The games from our amazing community of developers get written about all the time, so we created this blog with links to the latest and greatest reviews, interviews and stories about these talented folks.

Happy Chinese New Year! Get Your Game to China.

We’re forging ahead to China, blazing a path through the game-publishing wilderness and setting up a pipeline to publish your game on Xiaomi and Alibaba partner devices.

We’ve set up great relationships with Xiaomi — “the Apple of China” with 5+ million connected TV devices in 2014 — and, more recently, Alibaba – “China’s biggest online commerce company.

What’s more, we have a better rev share to offer you than if you went alone.

Unlike U.S. revenue deals you’re familiar with (where Developers take 70% of the revenue), Chinese platform fees vary greatly. It is our goal to provide you the same, if not better terms than if you went direct. In the case of Xiaomi, working with OUYA will net you a 5% better return than if you went direct. Every little bit helps. We break it down a bit more here.

We will also assist you with the submission, translation and government-certification processes to bring your game to market (BONUS!).

This is huge and we want you to be a part of it. The China game market is exploding, and not just on mobile. Until recently, console gaming was illegal in China. It’s a “gold rush” of pent up demand to play games on the TV. Some numbers to make your eyes bug out:

  • An estimated 266 million Chinese gamers play at least 2 hours per month

  • China’s online game operators made $13.5 billion in 2013

  • 649 million Chinese are now connected to the internet

The first device we’re targeting is the Xiaomi Mi Enhanced! We’ll have a special feature tray in the Mi Enhanced storefront, where we will feature awesome OUYA games. Check out some of the early mockups we’ve been working on:


The specs are similar to OUYA (Cortex-A9, Quad-Core 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM), and we’re making the technical-implementation process as simple as possible.

Here are a few steps to help you along the way:

  1. Get your game OUYA EVERYWHERE compliant. Recall that OUYA Everywhere is our simplified, engine-specific way of getting your game to audiences all over the world. This should only take a few hours to a half day, if you need help, ask!
  2. Localize your game. This means supporting alternate languages. In the case of Chinese gamers, you’ll want to translate to Simplified Chinese (let us know if you need help with this). Check out this GDC 2014 talk on the benefits of localization.
  3. Reach out to OUYA about taking your game to China. Show us your game!

These last few weeks, we’ve worked closely with a handful of devs to get the first wave of games up and running on Xiaomi devices. They’ve been exceedingly patient and supportive, and they continue to help us smooth out the bumps to make things easier for devs to follow. It’s safe to say, this incredible opportunity wouldn’t be available without their efforts, so we’d like to send them a special, “thanks!” They know who they are. ;)

“The Jackbox Party Pack is a must-buy for anyone”

jackbox_350_197“The Jackbox Party Pack is a must-buy for anyone who has a large group of friends and a silly sense of humor. Nearly every game here requires the use of a second screen, so be sure to have your phones charged and/or a couple of laptops running in order to properly play the game. While the use of another device seems odd at first, the games are all well optimized for a variety of devices and that’s impressive. ” Read the review from Hardcore Gamer here.

Joe Danger: Making Its Way To OUYA

joe_danger_350_197Are you ready for 80 levels across 10 challenging tours with Joe Danger? Well get ready for the exciting release coming soon to OUYA! Check out all of the details here.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Comes to OUYA

oddworld_350_197Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath on OUYA is recommended for those yet to play it.  “The experience is still one that any gamer should undertake if they love a unique concept and Western movie-style storytelling and characterization”. You can read the full review from Hardcore Gamer here.


shout_Gamercamp-logo-big-w-shadow copyFrom submissions across the globe, the Official Selections represent some of the most interesting, innovative, and fun games in the industry – many showing in Canada for the first time. Gamercamp honored two OUYA games, Knight and Damsel & Toto Temple Deluxe by including them on this prestigious list. Learn more about Gamercamp and the games here.

6 OUYA Games Named Official IndieCade Selections

indie_350x197The list of Official Selections for this year’s 2014 IndieCade have been announced, and six OUYA games were included! Congratulations to iO, Knight and Damsel, Groin Gravitators, Thralled, Toto Temple Deluxe and Sentris for this accomplishment. Learn more about the IndieCade festival and the Official Selections here.


somanyme“One of Yahoo! Tech’s Top Ten Family Friendly Games of E3, this highly anticipated puzzler lets players take control of a host of colorful clones to solve puzzles, defeat sinisterly adorable enemies, and save a world threatened by an ancient evil.”

Read the full article on Gamasutra here.


Sandbox-2“Get The Sandbox for OUYA! Get the trial, buy the game do anything you can to make this thing happen because it is just that awesome! Also clear your schedule because you may not be sleeping anytime soon.”

Read the full article on Ouya Brew here.


romRead Only Memories looks to be a good throwback adventure game that applies a decidedly modern outlook to its 90s-style cyberpunk setting. The game is filled with personality and an appreciation for all the things that make San Francisco one of the world’s most interesting cities.”

Read the full article on Hardcore Gamer here.


whisperingWhispering Willows “is a quality adventure title with excellent writing and a great art style. It’s moody atmosphere and ambient soundtrack made exploring the Willows estate thoroughly enjoyable, and I couldn’t have asked for more in an adventure game.”

Read the full article on What’s Your Tag? here.


Duck_Game_shout_outLandon Podbielski’s DUCK GAME  “is an absolute must-have for OUYA owners. It combines the frantic nature of Towerfall‘s gameplay with a far superior weapon selection. There’s also more variety in the maps and that means the experience is more replayable. On a system created for couch gaming, DUCK GAME fits in perfectly.”

Read the full article on Hardcore Gamer here.

Magnetic By Nature, Coming Exclusively to OUYA

magnetic by nature screen-shot-double-back-1400x720Magnetic By Nature explores platforming without platforms and is an engrossing single-player experience that platformer fans will love. (Even without the platforms)

Read the full article on here

SpaceCat HD and OUYA

space cat ouya_iconWho doesn’t want more games about cats? Check out about SpaceCat HD’s journey to OUYA straight from the developer’s mouth.

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Next Gen Consoles Too Expensive for Some People

thralled 9368698Thralled developer, Miguel Oliveira, shares some pretty interesting insights with GamingBolt about next gen platforms.

Read the full article on here


The Making of Toto Temple Deluxe: Platforming

toto temple makingof_011Learn about the development process of the first local multiplayer / arena game for OUYA from the Juicy Beast folks up in Canada, creators of one our favs –  Knightmare Tower.

Read the full article on here

That Dragon, Cancer disrupting the status quo

dragon cancerRyan Green, developer of the Ouya exclusive That Dragon, Cancer, shares his thoughts on the gaming industry – “we’ve become an industry that will as quickly elevate someone for disrupting the status quo as we’ll fight over the scraps of what’s left of them when the mob is through.”

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I’m Gaz from Fayju and I choose to be on OUYA

amazing frogGaz Bushnell of Fayju says “What they are doing is Amazing, it blows my mind to think about it. I really believe developers should be supporting and trusting OUYA, as they march on, against the odds, into a world of business and bullshit so that we can have the freedom to make the games we want to play.”

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A colonial-era Brazilian slave story for the Ouya

thralled 2 Talk about a different kind of game – Thralled is a side-scrolling “interactive experience” is about a runaway slave set in 18th century Brazil. Telling the story of Isaura, a slave who escapes from a sugarcane plantation in search of her missing child.  Releasing exclusively on the OUYA this fall.

Read the full article on here