do know they make refillable Debit/Visa cards that you can get at retailers. You either pay for the card up front or pay to load it and then use it for situations like these if you’re really that paranoid…

  • will turrentine

    You may be able to use a generated one time paypal cc number maybe?

    I had a question about shipping as I have received no info like shipped or tracking I am concerned that some info is needed. Where can I verify this?

  • jormavio

    What will you do with our card numbers?
    How will you keep them safe?
    We will feel more confident if we could use paypal, even paying the paypal fee.

    Now you must have a credit card to play Ouya. It’s not fait saying it with the shipping post.

    You should have said it in Kickstarter. (“Your credit card number is required”)

  • vernon wheeler

    Is the ouya going to be sold at game stop

  • isparg

    same thing here, credit/debit card info should be entered only on purchase.

  • Mike

    I thought it was march 28 ( for backers ) and april 1 ( if pre ordered on )

  • bitluni

    You diddn’t give any statement about the early pre-orders until Feb the 4th. Since the backers shipping will go on until late of April, I assume any early pre-order shipping won’t take place until May especially to Europe where I am from as stated in the FAQ. Since I’m a developer and I wasn’t lucky to take notice about Ouya until late of December where I placed my order, I’m am really depended on realistic dates to schedule my development and testing on the actual device. I would be happy if I could get any chance to place a game before retail release date. You know “the early bird…” and stuff.
    Please be honest and give some realistic facts about those pre-orders for better planning certainty. The people will appreciate it

  • Mr_Me

    I can´t wait! Here´s a supporter from Spain. I´m really looking forward to receive it.

    I´m really proud that we finally made it! : )

  • we433

    when will offensive combat and onlive come to ouya?????????????

  • Potentia

    Any info on shiping to Europe? I just found out about Ouya and I would be very keen on buying one :-). While 100 bucks is quite all right, I would pay around the same price to get it from US to EU, plus taxes and VAT (which we pay so that we wouldn’t buy things outside of EU). Cmooon, ship it to EU…

  • sbiky

    If I had known Ouya would need a credit card to run (like itunes), probably I had not supported it.

    It is a big mistake, you deserve a round of applause (irony).

  • CadmiumRED

    How soon will we receive a notification that our console has been shipped? The blog entry doesn’t give any kind of clear indication on that.

    It would’ve been much more convenient to have had a purchase notification at the time of pre-order to have some kind of record on hand, and I agree with T3KN0GH057 on the matter about purchase information.

  • Remco

    When will it ship for those who have pre-ordered the device as soon as it was possible on the website instead of kickstarter? these would ship before the 4th of june right?

    • Anon.

      whats URL for??

    • Seymour

      I pre-ordered in January and was wondering if these will be shipping before or after 4th June

    • lelouis

      That’s what I want to know too.

  • Abood

    I Love It …. it’s affordable and cute ….and the best part it has an android as OS ^__^

  • billy

    I pre-ordered mine on the website and it said it’ll be coming April. Will I get an email with a tracking number when it ships?

  • thebomb

    so if you don’t have a credit/debit card, you can’t download any games, nor download free apps? if that is the case i won’t be buying a ouya.

  • PaleFlyer

    I got a kickstarter exclusive, and am wondering when it will ship… i know ya’ll have a lot to make, and those are a bit odd, as they have different finish/what not, but… we did pay the extra to get the special edition… wondering if i should have stuck with the normal one i had selected originally 8 hours after launch, just before you broke funding ( i think… i KNOW it was 8 hours.)

  • Marc

    Dear OUYA Team, Julie,

    I’d like to second the question on shipping date for pre-purchase.
    Suggestion: As you probably can’t estimate that right now, just announce when all the Kickstarter-pre-purchase OUYAs have shipped and shipping on pre-purchase has begun.

    Also you are in dire need to comment on the credit card requirement. See the Kickstarter comments. Don’t underestimate the shitstorm if you “screw” your early adaptors.
    Myself I have no problem storing that (i.e. if it was optional I’d still do it) but a control has to be in place for actual purchaes like a PIN/parental control etc.
    It will be a shared/family device.


  • Mark Unruh

    Someone online told me about this and they say this works Xbox/PS3 and all future games. Is this True ? Can someone let me know what games this works

  • Josh Burkhead

    So far approximately 250 consoles have been shipped, according to users on This number was determined by the highest kickstarter backer number that has a confirmed shipment via email.

    Perhaps there is an email issue. Perhaps it’s a supply issue. Regardless, this is a huge communication issue on OUYA’s part. Publish a new blog detailing the shipment process, how many have been confirmed thus far, anything! Just communicate with those who were and still are passionate enough to fund you with over 8 million dollars, and believe in you!

    Don’t we deserve communication and transparency? For the world’s first “open” console, communication has been anything but.

  • bborncr

    I understood that the preorders were going to ship in April and the retail ship was in June. Wikipedia also mentions the four different ship dates: Developer, Kickstarter, Pre-Order and Retail.

  • Concordion2k

    Looking forward to picking one of these up in June!

    Your team has created something very accessible to the educational realm as well – this could be a super charger to get kids who are passionate about gaming to learn how to code, especially if you can get into schools (which should be ridiculously easy with a $99 entry price).

  • Volte6

    How many are being shipped per day? It seems this question is being asked everywhere but the Ouya team has blacked out any responses to it. Even the fake twitter account that addressed the question was shut down by Ouya, so the question has reached Ouya eyes/ears… can we get an answer from the Ouya team? This is important for us, as it seems that even the low number backers haven’t received any notifications of shipments.

  • Autobott

    A bit disappointed that “March 28th Shipping date” I read everywhere turned into “We will begin shipping on the 28th – Expect an email in the next few weeks!”

  • J

    This credit/debit card thing stinks I dont have a credit/debit card and don’t ever plan on getting one how do I go about getting a ouya refund?

  • http://WHUT? Anon.

    Why don’t the Ouya staff create an Ouya trans account.
    Just for purchase and ETC.

  • Fillipe

    when sent to Brazil by who did the pre-order by so ended the kickstarter?

  • BlackSunOfDeath

    Agreed! How many weeks are there in a “several weeks” sentence?

  • Honyme

    Remco +1

  • Noroc

    I thing this post is an early April Fool’s Day joke. They’ve shipped what, 4 or 5 consoles so far. Big letdown Ouya. Way to treat the people who FUNDED YOUR DREAM……such a letdown…

  • Junior

    How about if you put some news about the shipping of the Ouya Console to the backers!!!

  • Adam M.

    Come on, don’t be disingenuous. It doesn’t make sense to say “You’ll need a credit/debit card to download games … to ensure that game developers can get paid when you love their game.” There’s no reason that you wouldn’t be able to ask for payment information at the time somebody decided to make a purchase.

    Trying a game for free should not require a credit card. That’s a dealbreaker for me…

  • Solet

    T3KN0GH057: troll your rambling paranoid nonsence elsewhere…

    • strider_mt2k


      • dr memals

        funny, “T3KN0GH057″ made a perfectly reasoned, sensible case for something that WILL affect many users.
        The Points system has written up many times as being a ‘trick’ encouraging users to leave a balance (its only Points) that they would never have abandoned if it was shown as currency.
        But what currency ?

      • Ramo

        Rambling troll nonsense… because companies never have credit card information leaked by hackers ever at all, right? I agree with gibberish name. Having to permanently store credit card details could be a deal breaker for me.

      • Dude

        Sure, screw the customer. It’s not like I am going to buy an OUYA all the time.
        Also you don’t seem to care much about privacy, so you probably do not care that everyone knows you are from Atco, New Jersey, born August 18, 1966. Now everyone can just go and look for a car with the license plate “SWT 51P” and knock on your door. Oh well, why care about rambling paranoid nonsence.

    • Dazz

      Absolutely this.

  • Reddit

    Some explanation into the shipping details would be greatly appreciated, no matter how minor the company views this as, right now.

  • Evanis

    Hey there! I’ve moved. How do I update and confirm where my Ouya will be sent?

  • Adam Miller

    So your web team had time to censor my comment (for expressing distaste in the lack of communication recently with Kickstarter Backers which made this project happen with their money) [the comment contained no offensive language], but not answer my email. So much for an open gaming platform, starting to regret my Kickstarter donation.

  • Joel Reed

    I am excited to see what the OUYA will deliver when it is all said and done, but I am especially excited to see the kind of games that are released in the near future! However, I do hope that the developers of OUYA will allow each use to keep each game that is purchased, and not just keep it on a ‘cloud’ based server. (A physical download is always best!)

  • MindParadox

    @ Solet “T3KN0GH057: troll your rambling paranoid nonsence elsewhere…”

    Yeah, cause people losing their credit card information NEVER happens in the gaming world *cough* Sony nearly cost me 4 grand when they lost my credit card info along with THOUSANDS of other people and then didn’t say anything to anyone for nearly a month *cough*

  • The Doctor

    I still have not received any mail about my username being reserved. Reading comments from other backers leads me to believe I should have received it.

    I’d also like to express my concerns about the creditcard thing. If I try something ‘for free’, why would anyone need my creditcard. Once I decide to buy something, you can have the creditcard data, but there’s absolutely no reason to ask for my data before I decide to buy something.

    Will there be some form of protection against accidentally buying things? I want to be sure my kid can play on OUYA without chanrging my creditcard. And if my girlfriend wants to buy a game, she should be able to enter her creditcard data on THAT sale, and I should be able to buy my own games with MY creditcard.

    And that’s not even mentioning the fact that in Europe, many people don’t even HAVE a creditcard, because we don’t want to end up like Americans with a big debt. Over here, debitcards are the norm, and in The Netherlands a secure payment platform called iDeal was established to pay with your bank account. Supporting that for payment on the spot (not before the sale) would be a good option.

  • The Doctor

    By the way, your contact form is not working…

  • MrBill

    I pre-ordered in August – should I expect my OUYA before I see it in the stores?

  • Moomin

    Not much point in having blog comments if you never respond to them.

    A question on the off-chance:

    Can I import a USA Ouya to the UK – will there be region locking?


  • Theuntje

    I backed you guys on Kickstarter with an limited edition OUYA. But still haven’t got any information about shipping and you prommissed to ship in March!

  • Amos

    I’m a kickstarter backer and am *shocked* that OUYA would require a credit/debit card from “the man” in order to download anything. What about all the free apps and trials? What happened to the idea of getting rid of the barriers and providing a platform for developers to reach as many people as possible? Why can’t I hand a kid an OUYA and have it work for them without them having to obtain approval and credit information from their parents? What about everyone who can’t obtain a card or kids whose parents can’t for whatever reason. I’m really surprised at this and I hope you will reconsider. It’s easy to forget that huge numbers of people don’t have the same access to credit/debit around the world when you are sitting in privilledge, but I thought OUYA was aware and different on purpose.

  • Fillipe

    Caracas nenhum comentário meu é postado…

    • Fillipe

      comments made after mine have already been posted???

      where this moderation???

  • erik

    It’s a pity about the credit card move.
    Creditcards will spoil the “‘free”” idea.

  • DehiXeM

    Hey there,
    I haven’t found any info about international shipping. I live in France, is there any way to grab an Ouya without being in America ?
    Cheers =)

  • Mikeylikesit

    Hi I was wondering if you heard the reviews on the controller issues. I hope those problems can be worked out before I purchase one on June 4.

  • Stephen

    I am a backer that got the limited edition brown brushed metal Ouya. I still haven’t received any shipping info & I’m supposed to be getting it like every other backer. I’m just wondering what’s happening & I am very anxious to get my hands on it!

    Thank you!

  • http://denniscaine chris

    I do not want the ouya to come out no more because ps3 technical with Samsung and Comcast xfinity support recommends hdmi cables because you get 1080i and 720 p and a better resolution and we better not see these online anymore because the rumors have better learn hdtvs some of them have 2 hdmi inputs like for the new Wii u and ps3

  • cecemf

    Would like to see some videos or screenshoot of the multimedia capabilities of OUYA like XMBC… does it supports 3D movies ? Does it play any movie format (MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV ….) ? is it DNLA certified ? ….

  • Patrick Corrigan

    Still waiting for my ouya to be “shippin” it seems as though only about 250 of these were sent out to high profile people for reviews.

  • Patrick Corrigan

    03/29/2013 at 3:42 am ::still awaiting moderation so I figured I’d reply again::
    Are these being shipped by backer number or at random? If so I’m 50K something or other. :( Also, I ordered a second controller, will that have any influence on when mine ships? We were promised a DELIVERY date of today and it was not met and there was no communication via this site or kickstarter about it until today. There’s a group of us that are pretty upset. Hopefully we can get these soon, I know there will be bumps in the road with any thing. Hopefully shipping goes smooth and everyone gets theirs in a timely fashion.

  • Russell

    I’d love to play it. I just wish I had any idea how many had shipped, how long mine might take, whatever. Pretty much anything at this point would be good. As far as I know, you’ve shipped about half a dozen units, and handed a bunch out at your launch party.

  • Volte6

    Hi, this is the second post… the first one was deleted by moderators apparently. I’m very friendly, so please do not delete this out of any form of misunderstanding.

    I’m looking to get some clarity around how many units have shipped, and what the current schedule is looking like. So far the only answers the community has received is “some units have shipped” and “we are working on it”, which as you can imagine, doesn’t tell us a whole lot or give much comfort.

    Can we please get some clarity on this? I’ve seen several communities discussing this issue and now we are a week into the launch date with increasing trepidation.

    Thank you.

  • Rougefeuille

    T3KN0GH057, perhaps look into a special “throw away” debit card, or even have a separate debit card just for paying on the internet. But anyway it’s not really that big a problem to pay on a few reputable websites. Just don’t give your card numbers to porn sites or to Electronic Arts (lol)

  • Danny

    The requirement for credit card information is really bad. This console can be very successful with teenagers that don’t have credit cards.

  • Luis

    Hola, probablemente me diran que no entienden nada de lo que escribo, pero me gustaria saber, si compro la consola OUYA, en cuanto tiempo demoraria en tenerla, soy de Chile?

  • Zeth

    Just get a reloadable pre-paid credit card, problem solved.

  • Shawn

    1) how did u preorder it without putting out your info

    2) has anyone gotten an email

  • miguel aviles

    i am pre order on frebruary 10 2013 and I need to know When will it ship for those who have pre-ordered the device as February 2013 thank you

  • olivier

    i don’t like the controllers…
    If you could use the PS3 controller, that would be sweet ^^

  • Karthik

    Hey Guys,

    I had ordered one in January – I was charged but the fulfilment didn’t go through. I’ve been trying to reach out to Ouya (and Support) but with no response whatsoever. I really hope someone gets to my case and ships me the Console.


  • donkeyhigh

    Hi, I’m also wondering about international shipments to us who pre-ordered? :-) I really can’t wait to get my hands on an Ouya :-)

  • Ron

    Any chance we can get some idea of the shipping progress? Have you shipped 10% of the units out? 50%?

    Just be good to know what the “burn rate” is on boxes going out now that there’s been a week’s worth of shipments.


    • Ron

      Just got the Kickstarter update. Thanks!

  • alex

    Cool, i dont have a credit or debit card does that mean i can never play on the ouya? … back please.

  • CadmiumRED

    Does this mean that if we pre-ordered the console on this website, say around October 2012, does that mean we still have to wait until June before we receive the console in the mail? If so, then I’m not happy.

  • papercoffee

    ‘want to ask if the payment for the games can be additional made over paypal …or with prepaid cards?

    And I don’t like the battery system of the gamepad …is there no way to implement an USB cable into the device to charge a built-in rechargeable battery?

  • pockpock

    Will there also be diagrams for printing custom controllers? That would be nice!

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Im still waiting for mine almost a month f’rom promise date (march). no nothing just a beautiful graphic and probably shipped when launch time arrives. cool for a backer (ginnea pig).

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    i’m still waiting for mine almost more than a month from promised date (march). no nothing every friday just a beautiful graphic 80% shipped by may 20 and waiting for mine and probably shipped when launch time arrives. cool for a backer (being fooled).

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    i’m still waiting for mine almost close to 2 month before the promised date (march). no nothing every friday just a beautiful graphic 100% shipped by may 27 and waiting for mine and probably shipped when launch time arrives. No nothing even no more post after me cool for a backer (feeling being fooled).

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Holy molly 2 month on the row a nada nothing , getting closer to the launch date very disappointing .

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Today June 1 2013 , where is my OUYA 100% percent shipped and nothing nada yet , wow false promises . getting closer to the launch date and I’m not happy now.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Uhps! June 03 2013 still waiting no email . no nothing nada feel already like a backer fool.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Uhps! June 04 2013 still waiting no email . no nothing nada feel already like a backer fool. May DHL deliver to the Moon already. Maybe I’m the only one no mres replies after me.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Uhps! again June 05 2013 still waiting no email . no nothing nada feel already like a backer fool. May DHL deliver to the Moon already. Maybe I’m the only one no mores replies after me.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Uhps! again June 06 2013 still waiting no email . no nothing nada feel already like a backer fool. May DHL deliver to the Moon already. Maybe I’m the only one no mores replies after me.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    18 days to launch cool I’m still no have my OUYA , I was an early backer after that early backer for special ed. version. And nothing yet nada feel like fool.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Holly Molly today June 10 2013 another week on the road , just getting mad every day no Ouya nada nothing. But for my surprise check out at E-Bay a lot of people selling it practically at the same backer price wow how they got it first then me .

    • Edgardo Del Valle

      Hey check up all my post , just take a look at E-Bay maybe you can buy it cheaper and with PayPal warranties.

  • WHY!?

    Why is it mandatory for us to input our debit or credit card? It’s not that I have a huge problem with it, I’m just a bit concerned about the security and also just WHY! I can’t think of a reason, if someone could fill me in it would be much appreciated.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Getting closer to launch day cool I’m still have no OUYA , I was an early backer after that early backer for special ed. version. And nothing yet nada feel like fool. What a kind of appreciation

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Uhf! missed few days of posting June 15 2013 , for sure Ouya people don’t care the blog no reply no response ,?I’m not sure if I’m the only one fool , just recently find out on E_Bay a lot of OUYA’s for sale some used , some new in box some selling for less . I just can tell early backer then upgrade for special ed. before January , getting closer to the launch date I’m still no OUYA nothing , nada this is already unacceptable. Julie is not a good start for kickstarter promises this is my case.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Cool another day closer to launch day(June 25), still waiting for my OUYA no one cares on this blog . Julie you read the blog ?

    • Tim

      Hey Edgardo, I’ll use the email I have from this account and see if we can get you an update ASAP — if you used a different email for your Kickstarter order, please hit us at and the team will assist you. Please bear with us as we’re doing everything we can to get units out the door ASAP — thanks for your support!

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Sorry to post again today Father’s wow OUYA not yet missing the surprise .

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Another day (June 17,2013) closer to launch , MobileGeeks got theirs and rewed already but what happened to backers , I’m still not received mine nothing nada yet. Hey Julie take a look to all my post (almost a month posting without any reply ) , I will be posting daily until I got mine .

  • James

    I just received an email that my OUYA and extra controller has been shipped. ETA is between 20 June and 10 July. I was one of the first backers and bought an extra controller. Now I read they will be available in retail stores on 25 June…? I’m not a happy bunny. What thanks do early backers get…

    • Tim

      James, apologies for your frustration and wish EVERY backer could have their OUYAs already at home and fired up at this point. We are doing everything we can to get early-backer orders out ASAP and appreciate your support and patience as we do so.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    My last post June 18 2013 to this concern , today I got the refund they fail to deliver to me, so disappointed I was an early backer since they came out at kickstarter and feel proud to be a backer but someone fail to me as a backer my wait for it was enough, understood the setbacks but wow to far in my case . Julie read this for the future, trust in you.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Hey for those who got the same problem as me (for reference read previous post here for the whole picture of this), with the refund bid on E-Bay same special edition new in box sealed an OUYA just for $103.51 with free shipping so still have $26.49 for beers hopes arrives before the launch date . OUYA shame for you fail me as a backer . Hope Julie read this some day if she really cares.

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Well on Launch Day I received My OUYA but not from here (request a refund so decide to buy one found a new one special ed. sealed for $103.61 ) cool Ah! at E-Bay . So I was one on a list as fooled Backers who trust on a dream for another one. Cool the red flag “”THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING”” know already what to do with it tomorrow morning before flush.

  • dinho23

    Hi guys, I really want to buy this console….. Will it ever be possible to buy it from one of my country(Romania) stores ? I’ve thinked about importing it, but because of the taxes it would double the price, and is not that good + the transport would take over a month.

  • Eli Lindsey

    Hello to all Ouya backers that have not received their systems… I received my Ouya yesterday via the United States Postal Service. I received no email stating my system was on the way. My assumption is that they are shipping without the help of DHL. This is probably only true for U.S. backers and they may still use DHL for international shipping.

    To Ouya… I actually like the potential of the system. However, you provided such poor customer service to me and all of the other backers that are in limbo waiting on their system. I understand that this is a start up, but ignoring requests for updates is not the appropriate way to do business. It is highly inappropriate for the system to have been released prior to the backers receiving their systems.

    So at the very least, update your supporters and confirm if they should expect to receive their systems in the mail or through DHL. You should probably post it on the main site regarding shipping to backers since you fail to respond to emailed requests and support requests.

  • Timothy Flash

    Just ordered my Ouya, I was wondering how long it would be until I got updates for the shipping..

  • Yegor

    You should begin to sell it in Europe including Russia before chinese begin to make their own copies. I can pay any money for the gadget that makes me full of curiousity

  • Shenzakai

    I’m still waiting for my metal brushed KS edition OUYA + 2nd controller :(
    Just read through the blog, the games list as well as upcoming games and I can’t stand any longer – I WANT THIS THING!

  • ouya accounting

    Hi Guys,

    I stole ur moneys and transferred it to my offshore account.

    lol, kthxbai

  • abc

    99GBP in Europe, while XBox360 is available from 50GBP (preowned, sometimes on warranty). Even if you only want to play free or 1$ games, Xbox still kicks ass.

  • sameerr allii

    Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post. Photo Playing Cards

  • KapetanioNikoli .

    Hi I would like to pre order 4 16gb limited editions, Why isn’t Ouya doing international shipping themselves anymore? This cant be very smart for business and very frustrating for your international customers, how is ouya expected to grow in popularity by making it harder to buy outside the US? Sure those who know enough will make extra effort to find someone who will ship to their country however this doesent fair well with limited editions / pre orders, considering there are many people who would like to pre order, I myself will be ordering 4 Ouya consoles for shipment to Australia, unfortunately your Partners do not take pre orders for limited editions. Should I really be taking my business elsewhere, Mad Catz Mojo maybe? Please tell me how I can Pre-Order for shipment to Australia, or risk loosing me and others as customers, this will inevitably be the cause of Ouya’s demise if the company does not treat its International customers with the same level of care as US customers. I personally am a fan, but am frustrated that your Australian & International fans can not pre-order.

    • Tobin Richard

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. There’s no option for getting one in Australia that doesn’t add an enormous premium to the price. You know something is serious whacky when the eBay sellers charging 60% over RRP are doing the best deals.

      I can’t say it’s a huge surprise though. We should all be pretty used to U.S. companies treating international customers like dirt by now.

  • Antonio Codrea

    Will this every be available in Romania?I really want one.I thought about getting one from the UK nut getting one here would be easier.