We’re boiling over with excitement for this one.

We probably would have exploded with joy already if we weren’t already “beta testing” the OUYA exclusive, TowerFall by Matt Makes Games.

Luckily, we have privileged access here at OUYA HQ and very soon (if not now, depending on when you’re reading this) you and the rest of the world will experience–and no doubt enjoy–what many are calling one of OUYA’s “Killer Apps.”

TowerFall is both simple and robust. It’s a breeze to pick up, and a bear to master. Pick one of four fantastical characters with special traits that will charm and surprise you.

Invite your friends over to play, and watch as things gets real crazy real fast — in a good way. :)

Master the zen of archery, and learn to execute a well-timed dodge. Pick up some bramble arrows to get prickly, or snag a couple bomb arrows and blow some shit up — all while your BFF glares at you with that familiar look of disgust you haven’t seen in years.

Ah, bonding. Remember when games brought friends together in real space and time? Pepperidge Farm remembers. And so does OUYA. And Matt Thorson.

Watch a vid of the action:

We’re happy to proclaim that TowerFall is perfect for couch gaming. So phone up those friends I mentioned, and throw an OUYA unboxing party. Just make sure you get to bed at a decent hour because some of you still have final exams tomorrow.

Until next time, Internet.




OUYA Games Guy


P.S. As an added bonus, TowerFall is immensely entertaining in “Training” mode. Give it a go, and try to beat Matt’s insanely low time records.




The Games Guy

  • Dale Carey

    Why is it that I will be able to buy one from Best Buy or Amazon before I get my tracking number for my pre-order? what is the point of Pre-Ordering it and paying for it months ago, when I will get mine after everyone else??

  • Edgardo Del Valle

    Cool T day 1 , a lot of bakers don’t have received yet their consoles , incredible the people who trust in a project left behind , Is incredible a lot OUYAS selling already at E-bay and bakers don’t have them a shame for you a lot people trust in your project at least all of them like me (got to request a refund) deserve a real good explanation on this in my case understand the set back but this is far than that just. Just remember the sameway go up is hard when came down. Julie you fail to a lot of baker’s

    • Patrick

      I wish I could understand your grammar, but really you should try to understand their predicament. They had problems with the controllers and the consoles and had to get them fixed before they got shipped to stores. Having the stores get the right amount is most important for their success. They tried getting the backers their consoles, and thus, the backers were getting them slowly but surely. Individually shipping the consoles to each backer takes a lot longer than sending a bulk to a store.

      • FFSamurai05

        Still, his comments do speak to some problems with the people behind the console. I’ve heard tales of how developers have been mistreated and they seem comparable to the treatment some backers have gotten.

        I speak as a man who has gotten his console and extra controller and generally has had a positive experience with it and its games (particularly Polarity, RED Deep Dungeons of Doom, and EVAC. Everyone getting the Ouya tomorrow should buy these games immediately after setting up their console). The console does have a lot going for it and I do truly hope that it does prosper as I feel that the industry really does need the kind of jolt in innovation that this console has the potential to deliver. However right now it just has too many issues with its infrastructure, too much missing from its interface, and too few must have games in its library to stand a chance past six to nine months.

        I’m also a man who has no plans on buying any of the other next gen consoles (they, frankly, bore me) when I say that, right now, Sony probably will pose the greatest threat to the Ouya’s future. I’ve seen all of the big three’s recent E3 press conferences (yes, I know Nintendo Direct technically isn’t a press conference but, as it provides the same information, differentiating is more a matter of semantics than anything more substantial.) Their small list of big name indie titles, including a game by the guys who did Bastion no less, could pose a serious threat come Christmas time to future unit sales and the plans Sony has for future indie support look like it’ll have the same “support the developers” philosophy as the Ouya employs. As they have a heck of a lot more money, employees, and reach to back such a philosophy than the Ouya has it seems that the best option Julie Thurman and her group can take is to take such reactions and problems seriously and work on improving their PR service and developer support than these empty updates and PR mumbo jumbo.

        I know this is mostly negative but I only say so because I truly feel that this console is something the industry desperately needs. Right now things are getting to the point where you may as well buy or build your own gaming pc or laptop instead of getting a new console. The Ouya just isn’t strong enough right now to stand with the big boys and effect the kind of change so sorely needed.

    • Andre

      You are really a dumbass Julie and her team failed this company will fall all the money they made there was no need for delay fuck ouya and Julie no support in new York word to mouth I’ll let everyone I know don’t buy this shit

  • Fabio Petrucio Stange

    Sent two support emails already, weeks ago, and got zero answers. My OUYA has returned to Hong-Kong, and I’ve heard complete silence about it’s whereabouts and where it’s going. Shame on you, OUYA, shame on you.

    ticket #33351, order 95392

  • Patrick

    I can’t wait to pick mine up in the morning! Whoop Hello OUYA, from Florida. :D

  • felipe

    I NEED!!!! *———-*

  • Darnell Thoms

    I am ready for the launch… I did get my OUYA and it had a dent in it.. but I reported it, and they are getting me a new one out .. If you are a real backer, you would go through the ups and downs with the company… the games are cool… new school technology and some old school games .. Chrono Blade is my fav so far…

  • Mark

    I just sent in a request to cancel my preorder. I don’t have an issue with waiting. The problem is how Ouya and its staff have handled the backers concerns over shipping status information. This has gone on for more then 2 months. To treat those who preordered this product in such a bad way is bad enough, but to treat their backers like this is unforgivable. Its a shame.

  • Matt

    My desire to be able to play indie games on a console trumps the issues with waiting. Worse things have happened.

    I’m not a gamer – but have been wanting to work on a game myself. I might do a game about angry bakers, they go around and throw flour bombs, eggs and hit each other with baguette. I will dedicate it to all the bakers.

    “Baker Bros” will be coming out later this year.

    Thanks Ouya.

  • paco8

    You guys, relax!

    This is the OUYA, a 99$-console with android and 100+ games before a global release. I pre-ordered as well and I am confident that shipping will begin in the next few days, hopefully tomorrow. I know, it is somewhat of a draw-back, having to wait on the console for a few more weeks because we have to wait for shipping. Yet, I am sure that as soon as the product hits store-shelves and all the backers and pre-orderers have received their units, this will become the experience we’ve all been waiting for.

    + you know how it is with the gaming industry and their release dates.
    And you know how it is with android devices. As soon as they spread all over the world, the community will help each other and the makers of the OUYA to get the best out of this machine!

    I am a little disappointed with the support as well since they don’t reply that much, but I’m sure they are very busy with the release coming up.

    Keep it up guys! I hope all devices get shipped soon!


  • Andrey Ramos Botarguirix

    thats a cool game and i want it to play it on my ouya…. only if i had my ouya delivered :(

  • Andrey Ramos Botarguirix

    thats a cool game and i want it to play it on my ouya…. only if i had my ouya delivered :( s asdasdasd

  • http://www.IXIstudios.ca Ichida za Zeal

    I have to agree. Towerfall is one of the best OUYA launch titles if not THE best. :D

  • Richard

    So excited to receive my Ouya.. (at some point before the 11th July.)
    Like everyone, a bit miffed about the delay, but also super excited for it to be on the way!

    It has been very low in the news radar. What is happening with the press and the launch, it seems TOO quiet, especially in the gaming blogs. I would love to hear more hooplah for such a neat wee console!

  • Asad

    I’ve been waiting for weeks to hear back from support, sending a non-working DHL number is a joke and after Julie promised pre-orders and backers would have their Ouyas before retail she failed yet again.

    Maybe my Ouya will arrive next week or maybe it won’t but I’ll tell you one thing this is the last product I will ever buy from this company.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/117767008472331887156/posts Alex

    I do find it odd that people are so angry about their order, maybe its different in america because you can get it on stores day one but
    I ordered my console back in January and it was shipped monday. I live in australia so its not launching straight away but hay even if you have to wait a week or 2 after launch, your money at the beginning helped bring it to stores for everyone else to enjoy. I think the ouya team is doing the best they can with such a run away project. If you wait your ouya will come.

    Anyway im super excited for Towerfall :D

  • Robert

    Just got an Email from what i think is from you? Its regarding my adress and a form to fill out. Is this from you?

    • Robert

      Filled it out, can you confirm that its correct by Emailing me?

  • Jordan

    well ill start off by saying i lol’d at the pepperidge farm statement, I did not pre-order, infact i just found out about this product about 8 days ago and on accident at that, to say the least im very greatful i stumbled upon this before i went out and purchased any other console. i did some research and found out it was to be released in the coming weeks, so i figured i’d have a better chance to visit a retailer and hopefully get it when i pay for it. But even still, we are really in no position to complain about service, it hasnt even been a year since this was kick started! and people are already complaining about the product, how it’s; “not quite there yet” or; “leaps and bounds behind ‘nex gen’ consoles” ITS $99!!!! take a step a back, and literally fuck your own face, this is a movement to bring people back to what gaming once was, not what it has become, dont get me wrong i love playing something like a game in amazing graphics and sound, and fair enough if you just wanna play cod online with your friends, but personally i’d prefer an indy game that someone literally put their heart and sole into for maybe 5 or 6 bucks anyday, and at least that way you know your money is actually going towards something, not just been thrown in the companies pocket. (plus, you can play before you pay) its a win in every sense of the word. Like, People actually took their kickstarter ouya and traded it into a second hand shop. man it hasnt even been fully released yet, i cant imagine you get very far in anything you undertake before you decide to fuck it and chuck it. Bottom line, if you dont think this system is for you, buy it anyways.
    and its more than any of us could’ve asked for the money.
    sincerely, A pissed off canadian.
    (but not at you Ouya, your beautiful)

    • Noklish

      The main reason a lot of people are upset (including myself) is the delays. Many pre-orders haven’t even been shipped and the thing goes to retail today. This wouldn’t be an issue if they actually had some customer support, but as far as I’ve seen, they really don’t. As far as quality, I can’t say much, but some feel like they’ve gotten a console worth a bit less than they poured their faith into with the kickstarter. I can’t speak for anyone, though, so don’t quote me on it.

  • HitmanKB

    How do I request a refund? I work at Best Buy, I can just buy one there tomorrow.

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      If you bought from ouya.tv, hit us up at savetheprincess@ouya.tv and we’ll take care of it ASAP.

  • FFSamurai05

    Yes, I’ve tried Tower Fall. It’s not a killer app by any stretch of the imagination since it relies too much on multiplayer and its main mechanics, while fun enough as a game, are too generic to hold this console up in the market. Now a game like Polarity, Dub Wars, or 8 Bit Ninja could be a killer app if given more love if that’s what you’re really looking for.

  • Darkling

    finally got mine yesterday still missing one controller and the etchings are missing

    got some time today to see if they use GEO-IP blocking to kill it
    I am ofc a bit annoyed by a delayed delivery and a missing controller though i can live with things like that a last century IP-Blocking would be guillotine for OUYA which would be incredibly sad

  • adam

    Give us free next day shipping and an OUYA gift card. Its the least you could do for screwing us over multiple times

    • CadmiumRED

      Agreed 100%. I haven’t received a reply yet from OUYA support as was told in my last e-mail nor has my tracking number been activated after waiting for over 5 days. I’m sick of this company. I’m wondering if asking for a refund is now the better thing to do.

    • adam

      Screw refund. Theyve already cost me time and money in development terms. I want compensation.

  • Paul

    I put a comment on the T-2 days blog yesterday and still no support given – the utter silence in recognising your customers frustrations is now reaching levels of deafening – when are you going to respond????????? My original ticket to support is #38717 the question I would like answered is when can I expect delivery? I believe most of us can forgive delays but no response even in a generic sense is very poor!

  • CadmiumRED

    I sent a request for a refund to savetheprincess@ouya.tv, but now it says I have to wait for a response within 2-3 days. Oh joy, how lovely. OUYA, I want a response NOW, not 2-3 days. Refund my money NOW.

  • Samoe

    You all need to not get your panties in a bunch. You’re freaking out because they haven’t responded to YOU specifically yet. Paul, your number is in the THIRTY-EIGHT THOUSANDS. That’s a LOT of freaking people, so calm down. The Ouya team is tiny on industry standards and they’re releasing their console TODAY, god dammit. Give them some credit because they’re doing what no one else could have done by coming this far with such an innovative idea. You’re a bunch of greedy assholes who expect things immediately. Didn’t your mother ever teach you patience?

  • Izellajos

    You should improve your communication with the bakers and your customers as well. What should we do to get the pre-ordered OUYA?

    Please reply. Thanks.

  • Peter

    Wonderful!! I’m a backer from July of 2012 , and as of today i still do not have my console!! Meanwhile the OHNO Team is celebrating their store release! All kinds of excuses blaming other people including DHL yet all of the retailers have got their inventory with no problem. Why is it that Best Buy and Amazon have the gaming console when me and thousands of other backers from 2012 do not have their consoles yet????????? I learned my lesson the hard way as many others have as well. So much for trust.

  • Jordan

    so……. its release day……… y u no sell instore? i prefer not to spend money without recieving what im paying for at the same time. im in alberta canada (calgary region) can anyone tell me of a retailer? im not buying it online.

    • Thai Beamonte


      You can buy it at Amazon.ca It seems there are no physical retailers in Canada.


  • Chad

    OMG! It’s now T-0 DAYS!! Where’s my OOOUUUUyAAAAAA!!! Can’t you just walk it to my DoooR!? I’m SOOO important, I even bot an extra controoooLllller!!11

  • Kilian


    I live in Belgium Europe and i was wondering if i buy this console (from ouya.tv) today or tomorrow when will it arrive here ?.

    Or are there retailers in Belgium or The Netherlands ?

    Really looking forward to an answer.

    Thanks !

  • jackomaster111

    Why isnt there any news about minecraft for ouya because when i saw the kickstarter video you said that minecraft will be on ouya and i was really exited for it.

  • http://www.peopleeatingbears.com David

    Mine was just delivered even though I NEVER got a shipping notification. Very pleasant surprise! Looking forward to digging in once the kids are done watching cartoons.

  • CAA

    I havent seen a tracking number yet, basically havent gotten any messages since my credit card was charged in February. Disappointing, hoping to avoid a chargeback but I won’t wait forever for info.

  • Lathen

    I would like to add my voice to those who are displeased with the way this situation was handled. My initial email indicated that my pre-order, as of 2-1-2013, would be shipped April of 2013. I understand that there was a setback. I also understand that when product promises are made by a company that owes it’s success to those who backed and pre-ordered, those promises should be either kept or compensated. Money was taken from my account at the beginning of the year, with a written promise of a product by a certain date. Not only did I not receive my product by the date promised, others, who could not have cared one way or another about your company prior to launch The stores are all sold out, within an hour or two, not a single Ouya could be found for 75 miles in any direction from my town of residence. It is wonderful that they now get to enjoy their Ouya consoles, with no prior investment in your company. Those of us who did believe in your mission, who put our money where our mouths were, however, were left holding the bag. You rode to success on our backs, and what do we have to show for it? Not even an original response email. I have not received an apology, or even an acknowledgement of the issue. I have not received a tracking number, an estimated delivery date, or even an estimated shipping date. I find it intriguing that teenagers working at McDonald’s are capable of understanding the principle of first come first served, and yet for all of your intelligence, and all of your degrees, you struggle with this concept. I am disgusted with the lack of professionalism in this matter. I would expect this of the Gamestick crew, though I held such high hopes for team Ouya. Perhaps my expectations of intelligent professionalism were set a tad too high. It is my hope that as your company grows and matures, (emphasis on “matures”) you will learn how to treat your loyal supporters.

  • LKM

    I got my OUYA today (yay). Unfortunately, it’s missing the three additional controllers I pledged for on Kickstarter. And of course, all of the people (somewhat pointlessly) complaining that DHL is too slow are keeping OUYA’s support busy, so there’s no way to contact them if you have an actual problem :-(